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Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting DIY Methods: 2023 Comprehensive Guide

Figuring out Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting can be confusing for any RV owner. This is especially when one encounters the frustrating issue of a hot water heater, not lighting.

This article guides what main types of issues are typically for this model and how you through the troubleshooting. So let’s know how to get your Atwood G6A-8E water heater operational without professional help!

A Quick Run-Through of the Atwood G6A-8E

Atwood G6A-8E is a propane-powered water heater widely used in RVs and trailers. It is a six-gallon capacity perfect for small to medium-sized RVs. Some of its features include:

  • Recovery Gallons Per Hour: 11.6
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Lightweight aluminum-alloy tank
  • Multiple protection features including high temp limit switch, thermostat & pressure/temp relief valve
A Quick Run-Through of the Atwood G6A-8E


Atwood parameters are as follows:


6 Gallon


12.5" H x 16" W x 17" D

Energy Sources:

LP Gas

Input Gas:

8,800 BTU

Recovery Gallons Per Hour:




Unit Weight:

19 Ibs. Empty/68.5 Ibs. Full

Weight (Empty):

19 lbs, 8.6 kg

Easily Troubleshoot the Atwood G6A-8E Water Heater

So, how do you troubleshoot? First, you must identify the problem. Once you’ve done this, try troubleshooting before calling a professional by doing the following:

1. Connectivity Checks

Confirm all links are tight and secure. Loose connections interfere with the usual operation of a water heater. It could be gas, water, and electricity connection issues.

Watch Atwood Water Heater Proper Operation – w/Paul “The Air Force Guy below to help with connection checks. This video offers detailed instructions for correctly using and maintaining the Atwood.

2. A Battery Check

Examining the battery is one of the initial things to do if you’ve observed that the Atwood G6A-8E water heater hasn’t been illuminating.

  • There should be at least one-quarter of a full charge.
  • Ensure the terminals are working fine and clean, and securely connected.
  • Do not leave the heater on. As a result, you’ll get more usage out of your battery than usual, and it may need to be replaced sooner.
Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting A Battery Check

3. The Spark Igniter

Examine the pilot flame to see if there is an issue:

  • The water heaters will not work correctly if it is not functioning correctly.
  • A low pilot flame is due to a clogged tube or a weak gas control magnet.

As a result, clean it to eliminate any interference, including the tube. Also, Atwood G6A-8E won’t be able to heat water if the pressure is too low, it will completely cease. Ensure that it is within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting The Spark Igniter

4. Unclean Water Heater

The Atwood G6A-8E water heater is high-performing for your RV. But water heaters are prone to debris, which sticks in the tube, hindering their productivity. It’s a good idea to clean it regularly.

Refer to the user manual to find out how to do it. It explains how to dismantle the heater and how to clean it. Refer to the video below, How To Flush & Clean an Atwood RV Water Heater, to find out how to properly maintain and clean your heater tube so it heats evenly.

5. Consider Resetting

Observe a few instructions for resetting an Atwood water heater. Rebooting often corrects minor tweaks.

For this:

  • Unscrew the rubber pad on the heater.
  • Click the switch.
  • It resets the water heater to its original settings.
  • After resetting the water heater, switch it on to check if everything is working fine.
Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting Consider Resetting

6. Faulty Fuse

Issues Atwood water heater in your RV faces could be due to a damaged fuse. For instance, a recurrent fuse blowout is a threat. If it cannot be restored, consider replacing the fuse.

