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Top 6 Best Bike Racks for RV [Buying Guide]

Product NameImageProsPrice
Swagman RV Ladder RackVersatile and sturdy.
RV approved.
Resist's rust and corrosion.
Comfortable design for immediate installation and removal.
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RV Ladder Mount SystemCan store and transport portable waste tote.
Lightweight design.
It is highly secured.
Saves enough storage space.
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Camco RV Mount Bike RackBonus straps included.
It can be folded for storage.
It can hold two bikes.
Easy to install.
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You must have seen an RV rolling down with the bike either mounted or hanged over the rig. Are you an RVer who loves biking and moving around the bike to the desired destinations? You must be wondering how you can ease your trouble and get your hands on the best RV bike rack.

Most RV use ladder bike racks to mount a bike. Such racks allow you to suspend the bike vertically or horizontally over the ladder-style bike rack. They are designed for large vans, trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes.

Before you invest in a suitable one, you must know which one to consider and which products are the best?

Have a look at the complete list of best RV bike racks, which we think are stunning.


Best RV Bike Racks for Motorhomes and 5th Wheels Reviewed

Swagman RV Ladder Rack

Swagman is a brand you can trust for the stunning products that allow easy movement of equipment to your desired destination, whether it’s a bike shop, a trailhead, race, first ride, or your life’s best ride.

This Swagman RV ladder rack mounts conveniently to the RV ladder using hooks. Bike racks and bikes can be placed using rubber straps. Indulge in worry-free security as this ladder rack comes with a dual-free design offering enough support while holding the bike securely.

Don’t worry about bikes falling now, as this rack features the reflectors at the arm’s end for your bike’s additional safety.

What makes it unique is its versatility. It can easily fit RVs and motorhome ladder rungs. It can carry around two bikers. This ladder rack offers incredible support to the bikes and comes with a maximum weight capacity of about 35 lbs.—each bike.

Furthermore, it is quite sturdy and made from lightweight aluminum, which resists rust and corrosion, which means you can always get your bike in place with complete safety.

This ladder is RV-approved as the RVs result in excess strain over the bicycle rack compared to an average car. Moreover, such racks are RV-approved and built in a way that withstands all circumstances.


  • Versatile and sturdy.
  • RV approved.
  • User-friendly.
  • Resist’s rust and corrosion.
  • Comfortable design for immediate installation and removal.


  • Not suitable for the short ladder.

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RV Ladder Mount System

Are you seeking a versatile RV ladder? Get your hands on this RV ladder mount system. It is perfect for transportation and storage. Moreover, it can be used for the chair rack and the bike rack.

What makes it unique is the lightweight design made from aluminum, which securely mounts on the RV ladder and can hold a maximum of around 50 lbs.

The ladder mount is secured with multiple screws and metal brackets. Moreover, it comes with an 85-inch nylon strap ensuring the bike, chair or tote is secured and tied down. It is a perfect utility product that saves enough space and is a perfect sanitary solution for the transportation of portable waste tote.

Thetford’s RV ladder mount system comes with additional storage with the ladder for recreational vehicles. You can utilize a Ladder mount system in the form of the bike rack, chair rack, portable waste tote rack, or it can also carry different items, but that should now exceed 50 lbs.

This lightweight aluminum RV ladder mount system comes with arms having rubber sleeves for prevention against slipping off the items. The rack comes in 21 ½ inches tall plus sticks out in 14 ½ inches.

You can also secure the load using the ladder rack, which comes in an 85-inch nylon strap fitting well to the large smart tote2 waste tote tanks. Enjoy shopping for this product, which comes in a complete package.

However, you need to ensure it comes with only transporting these portable waste tote tanks once they are empty. Tighten the fasteners properly and secure the load and system properly once you stop refueling it.


  • Can store and transport portable waste tote.
  • Lightweight design.
  • It is highly secured.
  • Saves enough storage space.


  • Does not offer a universal fit.

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Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

If you are seeking why you should shop this Camco RV ladder rack, you must know that it is easy to install and holds around two bikers with a maximum weight of 60 lbs.

The perfect form fit of the cradle securely holds the bikes. Plus, it comes with straps that offer enough security to the users.

You’ll fall in love with this ladder mount bike rack as it is foldable thus offers enough storage. This bike rack comes with soft grip handles that provide a stunning effect plus features locking pins that hold the product in place.

