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How To Fix C4 Error In Samsung AC: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

If you are searching for how to fix a C4 error in Samsung AC that constantly malfunctions, you have logged on to the right platform. While this AC equipped with a room and outdoor temperature sensor enables humidity control in your vicinity, it falls prey to the C4 error code.

Let’s get straight into the details!

Samsung Air Conditioner: C4 Error

When acquiring a Samsung air conditioner, you are likely to see the abbreviation C4 on more advanced variants. C4 stands for Cleanse Cycle 4, a feature input in some Samsung ACs to ensure the system’s internal parts stay clean. When your AC enters this mode, the fans operate at full power and expel debris through the vents.

Samsung Air Conditioner: C4 Error
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A Samsung AC error code could be caused by the following occurrences:

  • Too much debris piling up in the filters and coils in the indoor unit.
  • The fan motor failure could also result from an electrical heater overload.
  • Faults in the wiring system.
  • Defective capacitors.
  • Weary fan motor brushes.

C-type Errors Associated With Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung air conditioners are prone to other types of errors known as C-type errors. Here’s a tabulation of these errors.

Displayed error codes



CF Filter:

Cleaning reminder and filter reset indicator

Clean or replace the inner filters of the indoor unit


Auto clean indicator (Indoor unit produces odors)

Operate the Auto clean function to remove the odors


Automatic Defrost function

(During the Defrost function or steam is produced on the outdoor unit)

This problem isn't a result of the manufacturing.

(When the Heat mode is off, this function will be turned off)

How to Fix a C4 Error in Samsung AC?

Let’s look at some of the procedures you can follow to fix the C4 error in your air conditioner.

How to fix a C4 error in Samsung AC
  • Turn off your AC and unplug it: It allows you to operate safely.
  • Disassemble the AC and remove the front panel: This step highlights the origin of the C4 error code.
  • Inspect the indoor unit wiring and circuit boards: When you receive a C4 error code, the wiring is usually at fault most of the time. Snapped wires or faulty connections can trigger this occurrence.
  • Test the capacitors and fuses using a multimeter: If the device doesn’t register a reading, the gadgets are faulty and must be substituted.
  • Clean the filters: Dirt and debris may clog your air conditioner and cause it to malfunction. If dirty, clean them. However, a more permanent solution would be replacing them if they are old.
  • Replace any faulty parts: If there are damaged components like the heater temperature sensor and room temperature sensor, make a point of changing them.
  • Return everything to its original position: Once you’re done, plug in your air conditioner and turn it on.

After correctly following the outlined procedures, it should function normally.

Factors that Cause Samsung AC Error Code: Outdoor Unit

When you notice the C4 error code displayed on your AC, your compressor is most likely at fault. A Samsung air conditioner is a split-type air conditioner with indoor and outdoor units. The compressor, part of the outdoor unit, is tasked with transporting the freon throughout the AC.

How to Fix C4 Error in Samsung AC. Factors that Cause Samsung AC Error Code: Outdoor Unit

When faulty, it results in the AC overheating and subsequently powering off. Numerous elements can cause the compressor to malfunction. They include:

  • Inadequate refrigerant levels: When this occurs, it is best to contact the manufacturer and have them refill your air conditioner.
  • Blockage of airflow: In some instances, dirt could obstruct the air passage in one of the vents, leading to the AC and resulting in the error code. The best way to go about it is to have a professional from your nearest Samsung service center look at it.
  • Faulty appliances: These could include the indoor heat exchanger sensor or outdoor heat exchanger sensor.

Troubleshooting of Other Samsung Error Codes

Samsung air conditioners often fall prey to other error codes apart from C4. Let’s review them and discover some solutions you can apply to curb them.

C4 16 Error Code Due to the Heater Temperature Sensor

These error codes are usually displayed on your Samsung air conditioner when there is a communication error between the indoor and outdoor unit.

