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35 RV Interior Paint Ideas That You’ll Love

Are you looking to upgrade your camper and looking for magnificent color combinations and the best RV interior paint ideas? I have lots to show you! Keep reading and uncover 35 great solutions from painting in one color to colorful and unconventional designs. So, let’s dive into the details!

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RV Interior Paint Ideas: All in One Color

Painting the RV’s interior in one color is a great idea that delivers impressive results. It doesn’t matter if you apply the same paint on the cabinets or the walls. It will still make your RV incredible, giving it a premium and homely feel like these examples.

Undoubtedly, the dark green interior has given this RV a simple yet appealing look. The color blends perfectly with the white ceiling, the stool adjacent to the wall, and the mirror, which also acts as an accessory. Moreover, regarding Virginia Commonwealth University the green color also creates a calm and relaxing mood.

RV Interior Painted All One Color_Green_1
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast

This RV interior screams simplicity and class at its best. I find the darker shade of blue a perfect blend of the white ceiling, wooden floors, and the wooden walls separating the kitchen and the sleeping area. This dark blue color also makes the RV interior peaceful, serene, and calm.

RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_1
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast
RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_2
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast
RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_3
Credit: instagram.com @Modern_Cast

I was impressed by this RV makeover shared by @rventropy due to the royal effect of the blue shade on its interior. The pink lampstand perfectly compliments this color, making it appealing for those who love the RV life. Furthermore, this light blue shade also creates a soothing effect in this RV.

RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_6
Credit: instagram.com @rventropy
RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_5
Credit: instagram.com @rventropy
RV Interior Painted All One Color_Blue_4
Credit: instagram.com @rventropy

White Walls and Bright Colored Cabinets

You cannot go wrong revamping your RV with white walls and colored cabinets. Any color can complement the white walls, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the RV. Here are some examples of this magnificent RV painting idea.

I cannot help but love the RV interior shared by the owner, @luciiamarie. The green-colored cabinets perfectly blend with the white walls, making this kitchen homely and cool. It is also easier to apply and maintain.

White Walls and Bright Colored Cabinets_1
Credit: instagram.com @luciiamarie

This motorhome designed by @floshea_harrigan showcases the elegance of the white walls and light blue cabinets. Although the white walls brighten this interior, the blue adds color to the outfit, making it unique and beautiful.

White Walls and Bright Colored Cabinets_2
Credit: instagram.com @floshea_harrigan

The white wall and tiffany blue cabinets create a homely and breathtaking RV interior. It also makes the motorhome spacious and brighter. This validates the study by Britannica on Visual Factors in Space Perception as the color elements make the RV bigger than it is.

White Walls and Bright Colored Cabinets_3
Credit: instagram.com @darling_the_camper 

Wall Paper and Paint

A combination of paint and wallpaper can magically transform your motorhome’s interior, making it visually appealing and unique. I have also witnessed how painted wallpapers make the RV interiors stylish. Let’s check out some examples of this painting idea.

The amazing RV transformation was created by Liz Kamarul (@liz_kamarul), a New Orleans interior stylist. She hand-painted the wallpaper flamingoes in her camper’s wallpaper to create a distinctive pattern, which adds classy beauty.

Wall Paper + Paint_1
Credit: instagram.com @liz_kamarul
Wall Paper + Paint_2
Credit: instagram.com @liz_kamarul
If you’re looking for a truly unique aesthetic, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures. Stenciled designs, geometric shapes, or even a playful mural can add character and visual interest to your RV walls. Remember, your RV is your home on wheels, so make it reflect your personal style!

I applaud the efforts of Emily and her family members in transforming this camper van using wallpaper and paint. In the kitchen pictured above, she painted bright teal colors on the cabinets and complimented them with black, bold, and white floral wallpaper. This mix of colors, wallpaper, and wooden floors gives this RV a rich look.

Wall Paper + Paint_3
Credit: instagram.com @emilyfeely

This work of art was accomplished by @crazyfamilyadventure within three weeks. They kept the décor minimalistic by using wallpaper and paint and made it aesthetically appealing by painting the slide-out and cabinets with a lighter color. The leopard-printed rug adds a taste of class to this unit.