It is one of the top suggestions when we talk about the bike racks. What makes it unique is the easy-to-use and easy to install features. It fits well with RV ladders. The unit weighs around 8.2 pounds, which makes it easy to use and easy to store.

This Camco RV ladder mount bike rack is a perfect addition to carry your bike while traveling as an RVer.

Besides that, this bike rack is mounted using 1inch by 1-inch angles plus the J bolts, which also work well as the average hanger hooks. Plus, it comes with a durable and robust frame for the bike. Moreover, the Camco RV bike rack comes with a decent warranty of 90 days.


  • Bonus straps included.
  • It can be folded for storage.
  • It can hold two bikes.
  • Easy to install.


  • It might need some welding to make it fully secure.
  • The RV ladder might have some gaps underneath, which need filling between the hinges and the bottom rail.

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Quick Products RV Bike Rack

Get hands-on on the RV bumper-mounted 2-bike rack, which adds some fun to all your trips. Conveniently carry two bikes easily with this 4 to 4.5” square bumper that comes with the adjustable mounting allowing a perfect fit for all bicycle lengths.

What makes it adorable is the all-steel construction plus the powder coating, making it resistant to corrosion.

It can hold around 30 lb. weight capacity for each bicycle. Plus, you need to keep in mind that this RV bike rack does not fit well for fat-tire bicycles or the ones having wheels with more than 29″. The slotted tire can hold the bike securely and conveniently through a stabilizer post, which offers a complete anchor to the bikes and completely supports them.

Moreover, you should be aware of the RV manufacturers’ load restrictions on the vehicle’s bumpers. So, what are you waiting for? It’s stunning to possess the dual platforms, which mounts well and is highly adaptable. The adjustable mounting with complete control of width makes it a perfect breezy product.

This product is an ideal choice for all your average trips.


  • Sleek design.
  • Affordable.
  • Good storage.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Offers security and support.


  • The racks might be incorrectly placed with drill holes.

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Swagman 2-Bike RV Bumper Rack

Swagman 2 bike RV bumper rack allows the transportation of one to two cycles over an RV. Plus, it can also travel over the camper trailer bumper. The maximum weight it can hold is around 30 lbs. for each bike.

It is for square RV bumpers measuring around 4” to 4.5′. Plus, it can install approximately 6.5” and 8” of long bolts surrounding the RV bumper.

What makes it unique is the heavy-duty steel construction in a black finish plus the powder coating, which resists it against any corrosion.

You can attach this bumper rack using the steel U-bolts that come with the rack and the bumper.

There is an upright bar within the rack’s center for additional support, which gives enough support to the bikes during towing. You’ll fall in love with the extreme support and easy-to-use rack which supports all frames, bikes, and wheels.

It is one of the best RV bike racks, which can add extra fun to the trips you have been waiting for. Moreover, it comes with dual platforms, which can be easily mounted to the bumper giving customized control over the rack’s width, ensuring that the bike fits well each time you mount it.

For perfect security, the slotted tire well is right, and the convenient stabilizer post offers enough anchorage and support for fastening the bikes. Moreover, keep in mind the load restrictions you must follow for a safe experience during RVing.


  • Simple and sturdy.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Allows transportation of 1 to 2 bicycles.
  • Supports various wheels, frames, and bike sizes.


  • Not the right choice for families as it holds around one to two bikes.

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Swagman Traveler XC2

Swagman Traveler XC2 is an RV-approved rack that works well for various sizes of campers and trailers. You’ll like this product because it’s easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes to assemble while reading the instructions.

It is a convenient rack to load the bikes quickly and is ready to go. Moreover, when not using it, you can just fold it with the upright bar allowing access to the rear part of the RV. Even if you plan to go on long journeys, you can consider using this rack as it comes with a light, sturdy design.

The best part! It is highly versatile and allows easy transportation of around two bicycles. Plus, it is compatible with the 2”, class 3 hitch receiver and mounts well to a 4.5” continuous welded steel RV bumper adapter that also features a 2” bumper adapter.

This RV bike rack is approved to haul all your bikes on the 5th wheel, trailer, or RV. You don’t need to worry about shopping for this product as it’s been undergone strict testing, ensuring to hand all extra stress of towing behind the RV.

It’s quite reliable and allows you to get all bikes to the desired destination safely. This bike rack comes with an upright arm plus a push-button and ratcheting hooks, which offer quick loading of bikes and unloading. Moreover, the black powder coat finish makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.


  • RV approved.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ratcheting hooks
  • Sturdy design.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Needs clearance for work during some settings.

