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Top 7 Best Battery Tenders for RV

Battery tenders are an excellent choice for RV to keep your batteries in a prime, healthy state. However, a camper’s battery is different than the standard car battery. So, you need an excellent battery tender that is affordable, incredible in terms of features, and much more!

Product NameImageProsPrice
Schumacher Battery TenderReliable power.
Smart charging.
Float mode.
Hook attachment available.
Reliable and safe.
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Battery Tender 800Energy-efficient.
Solid and innovative battery tender.
Encapsulated interior.
A superb choice for outdoor equipment.
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Noco Genius Genpro10x1Universal fit.
Features redefined mounting system.
Perfect for water.
Allows charging of dead batteries.
Comes with an all-new force mode.
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To help you find out the best battery tender, we have reviewed the seven battery tenders, enabling you to choose the most suitable one to meet your needs!


Best Battery Tenders for RV Reviewed

Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Tender

Our first product on the list is Schumacher’s fully automatic battery charger, desulfator, and maintainer. This 3Amp battery tender is excellent for motorcycles, power sports, lawn tractors, cars, and marine batteries.

It comes with 3 Amps for maintaining and charging the batteries. This makes it a compatible choice for deep cycle batteries, AGM, standard, and lithium-ion batteries.

The Schumacher battery tender comes with an intelligent charging option. It has a microprocessor-controlled automatic Amp rate adjustment with multi-stage charging. Thus, it gives precision, long battery life, and safety. Moreover, it comes with float mode monitoring for automatic detection of battery charging.

There is no more hassle of keeping the tools with hook attachment. You can hang them. If you are concerned regarding reliability and safety features, this battery tender comes with reverse hook-up protection. So, it prevents your charger from operating if it results in reversed clamps.

Overall, this battery tender is automatic and highly energy efficient. You can easily connect it with clamps and ring terminal adapters.


  • Reliable power.
  • Smart charging.
  • Float mode.
  • Hook attachment available.
  • Reliable and safe.


  • It is not completely automatic.

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Battery Tender 800

This super-smart battery tender constantly allows easy monitoring, maintenance of the battery, and charging. Furthermore, this battery charger is encapsulated with complete protection against moisture due to electrical insulation.

This fully automated super smart charger is spark-proof. In addition, it comes with reverse polarity protection with short circuit protection.

It is manufactured using flame retardant material, thermal conductive with synthetic epoxy resin elements.

This compact charger packs around 800 milliamps of constant, pure current charging capacity. Moreover, it comes with ring terminals and alligator clips. This makes it a perfect choice for all outdoor equipment like watercraft, ATVs, motorcycles, or boats.

Overall, it’s an outstanding battery tender with efficient surface mount technology components.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Solid and innovative battery tender.
  • Encapsulated interior.
  • A superb choice for outdoor equipment.


  • It lacks temperature compensation.

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Noco Genius Genpro10x1

This is fully automatic and works well as an onboard battery charger. It is an excellent choice for charging batteries as it also works as a battery maintainer plus battery desulfator. Moreover, this battery tender features temperature compensation.

What you’ll love about this battery tender is its performance. This compact model by NOCO is 41% smaller. It delivers 33% extra power than the previous models.

That’s not all!

This battery tender comes with multiple banks where one bank is rated for ten amps each. This is for 12V batteries like a boat, marine, starter, or deep cycle batteries.

Indulge in an authentic charging experience with this battery tender. It features an integrated thermal detection sensor. The sensor seeks ambient temperature while eliminating over-charging within hot climates and prevent under-charging within cold climates.

The best part about this battery tender is it can also charge dead batteries. It can charge the batteries with around 1volt battery power. In addition, you can use an all-new force mode, allowing complete control over the battery and manual charging of dead batteries.

Lastly, it also comes with a redefined mounting system for immediate product installation in all directions. It comes with an integrated anti-vibration system that isolates vibration, shock, or noise.

Overall, this battery tender is perfect for water as it’s fully sealed having an ingress protection rating.


  • Universal fit.
  • Features redefined mounting system.
  • Perfect for water.
  • Allows charging of dead batteries.
  • Comes with an all-new force mode.


  • It comes with limited amps to charge.

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Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Next in our list of best battery tenders is another product by Schumacher. It works well as an auto desulfator, maintainer, and battery charger. It comes with 3Amp and 12V and is an excellent choice for lawn tractors, motorcycles, power sports, cars, and marine batteries.

Get your hands on this battery tender with reliable power delivering 3 Amps for charging and maintaining the boat, power sport batteries, and cars. Hence, it is a compatible choice for AGM, standard, lithium-ion, and deep cycle batteries.

Besides, it comes with an innovative charging feature. The microprocessor-controlled automatic Amp rate adjustment and multi-stage charging make it perfect for safety, precision, and battery life.

That’s not all!

It comes with float mode monitoring which automatically detects the optimal battery charge. It features hook attachment to easy placement of tools in place. Enjoy reliable and safe charging options with reverse hook-up protection. It prevents the battery tender from functioning at reversed clamps.

Overall, it is an automatic, energy-efficient battery tender for connecting clamps plus ring terminal adapters. In addition, the digital messaging allows you to easily follow the step-by-step instructions for proper charging of the battery.


  • Comes with smart charging.
  • Features reliable power.
  • Safe and highly reliable.
  • Comes with a float mode.
  • Comes with reverse hook-up protection.


  • Does not offer protection against short circuits.

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CTEK – 40-206 Mxs 5.0 Fully Automatic

This fully automatic CTEK battery tender features a unique reconditioning mode. Plus, it comes with a built-in temperature sensor. What you’ll love regarding this battery tender is, it’s completely sealed and features a spark-proof character with reverse polarity protection.

