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RV Dinette Replacement Ideas: 20 Great Varieties and Gallery

Are you looking to increase the floor space and comfort of your camper? RV dinette replacement ideas are one of the best solutions that you can go for. With so many options, how do you find the best ideas for your needs and budget? 

I am Ricky Small, an RV enthusiast who has spent his last two decades camping. Based on my experience, I’ll walk you through 20 amazing RV dinette projects, from simple chair swapping to getting a complete makeover. So let’s get started!

How to Perfectly Replace Your Dinette – 20 Makeover Ideas

Replacing or renovating your dinette can not only free up floor space but also enhance the overall aesthetics. Let me present you some tips that can help you in this regard:

  • Calculate dinette dimensions: Measure the space carefully and select a table shape and size that fits the space and your needs. Standard heights are 30-32 inches.
  • Look for suitable chairs: Choose comfy dinette chairs in a style and upholstery that match your decor. Decide between armless vs with arms, padded vs wood seats, or metal vs wood legs chairs.
  • Choose the correct material: Pick durable and easy-care tabletop materials like wood or laminate. Also, opt for a dinette color/finish that will resist stains and scratches from daily use.
  • Get suitable finishing: If you want to paint an existing dinette, get a suitable prime and use kitchen/furniture paint for a smooth finish. To update cushions, select foam inserts in the desired thickness and density.
  • Secure the dinette: For a built-in look, secure the dinette to the wall or floor with brackets or anchors. You can even use museum putty for this purpose.

Now, let’s look at 20 dinette replacement ideas for your RV:

“RV interiors match the style of the times when they are new, but many options and upgrades happen every year. Before long, your interior can feel outdated. Buying a new RV is an expensive option to simply updating your RV interior with custom attributes to fit your RV’ing lifestyle.”RV Renovators, RV Makeover Experts

1. Small Table and Two Chairs

If you have a limited RV area and want to open up space, consider replacing your standard dinette with a small table and chairs. This swap allows for a dining area without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Small Table and Two Chairs_1
Credit: instagram.com caffeinated.rv.mom
Small Table and Two Chairs_2
Credit: instagram.com caffeinated.rv.mom

For example, take a look at how Sarah Vancina caffeinated.rv.mom organized this. She swapped her RV dinette for a wooden table and two white chairs that blended with the cozy camper aesthetic.

2. Chess Table and Pair of Barrel Chairs

A chess table paired with a couple of barrel chairs is a smart dinette alternative for RVs. This design gives a sophisticated touch compared to a traditional RV dinette. Another benefit of this idea is that it also saves some space, eliminating the need for bulky furniture.

Chess Table and Pair of Barrel Chairs_2
Credit: instagram.com Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv

Fivetalentshomes on @lovethatrv have presented this design where they used velvety barrel chairs along with a chess table. The use of similar shades of window curtains and wallpaper has enhanced the overall look of the interior.

Chess Table and Pair of Barrel Chairs_1
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv

3. Swapping the RV Dinette and Sofa

Swapping the positions of your RV’s dinette and sofa is a clever way to open up the living space for greater comfort and functionality. One example of such a design is presented by @rv.family.reno on @lovethatrv on Instagram.

Swapping the RV Dinette and Sofa
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv

They swap positions of both sofas and tables. On top of that, they change the color of the Chesterfield sofa to match the aesthetics of the interior.

4. Replacing the Dinette with a Breakfast Bar

Replacing your RV’s bulky RV dinette with a compact breakfast bar is a great way to release some space for other activities. Moreover, opting for a small yet two lightweight chairs creates an intimate and airy dining nook that can be tucked against your RV walls.

@Revampingcamping on Instagram presented such a design. They have used a gold breakfast bar table with round bar stools. To make it more aesthetic, they have placed the combination in front of the side window and some cushions.  

Replacing the Dinette with a Breakfast Bar
Credit: instagram.com @Revampingcamping

5. Removing the Dinette Benches and Keeping the RV Table

Another smart approach is to remove the bulky dinette benches but keep the existing table in place. This allows you to retain a useful multifunctional surface while freeing up eating space. The second idea is that get an RV dinette that has a built-in sink with a protruding side out.

Removing the Dinette Benches and Keeping the RV Table_3
Credit: instagram.com @shidelrvs

An example of such a design can be taken from @shidelrvs. She has a self-trimmed marble tabletop with a faucet and sink. There is a side accessory that can be converted into a table to keep and eat food. If you want something to sit on, a Kitchen Island stool would greatly complement this design.

Removing the Dinette Benches and Keeping the RV Table_2
Credit: instagram.com @shidelrvs
Removing the Dinette Benches and Keeping the RV Table_1
Credit: instagram.com @shidelrvs

6. Replacing the Dinette with a DIY Sofa Bed

Installing a DIY sofa cum bed in place of your RV dinette adds greater flexibility and functionality to the RV floorplan. During the day, the sofa bed provides a cozy seating area. At night, it can work as a comfortable bed for extra sleeping capacity.