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How to Choose the Best Bike Racks for RV?

Before choosing a bike rack for an RV, you must understand that not all products are meant to fit each camper. You need to purchase the best RV bike racks to mount easily on the specific motorhome.

Proper fitting

The bike rack should be such that it fits well because if it’s poorly mounted, this can result in severe damage to the bike, other motorists, and your RV as well.


The holding capacity of the bike racks depends on the number of travelers. It all depends on whether you are traveling alone, with a group, or a partner. The size and the type of bike rack you need to purchase for an RV vary accordingly.

For one to two bikes, almost all RV ladder mount bike racks work, but it all depends on whether it fits your RV or not.

Type of bike racks

Most bike racks are quite versatile; however, specific bike racks hold typical bikes. A biker rack’s mounting capability varies based on bike types like children’s bikes, mountain bikes, large framed cruised bikes, electric bikes, and much more.

Weight limit

Before buying the best RV bike racks, you need to know each RV ladder mount bike rack’s weight limit as it varies from one model to another.

However, all models come with maximum parameters. It’s best to ensure the weight properly before you place the bikes on the RV rack.

Warranty options

Most RV racks come with a guarantee or warranty option, one of the most important considerations while buying the RV bike rack. The premium RV products come with a limited warranty option and might also include a 30-90 days money-back guarantee.

Moreover, such products also come with free customer service, limited-time service, and much more.

Mounting and descending

This matters when you are buying the RV bike rack because of the height of the buyer matters. For tall people, ladder bike racks work well; however, for people with less or around 5”, they will find it daunting to handle it.

Bumper-mounted racks are not 100% secure, but they are easy to use. So, it’s better to choose the most convenient style.

Times you’ll access bikes

People who need bikes regularly; need immediate access to the bike, so they want a rack that is a suitable choice, which is most commonly a hitch, bumper, or the spare tire mount racks. Roof-mounted and ladder ones are quite difficult to access.

Presence of a ladder

If your RV has a ladder over the back, then choose the RV ladder bike rack, which allows easy mounting and unmounting of the bikes allowing it to carry two bicycles at once. Such racks are easy to access, easy to install, with excellent upper body strength and height.

Number of bikes

These are the main things you should consider while buying the bike rack. Knowing this makes you short down your choices. On average, the bike racks accommodate around 2-4 bicycles. Some varieties can carry approximately six bikes, while others have around one bicycle.

Style and size of the biker

Before buying the RV bike racks, you must know which type of style and size of the bicycles you want this rack to carry, allowing you to make the best decision.

Space to add the hitch mount

You can easily connect these racks and provide space for around three bikes quickly. To get hands-on on one of such RV racks, check the RV having enough room.


Which brands manufacture the best RV bike racks?

Choose RV bike racks from reputable brands like Swagman, Camco, Lippert, and many more. Moreover, the famous brands offer a good warranty and exchange return policy for the buyers, which means you don’t need to worry about the product when you buy them, so be confident when purchasing bike racks.

How to fit the bike rack with the RV?

There are different approaches for diverse types of racks, which is why it’s strongly advised to adhere well to the manual instructions rather than improvising it on your own. There are easy-to-install instructions with the modern-day rack models, making them easier to set up your bike racks without any hassle.

Once you get your hands on the manual, plus the right tools, you will be able to finish up attaching your bike rack with the rig before it’s too long. Moreover, if you require any support, you can connect with the professionals.

How to maintain the bike rack in the top shape?

Most bike rack models eventually break down if you don’t look after them properly, so it’s best to take care and make them last for a longer time. So, wash the rack periodically and adequately using a mild detergent and then clean it with a soft cloth.

Moreover, if you want the rack to work smoothly over the rub, the lube its mechanism periodically. Use the lubricant moderately and avoid going overboard as it results in the accumulation of dust, debris, and dirt, leading to several issues. Plus, if you are off-season, remove the bike racks from the vehicles and place them in storage.


Traveling using an RV bike rack makes your adventures worth waiting for. People who have a passion for hiking and camping trips usually find bicycles a worthy option. Moreover, to carry the bikes on trips, the best RV bike racks serve as an attractive RV option or a travel trailer.

We understand finding the most suitable RV rack is a challenging job, but once you follow the right guidelines, you will end up choosing the best product for your bike. For us, the winner of this product roundup is Swagman RV Ladder Rack because its comfortable design allows instant installation and removal.


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