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Tankless Water Heater Sounds Like A Jet Engine: 3 Handy Fixes Listed!

It can be very unsettling when a tankless water heater sounds like a jet engine. I faced the same problem a while back but luckily got it fixed.

If you encounter foreign irritating sounds from your water heater, I will guide you on the causes and offer fixes to alleviate the malady. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Tankless Water Heater Sounds Like A Jet Engine

Does a Water Heater Make Regular Noises?

All machines emit noise as they function, and tankless water heaters are no exception. I noticed the sounds made by my gadget were pretty innocuous until they weren’t.

If you use a hot water heater and encounter some unsettling noises like humming, screeching, or tapping, you may have to get it checked and repaired.

Does a Water Heater Make Regular Noises?
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Normal Water Heater Sound

Heating appliances emit varying sounds, highlighting multiple factors. Sounds I deem harmless include:

Normal Water Heater Sound
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  • Humming: Inserting cold water in your appliance will emanate this sound. Sometimes, you will see the device shaking. Technically, this shouldn’t bother you. However, to eliminate this, tighten the heating element, and the sound will stop.
  • Ticking: I noticed that sometimes, failure to adjust the pressure-reducing valve results in the heating gadget producing a ticking sound. Fortunately, you can easily deal with these fluctuations by adjusting the pressure relief valve.

Basically, your appliance should emanate sound equivalent to that of a running desktop. Your gadget may have an underlying issue if you experience other foreign sounds, like a jet engine flying overhead.

Note: Most heater companies claim their devices release sounds of up to 65 decibels.

4 Factors Why Your Tankless Water Heater Sounds Like A Jet Engine

After encountering certain noises with my appliance, I noticed several elements that could cause these noises. Let me guide you through some factors that could cause unnecessary water heater sounds.

1. Sediment Infiltration

A common occurrence element resulting in your hot water heater releasing irritating sound is residue presence. Here is why:

Sediment Infiltration
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  • Fluid from your heater tank may bear particles that will cause issues for your tanks during heating.
  • When sediments are present, it forces your water heater to go into overtime, leading to the tank overheating due to the burner overheating.
  • You’ll notice an unsettling sound as the liquid passes through the residual obstruction. In an electric water heater, this issue causes a hissing noise.
Important! I would strongly advise you to take action as it will render your appliance ineffective in the long run if left unfixed. This occurrence may even expose you to serious damage and casualties.

2. An Issue With the Pressure Relief Valve

Sometimes, you’ll hear a high-pitched noise emanating from your gadget. This could transpire into an explosion if unresolved because the unsettling sound is often a result of extreme pressure. Let’s uncover the reason:

Tankless Water Heater Sounds Like a Jet Engine. An Issue With the Pressure Relief Valve
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  • Water heaters are fitted with a pressure-release valve to handle extreme force.
  • When these valves fail to open fully, the pressure attempts to force itself out, leading to an irritating sound.
  • Furthermore, you can encounter a leaky valve in some instances. This may signal a defect in the water heater tank pressure or temperature.

3. Gas Valve Leakage

I was frequented by sizzling notes from my device sometime back. These bizarre noises came as a result of considerable water discharge. After expert consultation, I learned that this issue resulted from water leaking from a valve and interacting with a warmer external surface.

Gas Valve Leakage
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While it is common to observe moisture within the tank or on the outer part, address it more promptly if the liquid is in excess.

4. A Thermostat Defect

Multiple electric water heaters bear an electrical thermostat-connected heating element. When water below a specified degree flows, it is heated by the component. I noticed a thermostat issue resulting in a sound often results from:

A Thermostat Defect
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  • A fixing problem.
  • The wearing out of the heating element.

3 Jet-Engine Sound Fixes

I will now walk you through fixes that could de-escalate your water heater engine noise issue. Let’s dig in.

1. Expel the Residues

The quickest fix to rid your gadgets’ irritating noises is expelling the residual layer. Before doing anything, confirm your specific type. The sediment expelling procedure includes the following:

Expel the Residues
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  • Turn the gadget off: This procedure may not apply to an electric or gas water heater. Disconnect the cord. For a gas water heater, set it to vacation.
  • Seal off the cold water valve: Doing so restricts the tank from re-filling as you cleanse the heater through the drain valve.
  • Fix a hose to the drain stopper.
  • Allow air to infiltrate the appliance: Employ the pressure valve to facilitate air passage into the gadget.
  • Unplug the passage on the drain stopper: This step enables the hot water to flow from the appliance.
  • Pour cold liquid into the tank: In intervals, ensure the residues get stirred and exit their previous habitat. Do it over until all foreign particles are extracted. While doing this, prevent spillage by shutting the pressure valve.

