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Northstar Camper Problems: 10 Major Issues and Easy Solutions Guide

Have you been facing any Northstar Camper Problems? No need to worry as I have got you covered with this guide. The most common issues with this camper are noted to be bad wiring layout, battery failure, rubber roof, and limited electric sockets.

However, to assist you in a better way, I will outline 10 problems related to Northstar Camper along with the easiest solutions. Moreover, I will also highlight some of the reviews from experienced RVers regarding this vehicle.

So, start exploring and read till the end to resolve all the associated problems. Let’s get started!

A Brief Overview Regarding Northstar Campers

Northstar is a famous company that excels in making strong campers that last a long time. Furthermore, there are two types of Northstar Campers; named Hardwall and pop-up truck campers.

If you are an RV fan and love going on long trips and adventures like me then Northstar Camper is the most suitable choice. This RV camper makes your trips super comfortable as you can sleep and live in it. In addition, you will get amenities like:

  • Kitchen for cooking;
  • Bathroom;
  • Cozy bedroom to sleep in.
A Brief Overview Regarding Northstar Campers

Now, let’s quickly go through the issues related to the Northstar camper.

Northstar Truck Camper – A Quick Look at Problems and Solutions

As we have now gotten familiar with the basic overview of Northstar Camper, here I will enlist a comprehensive table containing a glance at 10 common problems that I have faced or came to know about during my research about this RV.

I will also help you eliminate these problems by highlighting their solutions briefly before discussing them in detail in the later section.

Northstar Camper Problems


Lack of Battery Power:

Charge the battery or replace it with new Lithium ones

Electrical Problems:

Repair battery cell and rewire everything

Roof Not Level:

Use quality and balanced roof material

Leaks and Dirt:

Make your RV windows and doors dirtproof and repair leaks

Missing Power Outlets:

Make connections for new power supply outlets and install them

The Camper Makes the Truck Top Heavy:

Drive much slower in harsh conditions

AC Issues:

Change the HVAC unit within your RV or wash it thoroughly

Gas Issues:

Check for any leaks and maintain the gas level

Brake Issues:

Fill the brake with fluid and check the brake shoe

Poor Plumbing and Faulty Wiring:

Clean out any clogs and repair damaged wiring

Keep reading this guide to learn about these problems in a more comprehensive way.

10 Common Northstar Camper Problems and Fixes

Here, I will help you solve the Northstar Campers recreational vehicles problems in detail. Let’s begin!

Problem 1: Lack of Battery Power

The Northstar Campers can more often face battery problems:

  • These batteries tend to lose their power over time;
  • They also might not last very long.

When you use appliances on the DC setting, like the refrigerator, the battery starts draining quickly. This can even affect your truck’s ability to start. Battery isolators, which help manage power, can also malfunction and mess up the battery’s voltage settings.


Try out these solutions to get rid of issues with battery power:

  • Charge the battery, especially if you’re starting a journey.
  • Avoid using too many appliances on DC power.
  • Shift to better batteries, like Lithium ones, which can improve performance.
  • Additionally, installing durable solar power panels can provide extra power for your camper.

Problem 2: Electrical Problems

The Northstar Truck Campers are equipped with various electric devices such as fridges or air conditioners.

But if the battery isn’t working well, these pieces of equipment might not function properly. For example, the furnace might blow cold air instead of warm. Also, some appliances might work only on propane and not on electric power.

Northstar Camper Problems Electrical Problems

The solutions to mitigate this problem are as follows:

  • Check if the battery has enough power and isn’t damaged.
  • Look if things work without the battery.
  • If the battery voltage is very low, try fixing this by replacing any faulty wiring.

Problem 3: Roof Not Level

The camper’s roof is more often made of rubber, which isn’t as strong as aluminum. Over time, the roof can weaken due to different reasons such as:

  • Harsh weather;
  • Excessive load on the roof.

So, these issues can lead to alignment problems. Moreover, sunlight and poor roof slide alignment can also contribute to these issues.


Repairing the roof in case of wear and tear will not fully resolve the issue. Opt for the following measures for the best results:

  • Consider getting a roof that’s more durable, like one made of fiberglass or aluminum;
  • This can help prevent alignment problems and make the roof last longer.

Problem 4: Leaks and Dirt

The water leak is a common issue in Northstar Camper. These leaks can arise from:

  • The roof;
  • Running lights;
  • Electrical wiring connections.
Northstar Camper Problems Water Leaks

However, dust can also enter the camper, causing dirtiness.


