Winnebago Sunstar

Top 5 Best Small Class A RVs

 RV ClassesMotorhomes and travel trailers have always been popular.

Most people don’t know there are different RVs classes, and Class A RVs are the largest of them all. A small class A RV is built on a commercial truck or bus and can range from 26 feet to 45 feet in length.

Some of them even come with powerful diesel or gas engines for ease of movement. The mere size of a Class A RV can intimidate you.

But don’t be, because most of them are designed to be driven comfortably. Even if you think such a model is too big for your recreational purposes, you can always go for the small Class RVs.

These small Class A RVs can be shockingly nimble but in the right way, and you don’t have to sacrifice a lot on many amenities either.

What’s a Class A RV?

Class A RVClass A RVs are motorized RVs built on the chassis of a commercial truck or a bus. It is the largest of all RVs and usually is the most luxurious one of them all as well.

You can find them with both diesel and gasoline engine options, and they can range from 21 feet to 45 feet in length. They can comfortably sleep 6 to 10 people.

The one that stays under 30 feet is pretty comfortable to use and is quite popular because of its amenities. These small class A RVs offer a tremendous value for money.

Best Short Class A RVs

Winnebago Sunstar

Winnebago SunstarThis small class A RV is pushing for lengths and is 30 feet long but weighs well under 20,000 pounds. It also comes with a towing capacity of 5000 pounds.

The RV comes with a ten-cylinder engine that is powered by gasoline. This RV features a single slideout design, and it handles space pretty well.

The RV can comfortably sleep up to 7 people at once. As there is only one slideout in this RV, the Sunstar adds some extra features to keep everything roomy and spacious.

The master suite featuring a queen size bed is present in the rear section. Therefore, you will get ample space in the living area to walk around, and there is plenty of elbow room as well if you are looking to get dressed.

There is sufficient storage available for separate storage of wardrobe. The bathroom is just outside your master suite, and there is a large shower with a flushing toilet and a sink. This section shares the entire plumbing system of the kitchen and its double basin sink.

The kitchen also comes with a 3-burner stove and a medium-sized residential refrigerator. There are double pantries present right in the kitchen, increasing the overall storage capacity.


  • It can sleep up to 7 people.
  • A queen-size bed in the rear section.
  • The dinette comes with a bunk bed option.
  • Plenty of elbow room to get dressed.


  • No outdoor entertainment kitchen.


Fleetwood Flair

Fleetwood FlairThis small Class A RV is 29 feet long and weighs around 16,000 pounds. It comes with a towing capacity of 8,000 pounds and runs on a ten-cylinder gas engine.

This RV features a couple of slideouts and can sleep up to 8 people at a time. The small motorhome features 15,000 BTU AC and a 30,000 BTU furnace.

This RV is a perfect combination of power and nimbleness on the road. And the best part is that you can comfortably tow a midsize SUV on your camping adventure.

This way you won’t have to break your camp each time you drive to the nearest store. Just take out your towing vehicle and drive off.

Again, you have a king-size bed in the rear section of this RV that slides out. There is a sliding door that closes the bathroom in the bedroom for privacy.

You will notice that the king-size bed does take up plenty of space in the RV. But for a comfortable night, you will find this bed pretty relaxing.

The kitchen comes with a 3-burner stove, and there are an overhead microwave and a dual basin sink. Plus, there is a large residential electric fridge in it.

The bedroom section features a 32-inch LED television, while the dinette comes with a 39-inch LED television with a jack knife sofa.


  • Comfortable living space.
  • The king-size bed is pretty relaxing.
  • There is a partition that separates both the bedroom suite and the bathroom for privacy.
  • The dinette features a 39-inch LED TV.
  • A dual basin kitchen with an overhead microwave oven.


  • The bed eats up a lot of storage space in your RV.


Jayco Precept

Jayco PreceptLooking for compactness at its best, you will find the Jayco Precept as one of the best small Class A RVs on the market. It is 29 feet long and weighs around 20,000 pounds.

This small class A RV also comes with a towing capacity of an extra 5000 pounds. The RV features a ten-cylinder gas engine and comes with a total of 72-gallon freshwater capacity.

