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Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems: 9 Issues and Their Troubleshooting

Are you facing Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA problems? No worries, I have got you covered. Although it is a roomy and comfy RV but at the same time it brings some troubles which include upholstery wearing out, water tank, and HWH hydraulic pump issues. Knowing the reason behind these problems can help you easily avoid unnecessary annoyances.

Read on to learn about users’ opinions of different Tiffin models and 9 easy fixes that will make sure your ride keeps on going without any hassle. Let’s get started!

An Insight Into the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA

The Red 33AA features a powerful rear diesel engine making it a great pleasure to drive with every press of the accelerator. It offers luxurious features along with great living space to carry camping gear, containing 7-inch ceilings and four slide-out rooms.

An Insight Into the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA

But this RV can also encounter some issues which are given below:

Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA Issues and Fixes Table at the Glance

Here are some of the common issues with the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA and their solutions:



Slide-out Malfunction:

Check Wiring and Lubricate Details

Electrical System Failure:

Replace Faulty Batteries/Inverters and Monitor Power Distribution

Water Leak:

Tighten The Connections & Replace The Damaged Ones

Faulty Air Conditioning:

Clean The Air Filter and Check the Connections

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Failure:

Replace The Damaged hydraulic Hose

Generator Issues:

Refill The Fuel & Clean The Fuel Tank

Awning Troubles:

Check Awning Arms For Damage & Replace The Fabric

Chassis and Suspension Problems:

Do Proper Maintenance & Avoid Overloading

Seats Wearing Out:

Regularly Clean The Seats & Use High-Quality Seat Covers

Now that we have gone through quick fixes, let’s learn about the solutions in detail!

9 Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA Problems and the Best Solutions

Given below are some common Red 33AA problems. I have done a lot of research and also interviewed some Allegro Red owners. Here are the solutions that work:

1. Slide-out Malfunction

The slide-outs play a key role in providing you with extra living space when parked. However, a malfunctioning slide-out also brings you a lot of unease.


These are the main causes behind the malfunctioning of the slide-out:

  • Wiring issue: Broken or loose electrical wiring connections affect the power supply to the slide-out motor, causing malfunction.
  • Defective slide-out motor: With time, the motor may experience internal failure or wear out.
  • Broken slide-out system: The slide-out mechanisms like rollers, tracks, and gears easily get damaged if not maintained regularly.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems Slide-out Malfunction

Let’s look at some of the solutions:

  • Regularly Inspect the wirings: Verify that there is no corrosion on any of the connections that make up the slide-out mechanism. If you find any frayed wires, replace them.
  • Routinely lube the slide-out mechanism: This is the best exercise to remove the friction between gears and to decrease harm. Also, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to get know-how on the lubricant quality and quantity.
  • Contact an expert mechanic: You should seek help from a skilled RV technician. They have the ability to find out the root cause of the problem and then handle it. In some cases, you might have to replace the slide-out mechanism.

2. Electrical System Failure

Your Allegro Red can suffer from an electrical system failure in its various parts, including charging sockets and lighting. Here is how you can trace and handle the issue.


The system failure is caused by the following things:

  • An insecure electrical joint: Because of variations in temperature, electrical connections often become slack. In the end, it causes the electricity to go out.
  • Problems with battery: A lack of power to the main electrical system might result in a malfunctioning inverter or bad batteries.
  • Tripping of an electrical connection: You should avoid connecting more than the safe number of electrical gadgets to one electrical circuit at the same time. It can make the circuit breaker overload.

You can fix it by following these methods:

  • Look for all electrical links: Verify the safety and integrity of all electrical connections. Clean them regularly to ensure smooth operation. You may use a contact washer or rust preventative for this purpose.
  • Batteries and the inverter should be inspected: Ensure to monitor your RV’s cells and inverter. Whether it can be mended or not, damaged batteries should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Distribute the load correctly: Be careful not to overload any one circuit by applying equal pressure everywhere. Keep an eye on the overall amount of electricity being consumed to prevent overloads and tripped breakers.

3. Water Leaks

Water leaks can lead to serious issues in your Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA like rot, mold growth, and structural issues.


