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Alliance RV Problems: 10 Often Issues and Troubleshooting Guide

If you want to know common Alliance RV problems and their fixes, you are in the right place! While there are a lot of advantages to these RVs, from high-quality build to excellent support and warranty, there are a number of downsides that you should consider when making a purchase.

So let’s not waste any time and dig deeper to get more information!

What Is Alliance RV?

Alliance RV is a relatively newer recreational vehicle manufacturing company compared to the Forest River and Thor industries. It is based in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, and uses high-premium products to make luxury fifth wheels recreational vehicles. Customer reviews for the company’s RVs are high.

This company’s trucks are highly regarded because they have several benefits, like:

  • Extensive warranty coverage;
  • Innovative build designs;
  • Constructed using premium materials.

However, just like a coin, they have two sides to it. Some of their shortcomings include:

  • Limited availability to customers;
  • Limited model variety.
Alliance RV Problems

Quality of Alliance RV Models

Most Alliance RV owners will affirm that these trucks are built to enhance luxury and comfort:

  • Alliance RV is among the most highly ranked in build quality through innovative techniques and creative processes.
  • Their focus on interior design to enhance aesthetics gives them their competitive advantage.
  • Through Alliance RV reviews, the company knows what customers want and incorporates it into their trucks.
  • Different models have distinguishing features attracting customers with specific preferences.

Inspection Process

In terms of quality assurance, Alliance RV conducts its due diligence. Workers at the manufacturing site test drive each RV to ensure its property.

Various functional aspects of the vehicle get tested during this stage, like:

  • Steering;
  • Acceleration;
  • Braking;
  • Dynamics.
Alliance RV  Inspection Process

After verification, they are therefore regarded as safe to sell. Additionally, before the truck leaves for delivery, they test it again to give customers the general satisfaction that their RV is on point.

Alliance RV Warranty

Most RV manufacturing companies within the same space offer a one-year warrant. Alliance RVs have:

  • A one-year limited warranty;
  • A three-year structural warranty.

This time difference indicates that the company is confident enough in its models that they are willing to back it up.

Important! Having the longest warranty in the recreational vehicle manufacturing niche provides RV owners with a good failsafe in case of an error in manufacturing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alliance RV

These trucks are highly acclaimed for their quality of design and material selection. Let’s review some of the pros and cons of an Alliance RV.

Benefits of Alliance RVs

Here are some of the pros of these trucks:

  • Attention to Customer Feedback: The company focuses on the customers’ preferences and tastes and incorporates these ideas in their RVs. Most Alliance RV reviews give the firm adequate knowledge to design their vehicles.
  • Warranty Coverage: If you want a good cushion to fall back on in case of any problem, Alliance RV comprehensive three-year structured warranty got you covered. The length exudes confidence in the company product.
  • Exceptional testing and inspection process: Alliance RV conduct an intensive testing process to ensure their trucks function properly after manufacturing and before delivery. This action prevents any occurrences of common problems faced by RVs.
  • Innovative Designs: These trucks are highly acclaimed due to their innovative approach to maximizing space layout to create a luxurious interior.
  • Build Quality: Most Alliance RV owners can attest to the fact that the company invests resources into enhancing detail. Through premium materials, they build trucks designed for comfort.
Disadvantages of Alliance RVs

Let’s review some of the disadvantages of these trucks.

  • Less Model Variety: Alliance RV manufactures three models. This element limits customers’ choices significantly. This move could discourage buyers whose tastes and preferences have not been tended to.
  • Limited Availability: Some customers may find it challenging to locate an RV dealership in their area because the company is relatively new, unlike longer-operating companies like Forest River.
  • Limited brand history: There is not much customers can go on based on Alliance RV brand history. This is because they haven’t been in the manufacturing scene for long compared to competitors like Redwood RV.
  • Relatively higher price point: They are pricier than other RVs considering their use of premium products and innovative techniques to create luxurious designs.

10 Common Alliance RV Problems and Their Solutions

Most products, including these highly regarded recreational vehicles, have a few issues. Fortunately, most of these Alliance RV problems have remedies to curb them.

Alliance RV problems


Furnace shuts off:

Make sure there are no airflow restrictions

Parasitic drain:

Check electrical components, especially the propane detector

Hydraulic jack popping noise:

Use anti-stiction fluid

Fault in the leveling system:

Ask for a replacement or seek help from a professional

An inoperable fan at a low setting:

This Could be an issue with the thermostat or control board; take a look

Water leaking:

Most likely to happen from the PEX joints

Leaning refrigerator:

 Reconfigure the brackets that hold the fridge

The bedroom slide door goes halfway:

Relocate the strut mount higher

Issues With Cables of Slide-Outs:

Reconnect the cables

Broken Refrigerator Lock:

This problem can only be solved by replacing the lock

1. Furnace Shuts Off

Most RV owners note that when setting the thermostat to increase heat, it turns up and automatically stops after approximately 15 minutes. This problem could result from several reasons, such as:

  • Thermostat failure;
  • Having dirty filters.

However, the high-temperature cut-off switch is most likely to be responsible.


Ensure that there are no airflow restrictions. Additionally, check the components of the system to ensure there is no problem with the switchboard or controller board.

2. Parasitic Drain

Experiencing a power discharge when vehicles are off is common to most drivers, not just RV owners. An Alliance RV will have more electronic equipment than your average private vehicle.

It is more likely that they will experience a power drain. It occurs mostly after switching off the vehicle when the engine should rest.

