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Can You Lease an RV in 2024: Exploring Top 3 Ways to Find RV Rentals

Are you planning an adventurous trip and thinking can you lease an RV? I am Ricky Small, a passionate traveler with over 20 years of RVing experience. Today, I will uncover all the details about leasing and its alternatives, popular dealers, online sites, available options for RVs, prices, and others. Let’s dive into it!

Can You Lease an RV? Quick Answer

Yes, you can lease an RV. However, it is quite difficult and is not a favorable option. Let me explain in simple words why:

  1. Companies are reluctant to lease RVs due to the high depreciation rate. So, you have to work hard to find one in your area.
  2. Even if you are able to find an RV on the lease, the RV owners usually ask for a high upfront cost which may not seem reasonable.

However, the above list is just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading as I will deeply discuss why leasing is not preferred over renting. Also, I will share some of the best RV rental websites, their prices, and cancellation policies. With that, let’s dive in!

An RV road trip across the United States of America is on almost every traveler’s wishlist. And, the best way to get around is, without a doubt, a self-drive RV rental road trip. Renting a motorhome, RV or camper with the essential amenities on board gives you flexibility, freedom, and the chance to explore at your own pace.Motorhome Republic, RV Rental Agency

Why Leasing an RV is Not Preferred?

The biggest hurdle in the way of leasing is the depreciation. You would be surprised to know many recreational vehicles lose almost 20% of their value in the first year. Due to this price setback, dealerships suffer losses of thousands of dollars. They have to charge you a hefty sum to turn their business profitable.

Why leasing RV is expensive

Securing a 300,000 USD recreational vehicle through a lease agreement could mandate monthly installments exceeding 5000 USD. This substantial financial obligation may prove overly burdensome if you intend to utilize an RV for merely a handful of trips. For a better understanding, allow me to share the table highlighting how various classes of RVs depreciate:


Depreciation Rate

Class A motorhomes

Lose around 30% of their value over 3 years, and more than 50% over 10 years

Class C motorhomes

Depriciate about 38% over 5 years

Fifth Wheels

Experience depreciation of over 45% in 5 years, and up to 71% in 10 years

Travel Trailers

Lose nearly 40% of their value in 5 years

Leasing vs Renting an RV: How Both Differ From Each Other?

Before moving to further discussion, we need to understand how leasing an RV differs from renting. The following points can provide you clarity on that:

Leasing vs Renting an RV
  1. Term: Renting is usually for short-term (ranging from months to weeks), while leasing could last for long-term RV rental (even for many years);
  2. Flexibility: With renting, you can adjust or break the contract. However, leasing locks you in one place and you have to follow the contract for the period;
  3. Maintenance: In renting, you are responsible for minor maintenance, costing $300 to $500 per year. On the contrary, the terms of maintenance for leasing can vary, costing usually around $1000 per year, depending on the RV lease contract.

An Insight Into Company Offering RV On Lease

You must know that not every company offers RVs on lease. Let me tell you about the Dreamliner Coaches company that I found in my region. That way you will have a general idea of what the leasing companies can offer.

Dreamliner offers around 200+ luxury coaches available for lease with the following amenities:

  1. Seating space for up to 12 persons;
  2. Air conditioners;
  3. Water systems;
  4. Generator support.

If you are interested in their services, get a custom tour quote from the following official link. But it wasn’t easy for me to find this company. I said earlier that you’ll have to work hard to find something similar in your area.

Exploring Alternatives to Lease an RV

If RV leasing is difficult and unprofitable, what are the alternatives? Let’s take a look!

1. Rent a Class B RV for the Weekend

Class B RV rentals present an economical option for couples and small families. The pricing spectrum for these rentals ranges from 100 to 200 USD per night. Contrasted with other RVs, they offer enhanced fuel efficiency and greater maneuverability

Rent a Class B RV for the Weekend

However, one must remember supplementary expenses like insurance premiums costing around $15 to $70 per night and cancellation penalties usually ranging from $50 to $100. For clarification on what’s included, review the rental agreement to prevent any surprises.

