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Thor Compass Problems: 12 Common Issues and Detailed Troubleshooting Guide

It is relatively common to experience Thor Compass problems despite it being a popular recreational vehicle from the famous Thor Motor Coach manufacturing company. This comfortable RV that is highly reviewed by users provides most truck lovers with the aesthetic they seek but is prone to some issues.

Let’s discover them in detail and find the solutions!

What Is the Thor Compass?

The Thor Compass is highly regarded by users globally due to its structural design. This class B RV provides a comfortable space on wheels.

What Is the Thor Compass?

Thor Compass vehicle comprises the following features to enhance its appeal:

  • A Ford Transit chassis;
  • Ten-speed automatic overdrive transmission;
  • 3.5L V6 Eco Boost turbo gas engine;
  • Interior highlights as residential vinyl flooring, and vinyl ceiling.

Even in comparison with other models like the Thor Gemini, the Thor Compass is an individually powerful and reliable choice to suit your touring getaways.

Differentiating Features of Thor Compass and Gemini

Thor motor coach is considerate enough to provide customers with different models to select based on their preferences. In as much as there are no significant differences between these two motorhomes, let’s review some of the contrasting qualities between the Thor Compass and Gemini:

Thor Compass Problems. Differentiating Features of Thor Compass and Gemini
  • Price: The Thor compass is suitable if you are on a budget. Though the price variation is negligible, it is still more economical.
  • Interior design: Some parts of the RVs interior may vary slightly. Some of these components include floor plans, interior fabrics, and color schemes.

Other than the contrasting qualities mentioned above, these two trucks are almost identical in every other aspect.

12 Common Thor Compass Problems and Possible Solutions

Let’s look at some common issues you might face with your Thor Compass and potential remedies.

Thor Compass Issues

Possible Solutions

Regular Breakage of mud flaps:

Fix new mud flaps

Tankless water heater failure:

Clean and unclog the air vents

Constant Water leakage on rear ends:

Fill holes with epoxy resins

Faulty extinguishers:

Clean the nozzle

Electrical Malfunctioning:

Use a voltmeter to check the power

The issue with rolling of blinds:

Remove dust from the ratchet mechanism

Improper towel rack fixation:

Tight the screws of towel racks

Closet shelf collapsing:

Fix the shelf with adhesives and nails

Tile floor peeling off issue:

Use high-quality sealants

Issues with door locks:

Avoid using incorrect keys

Exterior Storage Space:

Use bright colors to illuminate

1. Regular Breakage of Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are essential to ensure proper maintenance of your RV. These are made of soft rubber material making them prone to breakage often. They are located at the rear end of your motorhome and prevent mud and other dirt from staining your RV.

Regular Breakage of Mud Flaps

Due to their soft nature, they break easily when hit hard when driving. Additionally, when parked facing the sun, they may crack.

The only fix to broken mud flaps is purchasing new ones. Also, when cleaning your RV, be careful to prevent removing it mistakenly.

2. Tankless Water Heater Failure

This RV has heaters that don’t use tanks. The water is heated when passed through pipes instead, which, honestly speaking, is more efficient. However, some Thor compass owners have reported not receiving enough water in the faucets.

Tankless Water Heater Failure

This common problem is a result of having excessive minerals in the water, which proceed to block the lines. Additionally, you can access warm water when using several faucets.

Unclogging the holes will ensure the proper functioning of your RV. Furthermore, when combined with using a single faucet when needed, it will help you curb the situation.

3. Constant Water Leakage on Rear Ends

When traveling, especially for outdoor camping, water is essential. Your RV may be discharging water due to a fault in the tanks. This feature slips past most Thor compass owners who pass it for snow or ice melting.

Constant Water Leakage on Rear Ends

This leakage can also result from scratches and holes in the surface, a feature that shouldn’t be ignored. Loose pistons on the water tank render the tank useless in maintaining the water pressure, contributing to the fault.

Purchasing new pistons for your tank will help curb this loss. Additionally, you can fill the holes and cracks using epoxy resins, a thermosetting polymer with very durable adhesive qualities.

4. Faulty Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an equally vital contraption to have in your RV. They, however, need to be adequately maintained to offer value when required. Where you place our extinguisher is equally saving.

Faulty Extinguisher

When driving your RV, the road you travel likely has bumps. These bumps may lead to internal displacement of various parts of the extinguisher. This may contribute to its malfunction. Lastly, just like any other thing left in the open without use, it will gather dirt and debris around the nozzle, blocking it.

Clean the nozzle to ensure sufficient passage. Secondly, place your extinguisher in a suitable place to ensure it is not greatly affected by road imperfections.
Note: Your Thor Compass RV has a thermostat that you can use to balance the temperature. Combined with reduced humidity, the extinguisher will be fine.

5. Electrical Malfunctioning

Thor Compass owners complain for electrical issues. They may manifest in your RV through:

Electrical Malfunctioning
  • Faulty power outlets;
  • Incompetent generators;
  • Blown-out fuses.

