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Little Guy Mini Max Problems: Troubleshooting Guide of 9 Common Problems!

If you are looking for solutions to Little Guy Mini Max problems, I have got you covered. This specific RV is known to have electrical system failures, limited space, and water tank issues. To help you enjoy a trouble-free camping experience, I will cover all 9 problems associated with Mini Max and provide you with easy solutions.

Moreover, I will explore the pros, cons, and specs of this great recreational vehicle. So, keep reading to discover all the essential information about this travel trailer. Let’s start exploring this advanced guide!

A Quick Look at the Little Guy Mini Max Cruiser RV/Trailer

Little Guy Mini Max is an amazing travel trailer loved by wide-quantity adventurers. You can take it on different trips like:

  • Camping;
  • Beach vacations;
  • City explorations.

Furthermore, the Mini Max is super easy to use as it has simple controls and convenient places to store your stuff. Plus, it is made to handle all kinds of weather and road conditions for safety purposes.

Little Guy Mini Max Quick Look

One thing to remember is that due to its small size, there’s not a lot of room inside for long trips. Also, it might cost a bit more than other trailers of the same size due to the better specifications that I will share below.

Specifications and Features

Now, after you have gotten familiar with the basic overview of the Little Guy Mini Max, I have compiled a list of specifications for you that this travel trailer possesses. Have a look at the two top-notch base floor plans and get to decide which of these suits your traveling needs.

Standard Base Floor Plan

The standard base floor plan is the basic and most commonly offered configuration of the Little Guy Trailer Mini Max. It usually includes the essential amenities needed for a comfortable trip. The layout typically consists of the following:

  • Cozy sleeping area;
  • Compact kitchenette with basic appliances like a stove and sink;
  • Small dining area;
  • Bathroom door to avoid shower problems.
Little Guy Mini Max Standard Base Floor Plan

Let’s check the specs of this type of floor plan in the given data below:



Dry Weight:

2,320 lbs

Tongue Weight:

240 lbs

Overall Length:

17' 2"

Overall Width:

6' 9"

Exterior Height:

8' 11" - 9' 1"

Interior Height:



3,500 lbs

Fresh Water:

19-20 gal

Grey Water:

25-30 gal

Black Water:

9 gal

FX Base Floor Plan

The FX base floor plan in the Little Guy Trailer Mini Max offers some additional enhancements and features compared to the standard layout. It is often considered an upgraded version for those who want more convenience and luxury during their travels. The FX floor plan may include extra features like:

  • Larger and more spacious interior,
  • Additional storage area in the upper kitchen cabinet,
  • More advanced entertainment cabinet system,
  • Special lighting options.
Little Guy Mini Max FX Base Floor Plan

With that, head below to learn about the specifications of this FX floor plan:



Dry Weight:

2,400 lbs

Tongue Weight:

230 lbs

Overall Length:

17' 6"

Overall Width:

6' 7"

Exterior Height:


Interior Height:

6' 1.5"


3,750 lbs

Fresh Water:

25 gal

Grey Water:

30 gal

Black Water:

30 gal

Now that we know about the factual numbers, let’s learn about the positives and negatives of this trailer.

The Benefits to Know

Every travel trailer or cruiser RV comes with its perks and downsides. Here are some pros that I have personally experienced about this trailer:

  • Contains bigger size windows for better light.
  • A huge bed that is slightly bigger than a queen size.
  • 3-way 5 cu ft size freezer.
  • No need to install sway bars as it is easily towable.
  • The air conditioner and heater work perfectly due to the smaller size.
Little Guy Mini Max Benefits

The Limitations to Be Aware Of

Listed below are some limitations that you should know:

  • Due to its compact size, it may feel cramped during longer trips.
  • Compared to other small camper trailers, the Mini Max has a relatively higher price.
  • Does not offer as many amenities or luxury features compared to larger models.
Little Guy Mini Max Problems

Common Little Guy Mini Max Problems: 9 Best Working Solutions

Before diving into a detailed solutions guide, let’s quickly explore the problems associated with Mini Max and how to fix them.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems


Less wide awning:

Use a free-standing awning

Less space:

Add rugs and prefer floor bedding

Chipping and rusting on the front side:

Tow the campers carefully

Electrical System Glitches:

Ensure tight connections and replace faulty components

Ventilation and air conditioning problems:

Keep vents clear

Tire and suspension issues:

Replace old tires and lubricate suspensions

Window screen issues:

Patch holes to prevent UV light

Water Tank Plumbing System Problems:

Look for a faulty pump or broken hose

Faulty cabinet hardware:

Use top-class material to build quality interior

Now that you checked out the table given above, I will discuss all of these problems one by one in detail, along with the fixes. Let’s get started!

