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RV GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: 7 Causes and Troubleshooting Guide

Are you experiencing the frustration of an RV GFCI outlet won’t reset issue? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. I was once in a similar situation and I know how to deal with this problem. Read this comprehensive guide through which I will share my experiences and solutions to common problems like potential power supply issues and blown fuses.

Also, I will share other user experiences to help you out in case you come up with any unexpected GFCI outlet that won’t reset issue. So, let’s dive deeper into the details!

RV GFCI Outlet Won't Reset Issue?

Understanding GFCI Outlets and Their Importance

GFCI, which stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters, is a vital component in residential electrical safety. These outlets are specifically designed to protect you from the risk of electric shock. As mandated by the National Electrical Code, the installation of GFCI outlets in every home is a crucial safety measure. It is also recommended to use these Outlets in the RV for the same purposes.

Understanding GFCI Outlets and Their Importance
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Ricky Smalls
The primary purpose of GFCI outlets is to prevent electrocution by quickly interrupting the electrical circuit when a ground fault is detected. Ricky Smalls, An Avid Camper and Senior Content Writer at CamperLife

RV GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: 7 Causes Listed

Now, that we have understood the GFCI outlet and its importance, let’s address the issue; RV GFCI outlet won’t reset. Well, I have experienced the same issue over time and found some reasons behind this. Let’s check them out:

RV GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: 7 Causes Listed
  • Power Supply Issues: First, check if there’s a stable power supply to the RV. Sometimes, a lack of electricity can prevent the GFCI from resetting.
  • GFCI Tripped Breaker: Then, head on to inspect the circuit breaker panel for any faulty GFCI tripped breakers.
  • Blown Fuse: A blown fuse could be the main culprit. Examine the fuses associated with the ground circuit and replace any that are blown.
  • Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring can trigger the GFCI to shut off. Inspect the wiring for any damage or loose connections. If you’re not confident, seek professional assistance.
  • Broken Reset Button: Ensure the reset button itself is functioning correctly. If it feels loose or unresponsive, it may need replacement.
  • Flawed Installation: Review the installation of the GFCI outlet. Check for any errors in wiring or mounting that might be impeding the reset process.
  • Replace Outdated Model: If your RV is equipped with an older ground fault circuit interrupter model, it might be time for an upgrade. Older units can wear out over time, leading to difficulties in resetting.
A GFCI outlet that won’t reset is a red flag for electrical safety. Be proactive in identifying and rectifying the issue to maintain a secure and reliable power supply in your RV. Mitch Adams - RV technician and Expert

7 Ways to Figure Out Why GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset

During my RV journey, I have explored various fixes that have often come to the rescue in faulty ground fault circuit interrupter outlet issues. So, let’s dive into the solutions below:

1. Investigate Other Outlets – Are They Acting Bad Too?

Start by checking other outlets on the same circuit. Turn lights on and off and, if possible, use a voltage tester. Unplug anything from the inactive outlets. I often do this to see if there’s an overload or a short causing the problem. I even put tape over the bad outlets to spot them easily when the power is off.

Investigate Other Outlets - Are They Acting Bad Too
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Note: Also, you can watch this YouTube video to learn more about how to use a voltage tester.

2. Look at Circuit Breaker and Fuses that are Tripped

Circuit breakers can be a bit tricky as they might trip if there’s too much power flowing. Try turning the breaker off and on again. If that doesn’t work, look for blown fuses and replace them.

Look at Circuit Breaker and Fuses that are Tripped
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3. Toggle Button to Test and Reset GFCI Outlet

GFCI outlets come with their own buttons – a test button (usually black) and a reset button (usually red). Turn off everything connected to the outlet, unplug them, and press the reset button. You should hear a satisfying click. If not, don’t be afraid to give it a few more tries. However, I also tried to press both buttons together and this trick worked pretty well for me.

RV GFCI Outlet Won't Reset. Toggle Button to Test and Reset GFCI Outlet
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4. Check the GFCI Outlet Itself

Sometimes, the GFCI itself causes trouble. So, look out for the signs that I have highlighted below:

Check the GFCI Outlet Itself
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  • The reset button did not click.
  • There might be a ground fault or incorrect wiring.
  • Reset buttons won’t stay in place.

In case your devices still work with the outlet that won’t reset, either your line or load might be mixed up, or it’s reversing. In rare cases, there could be a problem with the ground fault circuit interrupter. In these cases, I would recommend getting help from a professional electrician as it can be dangerous.

5. Tackling Loose Wires – A Common Issue

In my experience, loose or corroded connectors often cause this issue.

