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Bighorn RV Problems: 10 Major Issues And Their Troubleshooting

Although Bighorn RV problems are common among RV owners, these remain highly reputed for reliability, especially for long-distance road trips and excursions. My friend using it for over 3 years, is also faced with them.

From him, I discovered and learned about major issues with Bighorn RV and various ways of effectively dealing. In this article, I have compiled a guide designed to assist you in detecting and troubleshooting the underlying causes and make your travel hassle-free.

10 Bighorn RV Problems and Their Best Fixes

Bighorn RV – Overview

Bighorn RV is an industry-leading brand renowned for innovation and value in the RV Industry.

  • It provides full-time and seasonal adventures with its Bighorn fifth-wheel RV, loaded with top-tier designs such as the two-toned cabinets.
  • It also has a patent pending Store-More storage with 30% additional capacity and 3-sided access to the RV’s basement.

So, this recreational vehicle has extra space for all your luggage and gear.

Bighorn RV Problems and Fixes: Table At A Glance

Here is a table showing a quick view of the Bighorn RV problems and fixes.



Electrical Issues:

Check fuse and breaker and repair or replace depending on the damage

Ice Maker Leak:

Look for the source of leak and repair or replace the Ice maker

Water Leaks:

Search for leaks on pipes and water lines and seal them or replace the pipes

Tire and Wheel Problems:

Check the tire pressure regularly and breaks and avoid over speeding

Propane Leaks:

Look for holes or cracks on propane pipes and seal them or replace the pipes

 Engine Overheating:

Ensure the coolant levels are correct and the cooling system is working well

Fuel Line Blockages:

Change the fuel filter, repair the fuel line, and wash the fuel tank

Slide-Out Operation issues:

Replace worn-out controls and motors and connect the cables well

Furnace Problems:

Replace the worn-out ignitor or filter

Refrigerator Stopped Cooling:

Correctly set the thermostat and clean the condenser coil

10 Bighorn RV Problems And Solutions

The Bighorn RV designed, built, and equipped their RVs to handle the harshest environment. However, despite its incredible reliability, some common problems always emerge, and they annoy the owners or users.

In this section, I have extensively discussed 10 problems you will likely face when using this RV and their solutions. Read on for more insights:

Problem 1: Electrical Issues

The Bighorn RV’s parts and appliances, such as the air conditioner, furnace, lights, and some of its functionality like the transmission and ignition, depend heavily on electricity. So, electrical issues can result in breakdowns or inconveniences

Voltage issues and faulty wiring or problems can cause electric problems such as sudden power cuts and lights out. Other major causes include:

Problem 1: Electrical Issues
Credit: www.youtube.com @Austin Wilt
  • Problems in power sources
  • Physical damage to electric parts
  • Issues in breakers and fuses
  • Abnormal current draws in electric appliances
  • Issues occurring in the 12-volt system

When facing electrical issues, you can apply these solutions to diagnose and fix them:

  • Identify the Blown Fuses: First, examine and read the RV’s electricity usage, and find the blown fuse or damaged. This will display and identify if the fuses blow.
  • Check the Breakers: Examine the breakers. Make sure the breakers are turned on and not off. Also, check for physical damage or faults in the electric parts.
  • Professional help: In case the problem is not a circuit breaker or fuse, I recommend contacting a professional as treatment can be dangerous.


The price of breakers and fuses determines the cost of solving your RV’s electrical issues. The price range for fuses ranges between $2 to $65, and breakers cost between $10 and $50. However, if you enlist the help of an electrician it could cost you an extra $100 to $250 dollars.

Problem 2: Ice Makers Leak

In my road trips, I realized ice makers are a great addition, especially during summer, as they enhance your comfort during the journey. The typical signs of a malfunctioning ice maker include failure to freeze properly, taking more time to freeze, and water leaks.

Problem 2: Ice Makers Leak
Credit: www.youtube.com @Fix This House

Icemaker problems mainly originate from physical damage and electrical surges. Other common causes of ice maker issues include:

  • Insufficient water supply
  • Electrical Faults
  • Freezing Component Failure

To fix ice maker leaks, check the supply tank and water valve. You can follow these steps to diagnose a few issues:

  • Access your ice maker’s bottom vent and look for faults.
  • After the diagnosis, detach the main panel and search for issues within the water valve.
  • Spot a bluish water valve in the Ice maker’s chamber and check the water supply.
  • If the water valve doesn’t supply water, replace it.

Note: If the problem persists, the problem may be in the electrical circuits. Look for malfunctions using a multimeter, but to cover electrical issues I recommend contacting a professional.


