Buying Guide to the Best RV Stove Top

Best RV Stove Top

Best RV Stove Top | Next time you want to pop up into your RV, I bet you want to feel the luxurious life you’ve been used to back in your regular home.

Hence, whether you want to customize your RV either by updating the existing appliances or bringing onboard a brand-new appliance, it is necessary to take some time in research of the best appliances in the market and the impact they will have in your RV.

One of the top-notch appliances that you may want to update is an RV stovetop. Having the best RV stove top makes your life more exciting and more enjoyable when are making yourself a healthy meal at the comfort of your RV.

Since by far your RV is a bit squeezed as compared to your regular home, you may want to conduct in-depth research while updating your stovetop so that it doesn’t end up too big for the space available or too small to fit.

In this article, I am going to take you through a buying guide so that you know which is the best RV  stove top available in the market and their pros and cons.

What to Consider while Buying RV Stove Top

What type of kitchen do you have in your RV? This ought to be the first question that pops up in your head while in search of a stovetop.

1. Consider Your Kitchen Space

Different RV comes with different kitchen space which will fit in differently sized appliances.

Class A RV kitchen or Fifth Wheel Kitchen has got so much space in them which serves as an advantage as you can fit large stovetops to make your life on the wheels more enjoyable.

Therefore, the design and the layout of your RV kitchen will greatly impact the type of appliances to fit in.

2. Price and Functions

On top of knowing the size of your kitchen, it is always a rule of thumb to compare prices among the various RV stove top that is available in the market.

In addition to that, some of the best RV stove top comes with multiple function like an in-built oven or even a grill. So know what you need and find the one with the best price within your budget.

3. Read Reviews from Real People

My top advise to choosing the best RV stove top is to read reviews from real people who have bought and tried the stove. You can easily check out the product page on Amazon to read these reviews.

4. Deciding on the Type of RV Stove Top

But before you could even read all the reviews and compare the prices, you will need to know the different type of stove top available and deciding on one.

With that, let me take you through the different cooktop in the market.

Different Type of RV Stovetop

  • Gas Cooktop
  • Electric Cooktop
  • Diesel Stove
  • Alcohol Stove
  • Sink Stove Combo
  • Wood Stoves
  • Portable Stoves

Gas Cooktop

This is one of the most used cooktops in the RVs kitchen. It uses the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It has an advantage in that the gas can be used to power the refrigerator or the water heater.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may choose the style and the number of burners you desire.

Installing gas cooktops requires valuable space and also room for the tank. This type requires your RV to have adequate room.

Preferably, Class A, Class C, Fifth-Wheel and Large Travel Trailers are best suited for this type.

Pros of Gas Cooktop

Chances are, back in your regular home, you use the LPG to cook and by far you can attest to the convenience they offer.

The LPG cooks fast saving you time for other activities. Finding out the level of gas in your tank has never been easy as having the LPG gas tank.

You can simply mark the level of the tank to know how much gas you have. Since the gas tanks are refilled at a gas station, they are very eco-friendly.

Cons of Gas Cooktop

After the installation of the gas cooktop in your RV, it limits you from cooking outside as you would enjoy sometimes.

Mounting a gas tank comes with additional terms. If you install a gas tank inside the RV, you have to install proper ventilation.

Top Recommendation

Electric Cooktop

This appliance is best suited for small spaces.

Pros of Electric Cooktop

Since they utilize the electric power derived from the RV battery, they are very effective. This cooktop is designed to fit in a range of spaces.

If you opt to use this cooktop, you will have saved the amount of space that you would have used in installing a gas tank for a gas cooktop.

My favorite aspect is the electromagnetic field which heats up the pan without heating up the cooking surface.

Cons of Electric Cooktop

The electric nature of this cooktop drains your RV battery so fast.

Top Recommendation

Diesel Stove

These stoves utilize diesel to heat the cooking surface. They, however, don’t generate flames like the gas stoves hence making them a safe alternative.

Pros of Diesel Stove

Diesel is widely available wherever you are on a trip to, you can always pull to the nearest gas station to refill.

Since they do not generate flames to heat up the cooking surface, they are one of the safest cooktops on the market.

Cons of Diesel Stove

Diesel is highly flammable and if not properly refilled, the cooktop can be a disaster. They generate less heat as compared to LPG stoves hence will take more time to cook.

Alcohol Stove

Though not widely used in RVs, alcohol stoves are amongst the safest cooktops in the market. They use alcohol to heat up the cooking surface.

Pros of Alcohol Stove

The alcohol used is less flammable since it is less volatile as compared to LPG. The alcohol cooktop is easy to install. Due to the low volatility of the alcohol, the danger of leaking is minimized.

Cons of Alcohol Stove

The type of alcohol used in this stove is a bit expensive.

Top Recommendation

Sink Stove Combo

As the name suggests, this type of stove incorporates a sink and a stove on the same platform. They are more common in boats than RVs. They are the best when it comes to saving up counter space hence effective for small RV kitchens

Pros of Sink Stove Combo

The clever combination of a sink and a stove saves up counter space. They are one of the highly stylish stoves in the market.

Cons of Sink Stove Combo

The integration of the sink and the stove reduces sink space and burner space.

Top Recommendation

Wood Stoves

A wood stove is most likely to be found in cold areas. They work best during winter conditions.

Pros of Wood Stoves

These stoves are associated with warming the RV. They tend to be very effective as they use up wood which is cost-effective as compared to fuel. Wood stoves are small in size hence fitting in most of RVs.

Cons of Wood Stoves

Carbon monoxide arising from the fire can be poisonous.

Top Recommendation

Portable Stoves

If you are not ready to work on any installation, a portable stove can best work for you. They can run off any type of energy.

Pros of Portable Stoves

You can definitely cook anywhere. Saving up counter space is what defines them as no installation is required. They are cost-effective as they actually are the cheapest of all stovetops.

Cons of Portable Stoves

If you prefer cooking indoors, this cooktop isn’t ideal for you

Top Recommendation

Summing Up On Choosing the Best RV Stove Top

Probably by now, you have an idea of what to look out for when looking for the best RV stove top. Remember to consider RV space as it will determine the type of stovetop to install.

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