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Top 15 Best TV Antennas for RV [Buying Guide]

When traveling in an RV, you need something for entertainment to indulge in a home-filled fun feeling. There are TVs for RV for your favorite activities like camping, hiking, traveling on the road while watching your favorite channels.

Product NameImageProsPrice
KING Jack Over-The-Air AntennaComes with long-range signal acquisition.
Enhanced UHF signal reception.
The broad reception coverage of this antenna firmly locates the signals with maximum reception.
Comes with universal mounting brackets for homes or RV.
Easy to install.
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Winegard Sensarpro Signal MeterAllows easy and fast location of local digital programs.
Works well with Winegard Sensar antennas.
Seek, scan and channel searching modes with volume control and adjustable gain.
Includes outputs and cables.
Comes with a two years parts warranty.
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Winegard Wingman Booster Antenna Enhances the UHF reception to 100%.
Comes with easy installation.
Features free TV programming.
Comes at a low cost.
Features long-lasting durability.
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Finding the best TV antennas for RV is a daunting process which makes it difficult for people to choose one that meets all their needs. Solve all your signal issues now and pick all your local TV shows and programs through the best TV antennas on the market.

Let’s get started.


Best TV Antennas for RV Reviewed

KING Jack Over-The-Air Antenna

The top-notch product on our list of best TV antennas for RV is KING Jack OA8300. It is an over-the-air antenna that comes with a set of stunning features. The compact, aesthetically appealing look of this antenna fits well with the RV’s exterior or interior.

This antenna is 70% smaller than other antennas, which makes it an ideal choice for RVers. You can easily install it and move it around. The directions for installing this antenna are relatively simple, which means you don’t need a professional for installing it.

It offers a broad coverage range other than easy installation, making it easy for the device to catch

This device also comes with retrofit upgrades which allow you to upgrade the Batwing into digital HD. Such upgrades ensure that you have better picture quality plus the right signals.

The use of technology featured in this antenna boosts the UHF signal reception, which provides better quality when viewing DTV channels. Other than the DTV channels, you can also watch VHF channels.

It is a perfect device for a great reception on most of the stations. The combination of these dual features allows you to watch more channels.

Overall, this stunning device will set your standards high amongst other devices on the list.


  • Comes with long-range signal acquisition.
  • It comes with five minutes, a simple retrofit upgrade from Batwing to digital HD.
  • Enhanced UHF signal reception.
  • The broad reception coverage of this antenna firmly locates the signals with maximum reception.
  • Comes with universal mounting brackets for homes or RV.
  • Easy to install.


  • This device sometimes breaks after usage of a few months.

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Winegard Sensarpro Signal Meter

Tune into your favorite local programs and channels through this fast and easy-to-use Winegard Sensar Pro. This antenna’s operation is simple and easy to use with a selection of foot scan foot mode while slowly rotating the Sensar antenna for strong signal strength.

Watch your favorite local shows in crisp, clear HD or standard mode. There are other advanced options in antennas too. Save your time and watch your favorite shows within seconds with the best signal strength.

This antenna also comes with built-in amplification, which offers 10 decibels of gain during each enhanced performance. You can also reduce the gain if the antenna is placed near the tower.

The best part! It also features adjustable audio feedback, locking in the signals if the wall plates are out of signal reach. The 100-point scale system with a US-specific signal focus allows your antennas to work efficiently.

The SensarPro is perfect for work with all antennas and allows the replacement of the existing power supply. This system is well tested, designed, and built within the US.


  • Allows easy and fast location of local digital programs.
  • Works well with Winegard Sensar antennas.
  • Seek, scan and channel searching modes with volume control and adjustable gain.
  • Includes outputs and cables.
  • Comes with a two years parts warranty.


  • No housing for holding the unit.

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Winegard Wingman Booster Antenna 

Winegard brand is known for top-notch quality at a low cost. What makes it best is that it comes with an extensive range in the market.

The stunning feature in this antenna fetches clear signals even if there are weak channels. This allows the campers to fetch their favorite channels.

You can conveniently move the booster of this antenna that comes with a dense and small design. Plus, it has an easy installation which requires a simple, effortless job.

There are only three steps for achieving a great job with the Winegard wingman booster antenna. The best part about this booster antenna is that it comes with free OTA programming, which allows you to watch different channels.

Get access to all sports channels, news channels, weather, plus different popular shows that too for free. The design of this product is stunning, with powder covering ensuring that the product stays durable. This allows the device to last for a longer duration.