Problem 1: Narrow Awning Coverage

The awning on the side of the RV is narrower than desired, which may result in inadequate coverage of the exterior area. As a result, during outdoor activities, such as picnics or relaxation in rainy weather, the awning may not fully protect campers from rain or direct sunlight.

Also, the smaller awning may limit the shaded space available for seating and other activities outside the trailer.


To address this issue, you can consider purchasing a free-standing awning or a foldable one from the market.

  • These portable awnings can be set up next to your RV and provide additional shade and cover for your outdoor activities.
  • Foldable awnings are particularly convenient as they take up less space inside your RV while providing the desired shade and protection outside.
  • By having an extra awning, you can ensure a comfortable and sheltered outdoor experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

Problem 2: Limited Interior Space

The interior space of the Mini Max trailer may be relatively compact, which can pose challenges for some campers, especially during extended trips. The limited space may result in difficulties in moving around inside the RV and finding adequate storage for personal belongings and camping gear.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems Limited Interior Space

While the interior space cannot be physically increased due to the trailer’s design, there are adjustments you can make to improve the overall experience:

  • One option is to remove the built-in bed and opt for floor bedding. This allows you to utilize the floor area for seating during the day, providing more space and flexibility.
  • By using carpets and rugs for seating instead of chairs or sofas in the dinette area, you can further optimize the available space.
  • Additionally, efficient organization and packing practices can help maximize storage capacity and ensure a clutter-free interior.

Problem 3: Paint Chipping and Rust Formation

Some owners of the Little Guy Trailer Mini Max have observed chipping of paint on the front side of their campers, which may lead to an aged and less appealing appearance. The chipping of paint may occur due to factors such as excessive moisture exposure during rainy weather or in humid environments.

Scratches and dings on the exterior surface during towing can also contribute to the paint chipping and expose the underlying metal to the elements, leading to rust marks.


It’s essential to protect the front side of the camper from scratches and minimize exposure to moisture. To prevent chipping and rusting:

  • While towing, drive carefully and avoid hitting rough or uneven surfaces that could cause damage to the exterior.
  • Regularly inspect the paint and touch up any chips or scratches to prevent further deterioration.
  • Applying a protective sealant or wax can also help safeguard the RV’s exterior from environmental elements and maintain its appearance over time.

Problem 4: Electrical System Glitches

Some Little Guy Trailer owners have experienced electrical system malfunctions, such as issues with lighting, appliances, and power outlets.

These electrical problems may disrupt normal camper operations and lead to inconvenience during trips.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems Electrical System Glitches

To address electrical issues:

  • Begin by checking the RV’s electrical connections, including battery terminals, fuse panels, and circuit breakers.
  • Ensure all connections are tight and free from corrosion, as loose or corroded connections can lead to electrical malfunctions.
  • Inspect the fuse panels for any blown fuses and replace them as needed to restore functionality.
  • Test and ensure the proper functioning of lights, appliances, and electrical outlets.

This identifies any faulty components that require repair or replacement. If electrical problems persist, consult with a professional electrician or visit an authorized Little Guy service center for a thorough diagnosis and appropriate repair.

Problem 5: Ventilation and Cooling Challenges

You may also experience ventilation and air conditioning challenges, leading to inadequate cooling or air circulation inside the camper. This can be especially problematic during hot weather or in areas with limited natural airflow.


To improve ventilation and air conditioning:

  • Start by regularly cleaning or replacing the air filters of the RV’s cooling system as clogged or dirty filters can obstruct airflow and reduce cooling efficiency.
  • Check and clean the RV’s roof vents and fans to ensure proper ventilation throughout the interior.
  • If the air conditioning unit is not functioning effectively, verify that the RV is connected to an adequate power source.
  • Consider using additional fans or portable air circulation devices to improve airflow within the camper.

