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Top 7 Best RV Inverters [Buying Guide]

Travel can seem like a daunting adventure if it’s your first time. However, if you are well-prepared to meet any obstacle, it can take some part of the fear. When on the road, you need to have a reliable source of power.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Edecoa Power InverterThis inverter supplies 3500 W of continuous power.
This inverter only weighs 16 lbs.
It has multiple protection systems built-in.
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VOLTWORKS Power InverterThe strong aluminum casing is resistant to drops.
LCD shows power and fluctuation.
It comes with 3AC outlets and one USB port.
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Ampeak Power InverterIt comes with a sturdy ABS shell.
It has multiple built-in safety measures to protect your devices.
Comes with a built-in mount for easy installation.
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In this article, we’re about to tell you where you can find it. Here is our list of the best RV inverters.


Best Power Inverter for RV Reviewed

Edecoa Power Inverter

EDECOA is well-equipped to build sturdy units capable of providing stable power. In addition, this company knows how to put power and convenience together.

First off, this power inverter from EDECOA delivers about 3500W of continuous power. So, you can expect a steady supply of 3500W for all of your electrical needs. Additionally, this inverter has 7000W of peak output power.

It is essential to take the best care of your electronic appliances, but it is even more critical when you are on the road.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed trip across the country or break from bad weather indoors, you need to secure a stable power source. This is where the EDECOA power inverter is a good fit for you.

This inverter has a total of 4 AC outlets and a single hardwire terminal. This inverter also comes with handy remote control and an LCD panel.

You can view the battery pattern, battery voltage, and RV battery power. In addition, the display will alert you when the inverter is in protection mode.

Last but most certainly not least, this inverter has multiple protection systems built into it. This includes an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), intelligent power management (IVM), and intelligent fan control (IFC).


  • This inverter supplies 3500 W of continuous power.
  • This inverter only weighs 16 lbs.
  • It has multiple protection systems built-in.


  • The installation is a bit of a hassle if you have to do it yourself.

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VOLTWORKS Power Inverter

VOLTWORKS specializes in providing smart solutions for your power problems. This particular model from VOLTWORKS is compact and hardly takes up any space. Moreover, the exact shape makes it easy to store and install.

This trusty inverter can deliver a 2000WATT of continuous power and can get up to 4000WATT at peak power. If you don’t have a lot of space in your RV, you need to consider this small inverter option.

Outside of saving your space, this inverter is also multi-purpose. You can safely use it for electronic appliances around your RV without fear of any damage.

You can also use it to power your power tools or any emergency equipment using 2000WATTs of continuous power. This inverter can, of course, power your TV and provide hours of entertainment.

There is also an LCD across the top of this inverter that indicates input, output, voltage, also protective measures.

It features 3AC outlets as well as a DC USB port to accommodate all of your needs. This USB port is suitable for charging your smaller devices but can power most USB-compatible devices.

This inverter incorporates multiple safety measures in its design to ensure long use. The outer casing is a robust and damage-resistant aluminum alloy that secures the inverter against any sudden drops.

There is also Soft Start Tech and isolated input/output that protects your inverter and your appliances. This inverter is protected against over-voltage and overheating as well.

There is a built-in cooling fan that kicks in once the inverter hits 600W.


  • The strong aluminum casing is resistant to drops.
  • LCD shows power and fluctuation.
  • It comes with 3AC outlets and one USB port.


  • The power cord is too short.

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Ampeak Power Inverter

The AMPEAK power inverter provides 1000W of continuous stable power to your devices and a surge capacity of 2000W. We know that cell phones are susceptible to power surges. The AMPEAK power inverter, however, charges your devices quickly and safely.

This inverter is perfect for all types of sensitive devices. For example, you can use it to power up your laptop, electrical lights, or digital camera. Additionally, you can use it to safely power equipment like breast pumps, electrical tools, and even kitchen appliances.

To power multiple devices, this inverter has numerous outlet ports. For example, this power inverter from AMPEAK has 2 AC outlets and a single 2.1A USB port compatible with most devices.

The AMPEAK inverter is robust from the inside out. In addition, this inverter has built-in safety measures to protect your devices. It comes with a display screen that indicates power and voltage, as well as an audible alarm.

This inverter has a built-in Mini Slip Fuse to protect against over-voltage/low voltage, overload, and short circuits. Finally, you will find a fan that kicks in to prevent the system from overheating.