Optimize the Sensar batwing RV TV antenna to catch all digital channels. This brand has been serving for more than 30 years in the RV antenna market. The increased VHF capabilities with range allow you to enjoy the favorite shows with low signal areas.

Overall, it comes with easy installation and free TV programming, which will enable you to watch several channels.


  • Enhances the UHF reception to 100%.
  • Comes with easy installation.
  • Features free TV programming.
  • Comes at a low cost.
  • Features long-lasting durability.


  • Doesn’t get good reception during extreme weather conditions.

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Winegard Wingman Replacement Antenna

A great feature of this product is the coverage range. What makes this antenna for RV unique is that you can use this device for picking up signals over 55 miles or more. No more trouble regarding catching the channels of your choice.

This product also comes with an amplifier which boosts up the signal catching, especially of weak channels. You’ll love the high HD picture quality using this product. This durability is also long-lasting because of the powder coating. It protects against harsh weather.

Most customers love the way this antenna works, even in extreme weather conditions. If you love riding within tropical climates, it’s best to get your hands on the antenna, which stays unbreakable.

Lastly, this model comes with easy installation, allowing easy management of this product with fewer efforts.

This product is light-weight, allowing you to move it over easily. However, the light-weight design of this model might make it difficult for some users to install it.

Optimize the Sensor for the digital TV that maximizes the VHF/UHF digital or HD channels. Lastly, this Sensor works well for all TVs.


  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Comes with an extended range of around 55 miles.
  • Receives all HD and digital channels.
  • Comes with a two years parts warranty.
  • Amplifies at 75 ohms over the air HD and digital-ready antenna.


  • The installation might seem complicated because of the light-weight design.

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Amplified Waterproof RV Antenna

Enjoy watching different channels with this omnidirectional waterproof antenna which receives UHF, VHF, plus FM signals everywhere. No more challenging installation or use of tools as this waterproof RV antenna is a compact design antenna with easy installation without any hassle.

The anti-UV coating in this antenna makes it snowproof and waterproof, which shield it for minimum interference offering excellent performance for HDTV and digital signal reception even in terrible weather conditions.

The microelectronics and the SMD technology in this device allow top-notch performance with a built-in high-quality amplifier. What you’ll love about this product is its 12-month warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Overall, it serves as a good choice as it receives free broadcast HDTV signals like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and PBS. Plus, it supports the 1080p HD. Enjoy easy installation with this antenna which can be fixed in just three steps. Just unwrap, plugin, and then start scanning channels.

When using this antenna, make sure you check the TV manual and read whether it comes with the built-in tuner. Retune the Freeview TV plus the digital box periodically, ensuring you receive all services. The quality of signals allows better catching of channels.


  • Receives free HDTV signals.
  • Comes with SMD technology.
  • It comes with a built-in high-quality amplifier.
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty.
  • Works well in extreme weather.


  • Needs a 12-volt power supply.
  • The service depends on your location.

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King Jack Hdtv Directional Ota Antenna

This King Jack HDTV is an over-the-air antenna that comes with advanced technology ensuring the best signals with a huge selection of different channels. This design works well for the RV with the compact, sleek-looking design, which works well for the RV’s roof.

The small design of this antenna works well for picking up long-range signals. The simple and easy to install OTA antenna makes it appealing. The manual of this antenna makes this device stunning. Several customers praise the attractive features of this antenna.

This aerodynamic device limits the wind resistance and provides better signals for watching different channels.

This product’s effects are mind-blowing, featuring an interior knob that turns 60 degrees, meaning there are no dead spots in signal coverage. King is a brand that ensures to cover all aspects of the device.

The upgraded technology increases the UHF signal reception and receives VHF broadcast channels. Not only this, King Jack 0A8500 HDTV comes with a 4-year warranty, which makes it worth buying.


  • Long-range signals catch most channels.
  • The built-in lock signal finder makes signal acquisition easier.
  • Comes with the board reception coverage.
  • Features aerodynamic design with compact size.
  • Sleek, new design.
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotation.


  • You have to add a separate metal plate at the rear to cover all holes.

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Lava Omnidirectional RV Tv Antenna

The antenna has a long-range of more than 150 miles offers better reception. It serves as a perfect solution for suburban or rural areas. The omnidirectional antenna is made through state-of-the-art technology.

This 360-degree amplified antenna receives instant signals with no rotation or pointing. Just set it once and forget it. The antenna installs quickly and does not need any adjustments.