For leaks, the following are the best measures:

  • Duct tape can be a temporary fix for roof or window leaks.
  • Properly address and repair Happijack connections to prevent leaks.
  • You might need to replace the entire roof due to delamination.

To prevent dirt:

  • Keep windows and doors closed in dusty areas.
  • Consider using a carpet inside the camper.

Problem 5: Missing Power Outlets

There might not be enough power outlets in the camper, and some outlets might trip when used. This issue is based on my experience and can be caused due to some electrical wiring short circuit.


This is sometimes a flaw in the design of the camper. To overcome this problem:

  • Dealers often recommend owners set up new outlets with the help of electrical guides;
  • Alternatively, a Y splitter cable can be used to deal with limited outlets.

Problem 6: The Camper Makes the Truck Top Heavy

Sometimes, the Northstar Campers can make your truck feel heavy on top. This is because the camper can weigh a lot, between 1,300 to 2,600 pounds. When you’re driving, especially on curvy roads, you might notice that the truck feels a bit unsteady.

Northstar Camper Problems The Camper Makes the Truck Top Heavy

To cater to the weight issue, opt for the following measures:

  • Adjust the way you drive. Slow down, especially when you’re on winding roads.
  • Place your heavy items on the floor and make sure that they are close to the center of the RV for better balancing.

Problem 7: Air Conditioner Issues

In case the air conditioners in your camper aren’t working right, it could be because of a problem with the following:

  • The thermostat;
  • Dirty air filters;
  • A damaged fan.

These damaged parts can cause problems with the air conditioning.


The solutions to fix the AC issues are the following:

  • Check the thermostat power supply and change it if it’s not working well.
  • Clean the air filters or get new ones if they’re dirty.
  • If the air conditioning still doesn’t work, seek the help of an expert.

Problem 8: Gas Issues

The faulty propane system in your RV might be due to a:

  • Clogged regulator;
  • A broken valve;
  • A damaged hose.

The gas parts in the Northstar Campers can sometimes have problems. They are not known to be of very good quality.

Northstar Camper Problems Gas Issues

To resolve the gas issues smoothly:

  • Check the gas parts for damage.
  • If there’s a problem, get help from the RV manual and eliminate this issue as safety is very important.

Problem 9: Brake Issues

Sometimes, the brakes in the camper might not work well. This could be because:

  • The brake pads are worn out;
  • The main brake part is damaged;
  • The brake line is broken.

Try out these solutions and look if the brake issue is fixed:

  • If the brake pads are worn, replace them.
  • Fix any damage to the main brake part or brake line.

It is recommended that you don’t wait if your brakes are not working well. Get them fixed right away, even during your trip.

Problem 10: Poor Plumbing and Faulty Wiring

The pipes and wiring in the camper can sometimes cause problems. Pipes can get clogged or damaged, and small pipes can cause problems too. These issues might not be easy to notice until they grow up.

Northstar Camper Problems Poor Plumbing

These given solutions might help you resolve the issue:

  • Regularly check pipes and valves for clogs or damage. If the draining system becomes slow, use special cleaners to unclog it.
  • If the problem continues, consider replacing small pipes with larger ones.

Northstar Camper Reviews by Majority of Experienced Campers

As per my research and survey-based results, many experienced campers like the Northstar Camper.

  • They find it easy to use in different camping spots and faraway places.
  • Moreover, it has decent flooring so you won’t have to worry about save space.
  • Plus, it can run without being connected to power lines, due to solar power and a generator.
  • There are four electric jacks that help you remove it from the truck and make it level.
Northstar Camper Reviews

This camper is made well and works great. However, some campers mention a lack of good customer support after buying it. Besides that, I have already covered some common problems associated with it in the above sections.


Are Northstar pop-up campers good?

Yes, the Northstar campers are good. They are known for comfort, low noise drive, and for being spacious.

What are the disadvantages of a pop-up camper?

The disadvantage of pop-up campers is that they take a while to set up, especially if you’re a new RV fan. They are also not as well insulated as regular RVs, so they might be affected by extreme weather more. Moreover, keeping pop-up campers in good shape requires regular cleaning and waterproofing can take up so much time.


To put it simply, resolving all the Northstar Camper Problems on time can prove to be very helpful. These can even boost your RV experience in a much more engaging way. If there are any brake issues, then replace the worn-out brake parts.

If there are any missing power outlets, then get them installed before your trip. Also, if you notice any leaks, then use duct tape as a temporary solution. After trying multiple solutions, if the issue still persists, I would recommend you contact the company.

Have you faced any problems with the Northstar Truck Camper? Provide your valuable feedback and share your experience with me in the comments below!

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