Join me as I discuss the preferred models for renting a Class B RV:

RV Rental Model

Sleeping Space


Where to Rent

Dodge Ram Promaster (RV)

Up to 2 people

Sleeping quarters, a mini bathroom, a kitchen, and storage space

Sprinter Tranquility (Mercedes)

Up to 2 people

Entertainment system, living room, AC unit, kitchen, and sleeping area

Chevrolet Express (RV)

Up to 2 people

Outside shower, Generator, Stove, AC unit, Storage Bunks

2. Long-Term RV Rental

Experienced сampers often look for long-term RV rentals when planning a trip because of the various discounts rental companies offer. Cruise America, for example, gives 5% and 10% discounts when renting an RV for 21-30 nights and 31 nights or more respectively. On average, long-term RV rental costs range from $85 to $300 per night.

Long-Term RV Rental

However, you also need to consider additional costs of around $110 for amenities like cookware and bedding and a $8 per day generator fee which may not be included in the rental. I will now discuss some of the best long-term rental options below:

Long-Term RV Rental Cost Chart

Let’s uncover the rental costs associated with various RV models. This will empower you to make an informed decision aligning with your financial parameters:

RV Type



Price per night (Average)

Price per week (Average)

Class A

30-50 Feet


$250 - $300

$1,600 - $1,890

Class B/Campers


2-4 People

$190 - $240

$1,510 - $1560

Class C

20-30 Feet


$160 - $230

$1,027 - $1,325

Travel Trailer

20-30 Feet



$790 - $850

Fifth Wheel

32-36 Feet


$135 - $170

$850 - $1,070

Pop-Up Camper

16-30 Feet



$660 - $725

Toy Haulers

20-30 Feet




Micro Trailer

10-20 Feet



$535 - $600

Quick Note: The pricing figures presented in the table are subject to fluctuations. These could vary owing to the potential inclusion of supplementary services such as insurance, service fees, mileage, and taxes.

Best Ways to Locate Long-Term RVs and Other Rental Options

While selecting long-term RV rental, there are a few choices available. Here, many factors can influence your choice such as how long you need it, the size of the RV, and your budget flexibility. Allow me to share the best options where you can find an RV rental easily:

  1. Renting from Owners: You can rent an RV directly from its owner through websites like iNDie Campers, ShareMyCoach, and RVezy where they list their vehicles. This way, you can talk directly to the owner and agree on terms.
  2. RV Dealerships: Renting from an RV dealer like GIANTRV provides access to a diverse selection of RV models, sizes, and amenities. These dealers offer comprehensive support and roadside assistance, ensuring all legal documentation and permits are in order.
RV Dealerships
Credit: www.facebook.com, @giantrvgiantrv
  1. Luxury RVs: When looking to travel in style, luxury RV rentals are perfect. Many websites such as GrossRV offer fancy RVs for rent, whether it’s for short or longer vacations. These luxury vehicles include Prevost Marathon, Holiday Rambler Endeavor, and Entegra Aspire.
  2. One-Way Rentals: These types of rentals such as AllStar Coaches are perfect when starting a trip from a pickup place and ending at the destination. You can explore different places like nearby towns without going back to where you started.
One-Way Rentals
Credit: www.facebook.com,@AllstarCoaches
  1. Rental Agencies: Rental agencies like Enterprise and Avis offer RVs on rent for an extended period. You can customize routes and durations of stay to fit your preferences. This option gives you greater planning freedom.

Best RV Rental Websites To Try Out!

Looking for the best rental RV websites to rent an RV outright? I have rounded up some top choices to help you plan your next adventure on the road. From easy booking processes to extensive vehicle options, these platforms offer convenience and peace of mind for your travels.

1. Cruise America

Cruise America is a reliable choice for rent-to-own RV with a vast network comprising over 150 locations across 33 U.S. states and 5 Canadian provinces. Note that mileage is limited when renting from Cruise America. Each mile around driven will cost 38 cents. Plus, some deals even give you 100 free miles occasionally.

I have listed the salient features of Cruise America rentals below:



Types of RVs:

Large RV, standard RV, compact-plus RV, compact RV, adventure travel trailer


$98 to $200 per night for a bigger RV for 4-7 guests

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund up to seven days before pickup.

2. RVshare

RVshare has rapidly grown as the most popular network for online RV rentals since its foundation in 2013. With 100,000+ RVs for rent, RVshare provides visitors with unmatched freedom and choice. You may simply select the ideal RV according to your requirements thanks to the platform’s user-friendly search interface.

