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13 Dreamiest Rustic Camper Remodels

Are you planning to make your own tiny home on wheels, or have a major case of wanderlust?

I think you will be inspired by these rustic camper remodels if you like white paint, various wood tones, and lots of texture.

I was surprised when I found it difficult to find rustic A-Class motorhome makeovers when we were remodeling our RV.

Vintage airstreams, 5th wheels, bus conversions, and tiny homes are some of the things that excited me when I was searching for rustic camper remodels.

This is one of the main reasons I was leaning towards those options before we decided the A-Class was the best choice for us.

You can indeed draw inspiration from anywhere and make any place feel like home with a little imagination and elbow grease.

Gallery of Wonderful Rustic Camper Designs

The Best Rustic Camper Design

A lot of unique features were added to the camper van conversion by musician Joe and his wife.

The exterior of the Citron Relay is adorned with mountain decals and a 250- watt solar panel, while the inside is cozy and rustic.

There is a sink with a foldaway tap, a fridge, and a dual burner stove in the cooking space.

There are three water storage containers, two fresh and one waste, and three drawers and cupboards to store food and cookware.

The kitchen countertop is made of real oak and finished with oil from the Danes.

A hidden storage area for spices can be found next to the kitchen where a table drops down for more counter space.

There is a wooden mountain shelf on the wall that holds small items. There are hooks underneath to hold mugs and tiles on the wall.

The interior was covered with two layers of insulation and a vapor barrier. There is a roof light over the kitchen that has a fly screen and blinds.

The van has a small bathroom with a barn-style door and a doorknob between the cab area and the drop-down table.

There is an internal hatch for waste disposal and a Thetford toilet that has a 12-V flush.

The rear of the van has a bed with a custom foam mattress. Under the bed, there is a large drawer facing inwards to hold clothes and a drawer that can be accessed from around the back.

The electrical components of the van are located underneath the bed and include two heavy-duty leisure batteries, an 1800- watt inverter, and a solar charge controller.

A map of the world, hand-cut from real oak, decorates one of the walls, and two reading lights were added above the bed.

There is a coat rack on the wall that has a hand-cut deer image and small antlers to hang jackets.

The front cab area can be used for setting up dining. There is a permanently fixed table mount between the seats that can be removed while driving.

Both of the seats are kept clean with matching seat covers and can move towards each other. Two rear doors have tinted windows and curtains.

There is a curtain that divides the cab area from the rest of the van to keep the light from shining in.

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Camper Remodel Ideas

Install Shelves for More Storage

You can take advantage of vertical storage when van space is limited. Plants, photos, knick-knacks, and books can be seen on shelves in your living area.

Put floating shelves in place of cabinets for an airy look in your RV kitchen. You can hang small cubes or bins on walls in a bedroom or bathroom to keep linens out of the way.

Repaint the Interior

It’s possible to make your RV feel more like home by painting the interior.

Get rid of dark, dingy colors and replace them with lighter colors such as white, gray, beige, or pale blue to liven up your living space.

It’s possible to make your camper van feel larger by painting it with lighter colors.

updated RV interior with gray and white walls and a blue couch photo by Instagram user @rvsandtrees

Make Over the Walls

Is it time for you to leave the plain walls in your van? Old wall coverings should be removed and replaced with new materials to make your space better.

White shiplap wall plank is a great way to give your RV remodel a farmhouse look. The camper’s interior can be decorated with wallpaper with a fun pattern.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper can be used as an accent wall if you don’t want to commit to a lot of work.

Install New Windows

A key feature of a camper vehicle is windows. Replacing old windows with all-weather windows will make them look better.

If you install windows, make sure they are durable, protect against harsh weather conditions, and tinted to block out sunlight.

Outside the RV, windows should be sealed with caulk to keep rain, sleet, hail, or snow out.

If you want to complete the project, hang up stylish window treatments to keep the sun out during the day.

Update Interior Lighting

It’s a good idea to swap out the lighting in your RV if it’s too dark. If you want to give your van a more modern look, you should replace the old box lights with newer ones.

If you want to avoid bumping your head on the light in your dining area, hang a flush mount light. Wall sconces can be put up in a bathroom or living room to make it look better.

Replace Old Toilet

It’s a good idea to change out the toilet in your RV to make life on the road a bit easier.

It is a good idea to go with an option that works well with your camping needs when choosing a camper van toilet.

The portable camping toilet and gravity flush toilet are the best toilets to install in your RV. Composting toilets can be an eco-friendly option if you want to reduce water usage.

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