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RV Front Cap Replacement Cost: Check Right Now!

You won’t escape the RV front cap replacement cost because the front cap is vulnerable to increased wear and tear forces. After buying my RV and using it for over three years, I noticed this part dilapidated faster, making it essential for owners to replace it occasionally.

Being the most exposed part of the RV, it takes the hit from bugs, dirt, debris, and other elements, which wears it down beyond repair. In this article, I extensively discuss the RV front cap replacement and its cost.

RV Front Cap Replacement Cost

RV Front Cap – Overview

The front cap is the vital part of the RV situated at the front. This component is exposed to every adverse condition on the road, which increases its depreciation rate.

RV Front Cap - Overview
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It takes the hit while protecting the recreational vehicle from rough terrain and the harsh weather condition as you enjoy your road trips. Most RV manufacturers use the molden plastic to make the front nose because it doesn’t keep the spots for a long time, while others use the new fiberglass one.

Besides protection, the RV front cap adds:

RV Front Cap Replacement Cost. Aesthetics RV
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  • Aesthetics: The front nose enhances the beauty of the RV. Owners can paint or add photos on it, making their RV more beautiful.
  • Value: A new, freshly painted, clear coated front cap will completely change the RV looks, further enhancing its overall value. If you’re selling your RV, a great looking rig will give you a better bargain.

What Is RV Front Cap Replacement Cost?

It doesn’t matter whether your travel trailer is an affordable or a million-dollar entry-level option; ultimately, you have to maintain it to run optimally. Servicing recreational vehicles is crucial in enhancing the longevity of its parts.

What Is RV Front Cap Replacement Cost?
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Since the front cap is directly exposed to the external environment, you must look after it consistently, repair and replace it after a while, depending on its depreciation level. The basic charges for replacing this part include:

  • The service charges for the mechanic;
  • The price of the front cap.

The front cap costs around $1000 to $3000. So, the total RV front cap replacement price, including the charges for the needed accessories for its installation and service charge, will be around $4000 to $5000.

Why Replace an RV Front Cap?

As I have stated earlier, the front cap is prone to getting severely damaged, due to the influence of external factors, making replacing it inevitable. Here, I have shared some prominent reasons why you might need front cap replacement service:

Leaky Front Cap

The front cap is always vulnerable to water intrusion, which cannot be repaired. Whenever it rains, water will be flowing down the front nose’s surface.

Leaky Front Cap
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If the side panel and internal parts of the truck are drenched whenever it rains, your plastic or fiberglass front cap has holes and cracks. Filling up these openings is never a long-term solution, so you should consider replacing the whole front panel.


Recreational Vehicles usually suffer physical damage from unwanted blows or accidents that create holes or inward bending on their body. Due to its location, the front cap will suffer the worst damage after an accident that is why it must be replaced.

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Hits caused by accidents cannot be resolved by front cap repair. The most reasonable option is replacing the front cap with the help of a qualified dealer to restore your travel trailer’s structural integrity.

How Can You Protect Your Front Cap?

Since the durability of your RV front cap depends on your maintenance, you must employ effective measures for its protection. In this section, I have shared two proven methods you should consider.

1. Spray On Shields

Many travel trailer manufacturers provide spray-on shields as a convenient method of front cap protection. It doesn’t require frequent disassembly and assembly as you transition between camping, storage, and driving, like other protective options.

Spray On Shields
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The spray comprises a mix of protective materials applied on the plastic or fiberglass front cap using a spray gun. Most importantly, waiting for the spray to dry can be time-consuming because it can take minutes or days, depending on the type of product you use.

Pros, Cons, and Pricing

Here are the pros and cons of using this protective feature, and pricing:

Spray On Shields Pros
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  • Spray-on shields provide enhanced protection from anything likely to hit on your front cap while on the road due to its tensile strength that reaches up to 3000 PSI. This is impressive considering concrete 3500 PSI rating.
  • Besides its incredible strength, spray-on shield is also lightweight and more flexible. So you don’t have to worry about road debris and bugs while hitting the road or repair costs for front cap damages.
  • Spray on shields can limit the aesthetic value of your front cap, but this depends on the type of spray you use. However, this is a non-issue for me and other individuals that value convenience over aesthetics.
Convenience and protection provided by spray on shields comes at a cost as the unit price ranges between $1000 to $4000. The price depends on the strength of material, since the stronger ones are more expensive.

