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Best 6 Volt Battery for RV [Buying Guide]

Luxury motorhomes usually have a fridge, TV, and microwave. But to utilize these, you have to be connected to a reliable electricity source. Therefore, RVs have the option to install a battery bank with up to 6 or 8 batteries. It provides you with the necessary power while you’re on the road.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Vmaxtanks 6 Volt 225ah Agm BatteryIt is perfect for solar charging.
It functions properly in extreme weather.
The batteries hold a charge for a long time.
Long life span without any maintenance.
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Trojan Battery Plus
  • Good customer service.
  • They have a long life.
  • It can hold a charge for a long period.
  • Better value for money compared to other brands.
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Mighty Max Battery 6V RV BatteryIt has a great battery capacity.
The battery has a good quality build.
They have helpful customer service for every problem.
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Getting the best 6-volt battery for RV, you don’t have to go through archives on batteries. You only need to know how much load you’ll put on it. And what plan you have for the batteries. Will solar panels charge them, or you’ll be hooking them up to the power pedestal?

We’ve jotted down a list of 5 top 6 Volt batteries.


Top 6-Volt Batteries For RV

Vmaxtanks 6 Volt 225ah Agm Battery

The VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225 Ah AGM battery is for RVs. They are also for solar and wind turbines to store electricity. And are used in golf carts, and electric trolling, etc. The 225 Ah battery offers a float service life span of 8 to 10 years. This is a long duration, and the battery will last you even more because of the heavy-duty lead and tin alloy. It can last you for ages, even after the repeated over-discharge. Although, you should avoid over-discharging the battery as much as possible.

The VMAXTANKS 6-volt battery is rated at 225Ah capacity. This ensures that the battery, once fully charged, will supply a constant 11.25 Amps. It can last for 20 hours or deliver 25Amps for 500 minutes. After both these consumptions, the battery will have a 10.5V charge left.

It is an SLA AGM battery. There won’t be any need to check the specific gravity of its electrolyte. Or to add distilled water to the battery during its floating service life. It is a maintenance-free battery.

The battery has dimensions of 9.5 width x 7.3 depth x 11 height in inches. And it weighs up to 72 pounds or 32.6 KGs. The BCI group for VMAX TANKS 6-volt is GC2. But we recommend that you should check if it fits in your RV before buying it.


  • It is perfect for solar charging.
  • It functions properly in extreme weather.
  • The batteries hold a charge for a long time.
  • Long life span without any maintenance.


  • It might not last as long as advertised.

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Trojan Battery Plus 6v Deep Cycle Battery

The Trojan Battery’s T-105 is the main deal if you plan to buy more than one battery. The T-105 is a deep cycle flooded battery. It is a great option that can provide battery configuration for up to 24-volt electrical systems. This is because the battery pack comes in 4 batteries.

The batteries are made durable because of the polypropylene construction. They can provide excellent results and offer top-tier performance when they are put in a variety of situations.

Trojan Battery produces products quality products, better than others. The structural adhesive in these batteries has outstanding performance.

It reduces the chances of corrosion between the grid frame and its Alpha Paste Plus. You can relax back because this ensures that the T-105 will last longer than the competition.

If you store your RV for an extended period, the Trojan 6-V battery is for you. It has a monthly low self-discharge rate of 5 to 15 percent. You can store it and forget about the battery’s charge for 1-2 months. These batteries will ensure peak performance when you take them out from storage.

They are approved for safety based on ICE standards. Therefore, you should worry if these batteries are safe to use or not. Even though these batteries are flooded batteries, they can last up to 10 years. You can buy these once, and won’t have to worry about them for a long time.

The BCI group for this Trojan T-105 is GC2.


  • Good customer service.
  • They have a long life.
  • It can hold a charge for a long period.
  • Better value for money compared to other brands.


  • No option to buy individual batteries.
  • Heavy-weight product.

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Mighty Max Battery 6V RV Battery

If you don’t have a dedicated space for a 6-volt battery in your RV, Mighty Max Battery’s 6V 200Ah SLA RV battery is a perfect choice. It has a spill-proof design to mount the battery in any position you can.

