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What Does 29DC Mean on a Battery Revealed: Don’t Ignore 5 Factors

Vehicle batteries come in various sizes and powers. The labeling differs as well. So if you’ve found “29DC” on it and are searching for what does 29DC mean on a battery, you have landed on the article that will answer your queries.

To answer briefly, it refers to the group size of the deep-cycle battery. Do read on to learn its specs, the difference between a regular Everstart and an Everstart Maxx from the twenty-nine battery group, the Amp hours of these, along with its highlights. Here we go!

What Does 29DC Mean on a Battery? An Insight Into 29DC Batteries by EverStart

’29’ denotes the battery group size while DC is an abbreviation of the “deep cycle”. A 29DC EverStart battery is designed to provide sustained power over a long period of time.

  • This group of deep-cycle batteries is commonly used in boats, RVs, trolling motors, and other vehicles that require reliable power with lots of capacity.
  • It is rated at 845 MCA and 122-ampere hours. Let’s hear from the people themselves to learn more about it.

What Do Consumers Say About it?

EverStart lead acid marine & RV’s superior cycling and recharging capabilities are customers’ favorite. The ability to power many appliances at once, for long hours makes it an easy buying decision. It also lasts for years hence it tops the good batteries list. Let’s learn more.

Good Deal

User “Yellowolf loves:

  • 29DC EverStart costs half the price of other battery groups such as ’27’ yet the charge remains for an extended amount of time.
  • He dubbed it a “good deal” as it supplies power to a 10cu ft fridge all night with 7-watt 12-volt LED light bulbs.
  • He often powers 12 volts RV water pump too.

Many customers vouch for 29DC EverStart’s longevity. In the case of user “Sam101”:

  • He was able to use it for 5 years.

While another named “MaineBoater” claims:

  • Used it for a whooping 8-year period with a battery maintainer.
  • The same consumer used it to power a canoe for 5 hours straight.

A customer named “Troutman” had much to brag:

  • He used it for insane 12 hours!
Great for Solar Panel Systems

View what user “AlternatePower” has to say about it:

  • He coupled four of these great batteries to utilize the charge of a pair of 100-watt solar panels.
  • This helps run a tv, computers and a couple of lights.

Meanwhile, another customer, namely “ddogsdad” said:

  • He uses four of these side by side to power his 3 bedrooms(120v circuit all-night. 1.2kw array solar charged) with a full charge.

How Many Amp-Hours Can a 29DC Batteries Last?

An Everstart 29 deep cycle battery consists of 122 amp hours at 1 amp (stated by the manufacturers). Under the right set of circumstances, this battery model can last up to 8 years or more.

It’s critical to properly take care of them. They will last long in normal conditions, but not if you use these inadequately them. You should:

  • Make an effort at minimizing rusting of a new battery.
  • Monitor water levels. Do not let it lower than an optimal level.
  • Not let the power deplete fully.

Standard EverStart 29DC and EverStart Maxx Deep Cycle Batteries: Same Battery or Is There a Difference?

EverStart has two variants in 29DC lead acid batteries. Namely, 29DC EverStart and EverStart Maxx. There is a notable difference in the reserve capacity, more amp hours meaning more power, price, and warranty.

Let’s put the values side by side to get a clear understanding.


Standard 29DC EverStart

29DC EverStart Maxx


Reserve Power Limit

95 minutes

100 - 300 minutes

Amp hours



12-volts marine deep cycle battery



Dual post



Cold-Cranking Amps (MCA)




1-year free replacement warranty

2-year free replacement warranty

Standard 29DC EverStart

Analyzing the specs in the table above, you can see that most key features of the Regular EverStart battery match with the Maxx variant. However, there are a few differences.

  • It costs less.
  • The warranty is the biggest red flag. One year warranty might not be sufficient.
  • Overall the battery is very credible and useful compared to other brands so buying this is a no-brainer.

Caution: If the vendor offers additional safety such as the “Walmart Protection Plan” spend a few bucks and be on the safe side.

29DC EverStart Maxx

Maxx is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Read the reasons:

  • It has 30 percent more cycling capability than standard marine batteries.
  • The reserve charge and more amp hours are part of the appeal.
  • The warranty too gives relief to the buyer.
  • It does have a very slight cost difference but is very ignorable if you consider the enhanced features.

Must-Check These Values When Purchasing 29 DC EverStart Batteries

If you need to power an RV, 29DC EverStart lead acid batteries are actually a lot more than you will need as they can easily power a boat too. So do not be concerned about it not being enough although good battery maintenance is required.

If you are in your local Walmart to buy one of the batteries, you need to be informed and educated on the following so you get yourself the correct model. Let’s have a look.


Here is what you need to know about the weight:


  • The extra weight of the marine battery results from a greater quantity of chemicals in the core, which generates electrical energy to power motors and appliances.
  • As a result, the battery would require fewer recharges, which in turn ensures its longevity.
  • But if weight is a concern, you could consider choosing a marginally lighter battery.
  • There are lighter batteries available that still offer exceptional performance.


Investing in a group 29 new battery can be costly hence it’s essential to ensure that you purchase a high-grade lead acid battery that meets your expectations.


  • It’s advisable to examine the guaranteed conditions of the battery before making a purchase.
  • It could be a maintenance-free model but it is possible that an accident occurs or a blunder is caused.
  • Discuss with the vendors the terms of the guarantee and get it on paper. Be precise if they offer after-sales support.

Reserve Capacity

The term “reserve capacity” pertains to the duration within which your battery remains functional until it reaches the minimum voltage threshold.


  • A greater reserve capacity implies that your battery is more dependable.
  • The rule of thumb is you should always be at the highest capability possible within the budget range.


Marine battery sizes and dimensions might seem like something you can compromise but it is not.


  • You will be installing these on RVs, travel trailer vehicles, trolling motors, or boats where an inch can cause trouble with mounting.
  • Measure the area and then purchase the battery accordingly while keeping its power and other specs in mind.


How many volts is a 29DC battery?

The 29 DC battery group by EverStart has 12 volts with 845 cold cranking amps.

How many amp-hours are in a group 29 deep cycle battery?

A group 29-deep cycle battery has 122 amp-hours. The battery group size can power boats, motor homes, trailers, and RVs.

What is a Group 29 marine battery?

A Group 29 marine battery is typically a 12-volt battery with a capacity of between 100 and 200 ampere-hours (Ah). The exact specifications can vary on the manufacturer. These can power appliances on RVs and motorboats.

What is the longest life of a 12V battery?

The longest life span of a 12 Volts battery could be from 5 to 8 years. It does require taking care and correct usage.

Is EverStart 29DC a flooded battery?

Yes. EverStart 29DC is a flooded battery. It is maintenance free so extra electrolytes are added so the consumer does not have to, and also to prolong the battery’s lifespan.


To summarize, the 29 DC battery group size refers to the battery’s physical size and dimensions, which are standardized by the Battery Council International (BCI) The batteries that belong in the group typically are 12-volt with above 120-ampere hours.

These can be used for supplying power to electrical appliances of boats, yachts as well as RVs and Campers. These can withstand the harsh marine environment and corrosion.

Let us know in the comments if will be purchasing a battery from the 29DC group size and what will you use it for.

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