Spray on shields is a one-time investment as you won’t need to repair or replace it, unless your travel trailer is involved in an accident. Whatever price you pay, it will last as long as your rig.  

2. Bras Covering

Motorhome bra coverings are made from soft materials such as vinyl, and you can install or take them off whenever you wish. Hence, they lack the convenience provided by spray-on shields, which are applied only once.

Bras Covering
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However, the bra coverings offer more flexibility as they give users the freedom to choose when to use the protective layer on their front cap. You also don’t need professional help to install or uninstall the motorhome bras but ensure you do it correctly.

Pros, Cons and Pricing

Here are the pros and cons of using motorhome bras, and pricing:

Bras Covering Pros
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  • Bra coverings are usually tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your front cap, taking into consideration the make, brand, model, size, and the year it was manufactured. This customization makes attaching and removing this protective covering easy.
  • If you have a portable ladder, you can assemble and disassemble the bra within 10 minutes
  • Apart from physical protection, the bra covering also offers environmental protection.
  • It also protects the exposed part of the front cap from sun rays. This is very helpful, especially when you’re traveling during summer.
  • Bras provide room for designing your RV with different colors and designs. This will increase the aesthetic value of your travel trailer.

Here are the cons of using motorhome bras:

  • Bra coverings can harm your engine by blocking the RV’s air intake vents, decreasing engine performance and power. This can cause the engine to overheat or blow out.
  • Leaving the bras on the front cap for a longer time is not advisable as it can damage your RV’s paint or trap debris and dirt that will cause dents and scratches. If you’re not driving the RV, take off the bras.
When it comes to pricing, bra coverings are budget budget-friendly compared to the spray-on shields as their price ranges between $500 to $1000. Some options are cheaper than $500, especially the second hand bras, making it suitable for RVers on a tight budget.

RV Front Cap Replacement Cost – User Experience

Many Recreational vehicle owners must have sought RV repair and replacement services for the fiberglass or plastic front nose due to damage caused by accidents or wear and tear. In this section, I have captured some of the experiences of RV users and owners regarding the cost of rig replacement:

Milehicampers have been trying to repair or replace their faded rear and front caps for their 2016 Cedar Creek 36CKTS at Forest River. Based on their customer experience at Forest River, replacing the caps costs $2400 plus labor and $8000 for repainting. Milehicampers
Gottoys, a senior member at RV Life Pro suggested that painting both the front and rear caps shouldn’t cost more than $6000. He says he opts to get repainting services from budget-friendly local shops that paint buses and trucks. Gottoys
Mlockner, a weekend camper, had a cracked fiberglass front cap and couldn’t get a free replacement with his extended warranty through Crossroads. He agreed with a dealer that replaced his rig before to pay $2100 for front cap replacement. Mlockner


How much does it cost to replace the RV front cap?

The total cost for fiberglass or plastic front cap replacement is relative but it ranges between $4000 to $5000 depending on shipping charges and the cap’s dimensions. Further delamination will also increase the price.

How long does a caravan roof last?

If it is properly maintained, a caravan roof can last for up to 20 years. However, its average lifespan ranges between 10 to 12 years before holes and leaks appear.


The RV front cap depreciates quickly due to its role in protecting your RV from dirt, debris, and other external elements. So, it should be easy for you to figure out if the panel needs a quick repair or to be replaced.

Replacing the RV is quite costly, but the actual prices are relative depending on the shipping location and the cap’s size. The approximate cost of the replacement will be up to $5000.

Although the front caps aren’t expensive, the replacement charges are high due to the cost of accessories and labor. So kindly note that the replacement costs can fluctuate.

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