Besides, the CTEK automatic battery tender comes with premium output and input cable having robust strain relief. No more worries about buying this battery tender as it comes with a five years warranty. It is the best choice for a start-stop system. The input voltage featured in this battery tender is around 110-120VAC.

Get your hands on this fully automatic battery tender uniquely designed with an eight-step approach for battery care. It features fully automatic microprocessor-controlled charging. In addition, this battery tender’s advanced charging modes features make it a highly effective, versatile, and fastest charger for consumers. Enjoy improved charging with this MXS battery tender which comes with great demand.

Enjoy an overall stunning experience with this battery charger.


  • Works well for start-stop systems.
  • Comes with an eight-step approach.
  • Completely automatic.
  • Features a built-in temperature sensor.
  • Versatile and highly effective.


  • Might overheat.

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Solvao 7.5w Solar Trickle Charger

Our next battery tender works well as a solar trickle charger with a battery maintainer. It is a portable waterproof battery charger for 12V batteries. You can use this battery tender for RV, cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, and marine. So, do not let your batteries die down by using this solar trickle charger.

Maintain your batteries charged which come with 7.5 watts. This battery tender is a perfect choice for boats, automobiles, motorcycles, motorhomes, RVs, Powersports, tractors, trucks, marine, golf carts, snowmobiles, gates openers, cabinets, and much more! Use it now for all rechargeable 12V batteries making an excellent choice for off-grid applications.

Prevent the battery from being dead by using this battery tender when not used for an extended time!

The best part regarding this battery charger is, it works all year round as it’s highly portable, weatherproof, and amorphous. In addition, it is highly efficient and keeps the batteries completely charged in cloudy or sunny weather.

Just plugin and get started with this battery charger which is easy to install. Just set and forget; no extra knowledge is needed. It is the perfect choice for vehicle owners who use cars occasionally.

That’s not all!

It features built-in blocking diodes which aids in reverse protection controlling the power it will send without damaging or overcharging the batteries. Overall, it is an excellent choice for charging 12V batteries. In addition, it is a perfect choice for emergencies where you need backup batteries fully charged.


  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely efficient.
  • Do not cause overcharging.
  • Works as a maintainer too.
  • Great for emergencies.


  • Needs a good amount of sun to be fully charged.

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Arianny 12v Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger

This is our final product from the list of battery tenders for RV. It is a great battery trickle charger and a maintainer. And it features portable backup options for marine boats, automotive RV, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, farm equipment, and more!

It has an ultra-high conversion rate with the adoption of mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. Iso, it offers a 20% extra conversion rate of luminous energy turning into electrical power.

Get your hands on this solar car battery trickle charger compact, lightweight, and generates electricity at times of sufficient sunlight. Moreover, it features a charging indicator with lights.

Utilize this battery tender for all rechargeable 12V batteries. It safely works well for SLA, gel, wet, AGM, EFB, SLA, or deep cycle batteries. Overall, it’s a premium quality battery tender with a 12-months warranty making it rainproof and windproof.


  • Ultra-high converting rate.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with indicator lights.
  • Works well for 12V batteries.
  • Comes with a 12-months warranty.


  • Does not come with heavy gauge wire.

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How To Choose The Best RV Battery Tender?

When buying the best RV battery tender, you need to consider the following factors:

What Kind Of Battery Does Your Vehicle Use?

There are two different types of batteries:

Starter batteries come with an ample power supply in just a short period required for standard engines. It is then recharged using an alternator.

Starter batteries do not come with multiple discharge or drainage, which can shorten their life.

On the other hand, deep cycle batteries come with a steady current conducted over a long period. As a result, these batteries can repeatedly discharge or recharge without leading to damage.


There are different types of RV battery tenders available on the market, which includes:

Converter chargers which is the primary type. It covers 120V of shore power into 12V DC power.

Inverter chargers are the modern type of chargers that most RV owners love. It is a battery charger that comes with multi-stage charging. Such chargers produce 120V of alternate current from a 12V battery.

Solar-powered chargers are a relatively new type of chargers where they need only sunlight for conversion into energy.

Durability and Maintenance

When investing in battery tenders, choose the ones which are durable and long-lasting. It is a product that you cannot invest in regularly, so it’s a one-time thing. So make sure to choose the product that comes with low maintenance and is highly durable.

External Protections

The safety and protection offered in battery tenders make it a great choice. So, choose the product that comes with the absorption of shock, vibrations, and much more. Then, select the battery tender, which prevents short circuits.


Can You Use a Trickle Charger on An RV Battery?

The trickle charger on the RV battery can be efficiently utilized. It is a perfect type for charging lead-acid batteries. A trickle charger slowly recharges your battery.

What Is the Difference Between a Battery Tender And A Battery Maintainer?

Battery tenders maintain the charging of the battery, too, without overcharging. In addition, the battery tenders automatically shut down once the battery is fully charged.

Battery maintainers, on the other hand, keeps the battery fully charged with extended life. Once the battery becomes fully charged, it switches to float mode to maintain its full charge.

Can You Leave a Battery Tender on All the Time?

Yes, you can, but you need to monitor your house batteries thoroughly. Make sure to watch the electrolyte levels of your batteries each month.

Can You Start a Car with A Battery Tender Connected?

Yes, you can start the car with the battery tender connected. First, however, you need to ensure that cables are clear from all moving parts.

Which is the Best RV Battery Tender?

In our opinion, it is Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Tender. It comes with 3 Amps for maintaining and charging the batteries. This makes it a compatible choice for deep cycle batteries, AGM, standard, and lithium-ion batteries.

Also, the Schumacher battery tender comes with an intelligent charging option.

With all the best battery tenders for RV discussed, invest in the battery tender that meets all your needs and allows you to keep the batteries charged at all times!


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