2. Use Vinegar to Discharge the Sediments

If it still produces irritating sounds after flushing, try using vinegar.

Use Vinegar to Discharge the Sediments
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  • Switch off your heater, remove some water, and use at least 4 gallons of vinegar.
  • Let the solution remain still.
  • Then, discharge the mixture through the cold water valve.

Adding vinegar to your appliance ensures the solution dissolves these particles. Upon dissolution, it becomes easier to expel residues in your water heater.

Ricky Smalls
If your tankless water heater begins sounding like a jet engine, start by flushing out the particles and adjusting the pressure valve. If it still malfunctions, contact your manufacturer. Ricky Smalls

3. Use Insulation Materials

Introducing insulating substances is another way to reduce unnecessary water heater sounds. I found it particularly helpful when I used acoustic foam and mineral wool.

Use Insulation Materials
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You can also construct an insulation enclosure to silence these water heater sounds. Remember to leave adequate room for ventilation to reduce the odds of overheating.

Signs a Water Heater Is Going to Explode?

A water heater explosion can result in a severe catastrophe. Before it gets too messy, however, there are warning signs you should familiarize yourself with. Let me show you additional indicators suggesting your gadget might explode apart from the jet engine sounds.

Signs a Water Heater Is Going to Explode?
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  • A leaking pressure valve: It could malfunction when you notice the pressure relief valve discharging fluid. All heaters, including an electric hot water heater, bear the valve at the top.
  • Banging noises: When water heaters emanate a sound like a popcorn machine, address it immediately. It mostly happens due to water bubbling under the residual obstruction.
  • Defective parts: You may see that heater parts are incorrectly fitted, leading to complications. Water corrosion may result in an electrical short circuit in an electric water heater.

Users Experience With Tankless Water Heater Noise

Various users have different opinions on how to deal with these heater noises.

A user by the name Turkeyfest, for instance, had the following to say:

“My tankless (Rinnai) is extremely quiet. You can barely tell when it is running, even when you’re in the basement with it. The intake/exhaust run is very short on mine; not sure if that is a factor. There are other problems with the tankless. My high-efficiency washer and tankless water heater don’t play nice together. The washer cycles the water on and off when it fills so it can’t ever get hot water (tankless needs consistent flow to make hot water). Turkeyfest

Gimp Ca said the following:

Could be two things…The venting may not be completely assembled/attached causing the combustion products and fresh air mixing. OR, it could be the combustion fan unit has something in it causing an out-of-balance wobble. I have found lizards in the fan causing it to make noise. Or wasps or insects. It doesn’t take much to go cause a vibration. Gimp CA


Why Is My Tankless Water Heater So Noisy?

Your tankless water heater may be noisy due to several factors, including sediment build-up, a gas valve leakage, or a thermostat problem.

Why Does My Water Heater Sound Like It’s Boiling?

Your water heater may sound boiling due to a sediment build. Sometimes, particles may harbor in your appliance, causing it to produce such a sound.

When Should I Call a Plumber for My Tankless Water Heater Loud Noise?

You should call a plumber for your tankless water heater’s loud noise when it gets serious and begins releasing a specific range of noises, including ticking. A jet engine sound should similarly be dealt with.

Why Does My Water Heater Motor Make a Sound?

Your water heater may make a motor sound when the blower motor is about to fail. When this happens, gas water heater sounds are heard.


That’s all I gathered about your water heater sounding like a jet engine. Multiple water heaters may display different sounds, indicating varying issues. Some sounds may not cause alarm because machines need to operate with some degree of noise.

Noises like humming can be ignored. However, expert assistance may be needed if your machine begins banging, ticking, and sounding like a jet engine. You can also apply other remedies to relieve the wanting noises, like adjusting the pressure relief valve and introducing insulating material.

Is your tankless water heater also causing you sleepless nights? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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