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Top 14 Best RV Air Conditioners [Detailed Reviews]

Being an RVer, you want your entire journey to be incredible, whether we talk about appliances like TV, air conditioners, or others. Besides the TV, which makes your RVing fun-filled, you need an air conditioner to stay comfortable and indulge in an ideal experience during summers.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Dometic Polar White AC UnitPowerful cooling with 15000 BTUs.
Quiet, more robust, and cooler.
Durable design.
High-tech material.
Comes with the latest base pan.
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Coleman Airxcel Mach 15 A/CComes with a streamlined shape.
Offers upgraded airflow.
Features efficient cooling.
Allows you to add an optional heater.
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Domestic Low Profile Rooftop Air ConditionerLow-profile design.
A sleek, contemporary design that improves mileage.
Releases heat efficiently.
Works well with non-ducted or ducted cooling systems.
Works well for thin ceiling applications.
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Whether you have kids, friends, or family members, having the best RV air conditioners can make your entire journey memorable with a no-sweat experience.

Let’s dive in to find out all about the best RV air conditioners and what you need to look for when buying one!


Best Rv Air Conditioners Reviewed

Dometic Polar White AC Unit

This air conditioner comes in the dimensions of 30.5″ W x 15″ H x 29″ D with the weight of 85 lbs. The input voltage with this air conditioner is around 115V. However, this RV air conditioner does not come with a heat pump.

This product comes with dampening brackets, which reduce vibrations and noise. The improved material and the smart design make it worth buying. This air conditioner comes with maximum airflow with a stunning performance.

This Dometic air conditioner comes with RV A/C technology engineered and redesigned for more than two years to offer an air conditioner with stunning features. Dometic offers this Brisk air conditioner which is lighter, stronger, quieter, and smaller.

The smarter design with tight specifications provides a 15% increase in airflow, and this air conditioner is 19% lighter than other models.

Overall, it’s one of the best RV Air Conditioners with enhanced cooling capacity and 2 years warranty.


  • Powerful cooling with 15000 BTUs.
  • Quiet, more robust, and cooler.
  • Durable design.
  • High-tech material.
  • Comes with the latest base pan.


  • Power consumption is relatively high.

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Coleman Airxcel Mach 15 A/C

The voltage input of this air conditioner measures around 120V with a wattage capacity of 1800 watts.

This stunning air conditioner’s cooling capacity is around 15000, with a BTU heating output of about 5600. The electrical rating measured with this air conditioner is around 115V AC with 60 HZ. It comes with the ⅓ HP fan motor.

This Eco-friendly air conditioner works well whatever you drive. This air conditioner comes with maximum cooling power. It is one of the most famous air conditioners with a high cooling output which you can easily purchase.

The strong airflow makes it an ideal choice. The fan used in this air conditioner is one of the largest ones, with an incredible power of 320 CFM. The streamlined shape with an aesthetically appealing look allows it to enhance the cooling efficiency and upgrade airflow.

This model features gas-flux brazed joints with all-copper tubing, ensuring this product’s longevity with high durability. Moreover, this air conditioner is capable of dissipating heat because of the condenser coils and large evaporator.

Plus, it comes with the raised lance fins, which makes this system an excellent choice. Lastly, you can also add optional heater assembly for providing the heat of around 5600 BTU of the heated air.


  • Comes with a streamlined shape.
  • Offers upgraded airflow.
  • Features efficient cooling.
  • Allows you to add an optional heater.


  • This air conditioner draws around 15amps which is quite high when in a cooling setting.

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Domestic Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

This Domestic rooftop air conditioner comes with the 13,500 BTU.

For all tech lovers, you can control this air conditioner using an Application. The voltage used by this air conditioner measures around 120V with a wattage of around 3000 watts. The cooling power of this air conditioner measures around 11000 BTU.

You’ll love this air conditioner because it features an aerodynamic, low profile that saves fuel and reduces any wind drag.

This air conditioner comes with quiet operation while delivering optimum balance of the airflow.

Fall in love with the easy-to-use controls and easy to reach air conditioner with the three-speed blower. This air conditioner comes with an electronic manual plus wall thermostat controls.

For thin ceilings, it also comes with the heating strip plus the pre-installed module board. Dometic brand ensures the users the top-notch performance and new features for RVers in the air conditioners.

It is available in polar white and black colors. The dimensions of this air conditioner include 29 x 40 x 9.5 inch weighing around 99 pounds.