Wall Paper + Paint_4
Credit: instagram.com @crazyfamilyadventure 

RVs with Colorful Walls And White Cabinets

A perfect blend of colorful walls and white cabinets can produce premium beauty, as shown in these examples.

Green walls and white cabinets blend created an adorable space for this RV. It looks clean and blends well with the grey floor. Also, painting and maintaining these colors is very easy.

RVs with Colorful Walls And White Cabinets_1
Credit: instagram.com @revampingcamping

Even the smallest places, like bathrooms, can be enhanced with great painting ideas. Here, @wendywisespaces showcase a magnificent RV bathroom with blue walls and white cabinets. The rug and grey floors perfectly blend with this design.

RVs with Colorful Walls And White Cabinets_2
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

This RV’s owner revamped its interior with green walls and white cabinets, and added a green patterned rug, creating a cool, homely, and clean interior.

RVs with Colorful Walls And White Cabinets_3
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

Culturally Themed Painting

I love the idea of painting my motorhome with a cultural theme in mind. Interior décor rooted in culture is always intriguing and beautiful. There is nearly zero chance that someone else would’ve thought of your idea. Let’s take a look at these examples.

This photo shows how a travel mum used a culturally themed idea with fun colors to upgrade her RV’s interior. The blue accent wall is an incredible paint idea as it lights up the motorhome, making it visually appealing. When adding any accessory, ensure it can blend with this design without altering the beauty.

Culturally Themed Painting_3
Credit: instagram.com @travelmadmum

The owner of this RV used a cultural theme to beautify it. The floral wallpaper on the fridge, the unique patterned rugs, and the vintage stool, together with the white walls, green-painted fireplace, and cabinets, make this kitchen space colorful and distinctively beautiful. Visit the owners’ Instagram page for more images.

Culturally Themed Painting_2
Credit: instagram.com @thesunchaserrv

The cultural theme in this motorhome shared by @whatsonindurbanville is intriguing. Although the walls are white, they complement the colorful draper, peach lighting fixtures, brown ceiling, and other items in this kitchen. I find it adorable.  

Culturally Themed Painting_1
Credit: instagram.com @whatsonindurbanville

RV Interiors with Bold Accent Colors

Another way to add pomp and color is to paint the RV interior with an accent color on either one wall and some cabinets and the rest with trim-white. Having one or two accent walls will make your RV colorful and bright. Let’s look at some examples.

RV Interiors with Bold Accent Colors_1
Credit: instagram.com @tmin_lilla_adria_305

I love how the shiplap-painted walls make this RV interior brighter and more spacious without the accent cabinets not darkening it. However, you must step up in cleaning this interior often to retain its beauty.

RV Interiors with Bold Accent Colors_3
Credit: instagram.com @revampingcamping

Isn’t this adorable? The white walls with green accent cabinets. Although it has a darker shade, the green accent color still brightens the room.

RV Interiors with Bold Accent Colors_2
Credit: instagram.com @lovemytinycamper

Here, the light blue accent cabinets complement the grey walls and floors well. I like how the checked rug and curtains bring out this motorhome’s unique beauty.

Don’t shy away from bold accents! A pop of color on a backsplash, accent wall, or even just a throw pillow can inject personality and vibrancy into your RV interior. Think jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or burnt orange for a touch of adventure. Sarah Tucker, Interior Designer specializing in small spaces

RVs with Black Interiors

Black never disappoints when it comes to bringing out the elegance of an RV’s interior. The richness of this color makes it my default choice whenever I think of giving my recreational vehicle a worthwhile makeover. If you are confused about what color suits your RV, I advise you to always go for a black interior.

This dark RV interior shared by @wendywisespaces is elegant. The black painted cabinets seamlessly compliment the yellow matt and walls with the red painted table, making it beautiful.