Tackling Loose Wires - A Common Issue
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  • To make sure the wires are well connected and in good condition, turn off the circuit, open the outlet box, and inspect for loose wires or corrosion.
  • If you find any, unplug the loose wire, strip it, and connect it back, and replace the corroded ones. This hack usually works for me so I would recommend you to try this one.

6. Power Turned Due to Moisture Build Up

If the outlet still won’t reset, moisture might be the reason behind this. So, dry out the GFCI outlet with a hairdryer, and then try resetting as this might be the best way to get the GFCI outlet back on track.

Power Turned Due to Moisture Build Up
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7. No Power? Check the Breaker

In case there’s no power reaching the outlet, there might be a mix-up in the line and load. Turn the main breaker on and off. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to call in an electrician for some expert help.

No Power Check the Breaker
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Exploring RV Owners’ Experiences with GFCI Outlet Challenges

Facing troubles with GFCI outlets and being stuck mid-journey is a common problem. If you have been facing issues with the GFCI outlet recently, you would be relaxed to hear that you are not alone in this. Let’s hear from fellow RV owners who’ve faced similar issues recently. Their experiences might just be the key to solving your problem. Let’s hear them out:

Neil V
Neil V took a methodical approach, advising fellow RV enthusiasts to start by disconnecting the GFCI outlet from the campground outlet and relying on the generator. His speculation about potential issues in the campground’s wiring underscored the need for a comprehensive investigation into the power source.
Maria K.
Maria K suggested a possible short to ground in one of the GFCI outlets. She proposed a systematic troubleshooting method involving the extraction of the GFCI outlet and the meticulous disconnection of wires feeding other outlets to isolate and rectify the issue.
JHurtgen narrated a post-thunderstorm scenario where resetting the surge protector emerged as the solution. He underlined the significance of considering external factors such as power surges, showcasing how factors beyond the GFCI outlet itself might contribute to the issue.

Navigating RV GFCI Outlet Issues: When to Call Pro Electrician

If you notice continuous tripping and even GFCI outlet reset won’t help, calling a professional electrician for assistance can help you greatly save time and hassle. Here are the three scenarios in which I would recommend you seek the pro help!

Navigating RV GFCI Outlet Issues: When to Call Pro Electrician
Credit: www.youtube.com @SilverCymbal

Persistent Tripping Issues

You hit the reset buttons, and it promptly trips again. It’s not just a simple fault; it might be a sign of a deeper issue. After some personal research, I discovered that this consistent tripping could indicate an electrical leak, bad electrical connections, or a potential hazard that requires the expertise of an electrician.

Sparks Flying

The last thing you want when dealing with an electrical issue is sparks. If you notice any kind of spark during the reset process, don’t touch the GFI outlet. Shut off the power immediately and reach out to an electrician. Sparks are not just a sign of faulty GFCI outlets but could indicate a more serious problem that needs professional attention.

Reversed Wiring Issues

I have had my fair share of DIY attempts gone wrong, especially when it comes to dealing with reversed wiring or other electrical mishaps. If you are worried about a wiring situation, it’s time to stop right there and call a professional. Electricians are trained to resolve these wiring issues safely and efficiently.


How do you fix a GFCI outlet that won’t reset?

To fix a GFCI outlet that won’t reset, start by unplugging the devices connected to it and press the “Reset” button. If this doesn’t work, try to press the “Test” button first followed by the “Reset” button. This is most likely to solve the problem for you.

How do you know if a GFCI outlet is bad?

To know if a GFCI outlet is bad, push the “Test” button on it. If GFCI trips, rush to cut the power immediately. Now, press the “Reset” button to restore power. However, if it doesn’t trip or restore the power, it is an indication that the GFCI outlet is bad.

Why does my GFCI outlet keep tripping after resetting?

In case your GFCI outlet keeps tripping after resetting, there might be a ground fault. Reasons behind this could be faulty outlet wiring, water exposure, or a connected device. However, moisture around the outlet area could be another factor.

What is the difference between a GFCI outlet and a regular outlet?

The difference between a GFCI outlet and a regular outlet is that the GFCI outlet monitors electrical flow. It is good at detecting ground faults and prevents electrical shocks. Whereas, regular outlets are unable to detect such faults and thus are more risky.


Summing up, in case RV GFCI outlet won’t reset, there might be various reasons behind this. Some of these include GFCI tripped breakers, stuck GFCI outlet, and no power supply on GFCI receptacles. In order to fix these issues, replace the faulty breakers on the spot. Moreover, make sure to fix any loose connections and check the breaker box to get the power on the GFCI receptacle.

In case, you are still unable to figure out the issue, I recommend you contact a professional for help. Have you ever tried to reset RV GFCI outlets ever before? Do share your experience with me in the comment section below!

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