Problem 6: Tire and Suspension Troubles

It has been reported that some owners have faced tire or suspension-related problems, such as tire blowouts or excessive bouncing while towing. These issues can compromise the safety and stability of the RV during travel.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems Tire and Suspension Troubles

To overcome issues related to suspension and tires, opt for the following measures:

  • Performing regular inspections of the RV’s tires for signs of wear, including tread depth and sidewall condition.
  • Proper tire maintenance including the recommended tire pressure and conducting regular wheel alignments, can help prevent uneven tire wear and extend its life.
  • If you experience excessive bouncing or suspension-related issues, consult with an authorized Little Guy service center.

Problem 7: Ineffective Window Screen

I have heard complaints that a window screen in the Little Guy Trailer may not effectively prevent small insects from entering the trailer. This can be a nuisance, especially when camping in areas with abundant bugs.


While there is no permanent fix to alter the existing window screen, you can take some steps to minimize the issue:

  • Consider using insect repellents or bug window screens to deter insects from getting inside.
  • Additionally, make sure to keep the RV’s interior clean and free from food scraps or attractants that might lure insects inside.

Problem 8: Water Tank Plumbing System Problems

Many have faced problems with the water tank, where the water does not flow despite the water tank being full and the pump running. Moreover, the water capacity of the Mini Max may be relatively small, causing inconvenience during extended trips.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems Water Tank Plumbing System Problems

To resolve water tank plumbing system issues, first, ensure that the water tank is filled to an appropriate level, preferably above 25% capacity, to maintain the constant water flow. If the water does not flow despite the pump running, check for potential electrical malfunctions:

  • A faulty pump;
  • Broken hoses;
  • Valve seals.

Inspect the entire water supply system for any leaks or damages that might be causing the problem. Properly tighten all water connections and address any damaged components to restore water flow.

Problem 9: Issues With Cabinet Hardware

While exploring the Mini Max, I have also found that the cabinets may unintentionally open during travel, leading to potential spills or damage to belongings stored inside.


To prevent cabinet-related issues, follow these guidelines:

  • Consider using tension rods or baby-proofing drawer locks to secure the cabinets while on the move.
  • Tension rods can be placed between two cabinets to prevent them from opening easily while baby-proofing drawer locks can provide an extra layer of security.

These solutions can help keep the cabinets closed and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Users’ Opinions on Little Guy Mini Max and its Usage on Road

Based on my research, people have positive feelings about the Mini Max trailer. They like:

  • Dual pane window screens with integrated shades and blinds to let natural light in.
  • That it’s a small trailer but taller, with a bigger bed and a larger refrigerator.
  • The storage options like overhead storage and exterior storage compartment give it a plus.
  • One cool thing about the design is that it follows the principles of a home kitchen, making it convenient to move around.
  • Pan drawer under the refrigerator for easy access to kitchen items.
Little Guy Mini Max Advantages

Several other systems aimed at making life more comfortable are found in the trailer. These include:

  • A 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit to keep the interior cool in warm weather.
  • A 16,000 BTU furnace to provide warmth during colder days.
  • Propane and carbon monoxide detectors for safety and a control center to operate everything easily.


Who manufactures the Little Guy Mini Max?

Liberty Outdoors manufactures the Little Guy Mini Max. With over 80 dedicated employees, they have built a manufacturing facility in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Moreover, they have been known for producing high-quality trailers for many years now.

Is there a recall on Little Guy Mini Max?

Xtreme Outdoors recalled Little Guy travel trailers from the year 2021-2022. The reason behind this recall happened to the loose axle bolts that were not properly tightened during production. This issue potentially led to the axle breaking or detaching from the trailer, which poses safety risks during travel.


The final say is that being aware of the potential Little Guy Mini Max problems is very necessary for an amazing camping experience. If there are any electrical issues, check the battery terminals and ensure there are no loose connections.

To increase the space, remove the built-in bed and opt for floor bedding along with better organization of your belongings. Also, if there is an issue with water flow, check the pump and hose as they can be faulty, and replace damaged components.

For further help, you can reach out to an authorized Little Guy service center. Have you ever encountered any of these troublesome issues with your Little Guy Trailer? Share your experience with me in the comments down below!

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