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18 Crazy Cool Campers

It’s a big world out there and for every outdoor adventure, there’s an RV ready to take you there.

Some of the RVs are adventures in and of their own. Here are some of the craziest, craziest, and most extreme RVs you can find. Prepare to roll out for fun outdoors.

The Ultimate Party Machine

The Dynamix Corp Grand Sport is the most expensive RV you can rent today. For a low price of $2,500 a day, you can treat your friends to a mobile party experience.

The monster is not so much of a camper as it is an RV turned into a limousine.

If you want to stay up all night playing video games on the giant screen TV, you could probably crash out on massive leather couches and stare at the mirrored ceilings.

Ultimate Tailgating in Kennesaw, Georgia offers all kinds of special event packages for sporting events and concerts, as well as the crazy cool RV, which is available from them.

Something More Affordable

There is a lot more affordable. The cheapest trailer currently is the 2015 Rogue River CoolCamp.

Yes, it is more or less a box on wheels with a mattress, but at $29 a night it doesn’t come any cheaper.

Even though it isn’t fancy, it’s clean, easy to tow, and even has air conditioning, it’s still a great place to sleep. The CoolCamp is rented by Mathew Nelson out of Springfield, Ore.

Off-road RV Awesomeness

Are you looking for a different path? Would you like to camp where nobody has been before? Fausto Molinet of Colorado Springs, Colo., is the owner of Earth Roamer.

These RVs are built to go off-road. They have solar power, big batteries, a powerful generator, and potent AC, all packed into a small vehicle.

The terrain of The Roamah is no problem. The EarthRoamer has a plumbed coffee maker.

The adventures you can have off the beaten path are priceless and will set you back $250 per night.

Vanlife, Northwest style

The Earth Roamer can take you off-road, but the flagship from Seattle Camper Vans will take you anywhere a car can go.

If you want to visit both urban and outdoor areas, camper vans are a good choice. The converted Ram Promaster van is perfect for camping and driving in the Pacific Northwest.

The bed is located near the rear door so you can sleep next to the ocean, and the interior is wood-paneled to blend in with nature.

The RV is the epitome of freedom and will cost you about $185 per night.

Live riveted

That is the slogan for the Airstream brand, it is a legend among RVers. Inside and out, the Airstreams are cool to a T.

It is a case in point with this Silver Tiny House. The polished aluminum body of the Airstreams is famous for its retro elegance.

An elegant interior is dripping with style and sophistication. They are a great way to spark conversations when you travel. Cal Viall lives in Carbondale, Colo.

You will get settled in your luxury home away from home and on your way to adventure. For only $249 a night, you can have all this.

Be a time traveler

Did we mention that there were legendary Airstreams? That is because they have been making them since the 1930s.

If you want to experience vintage RV luxury at its finest, consider this 1957 Airstream Overlander, affectionately named: “Dimples.”

This trailer is a living piece of history and its original interior has been lovingly restored and conditioned to make it the luxury RV it is.

You are guaranteed to turn heads if you take a cruise down the highway with Dimples. At only $130 a night, this trailer is a real bargain.

Rescue yourself from the mundane

When does outdoor adventure become a real emergency? It’s when you go camping in an ambulance!

It would be cool to go to Yellowstone National Park in a 1980’s vintage Ford ambulance if you ever thought about it. has done something.

It can be your dream as well for a mere $126 a night. He says that the Campulance is the best RV because it has a generator, lights, and tires.

The Golden Gate RV

Jay Nelson’s RV designs will expand your knowledge of RV design. His mobile masterpieces are masterpieces of art.

This build is an electric car camper made of fiberglass, plywood, glass, bike parts, and an electric motor.

The Golden Gate RV can drive up to 10 miles on a full charge and can go up to 20 mph. There’s a kitchen, bathroom, storage shelves, and bed in the interior.

There is a surfboard rack on the roof of the Golden Gate that makes it easy to get to and from the beach.

The Opera Camper

Is that the Opera House in Australia? No son, that is a great camper! The elegant foldout trailer is reminiscent of the famous Opera House.

He named the RV Opera, which includes a dreamy enclosed veranda, espresso bar, wine cabinet, two beds, a ceramic toilet, hot and cold water, LED lighting, and a mobile kitchen.

The Opera was made with materials such as hardwood, leather, and STAINLESS steel.

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Gallery of Crazy Cool Campers


If you think these are some of the craziest RVs you have ever seen, be aware that it is just the beginning.

There are a lot of awesome RVs all over the country. If you find any crazy campers during your camping trip, comment below.

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