  • It comes with a sturdy ABS shell.
  • It has multiple built-in safety measures to protect your devices.
  • Comes with a built-in mount for easy installation.


  • It only has two AC outlets.

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Giandel Power Inverter

The Giandel power inverter comes with multiple layers of built-in protection. First, this inverter comes with Soft Start Tech and Isolated input/output design.

Second, the Giandel inverter is protected against sudden surges of high voltage or low voltage.

Third, this inverter is safer from short circuits, overload, or overheating. This last is thanks to a solid built-in cooling fan that kicks in when needed.

The Giandel power inverter can provide you with 2200WATTS of continuous power. This is a pure, uninterrupted flow of energy you can count on during emergencies. The Giandel power inverters are suitable for any occasion but particularly good during power outs.

The outer casing is sturdy and protects the inverter against any harm from the environment. In addition, this inverter comes with 2 AC outlets and 1 2.4A USB port, and a smart LCD screen.

The LCD screen displays the power, voltage and indicates when the protection mode kicks in.

This inverter comes with a remote control to help you adjust the settings from a distance. You will also receive a cable 15 ft in length for maximum convenience.

In addition, you can use the power on/off function on the inverter through cable, thanks to the independent power button.


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The 2.4A USB port provides safe and fast charging.
  • It has built-in safety measures to protect your devices.


  • It does not provide consistent power for more significant devices.

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Bestek Power Inverter

When we talk about companies and products that have stood the test of time, we can count BESTEK among them. This inverter provides 2000Watts of continuous power and has a peak surge of about 4600W.

You will find three sturdy AC outlets to power your devices safely and fast. These terminals are strong and provide a stable connection for your appliances.

You can use this inverter to power any number of devices in your RV. For example, it can easily power your laptop, DVD player, camera or be used to charge your tablet and cellphone. You can also use it to power your electronic appliances.

You can safely use this power inverter as it comes with a reliable safety system. This includes a built-in external 50A fuse that protects your devices from any harm caused by overload, high-voltage, or low-voltage.

Additionally, a built-in audible alarm alerts you if the inverter or any of your devices are at risk of damage. The LED light indicates different modes through different colors.

For example, a red light means the protective mode has been turned on, and the device will be shut off. However, a green light indicates normal function.

This inverter has a solid aluminum shell that protects it against drops. The durable casing is also good protection against harsh environmental elements when you’re on the road.

On top of which this inverter comes with a built-in fan that quickly cools the system down without interrupting the power supply.


  • Sturdy outer covering.
  • Three fast charging AC outlets.
  • Comes with multiple safety measures built-in.
  • CE and ETL certified.


  • It does not power bigger appliances as well over some time.

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Samplex Power Inverter

Samplex prides itself on providing industrial-grade inverters that are travel-ready from the go. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy inverter that will power your supplies around the campsite, this is it.

Luckily, the compact design of the Samplex inverter saves you space for your other equipment. Additionally, this inverter weighs only 17.2 lbs. making it easy to transport and take wherever you go.

This compact design also means that this inverter is easy to store when not in use.

The Samplex provides 2000 Watts of uninterrupted power to your devices. In addition, it utilizes a design that ensures there is low interference when powering your devices.

So, you can safely enjoy some downtime while watching TV or listening to music on your audio devices. This inverter comes with two GFCI protected outlets.

You can power multiple appliances without worrying about power. And you don’t have to worry about damaging your devices, thanks to the built-in safety measures.

The Samplex inverter can deal with power fluctuations and prevent any harm. In addition, it is certified up to UL standards and is also FCC-approved.

This inverter has other security features that prevent it from damage. The external casing is durable and resistant to harm. This inverter also comes with a built-in fan that cools the system when needed.

One of the best features of this inverter is that the fan does not slow down the power supply even as it reduces heat. This fast-cooling fan is also silent and goes unnoticed as you go about your day-to-day activities.


  • GFCI protected outlets.
  • It has been certified up to UL safety standards.
  • The cooling fan is effective and silent.


  • The installation is difficult.

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Giandel Modified Power Inverter

We have spoken about Giandel as one of the big names in this business. This is why it should come as no surprise that they have multiple products on this list.

You can use this inverter to power equipment around your campsite safely, around your house, in case of an emergency, or for your solar system. This inverter can provide you with 2000Watts of uninterrupted continuous power.