C4 16 Error Code Due to the Heater Temperature Sensor

Luckily, solving this process doesn’t involve a hectic procedure, you can easily manage it from home. Reviewing your conditioner for any issues is the best place to start. To effectively do so:

  • Firstly, ensure each air filter is clean. If they are dirty and not working correctly, replace them with new ones.
  • Secondly, review the indoor unit evaporator coil and the indoor heat exchanger sensor and ensure it is at room temperature. In some instances, you’ll see that they are frozen. If that is so, thaw it out, and your AC should be free of error codes.
  • Also, check the outdoor heat exchanger sensor to rule out any problems.

C4 58 Error

If you experience a C4 58 error code on your air conditioner, the problem likely stems from the condenser fan. This contraption ensures the air conditioner functions effectively by transporting coolant to all parts.

C4 58 Error
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Improper functioning of the condenser fan motor can incite numerous problems, including:

  • Increased energy consumption;
  • High operation pressure.
To prevent any extra damage when this occurs, seek a professional from the nearest Samsung service center to restore your air conditioner to its proper condition immediately.

Samsung Windfree C4 Error1 and its Effect on the Room Temperature Sensor

Whenever you notice this AC error code, it indicates an issue with the outdoor unit.

Samsung Windfree C4 Error1 and its Effect on the Room Temperature Sensor
If the outdoor unit power supply is on, review the circuit breaker and reset it if need be. Problems in functioning after doing so imply communication troubles between the two units.

How to Reset Your Samsung Air Conditioner?

Sometimes, you may troubleshoot your Samsung air conditioner and notice that the above causes don’t apply to your gadget. If this is the case, your AC may be disoriented, and you may have to reset it.

How to Reset Your Samsung Air Conditioner?
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Resetting your AC isn’t rocket science. To do so:

  • Shut down both the outdoor and indoor units and circuit breakers.
  • Wait a while before turning them back on. Hopefully, this will relieve you of the error codes and make your Samsung air conditioner operate normally.

Are Samsung Air Conditioners Any Good?

When it comes to appliance production, Samsung spearheads the industry:

Are Samsung Air Conditioners Any Good?
Credit: www.youtube.com @How2buy
  • Their air conditioner unit is sleek and stylish, especially the more high-end versions.
  • One of the outstanding characteristics of Samsung air conditioners is their wind-free element. This feature makes them quieter.
  • Additionally, they have a highly sensitive temperature sensor feature, making them effective.
  • Samsung justifies higher prices over competitors based on such elements and quality.

However, acquiring one of these air conditioner units and using them is the solution to identifying if it’s worth its value.


What Is Error Code C4 22 on the Samsung AC Unit?

Error code C4 22 on the Samsung Air Conditioner unit refers to a prompt displayed when the indoor unit evaporator temperature sensor registers no change.

Can I Fix the C4 Error Code on My Samsung AC Myself?

Yes, you can fix the C4 error code on your Samsung air conditioner yourself, provided the issue is not complicated. Contact the nearest Samsung service center to seek assistance if it is out of your hands.

When Should I Call a Professional to Fix the C4 Error Code on My Samsung AC?

You should call a professional to fix the C4 error code on your Samsung air conditioner once you’ve tried resetting it and cleaning each filter. If it still doesn’t budge, contact the Samsung service center.

What Are the Risks of Ignoring the C4 Error Code on My Samsung AC?

The risks of ignoring the C4 error code on your Samsung air conditioner include extended damage. Once you identify these error codes, it is best to deal with them immediately.


A Samsung air conditioner is a quality AC that ensures you regulate the temperatures of your space as you wish. However, despite the brand’s prominent reputation, its air conditioners are still subject to several issues.

For instance, sometimes, it displays c error codes like the C4 and C4 58 codes. These signs display some issues, from problems with the air filter to poor communication between the outdoor and indoor unit. Users can fix some of these issues on their own through certain steps.

You can inspect the wiring to ensure they are properly fitted and inspect each appliance, from the heater temperature sensor to the circuit breakers. Doing so ensures your appliance is in working order. If problems persist, reach out to the nearest Samsung service center.

So, have you experienced any problems with your Samsung air conditioner? Let us know in the comment section below.

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