Alliance RV Problems Parasitic Drain

When you encounter this problem, it is usually an issue with the propane detector. Consider replacing it because it is essential to know where the gas level in your propane tanks lies. If the drain persists, take your vehicle for a factory disconnect.

3. Hydraulic Jack Popping Noise

According to most Alliance RV reviews, the noise from the pipe-expelling air is loud. The noise emanated is louder in RVs and can be irritating despite the model year.


You can use anti-striction fluid to lubricate the hydraulic system of your Alliance RV. Reducing the air amount while adding the fluid volume muffles the popping noise providing a quick fix.

4. Fault in the Leveling System

Even quality trucks like Alliance RVs experience common problems. Several factors could result in this mishappening, like electrical issues, blown-out fuses, or the most common, hydraulic fluid leaks.

Alliance RV Problems Fault in the Leveling System

You can check a few areas of your Alliance RV to locate the problem:

  • The generator bay. This location contains the hydraulic reservoir, solenoids, and pump.
  • An area at the top of the six jacks where the orange and black hydraulic lines meet.
  • At the bottom of each of the jack’s feet.

Reviewing any of these locations might shed light on the situation.

5. An Inoperable Fan at a Low Setting

When going for outdoor activities, temperatures may fluctuate. Campers prefer having the choice of regulating this temperature. If you notice that your air conditioner is acting funny, the problem will most likely be the sensors.

The thermostat may provide false readings. This feature affects the air conditioner because it reacts based on the thermostat.


The problem will likely be the control board in the air conditioner or the thermostat. Contact customer service to help you with this problem because casually fixing it from home may be counterproductive.

6. Water Leaking

This problem is common and recurrent when not paid proper attention to. In cheaper RV versions, locating the precise fault point may be daunting.

However, in an Alliance RV, this malady often results from a fault in the PEX joints. This cross-linked polyethylene material is durable, preventing this problem.

Alliance RV Problems Water Leaking

Review the PEX joints of your RV and tighten them. If they are worn out, purchase new ones.

7. Leaning Refrigerator

This occurrence is uncommon but still happens, according to various online reviews. Constant vibration may lead to the loosening of the bolts holding down the refrigerator, causing it lean in any direction. Leaving it in that manner may cause injury or damage when it tumbles down.


Tightening the bolts should offer you a quick solution. The bolts could also have maxed their helpful life. If so, replace them.

8. The Bedroom Slide Door Goes Halfway

Based on the creative design process and the build quality, the door only goes halfway up when the bedroom slide protrudes. This formation creates an uncomfortable scenario.

Alliance RV Problems The Bedroom Slide Door Goes Halfway

The Alliance RV can position the strut mount relatively higher to raise the door higher than initially. This feature will provide more room, making it more comfortable.

9. Issues With Cables of Slide-Outs

Slide-outs are components standard in RVs that provide more living space when the vehicle is parked. Sometimes, they may bring issues, especially when shutting or opening them.

  • If they fail to operate, the problem could result from inadequate power supply or tampered wires.
  • The motor might not convey enough power through the wires, causing more Alliance RV problems.

A quick solution to this problem is to connect disconnected cables that may result from driving on bumpy surfaces. If it requires some rewiring, consider contacting a specialized electrician.

10. Broken Refrigerator Lock

One of the most common problems facing Alliance RV owners is the breakage of refrigerator locks. These gadgets face damage from:

  • Using low-quality materials;
  • Improper handling;
  • Poor fixing.

This mishappening could lead to loss of cooling resulting in food spoilage.

Alliance RV Problems Broken Refrigerator Lock

Handle the locks with care. If broken, however, go ahead and replace it.

How Do Alliance RV Owners Avoid Some of These Problems?

Prevention is better than cure. You can take some measures to preserve your RV before it needs attention. Let us review some of them.

  • Regular Maintenance: Most Alliance RV problems occur as a result of negligence. You can conduct regular inspections to check if anything is out of place. Frequent trips to the mechanic will also give you an early heads-up on your vehicle’s status.
  • Monitor Propane System: Whenever you are taking your Alliance RV for a ride, say a camping trip, you need to ensure that the propane tanks are set. Several compartments rely on propane. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the levels are at par.
  • Avoid Overloading: When loading items on your RV, ensure that you evenly distribute the weight. Furthermore, be aware of the RVs limit. This feature enables your vehicle to perform optimally because it isn’t subjected to extreme work.
  • Check Seals and Caulking: Regular inspection of the seals and caulking on doors, windows, and the roof, among other places, will highlight if you need to replace them to prevent instances like water dripping next to the electric fireplace.
  • Use Surge Protectors: Your truck consists of several electrical components in the vehicle susceptible to electronic surges that can fry your equipment. Install protectors to prevent how it will work on your Alliance RV.
How Do Alliance RV Owners Avoid Some of These Problems


Who Owns Alliance RV?

Alliance RV is owned by Coley and Ryan Brady. The company is based in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

Is an Alliance paradigm a good fifth wheel?

Yes, the alliance paradigm is an excellent fifth wheel based on the reviews of the campers. Additionally, according to advertising and analytics partners, it does make a good fifth wheel.

Does An Alliance RV come with an Electricfire Space?

Yes, some Alliance RVs have an adjustable electric fireplace to enhance comfort.


Alliance RV is a leading company manufacturing comfortable and luxurious RVs. They ensure customers receive quality products by using premium materials and creative designs. However, some common RV problems that affect these trucks include water leaking and a leaning refrigerator.

Most of them can be easily fixed, with some requiring expert attention. Generally, Alliance RV is a good truck that will provide you with the comfort you seek. In the comment section below, please let us know any other Alliance RV problems you may have encountered.

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