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InTech Sol Horizon Problems: Detailed Review

Worried about the InTech Sol Horizon Problems? Trying to find the right information on a product is time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re looking for a long-term investment like an RV. You don’t have time to research a brand-new RV, we understand.

The article will guide you through a review of the Intech Sol Horizon RV and highlight the 5 most common problems as well as give some advice for a solution. It will also wrap up by giving a personal opinion about the review of this trailer.

We did the research – and took the test drive – so you can be confident in making your final decision!

5 Common InTech Sol Horizon Problems And Solutions



Over-Sized Bed

Replace the bigger one with a smaller size

Poor Insulation

Place blankets, pillows, and insulation around the RV

Lack of Storage space

Using Storage boxes and storing equipment under the bed

Damaged Window blinds

Close the blind during the day or replace them if they are too damaged

Loud AC Fans

Clean them frequently and check for any faulty parts

Oversized Beds

One of the most common problems people face is that the bedding in the inTech RV is too large, so it takes up a lot of space and makes it difficult to move around.

Three sides of the safari condo are completely covered by the walls. The remaining side is partly covered by the bathroom wall so it’s not always possible for people to get out without disturbing others who are sleeping on the other side.

It’s also a huge pain to make the bed because it’s wall-to-wall. Due to lack of room, you can’t adjust any additional furniture in the camper and will have to make do with what you have.

The Fix

Oversized Beds

There are many ways to solve this bed weight distribution hitch. One solution is to replace the large bed with a smaller one or use mattresses and rugs instead of a large bed frame. Zippered sheets are recommended to make the bed-making process easier.

Poor Insulation

Another one of the most common problems people are facing is that the walls of the Intech RV are not insulated well enough to keep you warm in the winter. The walls’ poor insulation under cold weather conditions means that the temperature inside will never rise to a comfortable level.

For example, propane heaters sometimes stop operating in cold temperatures. Another complaint is that the water heater does not feel warmer at night, which keeps you from sleeping. The poorly insulated walls also increase the moisture content, which affects the different parts and allows the molds to grow there.

The Fix

Poor Insulation

It’s important to have a well-insulated RV because the insulation isn’t just good for keeping warm or cool—it also provides soundproofing, helps with moisture control, and can help prevent condensation.

To add insulation to your camper, place pillows and blankets all around the interior of the camper and cover them with fiberglass. This will help keep in the warm air and prevent heat loss during cold weather.

Lack Of Storage Space

The storage in this camper seems to be a common issue. The camper is compact, so it has fewer cabinets compared to RVs like Forest River which makes it difficult to store baggage or camping equipment. The only cabinet where you can store clothes is slanted, so clothes must be rolled up to fit in there.

The Fix

Lack Of Storage Space

The storage problem can be solved using storage boxes and enhancers to store your tire chocks, plumbing tools, and other equipment under the bed. You can also increase the clothing storage space by modifying the available space and using storage enhancers.

Damaged Window Blinds

Window blinds in most campers generally tend to break often. Their durability starts to deteriorate after a mere 5-6 months, and you’re left with a broken product that won’t do you much good.

The Fix

Damaged Window Blinds

The blinds are covered under warranty, and if you put in a warranty request for independent suspension, inTech rvs will ship new blinds to install within a few weeks. If you’d like to fix them yourself, you can restring them with a stronger string or even a fishing line. It would be best to close them under direct sunlight and heat to improve their durability.

Loud AC Fans

In the summer, it’s hard to stay cool without air conditioners while camping. But in this RV, the air conditioners make an uneven noise at night.

You can’t ignore the sounds because doing so will eventually harm your AC. This is an indication that there is a problem with its interior components, such as the air compressor or motor fan.

The Fix

Loud AC Fans

When you hear the noise of AC fans, inspect each component of your air conditioner. This will help to determine the cause of the problem.

Additionally, you may view the air filters and blower motor’s operation to ensure that the fan is functioning properly to maintain the interior’s temperature based on the outside temperature.

Keep in mind that you will need to frequently clean these components, especially the air filters because of the dust particles that build over time to ensure that they work properly and keep your camper at an ideal temperature.

InTech Sol Horizon Pros And Cons

Pros — What We Love About Our Intech Sol Horizon

Small 19-Foot Size

InTech Sol Horizon Pros Small 19-Foot Size

Driving a long travel trailer is challenging, especially if you’re trying to find places to park. That’s why we decided on the Intech Sol Horizons 19-foot size. We found that having smaller travel trailers makes it easier to find campsites and guarantees more success in getting last-minute campsite reservations.