Enjoy an ideal comfort zone with this Dometic air conditioner with a low-profile design that looks beautiful on the outside and comes with stunning features and technology on the inside. Enjoy this versatile air conditioner which is fully automated and offers worry-free usage.


  • Low-profile design.
  • A sleek, contemporary design that improves mileage.
  • Releases heat efficiently.
  • Works well with non-ducted or ducted cooling systems.
  • Works well for thin ceiling applications.


  • You need a Multi-zone CCC II thermostat for using this air conditioner in an RV.

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Atwood Non-Ducted A/C Unit

This non-ducted air conditioner is designed in such a way that it withstands extreme weather. This air conditioner is equipped with a heat pump to eliminate heat within cooler climates.

This Atwood non-ducted air conditioner is incredibly quiet and offers easy installation. Why most buyers love this air conditioner is that it cools down the RV immediately.

This Atwood air conditioner delivers air at a rate of 360 cubic feet each minute. These air conditioners promote low amp draw while operating quietly. This heavy-duty model promotes reliability.

This non-ducted air conditioner is an ideal choice for an RVer who has RVs with non-ducted systems. It comes with 15000 BTUs and dual fan motors, making it the quietest RV air conditioner in the market.

Prevent yourself against the hassle of a noisy AC motor running in an RV while using this air conditioner.

This RV air conditioner features a heat pump, which allows you to get rid of all those chilly nights during the RV trip. The easy installation of this air conditioner makes it an extremely convenient air conditioner.

Lastly, it features the remote, allowing access to your air conditioner without even manually touching it. This makes Atwood air conditioners go an extra mile due to the stunning features.


  • Comes with 15,000 BTU.
  • Features dual fan motors, which allows quiet operation.
  • Features a heating pump.
  • Convenient installation.
  • Comes with a remote for easy convenience.


  • You need to order the ceiling assembly separately.

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Coleman Airxcel Mach 3 A/C

The cooling power of this air conditioner is about 13500 cooling and heat capacity. The electric heat element capacity is approximately 5600 with an electrical rating of 115 VAC with 60 HZ. The cooling amps with this air conditioner are around 13.1.

The airflow with this air conditioner is 320 CFM. It is one of the overall bestseller air conditioners for RV. It comes with a large evaporator with condenser coils and raised lance fins, which helps dissipation heat.

The dimensions of this air conditioner include 41 x 28 x 16 inches, weighing around 90 pounds. Moreover, it also comes with the optional heater assembly, which gives 5600 BTUs of heat. If you want a reliable air conditioner, then this one is the best choice.

It features the gas-flux brazed joints with all-copper tubing, which ensures the long-life and durability of the RV air conditioners.

Airxcel is an air conditioner by Coleman, which is known for the best RV engineering. This model is, however, less potent than other models. The lightweight, less power, and lower cost of this air conditioner make it a reliable choice.


  • Instant cooling with 13,500 BTUs.
  • Comes with a heating option of 5600 BTU.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Lightweight.


  • Does not work well for huge RVs or campers.

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Furrion Rooftop Air Conditioner

The Furrion rooftop RV air conditioner comes with 14,500 BTUs. It works well for trailers, campers, and RV. This air conditioner features dual fans, which move the air faster and more efficiently within the RV.

These fans with individual motos help cool air movement efficiently within the RVs, even on hotter days. It serves as one of the best RV air conditioners that are energy-efficient and have a high cooling capacity. It’s 25% more efficient than other air conditioners.

What makes this air conditioner unique is that it comes with the vibration smart technology or Climatesmart, which resists any vibrations and allows the air conditioner for RV to function well within extreme climates.

Fall in love with this sleek design and lightweight air conditioner, which comes with the aerodynamic design reducing the wind resistance. The overall performance and mileage of this air conditioner are stunning.

This energy-efficient unit works well on low BTU units. For this air conditioner, you just need a simple bolt-on installation with a clear installation guide. Moreover, this air conditioner also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The mid-profile body of this air conditioner leads to minimal air resistance with less dragging due to wind. This allows maintenance of velocity and speed with overall improved fuel efficiency.

The UV-resistant cover on this air conditioner offers complete protection to the unit against water, debris, UV rays, and more.


  • Offers superior performance.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Comes with the latest Climatesmart and vibration smart technology.
  • Features aerodynamic design.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Easy installation.


  • Only compatible with 3.5 inches RV roofs.

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Honeywell Portable Multipurpose AC

This is the best RV air conditioner in portable types. It comes with a dehumidifier and a fan having thermal overload protection. This air conditioner comes with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU.