RVs with Black Interiors_3
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

The motorhome posted by @Cass Kessler has a beautiful black interior shown by this amazing lighting fixture and large windows. The evenly distributed lighting makes the interior unique and amazing.

RVs with Black Interiors_2
Credit: instagram.com @Cass Kessler

Colorful Themed RV

Imagine blending several complementary colors on your RV to give it an eye-catching and beautiful interior. Although it is hard work to pull this off, the results will be impeccable as it will make your motorhome brighter and elegant, just like the examples shared below.

Rachel shared this impressive RV interior painting, which is truly magical. I love how she covered the walls with the vibrant rainbow design and added rainbow drips and accents to the vintage fridge. I can’t help but believe creating this design was also an exciting experience.

Colorful Themed RV_1
Credit: instagram.com @@rv.family.reno

Sarah (@purposeblog) evaded painting this camper van with a plain white interior, opting for this adorable tickled pink. The pink theme perfectly blends with other multiple colors in the RV such as the pastel-colored rug tie, yellow, blankets, and teal chair. Although I find this interior elegant, this type of painting requires professional skills.

Colorful Themed RV_2
Credit: instagram.com @@purposeblog

This camper trailer shared by @projectvanlife has a blend of many colors, properly placed, which I find very appealing.

Colorful Themed RV_3
Credit: instagram.com @projectvanlife

A Theme with Bright and Contrasting Color

Painting the RV with bright and contrasting colors will add magnificence to its interior. Check out these RVs where contrasting colors made a great difference.

Lisa and Dan, the brains behind the @AlwaysOnLiberty.com blog, used colorful and bright paint to cover their walls and didn’t paint their cabinet. The contrasting colorful walls make the room beautiful. 

A Theme with Bright and Contrasting Color_1
Credit: AlwaysOnLiberty.com

This campervan, revamped by @Simply Living Designers, was repainted with white walls. However, the shades of lime green and turquoise on the trim and cabinets contrast.

A Theme with Bright and Contrasting Color_2
Credit: Facebook Simply Living Designers

This camper is beautiful with the contrasting Tiffany blue, lime green, and red beneath the couch. The black and white stands and grey couches also add more elegance. This is a complex DIY project as it requires advanced skills.

A Theme with Bright and Contrasting Color_3
Credit: instagram.com @ wendywisespaces

Grey and White Theme

Grey and white colors always complement perfectly and are a great blend for an RV’s interior. These colors make smaller rooms appear expansive and cool, like in the examples below.

The @RV Market Place shared this amazing RV interior with a blend of white and grey. The grey tiles also complement the entire theme, making it eye-catching.  

Grey and White Theme_1
Credit: instagram.com @RV Market Place

Besides the beautiful effects of the white ceiling and walls with the grey cabinets, I also liked the touch of uniqueness the brown couch and wooden table top add.

Grey and White Theme_2
Credit: instagram.com @Casie and Igor

The ambiance in this RV posted by @qrvinsurance makes it feel homely, and as always, the dark grey walls and lining with the white floors and ceiling are incredibly gorgeous.

Grey and White Theme_3
Credit: instagram.com @qrvinsurance

White and Wooden Themed RV

Combining white and wooden themes can make an RV’s interior appear rich and exclusively beautiful. Whether the shade of the wooden fixtures is bright or dull, it will still light up the room with beauty, as proven by these motorhomes.

The White walls and upper cabinets in this space, shared by @wendywisespaces blend perfectly with the wooden frames and door, creating an amazing beauty. The brown rug also complements this theme, making it lovelier.

White and Wooden Themed RV_1
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

This amazing RV toilet renovation by @wendywisespaces is interestingly unique due to the white walls and cabinets with a wooden door and frame. The wooden floor finish also adds to the elegance.

White and Wooden Themed RV_2
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

I love the creativity employed by @wendywisespaces in beautifying this space. The white walls and cabinets create a remarkable elegance with the wooden mirror frame, door frame, tabletop, and floors.

White and Wooden Themed RV_3
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

Black Cabinets and White Walls

The black and white blend can also make your RV interior classy and admirable as shown in the following motorhomes.