You don’t have to fit it front side up. You can even place it sideways in your RV, as long as it does not damage the battery externally. This makes the battery a convenient option for you.

This battery’s sturdy build provides it resistance to vibrations and shocks. You can rely on its build for long-term performance. This ensures the battery won’t lose its quality over time, even if it faces harsh conditions.

Not only is it resistant to shocks and vibrations, but high and low temperatures as well. It has a wide operating temperature range. You can go on in cold freezing temperatures or hot desert temperatures without worrying about 200AH SLA’s performance.

It has a high discharge rate than most batteries available on the market. It also features a long service life, deep discharge recovery, and an easy installation process. If you are still not sold, then know that this battery has an affordable price tag.


  • It has a great battery capacity.
  • The battery has a good quality build.
  • They have helpful customer service for every problem.


  • The battery may overheat if it isn’t charged properly.
  • It comes without any mounting accessories.

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NPP AGM Deep Cycle Battery

When looking for a 6-volt AGM RV battery, the NPP AGM Deep Cycle Battery should be in the top 5. It is a rechargeable battery that has everything an RV owner could want.

It has several buying options you can avail yourself of according to your needs. You can buy this 225 AH battery in a pack of one, 2-pack, or 4-packs. This helps you to get whichever option you want.

The NPP 6V batteries are worth every penny you spend on them. The build material for their case is ABS plastic. It ensures top-tier longevity for their batteries. This ABS case construction provides an impressive resistance to shocks, vibrations, harsh temperature ranges and saves you from chemicals.

This ensures that the battery will be in your rig for a long period without any problems. On top of that, the battery has a maintenance-free option. With it, you won’t have to check on your batteries every week. And it saves you from the hassle that you will face with other batteries.

If you aren’t satisfied with the ABS plastic, rest assured, this battery comes with four safety certifications: CE, ISO9001, ISO 140001, and UL certified. We’d recommend that you make sure to look for these certificates whenever you’re going to buy a new battery.


  • It has a straightforward installation process.
  • Safer to use because of four different certifications.
  • They are worth every penny spent.
  • Comes in different packs of 1, 2, and 4 units.


  • Some defective units might have a short lifespan.

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Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – Gpl-4ct

The Lifeline’s Marine 6v AGM RV battery is a versatile 6v battery. Rig owners have noted its effectiveness and performance in trailers, campers, trucks, and marine applications. That’s why they prefer to buy the Marine 6v AGM.

Another reason for its publicity in RV owners is because of its 2% monthly self-discharge rate. This in itself is a revolutionary aspect of this battery. It makes the Marine 6v a marketplace leader in self-discharge rate.

This makes it the best 6v deep cycle battery if you plan on storing your RVs for the long term.

It has a maintenance-free AGM construction. And when you combine that with the 2% self-discharge rate, you get easy to maintain the battery.

Overall, installing the device is easier compared to other 6v batteries. When compared to other batteries, it can work for charging amperage. It can reach up to 550 amps. You won’t find any other 6v battery that is capable of this power level.

It has a well-sealed design, so you won’t have any problem with spilling issues or incidents with chemical leaks. Another significant feature of this battery is that it is manufactured in the US. This is a massive benefit for RV owners because it means that the battery has passed all US strict testing.

It’s a great product overall, but there is one fault in it. It is one of the heaviest batteries available in the market. And to install it, you’d require the help of two or three people.


  • They are of good quality material.
  • Have a super low self-discharge rate of 2%.
  • They are manufactured in the USA, so they are reliable.


  • Some units might not hold a charge for long.
  • Expensive compared to other batteries.

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How To Choose The Best 6-Volt RV Battery?

Battery Material Types

Batteries are manufactured using different types of materials. Each of these materials has its significance. Batteries are usually made from either lithium, AGM, or they are of Lead-acid.

Lithium batteries are more expensive than the others on the list. But, they are cheaper and last longer than other material batteries. But, there is a drawback in lithium batteries. In cold temperatures, they cannot perform very well.

The next in line is the Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. They are more commonly known as AGM batteries. These batteries use a fiberglass mat that absorbs Sulphuric acid. They are maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Compared to lithium batteries, they can very well handle cold temperatures. They have a slightly shorter lifespan than lithium batteries.