The dimensions of this air conditioner include 15.2 x 18.1 x 29.3 inches and weighs around 68.34 pounds.

Moreover, this air conditioner’s most stunning feature is that you can control it through a remote. The voltage capacity of this air conditioner is around 115 volts with 1200 watts. It requires around 550 square feet of floor area.

Cool your entire area of RV measuring around 400-500sq.ft with the thermal overload protection offered in this RV air conditioner which provides safety and protection at the same time.

You can easily install this air conditioner as it comes with a window venting kit. The brackets are also adjustable ranging from 19.9” to 47.25”.

This air conditioner comes with washable filters, easy to design, and protects from the air or dust inclusion leading to extended life and exceptional performance.

This air conditioner comes with easy digital control with three fan speeds with 24-hour energy-saving time and remote control.

Enjoy using this 3-in-1 appliance which offers powerful cooling and has a dehumidifier for covering you up on humid days.

The fan in this air conditioner circulates air and offers comfort to the users. The filtration system in this air conditioner protects the AC with extended life.

The thermal overload protection over the motor and compressor provides safety to the users.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Ready to use out of the box.
  • Saves money and energy.
  • Overload protection


  • Comes with a bulky and short hose.
  • It’s quite noisy.

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Dometic RV AC With Heat Pump

Dometic ensures to offer customers solutions that include advanced technology. These solutions work well for mobile living.

If you own an RV that comes with a multi-zone thermostat system, then it’s highly recommended to get your hands on this Dometic Blizzard RV AC.

It is highly versatile and installed with multi-zone and single-zone thermostats. This makes it highly efficient for travel trailers, RVs, and 5th wheels with a ducted ventilation system.

This RV’s cooling capacity comes with 15000 BTU and can cool around 750 square feet of the RV space. This air conditioner comes with dimensions of around 30 x 40 x 14 inches weighing around 105 pounds. The voltage of this air conditioner is around 110 volts and is available in white color.

The airflow produced by this air conditioner is around 330-350 cubic feet each minute with the high-power fan motor. This RV AC unit is constructed using the EPP foam, which offers superior insulation and reduces the AC unit’s overall weight.

It is protected through an impact-resistant shroud, minimizing UV rays’ effects over AC’s internal components.


  • Can cool large trailers, RVs, or 5th wheels.
  • Highly versatile comes installed with multi-zone or single-zone thermostats.
  • Produces enough airflow.
  • Comes with an impact-resistant shroud.


  • You might need to purchase a return air grille to ensure the compatibility of the unit.

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Asa Electronics Advent Air Rooftop AC

This one comes with a 13500 BTU cooling capacity and 115-volt AC power from the best RV air conditioners. What makes it unique is the rigid, metal construction over the base pan.

Plus, it comes with the thick, premium, watertight vent opening gasket, which features six dense foam supporting pads. The three fan speeds featured in this air conditioner come with the 14.25 x 14.25” vent opening.

Moreover, it also comes with optional plug-in heat strips. The best part regarding this air conditioner is that it can withstand all RV environment challenges.

If you seek an RV air conditioner that is affordable and comes with impressive quality, you should invest in this air conditioner for an RV.

This is an excellent air conditioner that features a combination of cooling efficiency and affordability.

Not only this, ASA advent air conditioners come with a silicone coating, which enhances the overall cooling efficiency of this air conditioner.

The stunning features in this RV air conditioner make it a competitive choice. It comes with a plug-in heat strip, which serves as a lifesaver during certain conditions.

If you regularly go RVing in winters, it’s best to get your hands on this affordable air conditioner that comes with a heating feature.

Moreover, the three different fan speeds in this air conditioner make it mind-blowing. The lightweight of this RV air conditioner makes it highly spectacular.


  • Comes with rigid construction.
  • Thick, premium vent openings.
  • It is installed with three fan speeds.
  • Offers efficient cooling.
  • Highly budget-friendly.


  • Does not come with many premium features.
  • Requires installation of the drain line.

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Brisk Air Conditioner With Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly

This RV air conditioner comes with a non-ducted, complete ceiling kit which means there is no need to buy any additional parts.

You’ll love this product because it is incredibly lightweight, making it an ideal choice on the list. Moreover, it offers easy installation. Most customer reviews love this feature about this RV air conditioner.

It comes with a heating strip featuring a cooling capacity of 15000 BTUs and a non-ducted ceiling assembly. All these features are ideally required in an RV air conditioner which you can’t overlook at all. The dimensions of Brisk Air II are 28 x 24 x 12 inches, weighing around 75 pounds. The voltage of this RV air conditioner measures around 110 volts.