Below I have listed the crucial highlights of RVshare:



Types of RVs:

Class A, Class B, Class C, fifth wheel, toy hauler, travel trailer, pop-up


$99 to $135 per night for rated RV picks.

Cancellation Policy:

3 times penalty-free cancellations in one year for extenuating circumstances including natural disasters and government travel restrictions.

3. Outdoorsy

The last option on my list for RV rental is Outdoorsy. It is known for its tremendous user-centric approach, roadside assistance, and expansive network of RV owners. Another standout feature that sets Outdoorsy apart from its competitors is its RV inventory which spans over 4,800 cities and 14 countries. Customer satisfaction and safety measures are their top priority.

Allow me to discuss the prominent features of Outdoorsy:



Types of RVs:

Class A, B, and C, truck camper, campervan, travel trailer, fifth wheel, folding trailer


$50 to $275 per night depending on the class of RV.

Cancellation Policy:

75% and 100% booking refund if canceled in less or more than 5 days before the start date of the trip respectively.

Should You Buy or Rent an RV – A Comparison in Terms of Advantages and Disadvantages

Before opting for a buying or renting option, it is crucial to look at the positive and negative aspects of both choices. Join me as I dive into the comparative analysis:

Pros and Cons of Buying an RV

Listed below are the perks and downsides of buying an RV:

  • Buying an RV provides you with the opportunity to settle permanently. Whereas, in renting you have to relocate your belongings from one vehicle to another.
  • You will find owning the RV cost-effective in the long run. There will be no rental fees that usually start from $85 per night to $1890 per week and you will have the opportunity to generate income through rentals usually around $637 to $2100 per week.
  • Buying allows you to personalize its interior decor, tailored to your wish and choice.
  • An RV requires a sizable investment, often starting from $13,895 and going up to $750,000, which some buyers find complicated. It includes purchase price, insurance, and storage fees.
  • As an RV owner, you’re responsible for all maintenance and repairs that cost around $500 to $3000 yearly.

Pros and Cons of Renting an RV

In contrast, allow me to share the pros and cons of renting an RV:

  • In the renting process, the upfront cost usually starts from as low as $85 and shoots up to $300 per night compared to buying making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Opting for a rental RV frees you from the hassle and expense of upkeep.
  • Renting allows you to experience different types of RVs and models. Hence, you can try out various layouts before settling for one.
  • Compared to owners, renters have fewer possibilities for modification and personalization.
  • Although renting could initially appear less costly, rental costs can add up over time like $300 per night will end with almost $108K (excluding amenities ) for a 12-month rental.
  • Sometimes booking a rental RV is difficult due to limited availability and high demand during busy seasons.


Do I need special insurance to rent an RV?

Yes, you need special insurance for renting an RV. Owner coverage doesn’t cover the damages that arise for the duration of rentals. However, you can opt for insurance from an RV dealership directly or from separate companies like Roamly and MBA Insurance covering $59 to $239 per month.

Are there requirements to be able to rent an RV?

Yes, there are requirements to be fulfilled so one can lease an RV. These include having a credit score card, a safety deposit, insurance coverage coverage proof, and possessing a legitimate driving license.

How old do you have to be to rent an RV in the USA?

You have to be 25 years old to rent an RV in the USA. Some states including Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon are more lenient than others, allowing renting an RV at 21. However, this may include additional fees or restrictions.


It’s time to wind up can you lease an RV? To put it simply, leasing an RV is possible. But it is not preferred by owners as well as campers. The reason is the standard 20% depreciation rate RVs go through yearly. Therefore, many RV owners ask for a very high upfront cost or make their camping vehicles unavailable for leasing.

However, the good thing is that there are alternatives available. One such option is choosing long-term rentals via RV dealers and websites like Cruise Ameria and Outdoorsy. Their services are not only pocket-friendly but easily accessible. You also get the luxury of experiencing the RV lifestyle and contrasting RV layouts before buying one camper for yourself.

The rental prices can vary depending on the type of camper you choose. For a class A motorhome, you have to pay $250 – $300/night whereas you can get your hands on a micro trailer for as low as $85-95$ for an RV park per night.

Along with the vehicle-associated rents, you should not forget the additional costs like insurance premiums costing $15 -$70 a day. The cancellation penalties can also cause a dent in your wallet of $50 – $100. For special insurance, consider companies like Romaly and MBA Insurance. Happy Rving!

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