An example of this design is covered by @winnebagorvs on Instagram. They have sofas and a center coffee table. The dining table can be retracted downward and the sofas can be extended to make a bed.

Replacing the Dinette with a DIY Sofa Bed
Credit: instagram.com @winnebagorvs
Replacing the Dinette with a DIY Sofa Bed
Credit: instagram.com @winnebagorvs
Replacing the Dinette with a DIY Sofa Bed
Credit: instagram.com @winnebagorvs

7. Removing the Dinette to Add Storage

If you are worried about low storage in your RV, you can remove the heavy dinette. Without the large dinette, you can install cabinets, or other organizational units in the freed-up footprint. A couple of examples of removal of dinette to add storage are:

@thehappyglamperco on lovethatrv: They have a double stand bar table with a lower empty portion that can be used to add things, such as stools.

Removing the Dinette to Add Storage_1
Credit: instagram.com @thehappyglamperco

@homesteadonomics: He has a unique approach with a wall table that can be folded to increase storage. Moreover, he used mini benches for seating.

Removing the Dinette to Add Storage_2
Credit: instagram.com @homesteadonomics

8. Sofas with Cabinets Underneath for Storage

Installing a sofa with storage cabinets below is a space-savvy dinette alternative, allowing you to stash belongings right underneath. Build or buy a unit with cabinet doors that enable you to neatly tuck away different things. A great example of this design is presented by @afoxinthemaking.

Sofas with Cabinets Underneath for Storage
Credit: instagram.com @afoxinthemaking

They have two dinette sofas with cabinets underneath. You can even get benches with cushions that also have shelves underneath. They are lightweight and don’t cover much of the space as well as provide ample storage.

9. Dinette Design with Console Table

Installing a slim console dining table lends a sleek, modern look to your RV’s interior. A console table fits neatly against a wall or window, taking up minimal visual space. You can even use it in the center of the RV too as it is very lightweight and you can replace it at any time. Let me present you a few practical examples of this dinette design:

@wanderfulriah has used a console table along with the side wall of the RV. She also gave it a sophisticated touch by incorporating a yellow rooftop with a white RV accent. 

Dinette Design with Console Table_1
Credit: instagram.com @wanderfulriah

@chasingthecashes has made an RV renovation on the interior and introduced a console table bar with a soft cushion in the center. The overall glamorous look is enhanced by the use of a vintage-style carpet underneath. 

Dinette Design with Console Table_1 (2)
Credit: instagram.com @chasingthecashes

10. Bench Seat with Chair

Replacing your dinette with a bench seat alongside a single chair can give you the best of both worlds. The bench provides comfortable seating for 2-3 people while taking up minimal space. A chair caters to solo meals or working and adds versatility.

An example of this design is presented by @rvingdogsandwine. They have used a custom bench with a wood top, paired with beautiful pattern pillows. A couple of chairs with the same accent enhance the overall aesthetics. An American-style wooden table is used in the center in the place of the dinette. 

Bench Seat with Chair
Credit: instagram.com @rvingdogsandwine

11. Turn the RV Dinette Booth Sideways

Another option to revamp your dinette is to change the orientation by turning the booth sideways. For example, position one bench seat against the wall while placing the other perpendicular to create an L-shaped breakfast bar.

A fantastic example of this makeover is presented by @lovethatrv. They have used 2 custom benches to give a L-shaped makeover to their dinette. Place a round dining table in front, decorated with bouquet flowers. 

Turn the RV Dinette Booth Sideways_1 (2)
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv
Turn the RV Dinette Booth Sideways_1
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv
Turn the RV Dinette Booth Sideways_2
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv

12. Remove Just The Backs of The Dinette Booth

Removing the upright boards instantly creates an open, airy feel and allows more natural light to filter through. However, it costs more space. For a real example, check out the dinette design by @qrvinsurance. They used Chesterfield sofas in the back and removed the table to get an open look. You can even use camelback sofas for this touch.

Remove Just The Backs of The Dinette Booth
Credit: instagram.com @qrvinsurance

13. Buy a Table and a Bench Set

Replacing your dinette with a simple table and a bench set is one of the most convenient makeovers. It will not only be budget-friendly but will also give an ample look and storage to the RV.

For a practical example, look at the Instagram page of @revampingcamping. They used a custom-made bench with a cushion. There is also a bar table, coupled with 2 golden stools.

Buy a Table and a Bench Set
Credit: instagram.com @revampingcamping

14. Bar Added to Kitchen Island

Adding a bar tabletop to the kitchen island can eliminate the need for a dinette completely. You can even get a prepared-fabricated table and bench set tailored for RV interiors.

@hehomegoeswithus at @lovethatrv has this inspirational design. They opt for a ceramic kitchenette that also comes with a sink and a well-complemented trimmed bar.

Bar Added to Kitchen Island
Credit: instagram.com @lovethatrv

15. Dinette Replaced with a Pull-Out Table and Desk/Chairs

A functional dinette alternative is installing a pull-out table with a built-in desk. This versatile piece can retract into a slim console against the wall or extend outward when needed. The sliding mechanism and fold-down table save precious space when not in use.