The following things are the culprits behind this issue:

  • Faulty seals: Water can leak in during rainstorms or after you wash the RV because the seals around the doors or windows vents have worn down over time.
  • Deteriorated plumber’s joints: Bad connections between pipes, fittings, and taps are another common source of leaks.
  • Leaks from cracked water tanks: Water might get into your RV if any of the tanks are damaged.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems Water Leaks

You can fix the water leakage in the following ways:

  • Broken seals should be replaced: Seals around the roofs or windows should be checked often. To keep the RV from getting wet, fix any broken seals you find.
  • Check all plumbing connections: Look at all your plumbing connections and try to find any breaks. Fix or change the link that doesn’t work. Moreover, you can use glue or tape to protect the connections even more.

4. Faulty Air Conditioning

During tough and hot weather, faulty air conditioners can cause a lot of problems.


The ac malfunctions due to the following reasons:

  • Dirty air filters: Like other air conditioners, your Red 33AA AC might become less efficient if dust builds up on the filters.
  • Damaged compressor: A malfunctioning motor may affect the air conditioning power of a compressor.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Refrigerant leaks are harmful to air conditioners and reduce their cooling capacity.

In order to get rid of the malfunctions, you can do the following:

  • Clean air filters: Air filters should be checked at least once a month, and cleaned as needed.
  • Contact an expert HVAC technician: Call a professional if your air conditioner isn’t producing the desired results. If they can determine the problem, they will resolve it.
  • Take care of refrigerant leaks: Get in touch with a repair shop to fix the refrigerant leak if the air conditioner isn’t chilling as well as it should or if there is a sticky residue in it.

5. Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Failure

Hydraulic leveling jacks play a crucial role in balancing your Allegro Red on uneven ground. When it fails, driving on such grounds becomes challenging.


These causes lead to the failure of the hydraulic jack:

  • Not enough hydraulic pressure: If there is low fluid pressure, it may result in a damaged jack.
  • Faulty hydraulic hoses: Leveling jacks may have trouble functioning if their hydraulic lines are damaged or worn out.
  • Faulty leveling jack control panel: A malfunctioning leveling jack’s control panel might cause serious issues with its hydraulics.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Failure

You can easily fix it through these suggested solutions:

  • Check hydraulic fluid: Assess the condition of the hydraulic fluid by doing routine checks. Always follow your RV’s manual’s recommendations regarding fluid use.
  • Inspect hydraulic hoses: Find the source of any hydraulic hose leaks, damage, or wear. Hoses that have been damaged must be replaced.
  • Seek professional help: If the control panel has been damaged in any way, expert help will be required for the proper operation of the leveling jacks.

6. Generator Issues

The generator provides power to multiple appliances in Allegro Red 33AA. But its problems can significantly reduce electricity availability. Let’s learn about the reasons behind it.


Some of the causes that ignite generator issues are the following:

  • Fuel supply problems: An inadequate fuel supply might delay the generator’s start time. It may also cause it to shut down periodically during work.
  • Dirty fuel filters: Accumulated material has the potential to clog gasoline filters over time as well as disrupt the fuel supply to the generator.

Let’s take a look at the potential solutions:

  • Check the fuel supply to make sure it is secure: It is a good idea to check the fuel level in the generator’s tank on a regular basis. Moreover, the fuel tank should also be free from debris.
  • Clean fuel filters: The fuel filters should be cleaned or changed regularly. This will make it easier to keep the correct amount of fuel flowing to the generator at all times.

7. Awning Troubles

The Red 33AA is equipped with an awning to provide protection from sunshade or rainwater and enhance the experience of outdoor pursuits.


The following are the loopholes behind awning trouble:

  • Damaged awning fabric: Awning fabric may fade or become more fragile after being subjected to the elements for an extended period of time, which includes exposure to rain, wind, and sunshine.
  • Faulty motors: Awnings may not retract or extend properly if the motors do not work as intended.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems Awning Troubles

Here are a few solutions to get rid of the awning problems:

  • Replace the fabric: If the fabric is torn, worn out, or faded then replace it with a new one.
  • Consult a professional for motor issues: If the awning fails to expand properly, or if the control mechanism is malfunctioning, seek help from a qualified RV technician for replacements.

8. Chasis & Suspension Problem

Allegro Red chassis and suspension do have some issues that require immediate attention. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, it is crucial to address these concerns promptly. Let’s take a look at them:


The main causes behind these problems are:

  • Wear and Tear: Over time, regular usage of the vehicle can lead to natural wear and tear on the chassis and suspension components. It can result in loose or damaged connections.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Inadequate or irregular maintenance practices also lead to such suspension issues.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Frequently driving on rough roads, uneven terrains, or encountering potholes and bumps. It puts excessive strain on the chassis and suspension.
  • Overloading: Carrying loads beyond the recommended capacity can cause the suspension to compress excessively.