What makes this TV antenna unique is that it receives more than 45 HD channels for free. It works well for analog and digital conversion. This HDTV antenna is a great solution for customers who want to watch HD channels.

You can easily install this omnidirectional RV TV antenna within your outdoors or attics. For people who don’t like heights, this antenna works well. Just hook outside and prevent yourself from the struggles of tangled wires.

No more need for bolts or clips when installing this TV RV antenna. The outdoor TV antenna comes with a comprehensive installation kit which makes it easy for you. This TV antenna comes with UV protection, making it waterproof and working well in extreme conditions.

Overall, this TV antenna works well in all locations, whether West, South, North, and East. No need for tuning or pointing, which makes it worth buying.

Moreover, this unit is compatible with more than 8 TVs. The low noise amplifier with perfect reception quality makes this antenna worth it.


  • Works well for more than 125miles range.
  • Works in a 360-degree direction.
  • Features low noise amplifier.
  • No need to tune this outdoor antenna.
  • Works well for all TVs.
  • Allows you to watch 45+ HD channels.


  • Some customers complained about lack of proper service.

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Antop Directional Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

Unlike most TV antennas, this ANTOP antenna covers an area of 720-degrees. With the normal 360-degree base, it has a vertical area from which it covers another 360-degrees. This enhances its ability to catch signals, giving you the perfect coverage with a flawless reception.

It has both UHF and VHF reception, and it can support 720p, 1080p, and 1080i giving you a complete HDTV experience while you are on the road!

As it is made especially for an RV purpose, it can be set up quite easily. It does not require any extra tools or hardware for its fixation. In just a matter of five minutes, you can install it on your recreational vehicle.

With this TV antenna, you can experience spectacular screen time as it gives a clear 4K HDTV with its ability to minimize interference of other 3G or 4G wireless signals. This is possible as it has an in-built 4G LTE filter shield.

It cancels out unwanted signals and gives you the undisturbed and smooth reception you desire!

Moreover, this can adjust the balance between both long and short-range signals. Its exclusive smart pass technology allows it to avoid overloading of signals. This decreases picture distortion changes, providing you with the best quality picture you could ask for!


  • It has a remarkable picture quality.
  • The product’s installation is as effortless as it could be. It can be done within a matter of a few minutes.
  • The assembling is very easy and straightforward.
  • Using this product is very unchallenging.


  • You might have to rotate it to get proper reception.

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KING Omni Over-The-Air Antenna

This powerful and robust Omni-directional antenna is specifically made for your RV as it is portable and mobile. You can easily take it with you wherever you go and get the best signals even when you are on the road!

As it requires no tuning at all, it can be set up quite simply. There are no complications in assembling or installing it.

It is also compact and small in size, this enables you to transport it effortlessly, and it does not require much room and can be fixed in no time. It provides you with HDTV for free. So, you can enjoy your favorite show without any interruption!

The best thing about this product is that it does not require pointing. The multi-directional signal acquisition catches free signals. It receives three types of signals that are UHF, VHF, and FM.

These frequency bands have 470-698 MHz, 54-216 MHz, and 87.9-107.9 MHz. These allow it to give you the exemplary results you require from your TV antenna for undisturbed and perfect signals.

KING Omni Go HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna is amplified to give you the finest of signals. The power options this TV antenna has are 110V AC or 12V DC at 100mA. It comes with a collapsible tripod mount, flexible coax cable, power supply, and a magnetic vehicle mount.

This magnetic vehicle mount helps in mounting the antenna temporarily, increasing its convenience. Thus, this is one of the best TV antennas for an RV that you could buy for yourself!


  • The product installation is facile and simple.
  • The antenna has a good thickness level.
  • Comes with complete accessories.
  • Strong frequency.


  • It may not give you a smaller number of channels what you expect.

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King Tailgater Portable Satellite Tv Antenna

This can be considered the best TV antenna for your RV with all its fascinating features. This gives you a choice to use it as a portable antenna or mount it on your RVs roof. According to what you require, you can do either!

It has a dish served with an included Wally HD receiver. This makes it perfect for your HD programming. As you are on the road, this product is ideal for your recreational vehicle.

Moreover, this Wally receiver that is included in the dish service can receive Wi-Fi signals. This fantastic characteristic allows you to stream your favorite videos without any problem easily.

You can also listen to music and enjoy your ride to the fullest! Different web apps can also be used with this Wi-Fi, giving you various options for killing your time whenever you’re bored. This product also can support various TV viewing.