  • Check the manual to identify the appropriate solution if you’re having issues using Atwood G6A-8E.
  • Handle the device with care when dismantling.
  • The manufacturer’s troubleshooting and service manual has comprehensive directions for changing the electrical water heater’s parts and resolving minor issues.
Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting Faulty Fuse

Common Issues to Watch Out For

Users might face a few other rare issues. They include:

  • Tank corrosion: The unit has a steel tank that can corrode over time due to exposure to water and chemicals. It can cause leaks, which can be dangerous and cause water damage. Draining and flushing the tank regularly to stop deterioration is crucial.
  • Pressure relief valve: If this valve is faulty, it may leak or release water even when the pressure is normal. In this case, change the valve immediately.
  • Gas supply: If the device isn’t getting enough supply, it won’t be able to heat water correctly. This can be due to a clogged line or a faulty regulator. Check for any obstructions and a malfunctioning regulator.
  • Ignition: If the water heater doesn’t ignite, it could be due to a faulty igniter or control board. The igniter generates a spark if it has technical issues. The control board controls the water heater’s functions, and if it’s faulty, it can prevent it from working.
Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting Common Issues to Watch Out For

Issues with Atwood Water Heater Not Lighting

If you are having trouble lighting your water heater, several possible causes exist. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and ensure your water heats properly:

  • Propane supply: Ensure the propane tank is turned on, and enough propane is in the tank. You can also try lighting a stove burner to check if the gas is flowing correctly.
  • Thermocouple: It is a device for ensuring safety that senses the pilot flame and prevents propane from flowing. Ensure the thermocouple free is properly positioned. Cleaning requires a soft cloth or fine steel wool if it is dirty.
  • Spark igniter: If the sparking function fails, the igniter should be replaced.
  • Valve: The valve controls the flow of propane to the burner. Confirm that it is set on the “on” position and functioning. If not, consider replacing it.
  • Air in the line: If there is air, it can inhibit the pilot from lighting. To purge air, flick off the valve, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Repeat this process a few times to clear the air.
Issues with Atwood Water Heater Not Lighting

Fixing Atwood Water Heater Issues with DIY Troubleshooting

Here are some DIY troubleshooting and fixing tips:

  • No hot water: If your Atwood is not producing hot water, firstly, look at the propane supply. If the supply is adequate, check the pilot light, and if it is out, reignite it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If the pilot light is on, but the burner does not ignite, replace it if necessary.
  • Poor water quality: There may be sediment buildup if your water is discolored, smells unpleasant, or tastes odd. Drain and flush the tank to eliminate any mineral buildup or sediment to fix this.
  • Water leaks: These could result from a faulty pressure relief valve or a loose or damaged drain plug. Tighten these parts after checking them and consider replacing them when necessary.
  • Overheating: A broken thermostat or a temperature and pressure relief valve may cause water overheating in the tank. Replace these parts as necessary.
  • Noisy operation: If it makes unusual noises, there could be sediment, debris, or minerals buildup in your water heater tank. To get rid of any accumulation, drain and flush the tank.
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit: A dirty pilot assembly may cause the pilot light’s recurrent outages. To resolve this problem, clean the assembly by the user manual.
  • The burner won’t ignite: flame failure could be due to a faulty electrode or a dirty burner assembly. Clean the assembly and change the electrode if necessary.
Fixing Atwood Water Heater Issues with DIY Troubleshooting

In general, it’s always a good idea to refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer. Before attempting any repairs on the Atwood G6A-8E water heater.


What causes an Atwood RV gas water heater not to fire up?

Some possible causes why an Atwood RV gas water heater doesn’t fire you include a dirty burner orifice, a lousy thermocouple, or a malfunctioning control valve.

What does the red light mean on an Atwood water heater?

The red light on an Atwood water heater indicates it has failed to ignite or has a problem with the unit or flame sensor.

What are the dimensions of a G6A-8E?

The Atwood G6A-8E water heater measures approximately 16 inches wide, 12.5 inches high, and 18 inches deep.

Is an Atwood G6A-8E gas or electric?

The Atwood G6A-8E water heater can be powered by propane or by electricity.

How long do Atwood water heaters last?

An Atwood water heater can last 10-15 years with proper maintenance.


The Atwood G6A-8E RV water heater is a default option for many customers. Don’t let a malfunctioning water heater ruin your RV trip or camping experience. Troubleshooting lets you have a functional water heater.

If the malfunction persists, consider calling a professional. What troubleshooting methods have worked for your water heater? Leave a comment below and share your experience.

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