If your ice maker is damaged, buy and install a new one. You can pay up to $550 for a new ice maker, but getting a decent one within the $150 to $250 range is possible.

Problem 3: Water Leaks

The Bighorn RV’s bad drainpipe has tainted its reputation, as it is known for leaking. The leaking water always pours on the carpet, trunk, and other parts of RV’s floor, inducing floor deterioration and molding.

Some common causes of water leaks include:

Problem 3: Water Leaks
  • Excessive Water Pressure
  • Loose Taps
  • Loose Pipes
  • Malfunctioning Toilet System
  • Drainage Pipe Leaks

To deal with water leaks on your Bighorn RV:

  • Search for leaks in the water lines and pipes.
  • Tighten the lines and pipe if you find leaks, look for leaky taps, and immediately repair them.
  • Fix any discovered holes in the water lines immediately and replace pipes with corrosion or internal damages.

Important! Failure to resolve water leakage from damaged pipes will cause fungus infection and a stinky smell.


You will have to replace your toilet system if it is faulty at a cost ranging between $150 to $1000. Repairing taps and pipes will cost $100.

Problem 4: Tire and Wheel Problems

Like other RV parts, the wheels and tires also lose their performance and integrity with time, creating a significant concern for most Bighorn motorhome owners. Wheel and tire bearings can fail, increasing the risk of accidents.

There are multiple causes of wheel and tire failure, including:

  • Low or excess tire pressure
  • Over speeding often
  • Extreme heat that damages bearings and tires
  • Incapable brake discs

To avoid tire and wheel problems:

  • Regularly check the tire pressure.
  • If your wheels and tires are extremely hot, avoid hitting the road until they cool down.
  • Check the rating and speed limit of your tires and avoid overspeeding.
  • If your brakes aren’t working effectively, replace your brake discs.


Changing or replacing irreparable wheel bearings can cost up to $350 for each wheel.

Problem 5: Propane Leak Problems

Propane leakage in your RV is dangerous as it might cause a fire accident or explosion likely to end your life. Propane is highly flammable and can ignite fire quickly or endanger your lungs if it is leaked in a considerable amount.

Openings or cracks in the propane pipe can cause this leak. Other causes include:

  • Faulty Sealings
  • Fractured Propane Tank

To resolve propane leaking in your Bighorn motorhome:

  • Always look for the foul odor of leaking propane.
  • Regularly update and maintain your propane tank to ward off problems.
  • Inspect the propane pipelines using soapy, bubbly water to identify leaks.
  • If you notice propane leaking, turn off its system and replace the pipes immediately.


Replacing your propane tank will likely cost $100. You can DIY or hire a professional at a fee.

Problem 6: Engine Overheating

When the Bighorn RV’s engine becomes extremely hot, it will limit its performance and lead to costly damages. An engine problem is the last thing you will need on a road trip.

A malfunctioning cooling system or a clogged radiator always causes engine overheating.

Problem 6: Engine Overheating
Credit: www.youtube.com @Heartland RVs

To resolve engine overheating issues:

  • Check the coolant levels and ensure they are correct.
  • Make sure the cooling system doesn’t have air bubbles.

If these two solutions don’t cool the engine, take your recreational vehicle to a mechanic for professional investigations and repairs that follow manufacturer guidelines.


Extensive repairs for an overheating engine will be very costly. Replacing the head gasket, heater core, radiator, and water pump will cost $500 to $1500.

Problem 7: Fuel Line Blockages

A blocked fuel line will cause the RV to stall on the road or minimize its performance. This issue must be addressed because it can ruin your road trip.

The blockage in the fuel line is caused by debris due to neglect in regularly cleaning the fuel tank and line.


The best way to resolve this problem is by:

  • Changing the fuel filter regularly, especially when dirty.
  • If the fuel line is damaged or clogged beyond repair, replace it.
  • Cleaning the fuel tank will also help in keeping the fuel line clean.


The cost will depend on the extent of the problem and the parts that must be replaced. The price for new parts that might need replacement ranges from $10 to $530. Replacing the fuel pump will also cost $1000 to $1200.

Problem 8: Slide-Out Operation Problems

Slide-out malfunctions will limit your living space in most Bighorn RVs. This will make living in your RV inconvenient, especially if you are on an adventure with your family.

This issue is caused by damaged control units or faulty slide-out mechanisms.

Problem 8: Slide-Out Operation Problems
Credit: www.youtube.com @Heartland RVs

To solve this problem:

  • Inspect the controls and motor for signs of wear and tear.
  • Make sure every cable is connected properly.
  • If the above two solutions fail, you might have to replace the whole slide-out mechanism.