This occurs with the help of the built-in dual coaxial outputs. Although, the same satellite should be used for programming. The satellites are completely automatic with the acquisition of western Arc satellites 110/119/129.

KING Tailgater Portable Satellite TV Antenna has no separate power source. It does not have any remote as it is powered through the receiver.

This makes it more practical and handier to use. It gives you the homely environment you require while being on the road with all your favorite TV channels right in front of you!


  • The picture quality it has is extraordinary.
  • The sheerness level of the TV antenna is good.
  • Effortless to install.
  • You can use it quite simply as it is not complicated at all.


  • After turning it off once, you may need to re-initialize it.

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Winegard SK Slim Line Antenna

This product consists of numerous attributes that make it the ideal choice for your recreational vehicle. It is an automatic acquisition type TV antenna as it does not require any aim when changing the location.

It also comes with a stationary tracking type used when the RV is in a stationary position. Its reception types are HD and SD. Thus, it gives you HD and SD programming, with simultaneous reception at different angles of 99, 101, and 103 degrees.

Winegard Slim Line Antenna has the dimensions of 44″ L x 34″ W x 9.75″ H, with a slanting height of less than 10-inches. This makes it relatively small in size, resulting in it being very easy to transport and carry.

Moreover, you can view three TVs simultaneously as it has the viewing ability of three. The product comes with TRAVELER SK-SWM3 Satellite Antenna, 4 Way Splitter, Printed Documentation, and SWM Power Inserter.

It also supports DIRECTV HD receivers. This allows it to be used with DVRs to watch from different satellites at the same time. With this multi-satiated TV antenna in your RV, your family will never miss out on their favorite serial!


  • The installation process of this TV antenna is quite effortless.
  • It is effortless and facile to use.
  • All you need to do is push a button. And it is ready to function.
  • The signal strength is fantastic.


  • It may not be very durable and long-lasting.

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Winegard Amplified Digital HD RV Tv Antenna

This TV antenna is specially made for an RV. Its compact and sleek body provides you with the best signals as it has a 360-degree signal reception. This digital amplified TV antenna does not require any aiming or handheld cranking.

It can easily receive both UHF and VHF frequencies and give you the ideal signals you desire while you are on the go!

This Omni-directional amplified RV TV antenna has a 35-mile-long range. With this, it also has an embedded digital TV antenna amplifier.

This lets you watch anything freely, whether it be sports, local news, movies, or any TV serial you have been waiting for the past week! As it has free OTA digital programming, it gives you a larger variety of channels for your TV.

This product comes with a power supply that can be turned on or off according to your needs. A 30′ 75 Ohm coax cable, Road Star Omni-Directional VHF UHF Antenna, mounting bracket, printed documentation, and other hardware are required to assemble and install the antenna.

Using this TV antenna is extremely simple. All you need to do is park your RV, turn on the antenna, and check the available channels. You will get the different types of channels according to your location.


  • This TV antenna is uncomplicated when it comes to its installation.
  • It gives you the ideal picture quality.
  • This provides you with crystal clear reception, and no pixelation occurs at all.
  • It gives you a good number of channels to choose from.


  • It does not work properly if you get very far away from the city.

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Granny’s Home Digital Tv Antenna

This indoor and outdoor TV Antenna gives you the perfect experience for your leisure time. You can watch the local news or the sports whenever you want to even though you are on the road!

It has a range of 100-120 miles, providing you with crystal clear HD and digital shows. Although the number of channels depends upon your location, this HD TV Antenna catches hundreds of channels that give you an ideal range of shows to choose from.

Moreover, it also receives some free channels from the local broadcasters. These channels include NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Univision, Fox, and many more!

This antenna has a signal reception which is high gain and low error rate. Its range and frequency performance are also relatively high.

Thus, this product gives you the advantage of freely watching all local channels with the perfect quality of 1080p, giving you the finest experience you can ever imagine. The product can be set up very easily.

All you need to do is scan for your channel, place the antenna correctly, and connect the TV Antenna’s coax cable to the back of your television.

This way, you can effortlessly watch your TV without any trouble. It also can cancel out FM signals and cellular signals. This feature allows it to provide you with clearer picture quality and low noise.

The coax cable that comes with this TV Antenna is 0.2inches thick. This enhances its durability and makes it long-lasting. It is exceedingly light in weight, thus facile to carry around.


  • The product is uncomplicated to assemble.
  • It can be installed quite simply as well.
  • The sheerness level of this product is great.
  • This antenna gives you exemplary picture quality.


