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Oliver Trailer Problems: 6 Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Are you facing Oliver trailer problems and looking for their solutions? Then, don’t worry! You are reading the right blog post. Oliver Trailer can experience issues like cracked frames, defective water pumps, and limited storage. But with the right guidelines, these issues can be fixed.

Read on as I will explore 6 Oliver problems and explain their easy fixes. So without any delay, let’s head on to the details!

A Sneak Peek Into The Trailer By Oliver Company

Oliver is known for producing the best-quality trailer that is compact and durable. What sets these travel trailers apart is that users can customize them according to their choices and preferences. So, if you’re planning to have it for your next journey, here are a few things you need to know:

A Sneak Peek Into The Trailer By Oliver Company
Credit: www.olivertraveltrailers.com
  • To make your trips memorable, it boasts a special insulation system that maintains the temperature inside despite the weather to provide maximum comfort to campers.
  • The trailers feature a double fiberglass core design, making them incredibly sturdy.
  • It consists of top-of-the-line amenities such as a kitchen, sleeping quarters, and climate control systems for a hassle-free journey.
  • The interior is roomy and modern, offering you the flexibility to set things up.
  • However, the curved walls mean you have less space for storing items.

Now that we have learned about Oliver’s trailer, let’s head on to the next section and explore its problems.

Oliver Trailer Problems and Solutions Table at the Glance 

Here’s a quick overview of the trailer problems and their solutions:

Oliver Trailer Problems


Limited Storage:

Installing extra cabinets, shelves, hooks, or baskets to increase storage

Soaked Bathroom:

Wipe the walls and the floor with a squeegee or a towel to dry the bathroom thoroughly

Cracked Aluminum Frame:

Use a waterproof cover or park it under shaded areas

Defective Water Pump:

Replace damaged batteries or loose wires and change the fuse if required 

Problem with Blower Motor:

Install a new filter if it is clogged or damaged due to dust accumulation


Increase airflow by opening the roof vent or a window or using dehumidifiers, fans, and air purifiers to combat the moisture issue

6 Oliver Trailer Problems and Fixes

Let’s explore the problems you might encounter as an Oliver owner. Most issues have easy fixes, explained below, to ensure your camping experience remains hassle-free. Let’s tackle these problems one step at a time: 

1. Limited Storage

Oliver Trailers are compact and well-designed offering numerous benefits, including excellent towability and efficient use of space. However, the downside of their compactness becomes evident when you can not fit in everything.

Oliver Trailer Problems. Limited Storage
Credit: www.olivertraveltrailers.com

It often feels like you’re playing a never-ending game, trying to squeeze in all your necessities. From clothing and kitchenware like instant pot and water heater to outdoor gear and entertainment options you don’t understand where to put all. So, for that, I’ve got the perfect solution. Let’s head over it!


Here’s how you can tackle limited space:

  • Use soft-sided bags that can be squeezed into tight spots.
  • Consider external storage options like roof racks or a cargo carrier.
  • Because of the limited space, you can use the central part of the walls for stands and other important items.
  • Invest in collapsible containers so that you can save space when they are not in use.

2. Soaked Bathroom

Bathroom-related problems, such as soaked floors and faucet leakages, can be a setback during your camping trip. As a result, high moisture levels encourage mold growth, as reported by many Oliver owners.

Soaked Bathroom
Credit: www.youtube.com @Olivertraveltrailers

It often starts with poor sealing around fixtures like the shower and toilet, which can allow water to seep through and collect on the bathroom floor. Moreover, the inconvenience of a soaked bathroom can extend to other areas like living spaces and storage compartments, causing water damage.


Let’s see how to fix this problem:

  • Close faucets tightly after use to conserve water and prevent leakages.
  • Regularly check for faulty taps and replace them when you notice a problem, such as splashing or spraying.
  • Use a shower curtain to create a shower area and separate it from the rest of the bathroom. This will prevent water from splashing on the walls of the bathroom.
  • Use a squeegee or a towel to wipe down the walls, floor, and toilet after showering to keep them dry and prevent excess moisture.
  • Install a fan or a vent in the bathroom to increase air circulation and ventilation and create a fresher atmosphere.

3. Cracked Aluminum Frame

Oliver Trailers uses aluminum instead of a wooden frame to make them lightweight. However, if this frame cracks, it might not provide the necessary support for a long time compared to the wooden ones.

Cracked Aluminum Frame
Credit: www.youtube.com @matttravels9770

For instance, driving on bumpy roads and uneven surfaces can damage the aluminum frame. Also, prolonged exposure to open air and sunlight plays a vital role in crack formation. Users have also reported corrosion in the metal frame due to parking in the rain. 


Listed below is an easy way to deal with an aluminum frame:

  • Keep your fiberglass trailer parked in shady areas, especially during the rainy season. Shaded areas will provide shelter and protection.
  • You could also cover the trailer with waterproof or plastic sheets as a barrier against further damage and leaks.
  • Avoid overloading the trailer and ensure that heavy items are distributed evenly to reduce stress on the frame.
  • To address corrosion issues, apply protective coatings or rust-resistant treatments to the frame. 
  • If you have the necessary skills, you can easily weld the cracks.