The Lead-acid batteries are the cheapest ones on the list. But they require maintenance every few months. Their cells need to be topped up with distilled water every couple of months. You can recharge a lead-acid battery, but its average lifespan is shorter than that of AGM or Lithium batteries.

Battery Sizes

The size of a battery is as important to consider as its material type. Size is important to consider because most RVs have limited areas where you can fit a specific size battery.

But, when buying an RV battery, you should consider both sizes of it. It’s capacity size, how much AH it can deliver, or what its RC is. And the physical size of the battery, if it can fit in your RV or not.

A bigger battery will provide more power and benefits compared to a smaller one. But, for an RV, you’d have to go for smaller batteries. In these batteries, look for a quality one that can provide more AH and RC. And make sure the battery you select can fit in your RV.

To get an idea of the size of the battery for your RV, you can check the RV’s original battery. But if you are not satisfied with its performance or that a bigger battery will last longer. We’d recommend checking the space available before making such decisions.

Discharge Depth

Depth discharge is one of the most important factors in batteries. To give you an idea of how much power gets discharged by battery, the brands provide a value in percentage. The higher the percentage, the lower the capacity.

When you’re planning on buying batteries, especially lead-acid batteries. It is better to note their discharge depth and life cycle before buying one. If they have a model with deeper individual cycles, it will have a shorter lifespan.

Operating Temperature Range

If you use RV regularly for travels, then you should prepare yourself for extreme temperatures. Most batteries function properly in slightly cold or warm weather.

But when it comes to severe weather, their functionality can decrease. You should make sure the battery you’re getting won’t leave you stranded in a 0° environment.

If you have a Lead-acid battery, its life will decrease by half over every 10°F increase in temperature. So, using a lead-acid battery during summer trips won’t be the best idea.

That’s why you should know how your battery will behave at a said temperature. For example, if you plan to travel in cold weather, getting a lithium battery won’t do the trick. Their performance significantly drops in cold weather.

That’s why manufacturers put this information on their product descriptions. So, check it out before getting a battery for your RV.

Construction Quality

When you’re buying a new RV 6v battery, we’d recommend checking its brand name before getting it. If a reputable brand makes it, you can be assured that it will be made using premium quality materials. It will also ensure that the battery will have a longer lifespan than other batteries in this range.

While going on bumpy trains on your vacation trip, you’d want to use a reliable option. And that it has a sturdy construction so that it can withstand all kinds of bumps. If you are spending money on a battery, then it should be strong built too.

The battery should be capable of facing shocks and vibrations. If it cannot, you’d find yourself spending extra money on its repairs while on the trip.


How Does A 6v RV Battery Work?

A battery has cells with chemicals. Each of these cells in a battery can have 2-volts. Between these cells, the chemicals transfer ions back and forth. This creates electricity. Inside a 6v RV battery, there are three cells, each with a capacity of 2-volts.

How Many Years Do 6 Volt RV Batteries Last?

Generally, a 6v RV battery can last up to 8 years. But, if they are from a good quality brand. They can last up to 10 years. To ensure their longevity, you should properly maintain them.

Are 6 Volt RV Batteries Better Than 12 Volts?

Yes, in a 6v RV battery, the plates are thicker, and they have more space per cell. With the 6v RV batteries, you have the flexibility to place them wherever you want. Because they are smaller compared to 12v batteries.

Does A 6 Volt RV Battery Charge Driving?

Yes, the 6 volt RV battery charges while driving because of a special charger in the vehicles. But, you cannot expect it to hold enough charge while going to last a long time.

What is the best 6 volt deep cycle battery?

We’d recommend getting the VMAXTANKS 6V 225Ah AGM battery. This battery is an all-rounder battery. It uses AGM technology to store as much charge as it can.

It is a maintenance-free model where you won’t have to check it every week. And the lead-tin alloys used in this battery enable it to have a long lifespan. Overall, this is the perfect battery for you if you want to camp without any hindrance.

We are concluding our guide on the best 6 Volt batteries for RV. Some of these are beasts of durability, while others have a shallow self-discharge rate.


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