  • Comes with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTUs.
  • Features complete, non-ducted ceiling kit.
  • Features a heating strip.
  • It’s quite lightweight and weighs only 79 pounds.
  • Offers easy installation.


  • Loud operation.

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Honeywell 10000 Btu Portable

This is another portable AC that doesn’t need any hassle of installing. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-set air conditioner.

Just put it in a corner or place it underneath the shelf, then switch it on. The cooling power of this portable air conditioner measures around 10000 BTU. What you’ll love about this product is that it cools huge areas.

The consumption power of this model is quite reasonable compared to other portable models.

Another distinguishing feature of this RV air conditioner is durability. The best part regarding this RV AC is that its elements are not directly exposed to UV rays which means it will last for a longer time.

This RV air conditioner’s best asset is portability, allowing you to move the RV from one place to another easily. Moreover, this AC is easy to control as it comes with remote control.

This portable AC measures 15.2 x 18.1 x 29.4 inches, while it weighs around 32.3 kilograms. This AC’s voltage is around 100120 with 1.4KW wattage, and it requires 350 square feet of floor area.


  • Instant cooling.
  • No installation required.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is designed well for your comfort.
  • Saves energy and money.


  • This air conditioner takes time to cool down the entire area.
  • You need a hose for this portable AC to prevent any leakage.

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Dometic Penguin AC With Heat Pump

This product cools down the temperature with its multi-zone thermostat. With a multi-zone thermostat, you can set up various zones in your recreational vehicle and maintain different temperatures in different areas.

You can also control them and alter their levels according to your needs. It is manufactured to be very sleek, which improves the aerodynamics that causes a reduction in wind resistance, thus giving you better efficiency.

It also has a high-performance motor and an exemplary fan which provides you with the maximum cooling you can ask for.

The heat pump cools down your environment as it has a cooling capacity of 15000 Btu/h. It is allowing you to have the most peaceful of times while you are on the road.

This heating pump is made to last a very long time. With its rib-reinforced base pan, it has the quintessential power and sturdiness required to enhance its durability.

Plus, it has the advantage of being environment friendly, so you don’t have to bother about the product worsening the environment by contributing to global warming. It releases heat efficiently and helps us save our planet!

It is entirely automated, which makes it extremely unchallenging to use. The controlling panel can be used as easily as you can imagine.

Moreover, it is pre-installed, so you don’t have to fret over assembling and installing it in your RV. Also, it is constructed with EPP foam housing.


  • It is built for both ducted and non-ducted systems.
  • Does not make much noise, thus very convenient to use.
  • The installation is very simple and easy.
  • Very efficient in cooling.
  • Good value makes it more practical.


  • The refrigerant is made of low quality and may leak out after some time.

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Dometic Low Profile Rooftop RV AC

This low-profile RV AC gives you a worry-free traveling experience. With its astounding features, it is filled with convenience and practicality.

The low profile aerodynamic reduces wind drag, consequently saving the fuel and enhancing its efficiency.

Its input frequency is approximately 60Hz. It can be used as both ducted and non-ducted air conditioner. While you need a comfort control center II or an LCD wall T-stat for a ducted application and a non-ducted one, you need an inside ADB.

However, its installation is relatively uncomplicated as it has a pre-installed module board. For a thin ceiling application, it also has a heat strip.

Moreover, it comes with a manual with detailed instructions on how to lodge the product without any trouble. These characteristics make it exceedingly undemanding and straightforward to fix and position the AC on your RVs rooftop.

The thermostat controls of this Dometic Penguin 20 Amp AC are electronic, manual, and wall-based. Giving you the utmost convenience and practicality so you can use the product as simply as possible.

You may have to face no complications while using this air conditioner as it is one of the easiest-to-use products available in the market.

This RV air conditioner also comes with a “quiet power,” decreasing the noise and increasing airflow by balancing it at an optimal speed.

It can give you a fantastic throw of air with its three-speed blower. So, you can have the perfect experience on the road despite the unbearable heat.


  • The level of noise it makes is acceptable and not very high.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Quiet operation.
  • It does not require additional parts for its functionality.


  • Screws and the bolt come with it might need to be tightened once in a while.

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Airxcel Mach 8 Plus Camper AC

With a cooling capacity of 13,500 Btu/h, this product is one of the best you could have for your RV. Say good-bye to those difficult days when you had to bear that extreme temperature that gave you sweating all day long.