Here are some of the best solutions:

  • Regular Maintenance: Establish a strict maintenance schedule that includes periodic inspections, lubrication, and alignment checks.
  • Proper Driving Habits: You should practice cautious driving on rough roads and avoid excessive speed over bumps or potholes. It will help to minimize stress on the chassis.
  • Load Management: Avoid overloading at all costs. It helps prevent excessive strain on the suspension system.

9. Seats Wearing Out

The last on my list is seats wearing problem. Let’s take a detailed look:


Some of the things that lead to the seats to wear out are:

  • Regular Use: Frequent use of the seats in daily commutes and long drives leads to wear and tear over time.
  • Friction and Abrasion: Constant rubbing against clothing, belts, or other objects can cause the seat material to wear down gradually.
  • Spills and Stains: Accidental spills of liquids on the seats weaken the fabric. It makes it more susceptible to wear.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems Seats Wearing Out

These are some of the potential fixes:

  • Seat Covers: Use high-quality seat covers to protect the original upholstery from direct contact with clothing, spills, and potential abrasions.
  • Regular Cleaning: Perform regular cleaning and maintenance to remove dirt, debris, and stains from the seats.

Allegro Red Models: Recalls and User Complaints to Be Mindful Of!

When considering the Tiffin Allegro Red models, it’s essential to be informed about potential concerns. Let’s dive into further details!

The 2014 Model Year

One user complained that he bought a Tiffin Allegro Red home and they faced so many problems just after 18 months of usage. It has just 5,000 miles on it. The things which he didn’t like are:

  • He was not happy with the original seats and replaced the covers on the passenger and driver seats.
  • The two gold seats, chair, and brown couch do not match the old furniture.

The 2009 to 2018 Fire Extinguisher

Many RV’s during this time period contained fire extinguishers from Kidde which was the reason behind major recalls.

  • On each of them, the activation button, to release the chemical does not work properly. In an emergency situation, it can cause you so much trouble.
  • Also, the button is very hard to press the nozzle of the unit may fly off with such a hard push. It can cause injury to a nearby person.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems The 2009 to 2018 Fire Extinguisher

2018 to 2019 Door Opening Problem

When the entry door is not correctly installed from the factory, it can lead to unexpected openings while the vehicle is in motion. This hazardous situation can result in severe accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

  • The entry door serves as a critical safety feature that ensures the occupants remain securely inside the motorhome.
  • If the door is not properly assembled, it may not latch or close securely. So, it becomes susceptible to opening on its own due to vibrations or wind pressure.
  • This issue is particularly dangerous as it can happen unexpectedly. It catches the driver off guard and potentially leads to accidents.

2018 to 2020 Inner Tire Valve Stem

When the tire valve rubs against the outer wheel during vehicle operation, it can lead to potential damage to the valve stem.

  • It compromises the tire’s integrity and causes air leakage. It is particularly worrisome as it may result in sudden tire deflation and loss of control.
  • This issue can occur in both back and front tires, impacting multiple tires on the vehicle.
Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa Problems 2018 to 2020 Inner Tire Valve Stem

Major Opinion About Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA RV

Most people say that the Red 33AA is a spacious and quiet RV. But, on the deeper side, it has some potential flaws.

  • Problems include heating, electricity, cooling, and water issues. Your RV has to withstand some rough and tough roads in America.
  • Along with it, the hydraulic jack and electrical system failure issues continue in almost every model.


Are Tiffin motorhomes reliable?

Yes. Speaking generally, Tiffin motorhomes are reliable. Moreover, their customers are loyal to the brand as they provide top-quality design and good service.

Is Tiffin Allegro a good RV?

Yes, the Tiffin Allegro is generally regarded as a good RV due to its quality and features. But, it can also encounter some issues which can be tackled through proper maintenance.


Summing it up, the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA offers a spacious and luxurious living experience, it is not without its share of problems. If you face electrical system failure, try replacing the faulty battery. If the hydraulic system is not working properly, you can fix it by adding hydraulic fluid or replacing the damaged hose. Also, the water leaks can be fixed by repairing the broken seals.

If you are unable to fix any issue, you can consult with an expert from the service department to seek professional assistance. Regular inspections, proper cleaning, and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help extend the lifespan and reliability of the RV.

Have you experienced any issues with your RV? Share your experience with me in the comments down below!

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