For a ready-made option, consider the combination table offered by comedian @trishsuhr. Their luxury makeover includes a pull-out table and matching chairs. The set is enhanced by a retractable flat-screen TV. Strategically placed windows let in natural light, enhancing the modern aesthetic. 

16. Dinette Replaced with Storage Compartments and a Retractable Table

Another space-saving dinette alternative is to install dedicated storage compartments with a fold-down table. Built-in cabinetry customized to fit the footprint maximizes storage capacity. And a retractable table is there when you need mealtime or workspace.

For a practical example, check this RV design by @trishsuhr. She reviewed an RV that has storage underneath the U-shaped dinette. They have a retractable or folding table that can be pulled down for utility. 

17. The dining Booth Replaced with a Fireplace, Entertainment Center, and Pull-Out Table

A great idea to give your RV a cozy look while saving the place is to replace the dining both with a horizontally pull-out table. On top of that, you can even install a compact electrical fireplace for warmth and an entertainment console.

You can see a practical example on @resourcefurniture’s Instagram page. They have shown how they replaced the traditional dinette with a pull-out Goliath articulate table. You can pair this aesthetic with a fireplace or an entertainment center, as shown by @trishsuhr. However, mind that this setup is custom-made and will cost some budget.

18. Replace the Dinette With a Kitchenette and Stools

A creative way to transform your RV’s dinette is to replace it with a compact kitchenette and barstool seating. Installing a small kitchenette in place of the bulky dinette radically opens up your living space. Swapping in a few bar stools rather than a dinette booth lends a social feel to casual dining. @rvinspiration has shared such a design on their page. It has a small kitchenette with a sink faucet and a couple of stools. This 2-in-1 design merges the dinette and kitchen and gives a refreshing look to your RV.

Replace the Dinette With a Kitchenette and Stools
Credit: instagram.com revampingcamping

19. RV Color Schemes with Bright Contrasting Colors

If you want to feel more lively and attractive, you can use a design that is equipped with bright and contrasting colors for your cabinetry and RV dinette. A stunning execution of this approach can be seen in the modern cast.

RV Color Schemes with Bright Contrasting Colors
Credit: instagram.com modern cast

They have boldly chosen a rich, dark green. Set against the clean white of the countertops and appliances, the dark green pops beautifully. The best thing is that this design seamlessly flows throughout all the interior, including your dinette.

20. Glamorous Dining Area

If you want to change the feel of your RV, you can choose a cozy and glamorous dining area. This design will not only enhance the elegance but also open up the floor space. For inspiration, check out @theflippingnomad’s Instagram.

Glamorous Dining Area_1
Credit: instagram.com @theflippingnomad’s

They used a simple wooden rectangular table and 2 sophisticated chairs. There is a ceiling light fixture with structural glazing to create a nostalgic look. Moreover, a double doors window is there to access natural lighting. 

Glamorous Dining Area_2
Credit: instagram.com @theflippingnomad’s

Other ideas for replacing a dining table in a mobile home – Gallery

If you want to explore more dinette designs to give your RV a new look or save some space, check out the following gallery. Here I have added some more unique ideas that may help you:


What size table for an RV dinette?

The size table for an RC dinette would be 38 to 44 inches long and 24 to 30 inches wide. Depending on the RV type, the depth of the table can vary between 40 to 50 inches and 30 to 32 inches high.

How to turn an RV dinette into a bed?

You can turn an RV dinette into a bed by removing the tabletop things and rearranging the RV dinette cushions on a flat surface. If the dinette table is mobile, you can adjust its height with that of sofas/chairs to make a secondary bed. 

How do you stabilize an RV dinette table?

You can stabilize an RV dinette table by losing the screws and adjusting the tabletop with the help of a spirit stabilizer. Reinforce the screws securely to ensure a stable table. You can even add a table stabilizer bracket at the bottom for extra stability.

Can you remove the dinette from the RV?

Yes, you can remove the dinette from the RV. Unscrew the nails from the bottom of the dinette, and remove the booth seats and other panels. If you spot glue, use a heat gun to remove it. 


Let’s finalize the RV dinette replacement ideas. The main purpose of a dinette is to enjoy meals comfortably like a dining room. However, a fixed dinette takes up a large space. Therefore, RV owners often look for alternatives.

To address this, you have several options to maximize flexibility. You could remove the dinette entirely to open up the dining space or replace it with a simpler two-stool setup. Convertible dinettes with retractable tables or benches let you articulate the space in different configurations. Moreover, installing a dinette with storage shelves below utilizes vertical storage without expanding the footprint. Another innovative solution is exchanging the dinette for a kitchenette and chairs, combining two useful spaces in one. 

Ultimately, weigh your needs for seating, sleeping space, work areas, and openness when considering how to transform your dinette. The right changes will allow you to customize the RV to suit your lifestyle.

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