4. Defective Water Pump

If your Oliver trailer’s water pump isn’t working correctly, you might experience weak flow and leaks. Reasons could include loose wires, a low battery, or a blown fuse, which may cause the pump to work incorrectly. 

Defective Water Pump
Credit: www.youtube.com @Olivertraveltrailers

Users have also experienced reduced water pressure or even a complete cessation of water supply. Not only this, the defective water pump can wear and tear over time, causing electrical issues or damaged components. Moreover, the line connecting the fresh water tank to the pump and faucets might develop cracks, holes, or loose spots.


The following is an easy way to deal with a faulty pump:

  • Check for damaged batteries or loose wires, and change the fuse. If necessary, replace the battery to recover the water pump supply.
  • Keep spare parts such as the pump diaphragm, pressure switch, and check valves to prevent inconvenience on your trip. 
  • If the fresh tank level is low, you may need to fill it with enough water or connect it to an external water source to increase the water level. 
  • Clean the pump and replace the filter, impeller, or valves, if needed, to repair the water pump.

5. Problem with the Blower Motor

Blower motors are critical in ensuring your Oliver travel trailers stay cool and comfortable, helping the air conditioner work properly. However, a malfunctioning motor will prevent the air conditioner from working optimally. It can make your journey uncomfortable, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Problem with the Blower Motor
Credit: www.youtube.com @RVgeeks

The problem begins when the air filter gets clogged. Dust may accumulate inside the motors, making it hard for the fan to spin properly. As a result, the airflow gets weaker, and the cooling effect isn’t as good. If the air vents don’t run smoothly, it may cause peculiar noises like clunks and vibrations.


Listed below is an easy way to deal with problematic motors:

  • Replace the brown fuse with a quality new one, or change the battery if required.
  • Regularly clean and maintain the blower motor, including the fan blades and air ducts.
  • Inspect the water line for any cracks, holes, or loose connections, and repair the damaged section of the water line to prevent leaks into the motor.
  • Clean the clogged filter or replace it with a new one, as it can help fix the blower motor.
  • You can also contact an Oliver trailer service department for professional assistance if you’re unsure about fixing it yourself. 

6. Condensation

Condensation is one of the most commonly reported problems in Oliver’s travel trailer. It may occur because fiberglass doesn’t allow air to flow through easily. The increased moisture may also result from the round walls of the travel trailer. This not only causes discomfort but can also result in mold and mildew growth. 

Credit: www.youtube.com @FernbarkFrist

Key causes of condensation include poor ventilation, inadequate insulation, and the limited space within Oliver Trailers. If this problem is not addressed promptly, you may encounter other issues, such as rotting and rust or even bed bug infestations in mattresses or sleeping bags. 


Here’s how to deal with this problem:

  • Open the roof vent or a window to allow air to pass through and reduce moisture. 
  • Installing dehumidifiers or fans can help combat the moisture issue.
  • Use a squeegee or towel to wipe down surfaces prone to condensation, such as the washroom floor.
  • Use a waterproof mattress liner to cover your furniture and prevent moisture from damaging it. 
  • Conduct regular inspections to watch out for rust and clean the spaces thoroughly to prevent mold, mildew, or rust from taking hold. 

Customer Experiences About Oliver Trailer 

Oliver Trailer Owners have mostly reported positive feedback along with a few complaints. Let’s quickly go through its review:

Customer Experiences About Oliver Trailer
Credit: www.olivertraveltrailers.com
  • Quality and Durability: Owners like Andrew, Steve, and many more praised the build and durability of the trailer. It is made from double-shelled fiberglass and boasts a four-season insulation system with the low maintenance needed.
  • Service and Support: Oliver is famous in the RV industry for customer satisfaction with service and assistance. Customers like Michael reported that the service center staff readily helps out with potential issues.
  • Issues: A user Tim reported a problem with the heater and they had to get it fixed by an expert. If you face any heater issues, I would recommend you reach out the support to solve this matter quickly.


How long do Oliver trailers last?

Oliver travel trailer can last about a couple of decades with ease. Their oldest unit is about 15 years old and there are no major complaints. However, the trailer parts, such as brakes, faucets, and blow motor, may require occasional repair and replacement.

How can I prevent Oliver trailer problems?

You can prevent Oliver trailer problems by taking necessary measures. For instance, you can stop frame corrosion by protecting your van from rain and driving cautiously on bumpy roads. Increasing ventilation in your vehicle can help tackle moisture buildup.


The final say is that Oliver trailer problems can spoil your camping experience. But with the proper guidelines, you can easily get rid of these issues.

When you’ve limited storage, install extra cabinets. If you have a cracked aluminum frame, park your camper in a shady space, drive with caution, and weld the broken part. Also, if your blower motor is causing an issue, clean the clogged filters or replace the blown fuse.

Lastly, if nothing works for you after trying the basic troubleshooting, I would recommend you get in touch with Oliver’s support. Have you experienced any issues with your trailer? Drop a comment below to share your experience.

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