This RV shared by @wendywisespaces is aesthetically appealing, perfectly accomplished in black and white theme . Personally, I love this RV painting idea.

Black Cabinets and White Walls_1
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

The black cabinets and white walls give this RV kitchen a simple yet stunning look.

Black Cabinets and White Walls_2
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

Although the white walls make this RV interior bright and expansive, the black cabinets, foot stand, and black-and-white chair add a touch of color. They also complement well with the gray rug.

Black Cabinets and White Walls_3
Credit: instagram.com @wendywisespaces

3 Types of Paint For an RV Interior And Why You Need the Primer

Before commencing the adventure of repainting your RV, seeking more info about the available paint options is essential. This will help in guiding your purchase. In this section, I discuss three main RV paints that are suitable for your RV renovation project.

1. Latex Paints AT

This paint is budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and clean after drying. However, this paint will require more prep and a high-quality coat to enhance its durability before applying it. Additionally, it can also peel. Some of the best brands are RECOLOR, Contego, and Glidden, renowned for their durability

2. Oil-Based Paints

Most RVers love this paint due to its longevity. During painting, it doesn’t leave brush strokes and is easier to clean once applied. It also needs a few coats to make your RV walls appealing compared to latex paints. The best brands offering beautiful and durable coats include Trade Paints, NEROLAC, and Rust-Oleum.

Important! However, the oil-based paints come with a very strong odor. So, you will need to wear a mask and open the RV windows and doors while painting.

3. Water-Based Paints

This paint is ideal for most users as it needs minimal prep work before use. However, it is costlier than oil-based paint, and its durability is low. Brands like Rust-Oleum, Metallic Paint Collection, and Ecotex offer the best quality as they offer better results with a few coats.

Note: Besides the paint, using the right primer to actualize your RV interior paint ideas is equally important as it affects the quality and durability of the results. So, without the right primer, the paint won’t stick on the interior walls.

Tips for Picking Your RV Paint Color Scheme

How can you create a distinctive color combination for your RV interior painting idea?

  1. Consider pieces of décor with your favorite colors, such as a painting, throw pillows and rugs. This will guide you in picking the best color.
  2. Google can also provide a variety of color ideas for your RV painting project. All you need to do is search and see the painting jobs of other people.
  3. Use this free tool to get matching colors that appeal to your tastes from images online.
When choosing colors for your RV, consider the size and layout. Light and airy shades like sky blue, pale sage green, or creamy white can open up the space and make it feel bigger, while darker accents can add depth and definition.Ashley Jenks, Blogger at The Wandering Weekends

Planning Your Project

After getting the perfect paint idea for your RV remodel, make plans to secure the project’s success. Besides buying tools like a wood filler, paint sprayer, paint colors, and other necessities, seek help from experts through social media platforms.

Before starting the RV painting project, read about the 14 RV furniture ideas you need to see. This detailed guide will help you pick the best furniture ideas for your new color scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I paint the inside of my RV?

Yes! If your RV gets old or you need a makeover, repainting it is always an option. However, you must execute every phase of the painting process, like cleaning, priming, etc. with a high precision to get the best results.

What is the best color for the interior of an RV?

Airy and bright colors such as light wood tones, light grays, and white are always the best because they make motorhomes feel calm and spacious. Any of these colors will make your RV feel homely.

What color should I paint the inside of my RV?

You can use one or a mix of colors to revamp your RV. However, if you’re short of ideas, you can never go wrong with painting the walls and ceiling white and using light blue shades on the cabinets.

How much will it cost to paint the inside of an RV?

The cost of painting your RV’s interior can range between $ 5,000 to $15000. The size of the motorhome, color scheme, and design will determine the actual cost.  


So, these are all the main RV interior paint ideas I wanted to share today. They include painting surfaces and fittings in one base color, using a black-and-white color scheme, applying bright accents, and many more.

You can choose any to suit your tastes, but be sure to evaluate your options. Some solutions are simple and DIY, while others require professional help. Also, pay special attention to paint and primer to make your interior durable.

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