Additionally, this inverter comes with a peak power of 4000Watts. Finally, this inverter comes with 2 AC outlets and 1 2.4A fast charging USB port.

This inverter comes with double built-in safety measures. First, it is protected from damage caused by your environment by a strong out casing. Second, this casing is durable and is resistant to shocks on the road or sudden drops.

The second part of the safety mechanism includes Soft-Start Tech and isolated input/output design that protects the inverter on the insides.

These built-in functions make it so that the system is protected against high-voltage, low-voltage, short circuit, or overheating. Additionally, the built-in fan aids efficiency by cooling down the system without taking up too much power.

On top of all that, you will receive a remote control that makes your inverter easy to adjust. And you will also receive a 15 ft cable that will make life around RV that much easier.

Giandel puts out reliable products that are built to withstand continuous use. This is perhaps why they offer an 18-month warranty on their products. It is a testament to their faith in the quality of the product.


  • Fast-charging USB port.
  • Hard outer casing.
  • Comes with a 15 ft. cable.
  • 18-month warranty.


  • The safety system needs to be revised.

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How to Choose the Best Inverter for a Camper?

Inverter Power

It is important to note that inverters come with two different modes of power. The first is the peak surge power that tells you the maximum amount of power a device can generate.

The second is the continuous output that tells you the amount of power an inverter can supply without interruption. So, when looking at inverters, look out for the constant output and the peak surge supply.

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Energy Efficiency

When looking at inverters, it is important to check if they have the correct safety measures in place. For example, some inverters have built-in measures that will cut off the power if it might cause damage to either your inverter or the device you are charging.

These measures ultimately help you preserve energy and keep your devices safe.

Remote Control

Inverters now come with remotes that allow you to adjust the settings on your device. But, first, you need to check whether your inverter provides a remote or you need to purchase it separately.

Safety Measures

Nowadays, you can find inverters with built-in features to secure the inverter and your devices. You need to check to see how many and what kind of safety measures your inverter provides.


Some inverters come with easy built-in mounts for instant installation. On the other hand, some inverters can prove frustrating when trying to install.

RV Inverter Types

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

One of the most commonly known types of the inverter is the Pure Sine Wave inverter. This is a type of inverter that you can expect to get from a generator company. This type of power is preferred because it can be generated by rotating air conditioners or similar machinery.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

This inverter type is a modified version of the pure sine wave inverter. This inverter is cheaper than the average pure sine wave inverter. However, it will reduce the energy efficiency of your devices.

Square Wave Inverters

In terms of price, the square wave inverters are cheaper than either of the above types. Therefore, these inverters can be used to power simple tools without problems. However, that is the extent of their ability.


What Does an RV Power Inverter Do?

An RV inverter is a device that can convert low voltage DC into a stable AC voltage to power your appliances. This device can supply durable power to your appliances on an RV.

Is There a Difference Between an Inverter and A Converter?

Yes, there is. A converter converts the voltage of a device from AC (alternative current) to DC (direct current). An inverter, on the other hand, converts DC into stable AC.

How Do I Use an RV Power Inverter?

Once your power inverter is installed correctly, it is relatively easy to use. Most inverters come with display screens that show you that the inverter is on and ready to relay power to your devices. You can then use the outlets on the inverter to power your various devices safely.

What Size Inverter Do I Need for My Camper?

The easiest way to answer that question is first to consider how much power do you need? And will you be on the road the entire time? Then, how many appliances will you need to power?

RV inverters come in various sizes with varying capacities. In addition, some of these inverters are portable, and some are not. Therefore, you need to consider your own power need when getting an RV inverter.

How To Install an RV Inverter?

Manufacturers usually make sure to include information on installation in the user’s manual. This is because installation differs in type and size.

For example, a smaller inverter of about 75 Watts can be plugged in directly in the outlet for your cigarette lighter.

On the other hand, larger inverters need to be wired directly into your batteries. Ideally, you should keep your inverter close to your batteries and check the user’s manual to check that you have the correct wire size.


There you have it! Our list of the best RV inverters is out there right now. We tried to provide information on the best RV inverters and some of the features to look out for.

We hope this article helped you learn about the different types of inverters and some features you can expect. Hopefully, you could find what you were looking for and are all set for your journey!


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