9 Compelling reasons to buy a camper trailer as your first RV

Camping even in your own camper trailer? Oh! This delights really don’t know bound. Possibly, you’re unsteady to wait for the day while would buy your own camper trailer for your first-time camping. Truly, who wants to begin camping around the countryside, he should consider a camper trailer than another...

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Top 5 Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms [Pictures Inside]

Summer is fast approaching, and the roads are calling! You wouldn’t want to spend the summertime inside when the great outdoors calls you! Here’s the catch! You love the outdoors, but you also don’t want to stay outside. Maybe you’re the kind of person who travels with their favorite brand...

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Top 15 Best RV Levels [Buying Guide]

RV level indicators are such simple tools that we often overlook their complexity. They work on the principle of specific gravity. And many have more than one level for indicating...

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Is Flex Seal the Best RV Roof Sealant?

This article was prepared by the Flex Seal Editorial Team. All opinions are their own and not necessarily those of CamperLife or its other contributors.  When it comes to protecting...

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Pop Up Travel Trailer

How Much Pop-Up Campers Weigh?

The modern-day pop-up campers are quite lightweight. They might not come with all the amenities, but they are good enough for the comfy outdoors. Pop-up campers can vary in weight...

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How To Tell If RV Converter Is Bad?

Lights flickering? Devices stopped working? Is your battery running out of juice? No, your RV is not haunted. Instead, it’s a lot worse: your converter has gone bad! But what...

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How Long Do RV Batteries Last?

Many people confuse RV batteries for car batteries since they’re both the same. However, RV batteries handle a lot more load than car batteries and require more maintenance. But how...

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