It can comfortably sleep up to 8 people and features a 28.500 BTU AC with a 30,000 BTU furnace. The slideout section of this motorhome spans the entire length of it.

It can significantly expand the overall size and internal space. The rear section has a master suite that features a king-size bed in it.

There is plenty of wardrobe space, and you will find an entertainment center as well with a cabinet-style. There is a spacious bathroom with a vanity, toilet, and a shower.

It also comes with a 12 cubic feet fridge, a microwave overhead, and a 3-burner stove. Moreover, in the kitchen area, you will find a dual basin sink.


  • The small motorhome also features a 36-inch TV.
  • A well-integrated dinette table and a convertible sofa.
  • It can sleep up to 8 people in it.
  • Bathroom and a kitchen with a spacious living space.


  • Privacy and comfort can be at stake if you sleep more than five people in it at once.


Thor Axis

Thor AxisThis motor coach is only 25 and a half feet long and weighs around 12,500 pounds. It comes with a towing capacity of 8,000 pounds and runs on a ten-cylinder gas engine.

Due to its compact size, it only features a single slide-out. But it also means that the RV can only sleep up to five people at a time.

It comes with a 15,000 BTU AC and a 30,000 BTU standard furnace. And due to its small size, this RV is incredibly nimble to drive.

If you want to go on a friendly campsite or park on a smaller slab, this is the right way to go. But despite being a small-sized coach, it is pretty versatile.

You can set it up for a couple of tin beds or can go for a king-size bed in it. Right in front of the bed, there is a 32-inch LED television.

You will notice the kitchen and the bathroom are small, but they won’t cramp you for space. There is a 68-inch sofa that takes up the single slideout space.

Right in front of the sofa and next to the entrance, there is another 32-inch LED television. It feels pretty comfortable inside this small motorhome.


  • A comfortable sleeping space.
  • It features a large dinette in the slideout section.
  • The rear section can be configured for a king-size bed or a couple of twin beds.
  • A dropdown overhead bunk as well in the living area.


  • You will be slightly uncomfortable in this RV due to its very compact design.

Axis Floor Plan

Coachmen Pursuit

Coachmen PursuitThis small Class A RV has been designed with convenience in mind, and it is 29 feet long and weighs around 16,000 pounds. Its total towing capacity is around an imposing 8,000 pounds.

The RV runs on a ten-cylinder gas engine and comes with a couple of retractable slideouts. With that being said, it can easily sleep up to 8 people at once and is a suitable choice for small to medium families.

With the slideout sections’ help, the RV can significantly expand the overall floor plan and make you feel that you have ample space on your hand.

The RV is nimble on the road, and if you have pets, this RV will stay comfortable for them. The rear section of this RV features a king-size bed.

And right in front of this bed is a 32-inch LED TV that will keep you entertained for the night. When you look at the floor plan, you will notice that the king-size bed consumes a lot of space inside the RV that is only 29 feet long.

But for comfort, having a bed this size in an RV is pretty awesome. There could have been some space made for some additional bunk beds to accommodate more people, though.


  • Spacious kitchen and bathroom.
  • Two slideouts to provide you with more room.
  • 32-inch flatscreen LED television.
  • King size bed in the rear section.
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • King size bed does consume a lot of space in the RV.

Coachmen Floor plan


Do I require a special driver’s permit to drive a small class A RV?

Different states have different requirements. And they heavily rely on the gross vehicle weight rating of your motorhome.

In states like Wisconsin, the length of your motorhome (45 feet or more) can also be a factor in determining whether you need a particular driver’s permit or not. But in most states, like the District of Columbia and Minnesota, you will need a special permit (Class B Commercial Driver’s Permit) to drive a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds.

Do small Class A RVs come with good mileage?

As they are mostly built on commercial trucks or bus chassis, they are pretty large and heavy. And this can significantly influence their overall mileage.

Based on the gas or diesel engine, you will get around 8 to 10 miles per gallon.


The best small Class A RV is the Winnebago Sunstar. It is equipped with a lot of features and is pretty comfortable to drive on the road.

These RVs are comfortable considering how compact they are and utilize space quite well. The Winnebago Sunstar comes with a lot of sleeping space, and you also get plenty of elbow room to get dressed.

This is the primary reason why it is one of the best small Class A RVs you can find on the market.