  • It does not give you a huge number of channels.

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Magnadyne Omnidirectional Amplified Tv Antenna

This omnidirectional amplified TV antenna is manufactured explicitly for recreational vehicles or marine use. It comes with high-grade materials that are UV protected. This makes the antenna strong and durable.

It is also waterproof, helping it to withstand harsh weather conditions without causing any problem. When you’re traveling, such a product is extremely useful as you do not have to worry about it getting damaged.

Moreover, it does not need any aiming or pointing when it comes to catching signals. You do not have to adjust the antenna repeatedly. All you will have to do is connect it with the single coax cable to the TV.

This then gives you perfect high-impact signals! A Motorolla connector is present with the TV antenna, which connects to your already existing TV cables and radio signals. The power supply for this antenna is 12V DC.

The signals it has are VHF, UHF, and DAB. Their frequencies are 47-230MHz, 470-862MHz, and 174-230MHz, respectively. Its impedance level is 75ohm, and the maximum output level is 104dB.

This Magnadyne Omnidirectional Amplified TV Antenna comes with a TV connection plate. The hardware required to set up the product is included in the package. So, you do not have to get extra things to fix it to your RV.

The mounting bracket that attaches to your rooftop also comes with it. Thus, you can effortlessly assemble and install the TV antenna within minutes!


  • The product has an exemplary thickness; thus, its portability is quite facile.
  • This antenna provides you with great picture quality.
  • Its installation is unchallenging and uncomplicated.
  • It gives you an amazing amount of HD channels.


  • The antenna works well with FM but not so great with AM. The AM is not satisfactory.

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Luxtronic Amplified RV Digital Tv Antenna

This UFO-shaped TV antenna provides you with high-quality reception. It gives you HD content on all analog free-to-air channels and HD channels. Although, the channels have to in their frequency range for them to receive those.

The frequency range of this TV antenna is UHF, 470-862MHz. The antenna catches signals depending on the weather; if it is a clear day, it can receive signals from 35-40 miles. On the other hand, if the weather is cloudy, it will receive fewer signals.

Moreover, hindrances such as mountains and buildings may stop the signals from reaching the antenna, thus reducing its ability to provide you with flawless TV reception.

This Luxtronic Omnidirectional Amplified RV Digital TV Antenna is ideal for your RV, caravans, trucks, and boats. It can be used as both an indoor or an outdoor TV antenna.

As it is Omni-directional, it can receive signals from 360-degrees. This allows it to give you a balanced and quintessential reception. Its assembling and installation are also relatively uncomplicated, as you will not need an electrician for it.

You can easily do it on your own. It has a magnetic base that helps you to fix it on any metal surface. After this, you need to connect the coaxial cable t your television!

The material used in its manufacture is UV resistant and can withstand challenging weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. This makes it quite sturdy and stable, so it can bear the harsh environmental conditions it might have to face.

Another phenomenal feature it has is that it includes a low-noise amplifier. This prevents noise interference in areas with low signals, and on the other hand, it prevents overloading in areas with strong signals as these both are mainly the reasons for picture distortion.


  • It gives you incredible picture quality.
  • Plenty of channels.
  • Effortless installation process.
  • Highly Portable.


  • You will need a steel base for its installation.

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How To Choose The Best RV TV Antennas?

Choosing the best TV antennas for RV is essential for meeting all your RVing needs. Have a look at the following factors to get your hands on the best RV TV antenna.


You need to consider the fact that what is the material of the RV TV antenna. Check whether the antenna is made from aluminum or plastic and both so that it works well for different situations.

If you plan on buying the outdoor antenna, then buy the one with aluminum. Aluminum is more durable and holds well when placed in extreme weather conditions. The aluminum RV antenna won’t rust in a rainstorm.

However, aluminum is not ideal for indoor devices. For indoor uses, choose an antenna made from plastic.


Weight is another factor that you need to consider while buying an RV antenna. For instance, if you are camping within a windy area, you should buy a TV antenna that is heavy and works well outdoors.

The light-weight products don’t last long in different weathers. For indoor needs, however, it’s best to get your hands on the light-weight option. Light-weight RV TV antennas work well for dry heat areas too.

Coverage Range

When buying an antenna, choose the one which offers a huge coverage range. This allows you to stay happy with the purchase. The products that come with a huge coverage range make your purchase more comfortable.

If you end up buying an RV TV antenna with a low range, you need to pay an extra amount for antenna boosters. Choose the product which ensures meeting your coverage needs.


