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Getting a Non-Toxic Pillows for Your RV

If you, your family member or any person you know suffers from neck and back pain, chances are, they are using the wrong pillow. With that, let me interest you with the best pillows to use for your RV. You may want to look out for the soft cloud-like pillows and throw away those hard latex varieties which are making your mornings soar.

Snuggling a pillow full of toxin overnight poses danger in your health. That said, you ought to look out for those eco-friendly pillows which will offer healthier night sleep. Striving to learn more about the products in your RV more so the pillows you are and have been using navigates you closer to becoming healthier.

The fact that a normal human being spends a third of his/her lifetime sleeping, the need for a healthy, good and comfortable pillow arises.

By far, that pillow you’ve been ignoring to replace for a better one may be the reason why you wakes up countless times during the night and upon waking up in the morning you are having back and neck pain.

What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

While in your RV mattress, how do you sleep? Healthwise, it is recommended you sleep straight either on your back or your stomach. This aligns your spine and reduces aches that would arise if you slept otherwise. Most people will sleep from the side, back, stomach repeating the process till morning.

It’s overwhelming realizing the different types of natural pillows. There are toxic and non-toxic pillows in the market as well. It is unfortunate that most of the non-toxic pillows are only available online unlike their counterparts which are available almost everywhere.

Who knew there existed so many freakin’ pillow options? This article looks into the varieties of the available pillows in the market you can buy for your RV. These pillows are eco-friendly, user-friendly and very comfortable.

Importance of Choosing A Non-Toxic Pillow For Your RV

Given the numerous number of hours our faces are literally up against our pillow surfaces, we can’t help but wonder on the exposure to the volatiles gases the pillows may be emitting. A comfortable and good quality sleep is as important as food or water hence you cannot live without. Pillow’s toxin output may not affect your sleep but in the long run, those toxins may have adverse long-term effects on your respiratory system.

As the materials that make up the pillow start to break down, they release toxic gases in the atmosphere that finds their way into our respiratory system posing health problems.

Types of Non-Toxic Pillows For Your RV

Natural Latex Foam

Made from the sap of a rubber tree, these pillows are natural and non-toxic. The material extracted from the bark of a rubber tree is renewable offering an eco-friendly pillow and makes the pillow durable. The pillows are highly resistant to dust mite hence very healthy for human usage. However, natural latex can have a slightly rubbery odor and they are quite expensive as compared to their counterparts. 

Buckwheat Hulls Pillows

The goodness with this type of pillow is that it is highly breathable with no toxin. They are designed in a manner to conform perfectly with the shape you the neck and the head. Made from hulls, the pillows are very eco-friendly and have a long life span. If you want to adjust the size of the pillow, simply you add or remove the hull from the casing.

One character that off puts this type of pillow is the crunching noise made when it is moved. Since the filling may carry loads of hull, it makes the pillow heavy inconveniencing the user.

Organic Cotton Pillows

Organic cotton pillows are very environment-friendly. They are made from cotton grown organically without the use of pesticides. The pillows are so soft, odorless making your sleep in your RV comfortable. In a case when the cotton pillow catches dirt, you can easily wash them.

Just a disadvantage of using the cotton pillow is that it may catch dust mite since they love to live in cotton. They are also a bit expensive as compared to their counterparts.

Feather And Down Pillows

These are pillows made from the fluffy bottom of a bird’s feather. They are pure non-toxic therefore healthy and suitable to lay on. Sometimes the pillow may be stuffed with the whole feather or the down part or a combination. They are very affordable and readily available in the market. Made from natural feathers, they are soft and last longer.

However, pillows made from these feathers have a tendency to flatten quickly. Whenever the casing gets torn, the quills can poke out making you uncomfortable. It is somehow tricky to wash them when they get dirty.

Kapok Pillows

A silky fiber extracted from the Ceiba tree which resembles cotton is used to make these pillows. This material is eight times lighter than the actual cotton. The resultant product is usually very soft textured and so light. This will definitely make your sleep so peaceful. Made from a natural material, the pillow is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Millet Pillow

This pillow is quite similar to that made from buckwheat. The only exception is in the size of the millet hull which is smaller and circular. The material is less noisy and softer as compared to that of buckwheat. The pillow is eco-friendly, breathable and its size is adjustable by either adding or removing the millet hull.

Pure Wool Pillow

Pure wool inhibits dust mites. You can, therefore, rest assured that a pure wool pillow is very healthy. My favorite aspect of a wool pillow is its ability to regulate temperature while you lay your head and neck on it. The pillow is also highly breathable, so whether you chose to sleep on your back or your belly you can still breathe healthy air. Wool is a fire-resistant material. This makes your pillow safe in instances of a fire breakout.

Conclusion on Non-Toxic Pillows for Your RV

When looking for a non-toxic pillow for your RV, you may consider conducting in-depth research of the stuffing’s which should include but not limited to pure natural latex, chemical-free, organically produced cotton and they should also be clean.

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