The circuit breakers go off after encountering problems in the electrical system preventing the outlet voltage supply.

Check circuit breakers and fuses for proper operation. If the fuses are blown, replace them, if the circuit breaker is off, turn it on. But if you aren’t well-versed in handling electrical problems, contact a professional.

6. The Issue With the Rolling of Blinds

In your Thor compass, blinds help bring natural light and fresh air into the vehicle. They are also used to keep bugs, dust, and dirt away. However, rolling them may pose an issue due to the malfunctioning ratchet mechanism.

The Issue With the Rolling of Blinds

This occurrence results from collecting dust and debris messing with the contraption. Non-existent lubrication may also offer problems when ugging your string to roll the blinds.

Lubricating the ratchet mechanism will make tugging the string easier, allowing it to budge. Also, consider regularly cleaning it to eliminate the dirt and debris clogging the system.

7. Improper Towel Rack Fixation

Depending on how it is fixed, the towel rack can be a nuisance in your motorhome. Poor fixation can cause your towels to fall, making them unsanitary. Most of these racks are manufactured using cheap, weak materials that can’t handle heavy towels’ weight.

Improper Towel Rack Fixation

Putting clothes on the rack makes it worse. The screws get loose, causing them to fall off. This often happens when driving your Thor compass on uneven surfaces.

Tightening the screws when they loosen will help them to stay in place. Adding more holes to fit extra bolts using a drill machine helps. Additionally, buying a better towel rack that is denser and can handle the weight is a good consideration.

8. Tile Floor Peeling Off Issue

One of the most common Thor compass problems is the peeling of tiles. This issue arises from poor fixing during installation. Manufacturers fail to compress these tiles using weighty materials to ensure they stay put.

Tile Floor Peeling Off Issue

Additionally, it arises from water pouring through the cracks into the tiles. This only happens in the first place due to poor adhesive lining that allows the water to seep through.

Refix the tiles and use a quality sealing material to prevent them from coming off. Use a heavy material to compress them for a relatively long period, say overnight.

9. Closet Shelf Collapsing

Shelves in the closet area are prone to falling or sagging. This occurrence results from poor material usage when building those compartments. Hanging is usually the first indicator that you have poor-quality shelving. Adding more weight leads to its collapse.

Closet Shelf Collapsing

Loose screws holding the shelves to the closet area add to this disorder. They can cause unforeseen injuries when they occur fall, making it necessary to take care of them immediately.

You’ll need a few screws and adhesive material to install these shelves in the closet area firmly. Use high-quality glue to ensure a proper result. Furthermore, if the screws are lightly loose, tighten them.

10. Issues With Door Locks

The Thor motor coach compass is also a victim of faulty doors. In some instances, you might get stuck when trying the required key. Various factors can cause this outcome. For example, the inner workings of the door may become rusty, causing the key not to budge.

Issues With Door Locks

Moreover, the improper arrangement of the latch and the strike plate might also spark an issue in the doors. Trying keys that don’t belong to the specific door escalates the damage hence is not advisable.

Clean it. Removing dust and particles from the door mechanism will ensure that things properly click into place. Applying lubricants also helps move things seamlessly. Lastly, trying new keys on your door is discouraged to ensure the doors of your Thor Compass remain maintained.

11. Climate Control and HVAC Performance Problem

When driving, most users report the vehicle letting in too much heat. This factor, depending on the climate conditions, can be severe. It is essential to be able to regulate the temperatures in your truck effectively.

Climate Control and HVAC Performance Problem

Cleaning the ventilation and air conditioning system is vital. Ensuring the vents are unclogged allows you to regulate temperature and humidity.

Clean the vents of your HVAC unit. Similarly, check on your thermostat to see if it requires any attention.

12. Exterior Storage Space

Another one of the common problems reported is the poor placement of the storage compartments. Users complain they aren’t high enough and have dark interiors that limit vision.

Exterior Storage Space
It is key to use brighter colors for these compartments or integrate them into the vehicle’s electrical system to provide illumination.

What Majority Feels About Thor Compass

The major populous have nothing but love for this truck. If you read any thor compass blog post, you’ll see that this vehicle has a luxurious interior with modern technology. This RV is also easy to park and has useful driving features like the hill start characteristic that helps you when driving on a slope.

However, despite these numerous benefits, some Thor Compass problems include space shortage and water faults. Generally, however, the majority speak highly about the vehicle.


The Thor compass is a remarkable product from Thor Motorcoach. This RV is made to provide comfort and durability to campers. It has unique interior design features that will give you enough reliability during your trips.

However, this impeccable vehicle is not immune to shortcomings and faces problems like water failure and a shortage of space, breaking of mud flaps, and electrical malfunction. You may also experience floor tile peeling, stuck doors, or blinds not rolling.

Luckily, most of these issues can easily be fixed, like using the correct key for the door locks and unclogging air vents if the water heater fails. Purchasing and replacing equipment can also help solve some of the problems, for example, the issue of mud flaps.

So, which common issues have you encountered with your Thor Compass? Comment below and share your experience.

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