Choose the RV TV antennas that allow easy installation. Never overlook the feature of installation when buying the RV TV antennas. Make sure the RV TV antennas come with easy manual instruction with a simple installation guide.


There are RV TV antennas in the market which offer Wi-Fi access. This feature is only essential if you want one. If you can’t go without any internet access, it’s best to buy an RV TV antenna that comes with Wi-Fi. These devices, however, cost more than the standard TV antennas.


Usually, antennas include aluminum and plastic materials. The outdoor antennas are made from heavy-duty material, making them durable, allowing them to withstand external elements. Make sure the antennas don’t rust even in rain or extreme heat. Plastic material is excellent for indoor use.

What Are the Different Types of TV Antennas For RV?

Indoor Antenna

Indoor RV TV antennas are less common and offer less range. These RV TV antennas are quite convenient and do not undergo issues like collecting branches, debris, or leaves, leading to signal problems. You can conveniently install them and switch them on without any hassle.

However, these RV TV antennas suffer in terms of HD quality and channel variety which seems an issue for RV owners. The indoor RV TV antennas are cheaper and serve as a perfect option for RVers. These antennas are smaller and offer less range.

Outdoor Antenna

RV owners commonly prefer outdoor RV TV antennas because they offer stunning results in terms of catching signals and allowing you to watch different channels.

The exposure of these devices makes it more prolific compared to the indoor models. The only annoying issue with these outdoor RV TV antennas is dealing with the leaves and branches. This limits the catching ability of signals by your antenna.

If you plan on buying an outdoor antenna, ensure that you can easily adjust it. The popularity and usefulness of such antennas make them more costly compared to indoor antennas. Lastly, these antennas are bulky but come with more signal reception.


How Does It Work?

The best TV antennas work well by locating the local channels, satellite channels, and UHF/ VHF signals based on the product you buy. It broadcasts the channels and favorite shows on the TV, allowing pleasing views.

Most of these devices are HD and digital-ready antennas featuring a strong capability of catching signals. Whatever your location is, these devices provide top-notch signals.

There is no need to worry about cranking or rotation of the RV TV antennas. The top models adjust themselves immediately while locating reception and best signals.

Does the Antenna Come with A Mounting Plate?

It all depends on the type of product you purchase. Some tv antennas for RV do come along with the mounting plate, while you need to buy it for others. Choose the model which comes with a mounting plate.

This prevents you from the extra hassle of buying antennas with mounting plates. This also ensures that you don’t end up buying the wrong product.

How to Improve Tv Antenna Reception?

If you are suffering from issues like achieving good reception, you can perform a few things to improve it. You can buy a digital TV or a satellite TV strength meter. Such devices help in finding strong, clear signals based on the location.

Other than that, you can also invest in an amplified antenna set that boosts the weaker signals to acceptable levels. Some devices are also reviewed in our product list.

The bad signals can occur because of the area where you parked the car, so it’s best to avoid going in areas having trees, hills, or mountains. Such external objects can hamper the antenna signals making it difficult for you to enjoy the favorite shows.

Lastly, you can also buy top-tier RV antenna boosters. Such devices help in getting better signals leading to more TV channels.

Could I Watch TV While Driving?

Watching TV while driving depends on the type of antenna you are planning to invest in. Most brands mention whether you can use such items for stationary purposes or not.

If you are investing in stationery only antennas during driving, it might lose the satellite connection. Choose over-the-air antennas if you plan on watching TV while driving.

However, you need to check the distance and the surroundings with the broadcasting tower to check the impact over signal strength.

Is an RV Antenna Considered Free TV Or Subscription?

Dish, DirecTV, and Bell TV are satellite services that need a paid subscription. Some models, however, offer pay-as-you-go options depending on your duration.

If you have a current subscription, use that for the RV antenna. For some providers, you need to pay additional fees. You can choose over-the-air antennas for securing signals through local broadcasting towers for free for other cost-friendly options.


Our top-pick from the list of best TV antennas for RV includes KING Jack Over-the-Air Antenna. This product comes with mesmerizing features with an aesthetically appealing look.

The compact size of this antenna makes it the most demanding choice amongst RVers. It features easy installation and offers a broad coverage range. It also comes with retrofit upgrades which allow easy up-gradation from Batwing to digital HD.

Enjoy a good quality picture with perfect signals using this device that features stunning technology. So, invest in the best TV antenna for RV now and indulge in an entertaining, fun-filled experience.


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