This air conditioner will make your life much peaceful and content. The electrical power it consumes is 115VAC, and the frequency is 60Hz. It can cover an area of 300 cubic feet per minute, giving you very efficient cooling in the smallest of the period.

The lowest aerodynamic profile of all the rooftop air conditioners present in the market is of this product. This enables it to provide you with better airflow by decreasing the wind drag.

It also allows it to reduce the wind noise that may disturb you and your family! So, now you can freely enjoy your ride without any problem or difficulty.

This Airxcel Mach 8 Plus Camper AC standouts among all the competitive products as the features it has been exceptional. It can deliver much better cooling at a higher rate of airflow as compared to other products.

Moreover, it is constructed with a fiberglass base pan which is one of the exclusive industrial materials. This helps it to maintain its strength and power, increasing its durability and making it stout. This material also makes the product light in weight, making it very handy for you to use.


  • It can be fixed and positioned very easily.
  • No extra hardware is required for its installation.
  • The product is worth the money, with great credibility.
  • Runs very quiet and convenient.
  • Cools down the area in an efficient manner.


  • Not suitable for high-duty use, as they cannot handle vibration over the long haul.

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How to Choose the Best RV Air Conditioner?

Cooling Capacity

When you talk about the RV AC units’ sizes, they mainly refer to the cooling capacity measured in BTUs. The BTU shows the cooling capacity for the square footage area within the RV.

For getting an RV’s square footage, you need to multiply the rig’s length with width, and you get a starting point. This helps you identify the BTU ratings into cooling capacity over the square footage.

The higher the BTU, the higher will be the cooling capacity. Most AC units come with 5000-7000 BTU and cool around 100-300 square feet of the RV.

If the air conditioner comes with the BTU ratings of 8000-12000, it cools 300-500 square feet of RV. Other powerful units come with 14000-18000 BTUs, leading to a cooling of 550-1000 square feet of RV.

However, bear in mind once the unit’s rating increases, it will enhance energy consumption.

Noise Level

When we talk about the noise level, let me tell you that no such RV AC is completely noise-free. However, there are some which are quiet and allow simple, easy operation.

If you are highly sensitive to noise and want a peaceful environment, choose the less noise model. Most of the AC units come with a noise level of 37-82 decibels.

If you want to invest in an air conditioner that comes with less noise, then choose the one which falls between 40-60 decibels.

Other than that, you can also reduce the noise of the air conditioners, using noise-reducing materials such as rubber all around the unit once you install it.

Power Compatibility

When choosing the air conditioners for RV, get your hands on the product, which is compatible with all power sources in different countries, making it easy to use the air conditioner.

If you frequently travel to international destinations, it’s best to choose RV air conditioners that come with compatible electrical hook-ups with local electric sources.

The power sources of one AC to another vary significantly between different countries and need different fuse sizes.

Power Consumption

The air conditioners utilize a lot of energy which might seem like a problem for most RVs as they use portable generators. Choose the unit that consumes less power and saves your money in the long run.

Most air conditioners draw around 10-20 AMPs, but it varies based on high BTU. Choose the units which are environmental-friendly.

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Vent Position and Number

The air distribution boxes in the RV air conditioners come with a flexible number of vents and positions, allowing air circulation control.

Choose the vents which are rotatable on all sides of the unit and around two vents on the backsides. This will enable you to choose the air conditioner accordingly.

Size and Weight

When buying an air conditioner, the best option is to choose the one with an aerodynamic design. Other than that, you can select the one which comes with a low-profile design and resists wind drag.

This allows the vehicles from slowing down and enhances the efficiency of the fuel. Other than the size, choose the RV air conditioners, which weigh around 150lbs or more. If you use your RV frequently, you might make 10000 miles each year.

The lightweight air conditioners should weigh less than 100 lbs which reduces the consumption of gas.

Insulation Strength

The insulation strength of an RV AC varies widely depending on the vehicle size. Refer to the authorized service center or the dealer before you invest in an RV air conditioner.

Types of RV Air Conditioner


The window RV air conditioners don’t need much internal space. You can install them outside one of your windows in the rig and pull all hot air outside the rig.

The only issue with such units is to find the best size. The way these units are installed, you need to find an air conditioner that matches your window’s dimensions.

These units can sometimes obstruct your view and lessen the amount of sunlight entering the living space.

Portable Units

These units are perfect, as the name indicates. You don’t need to undergo a complex installation process. Plus, you can remove the entire unit and use it with other vehicles as you like.