We can easily pull into parking lots and drive down narrow roads!

Quality Construction

 Quality Construction

The Intech RV has impressive built quality. It is no surprise that it’s popular among campers. The moment you step into the trailer and examine the doors and cabinets, you can feel the solid build quality of the tow vehicle.

The quality of materials is also impressive, with no rattling or squeaking when opening or closing cabinets, or doors. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your trailer is well-built and safe for you and your family to go camping in.


With fiberglass, you don’t need to worry about water intrusion ruining the wooden structure. Fiberglass RVs also hold their value longer with less depreciation, So you can usually buy them and sell them for more rather than trying to resell a stick-built RV.

Bathroom Size

Bathroom Size InTech Sol Horizon Pros

If you’re worried about having a wet bath in an RV, we encourage you to stand in the bathroom of a Sol Horizon and see just how spacious it is.

The wet baths in Intech RVs are 25% bigger than most standard campers wet baths. The space is more than enough and you will be able to comfortably use the shower, even if you are on the taller side. The shower head is ideally positioned. And we like this wet bath more compared to the ones in other RVs.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

The trailer comes with an outdoor kitchen and a griddle, similar to a pop-up camper. There is also space for a Dometic freezer, but we can choose whether we want the dealership to include it, buy it ourselves, or simply use the space for storage.

It’s perfect for campsites, tailgating parties, or even just for some fun on your own time.

Storage Under Sink

We love the storage space under the sink! It’s just the right size to fit a trash can to keep your trailer’s walkway tidy or a portable washing machine to manage laundry. We have also seen some owners install pull-out drawers for more storage space.

Spacious Dinette

Spacious Dinette InTech Sol Horizon Pros

The Sol Horizon’s dinette is roomy and comfortable and the window adds a nice touch. The cushions are deep, and there’s plenty of room for at least three adults to sit comfortably. The table can be removed and stored in the cabinets above, so when you remove it, the camper feels really spacious.


The Bed

We wish there was a better way to get a queen size bed into this trailer. We tried every angle, but it just didn’t work out.

The queen size bed is surrounded by three walls, with three sides completely against the wall and the open side covered by part of the bathroom wall. This makes getting in and out of the bed really difficult for one person sleeping near the bathroom side. You have to climb over your partner to get out of bed!

Making the bed can also be a huge pain but zippered sheets make that process easier.

Tables Over Bed

Tables Over Bed InTech Sol Horizon Cons

The tiny side tables that are in the corners of the bed area take up extra room and are pointless. They only get in the way when we sleep.

Lack Of Clothing Storage Space

You’ll want to break out the kid’s hangers because you’ll need them. The only cabinet where you can hang clothes is slanted and can hardly fit anything, so clothes can’t be folded and instead must be rolled up to fit more than one cloth in there.

The inward slope of the cabinet leaves barely enough space to hang clothing unless you use child-sized hangers, otherwise, it’s impossible to sleep on the side of the bed that’s near the closet.

Final Review: InTech RV

Simplicity, Light, And Space

Simplicity, Light, And Space Final Review: InTech RV

The Sol Horizon is a simple, harmonious, and cozy RV with a modern design euro styling. With a little bit of gray and white on the interior, this RV will make you feel right at home.

The gray Infinity woven-vinyl flooring is both visually appealing and practical. This durable PVC-coated polyester material is resistant to moisture, soil, and mildew, and is also lightweight, fade-resistant, antimicrobial, pet-friendly, and quite pleasant on the feet.

With glossy white surfaces on overhead cabinets and the radius bathroom wall transition smoothly into the cool gray-brown wood finish on lower cabinets and upper cubbies, complemented by brushed-nickel hardware, trim, and a hexagonal backsplash, the interior design is topnotch.

The Sol is a great small trailer for families who want to make the most of their space. It’s got three great windows in the back bedroom that join one over the kitchen sink, one in the door, and two more side windows at the dinette. During the day, tinted glass window provides an impressive amount of visibility from the inside and some privacy from the outside.

Even at night, we were capably illuminated with LED ceiling lights throughout; white/blue reading lights at the dinette and bed; blue cubby lights; and accent-light strips over the windshield and kitchen sink. Outside, a stop light, porch light, and blue accent strip along the windshield provide strategic illumination.


Storage is a little tricky in any RV, but it’s especially difficult in a small one. Though it has fewer cabinets, luckily, inTech trailers have a lot of other storage options, though oddly shaped.