Fixing the RV’s slide-out issues will cost around $500 to $5000

Problem 9: Furnace Problems

Furnace problems will make living in the RV unbearable, especially during winter. This issue will cause tubes and pipes to freeze due to extremely low temperatures.

Problem 9: Furnace Problems
Credit: www.youtube.com @RV Education 101

This problem is caused by interferences with the igniting mechanism or insufficient or no fuel for heating.


To resolve the furnace problems:

  • Check if the ignitor has worn out.
  • Replace the filter.

Call an RV repair specialist for assistance if these solutions don’t deliver the desired results.


The cost of a new furnace for your RV ranges from $450 to $950.

Problem 10: Refrigerator Stopped Cooling

While on the road, you will need an optimally functioning refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and food fresh. This is one of the common Bighorn RV problems that require instant repairs.

Problem 10: Refrigerator Stopped Cooling
Credit: www.youtube.com @Heartland RVs

A clogged condenser coil or a faulty thermostat causes a malfunctioning refrigerator.


To eradicate this issue:

  • Set the thermostat correctly.
  • Clean the condenser coils using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.


Replacing a malfunctioning refrigerator will cost between $1000 and $3000, depending on the size of the RV.

How To Maintain Your RV To Avoid Major Issues On The Road

When you properly maintain your Bighorn RV, it will run seamlessly for a long time. In this section, I have provided simple tips that will keep your RV in top-tier condition:

  • Conduct routine inspections – Frequently inspect Bighorn RVs for any sign of wear and tear, like damaged components or fraying wiring. Check if the windows, vents, roof, and doors have water damage, and ensure the filters, belts, and hoses are free from blockages and debris.
  • Clean regularly – Always clean the exterior of your RV daily with water solution and mild soap to remove grime and dirt that can build up with time and damage some elements. Furthermore, always fill your RV with high-quality fuel to minimize build-up in the tank.
  • Change fluids – Ensure you change the transmission fluid, engine oil, and other fluids based on the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This will minimize breakdowns and ensure the RV runs smoothly.
  • Check tire pressure – The correct pressure will elongate the tire’s shelf life and enable your RV to handle well on the road. Regularly check and inflate your tires to ensure they operate correctly, especially before hitting the road.
  • Perform regular services – Dutifully take your RV for standard service to uncover prospective issues before they become serious. Services usually include brake inspection, regularly inspecting the battery, changing the air filter, etc.

My friend has always taken these steps to care for Bighorn RV, and it served well without any issues. So far, he hasn’t experienced any significant issues while on road trips, which gives confidence in the RV’s reliability.

Users Experience With Bighorn RV

Since it is a popular brand, many people have used the Bighorn RV for road trips and adventures. Here, I have shared sentiments posted by the Bighorn RV users:

<strong>Christopher Gharn</strong>

Christopher has had his fair share of problems after buying the 2020 Heartland Bighorn 3375SS in December last year and returning it for warranty in February. This came after he discovered water on the side units and floors, slide problems, and other quality issues, which made him question Bighorn’s RV reliability, as shared by other users.

<strong>Steven Camp</strong>

Steven loves the Bighorn RV but is frustrated with the services and parts Heartland provides. According to him, getting window replacement is a hassle as his RV has been sitting idle at the repair shop for more than two months, hindering him from enjoying much-desired road adventures.

<strong>Debbie Peterson</strong>

Debbie doesn’t have kind words for the Bighorn RV as she believes the brand’s workmanship is inferior. She reports that her RV stayed in the repair shop for over 10 months due to warranty issues, and 5 more things were damaged there.


What is the recall on Bighorn RV?

Heartland Recreational Vehicles is recalling the 2022 Bighorn, on the recall number 22V432, due to a cracked LP gas quick-disconnect fitting.

Is Bighorn’s fifth wheel good?

The Bighorn fifth wheel comes packed with premium material and innovative features, making it the perfect RV for adventure lovers. That is why it is one of the most copied RVs in the industry.

What are the problems with Bighorn RV?

The most common problems you will likely face while using the Bighorn RV include electrical faults, water leakages, wheel and tire problems, propane leakage, and leaking ice makers.


Preventing the Bighorn RV problems relies on your regular maintenance and upkeep. These RVs are widely renowned and positively reviewed by owners and users due to their reliability and affordability.

If problems do occur, try to fix them as soon as possible. For example, in the case of electrical problems, check fuses and circuit breakers first. If there is a problem with the tires and brakes, adjust the pressure and replace the brake pads. In case of any serious problems, I recommend calling a professional for help.

The fixes I have shared in this article will enable you to navigate any problem you encounter on the road. If you’ve employed any of these solutions, kindly write your feedback in the comment section below, as I would like to know your experience.

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