It serves as a standard solution for compact-sized RVs. You can also plan on purchasing the portable units as additional cooling capacity with the window AC units or rooftop units.

Rooftop Units

These units are the most common forms of ACs for RV owners. They come with a large cooling capacity, plus they don’t need much space.

Roof-top units either come with the wire directly attached to the thermostat or ceiling-mounted control panel within the RV. The thermostat method is easy to set and choose the ideal temperature.

However, the ceiling units having a control panel allows you to adjust it manually and turn on the AC when needed. These units save energy and enhance the lifespan of the rooftop AC units.

Low Profile Vs. Full Height Roof-Top Units

In RV air conditioners, there is a difference between low-profile and full-height design. Low-profile designs are aerodynamic and come with a slim design.

So, if you are a frequent RV user, you might need an economical air conditioner, so get your hands on the low-profile units.

They are compact and lighter, so they lower the drag when you drive the RV. using low profile units offers less height to the RV, which reduces the risk of contracting underpasses or bridges plus offers clearance.

Lastly, low-profile designs are noisier compared to full-height counterparts. If you own a short rig and more concerned regarding RV parking, then you can invest in a full-height RV air conditioner.


How Long Does an RV Air Conditioner Last?

This depends on how often you use the RV air conditioner and how well you maintain it. Most of the RV units last for around 5-10 years, depending on how well you take care of them.

Some might also last longer than this if you use them periodically. The leading factor that tells whether your RV air conditioner will last longer also depends on the frequency of use, air temperature, and the unit’s construction quality.

How to Recharge an RV Air Conditioner?

For enjoying an efficient working capacity of the RV air conditioners, you need to charge them accurately. For desired cooling effects, you need to recharge the old AC units.

These units use some refrigerant that needs to be adequately filled if you want your AC to work efficiently with maximum results.

Comprehensive guide: How to Recharge Air Conditioner?

If the refrigerant level is lower than the recommended values, then you need to recharge the camper’s AC unit.

For restoring the air conditioner, you need to lower the AC unit’s power supply by getting access to the electric breaker present in the RV circuit panel box.

From there, you can check whether you bought the right refrigerant. Consult the instructions manual for choosing the suitable refrigerant.

Use the right refrigerant, head over the roof having a socket wrench. You might need wrenches of different sizes.

Once on the roof, remove all shroud screws over the lid of the AC unit. Now remove the lid carefully and lift the lid straight, ensuring any damage to the AC.

Now put the lid on the side and measure refrigerant using the gauge, which tells you how much more refrigerant is needed.

Unscrew the port and add the indicated refrigerant. Add refrigerant slowly and check the difference in air temperature of the unit and RV two to three times during the entire process.

Once done with adding refrigerant, the temperature difference between the AC unit and RV should be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Clean an RV AC?

RV air conditioners also need regular cleaning to get top-notch performance. You don’t have to clean the filters only, but there is a lot to do for efficient working and acceptable air conditioner rates.

You need to thoroughly clean the evaporator and the condenser every other season making sure it works effectively and for a longer duration. Do the following five steps to clean RV AC.

Unplug the RV AC from your power source.

Now get on the roof and remove the bolts and nuts from the AC unit shroud.

Cover all electric connections using plastic bags, which prevents moisture from collecting over them. Apply kitchen spray cleaners for cleaning the coils and soak them for half an hour or so.

Once you are done soaking, make use of a garden hose to flush all debris. Now allow the coils to dry for a few hours.

You can either use a fan or a vacuum to speed up the drying process. But you need to completely dry the coils before you place them back in the AC shroud and turn the power on.

Is It Possible to Run Air Conditioners on Battery Alone?

The air conditioners need a large amount of electricity for starting up. Even for running the AC units for one hour, you need a considerable amount of battery backup.

You cannot run the air conditioners on battery alone. You may consider a solar panel to draw enough power.

So All AC Models Should Fit All Recreational Vehicles?

Yes, all AC models can fit recreational vehicles. But it all depends on the length and height of the RV. But one size doesn’t fit all.


Our top pick is the Dometic Polar White Brisk Air AC Unit. This product features a 15000 BTU cooling capacity, which is relatively high when comparing other air conditioners in the list of best RV air conditioners.

It features dampening brackets, too, reducing noise and vibration when driving on the road. The maximum airflow, lightweight, robust, and powerful air conditioner performance make it worth buying.

Hope this guide on buying the best RV air conditioners helps you get your hands on the most suitable one.


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