For instance, the dinette, sink, and bedding have prop-up and magnet-latch cabinets to keep your stuff safe while you’re out on the road. There are also cutout cubbies with bungee cords on both sides.

Another great place to store your belongings is under the refrigerator. There’s plenty of space for utensils, paper products, and more—plus there’s even room for pantry items like cereal boxes!

The best part of the storage was the under-sink cabinet. It was wide open, and it had a lot of space for storing our stuff—including a trash can, grocery bags, lunch totes, and even a small drink cooler.

In any moderately sized campers, keeping the trash can out of the aisle is a game-changer.

Getting Functional

Getting Functional

The Sol’s interior is clean, functional, and streamlined. The compact galley includes a two-burner cooktop with a microwave above, and there’s just enough room for a small table that slides out from the side when needed.

The refrigerator has a French door design with two crisper drawers and two freezer drawers, so there is plenty of storage for food and beverages.

The kitchen is well thought out and has everything you need to cook or eat.

The Sol has four 12-volt DC power outlets, one on the floor next to the driver’s seat and three around the rear bench—all are handy for charging phones and other devices.

On the road, the RV Horizon is a great place to be. The driver and passenger seats are comfortable, with adjustable lumbar support, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes.

Getting Clean And Rested

Getting Clean And Rested

We came across the InTech Sol and immediately fell in love with it. It is very well built, with attention to detail. The layout is excellent, very functional, and roomy inside. We can’t wait to go camping in this beauty!

The interior layout is thoughtfully designed, and we were able to use all of the available storage space.

The cabinetry was really impressive, with a lot of details that we’ve never seen before, such as the way the refrigerator and the sink are set on the countertop.

The model-year coach house shower, with its large floor drain and easy-to-clean fiberglass surround, is a significant step up from the usual bathtub. It’s also a good size, with enough room for two people to stand side by side, although the aluminum curtain rod leaves some extra space in the corner where it meets the ceiling.

The Sol is a great little trailer that does everything we want it to do.




Dry Weight

3,230 - 3,372 lbs

Tongue Weight

465 - 495 lbs


4,000 lbs

Net Carrying Capacity

525 - 610 lbs

Ball Height

17 1/2"

Fresh Water Tank

28 Gal

Black Water Tank

32 Gal




All-Aluminum/All-Tube/Cage Frame


2 5/16" Ball

Rear Receiver

2” Receiver – 175# Capacity


ST205/75R15 Tires w/Aluminum Wheels – Includes Spare Tire

Load Center

35 Amp


Zamp Solar Prep

Exterior Skinning



One Piece Fiberglass

LP Quick Connect Port


Storage Compartments


20# LP Tank



Dexter Torsion



Master Bed

60” x 80”

Convertible Dinette Bed

48” x 80”


MaxxAir Vent Fan


Bubble Foil R7 (Walls & Ceiling)


(6) Drawers, (7) Overhead Cabinets,

(4) Overhead Cubbies


Bluetooth Stereo w/(4) Speakers & 32" TV


(1) 12V Outlet w/(2) USB Ports &

(2) 120V Outlets

Interior Windows

(8) Tinted Windows w/Shades




13.5K BTU

Water Heater

6 Gal - Electric or Gas


Infinity Woven Flooring




Porcelain Toilet


Aluminum Walls with Sealing Exterior Door


Roof Vent with Onboard Switch


Mesh Shower Storage Net/2 Towel Hooks




3.7 Cu Ft 3-Way


Large Farmhouse Style Sink with

Brushed Nickel Faucet


2 Burner Stainless Steel


1 Cu Ft Stainless Steel


What Can You Actually Power Only With Batteries?

The entire travel trailer can run on batteries without any electrical problems for two or more days depending on how wise you are with the battery use.

Whether You Utilize The Onboard Tank Or Beach Water, Is The Hot Water Inline?

Yes! The water will be heated in the RV whether you utilize the onboard tank or beach water.

How Can You Prevent Water From Entering Your Clean Water Reservoir When You Are Connected To Shore Water?

The two are connected independently so even if you’re connected to shore water, it won’t enter your internal clean water reservoir.


All in all, there aren’t many downfalls to this vehicle. RVs will always have their drawbacks, but the Sol RV Horizon can easily hold its own against its competitors. The driving experience is smooth and pleasant, and the amenities are quite impressive.

Hopefully, this guide has given you enough information on what InTech has to offer and what are some of its drawbacks to come to a conclusion for you to buy it.

What is your favorite feature of the Intech Sol Horizon trailer?

Share your thoughts on the InTech Horizon RV and let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions.

Get your RV today and start your next adventure now!

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