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Why Your RV Leveling Jacks Won’t Extend: 3 Reasons and Troubleshooting

Are you looking for solutions to query why RV leveling jacks won’t extend? Your search ends here. I once experienced this similar issue and was able to cater to it by following some easy DIY methods. So, today I will share those fixes with you to resolve any power supply or mechanical problems promptly in this comprehensive guide.

Further, I will share some additional tips with you to fix these non-retractable jacks. So, without any further delay, let’s get straight to our main topic!

 RV Leveling Jacks Won't Extend: 5 Additional Tips Listed

An Insight Into HWH RV Leveling Jacks

HWH specializes in crafting leveling systems for various types of RVs including:

  • Travel Trailer;
  • Fifth Wheel;
  • Drivable RV.

HWH offers jacks with lifting capacities ranging from 4,000 lbs to 24,000 lbs each. Even if your RV didn’t come with leveling systems, HWH has partners nationwide who can install one of these jacks for you. Many in the RV community prefer HWH jacks for their automatic functionality. Opting for automatic jacks not only saves time but also preserves your energy.

For individuals who may lack the strength or energy required for manual jacks, automatic HWH jacks provide a convenient solution. Now, continue reading below as I have discussed more about how HWH leveling systems work and how to resolve their problems.

Jacks Working Procedure Explained

Understanding how your HWH automatic jacking system works makes the RV experience smoother. To make this process easy for you to understand, I will break it down into simple steps:

  • Placement: Slide the HWH jacks under your RV’s frame.
  • Lift Up: Press the up arrows on your control panel.
  • Stop at Ding: Release the buttons when the yellow light dings.
  • Work Away: Complete your RV maintenance tasks.
  • Lower Down: Use the down arrows to lower your RV after completing the work.

Pro Tip: If you struggle to lift your RV, double-check the jack placement. If issues persist, explore the following additional troubleshooting methods.

Additional Considerations

Now that you are familiar with how does HWH jacking system works, here are some extra helpful tips:

Additional Considerations
Credit: www.youtube.com @La Mesa RV
  • Automatic Leveling: With a simple touch on the control panel, the HWH leveling system will analyze and level your RV. So, you can sit back, relax, and watch your RV level itself.
  • Extra RV Accessories: RVers often use accessories like RV SnapPads to protect jack feet and minimize bouncing. This simple addition reduces movement and enhances your overall RV experience.
  • HWH Hydraulic and Air Systems: HWH offers hydraulic fluid leveling systems using tanks, pumps, hoses, and sensors to raise and lower your RV. For air leveling systems, existing airbags on RVs with air suspension are utilized to achieve the desired level.

Troubleshooting RV Leveling Jacks Won’t Extend

Now, it’s time to address the culprits behind the malfunctioning jack. Also, based on my experience, I will share some easy fixes with you. Let’s check them out:

Reason 01: Power Supply Issue

When using an automated system like HWH jacks, power gear supply problems can arise, leading to unresponsiveness or partial extension of the jacks. This is a safety feature to prevent mishaps during the lifting process. However, it has happened to me many times, and the good news is, there is an easy fix. First, I will guide you on how to identify this issue:

  • Push the power button and observe the jacks’ response.
  • Complete unresponsiveness signals a power supply issue.
  • Partial extension may indicate a different problem with the jacks.

If you detect any issue following this procedure, head to the below-guided steps.


Here’s what you need to do to fix the supply problem:

  • Step 1: Start by releasing air from HWH system as this helps depressurize the system, a necessary step in resetting the jacks.
  • Step 2: Afterward,hold down the auto-leveling button for 15 seconds as this will initiate the reset process quickly. Following this, allow a few minutes for the reset process to complete.
  • Step 3: As the reset process completes, attempt to use the HWH jacking system again. This will help you ensure that the system reboots and is ready for operation.

Note: For any additional help, you can watch this video tutorial.

Ricky Smalls
Restarting your HWH jacks proves to be a speedy and efficient solution for tackling power supply issues. The added benefit is that this fix typically takes less than 10 minutes, ensuring you can swiftly resume your maintenance tasks.Ricky Smalls, An Avid Camper with 20 Years of Experience

Reason 02: Mechanical Errors

Dealing with mechanical hiccups in any system is a common experience. Whether it’s due to routine wear and tear or factory mishaps, mechanical glitches are the primary cause behind HWH jacks thatwon’t extend. Identifying these issues is crucial, and if your jacks only extend partially or retract persistently after extension, it’s likely a mechanical error.

Reason 02: Mechanical Errors

A quick fix for mechanical errors is a system reset, which often resolves power supply and mechanical malfunctions causing extension issues. However, if the problem persists, seeking professional help might be necessary.

Moreover, keep in mind that these mechanical malfunctions are just a natural part of any machine’s life, and your RV’s leveling jacks are no exception.

Reason 03: Connector Malfunction

Dealing with mechanical errors, particularly connector malfunctions, in your HWH leveling system is a common challenge. The HWH system stores data about your RV’s dimensions to facilitate lifting, but occasional malfunctions can occur. So, if your HWH jacks only extend partially or keep retracting after extension, a mechanical error may be present.

The basic reason behind this often includes wear and tear or factory issues, making it difficult to extend the jacks. To overcome this issue, apply the fixes that I have outlined below based on my experience:


Here are a couple of easy fixes you should try:

  • First, inspect the wires inside your HWH jacks system for proper connections and any signs of damage.
  • If you find any wires to be loose, reattach them to the power source and if damaged, replace them.
Credit: www.youtube.com @RVProject

Moreover, ensure you use the right replacement wires from HWH or consult a mechanic for guidance.

5 Handy Tips To Deal With Fixing Non-Retractable HWH Jacking System

Listed below I have shared the 5 tips to help you deal with RV leveling jacks that refuse to retract. Let’s check them out:

5 Handy Tips To Deal With Fixing Non-Retractable HWH Jacking System

Tip #1: Visual Inspection and Evaluation

Make your visual inspection and evaluation the next way:

  • First, ensure all wiring connections are tight and secure. Because loose wires can be bigger troublemakers.
  • Then, take a close look at your RV leveling jacks. Plus, check for any signs of damage or rust as a precaution.
  • Also, confirm that bolts, nuts, and all those little elements within jacks are securely attached.
  • In addition, look out for anything blocking the retraction of a jack.

If you find something, swap it out with a fresh part. This simple change can bring your jacks back to their usual smooth operation.

Tip #2: Consult Your Owner’s Manual

Alright, so here’s a piece of advice from my own RV journey. Always turn to the owner’s manual when you’re dealing with leveling jack issues. Keep in mind, that there are all sorts of RV leveling jacks out there, so make sure to find the one that matches your model.

Tip #3: Checking Electronic Components

Well, when your RV jacks act tricky, don’t get worried. First, take a look at the fuses and electrical breakers in your RV. It’s an easy fix as you just need to switch out any fuses or electrical breakers that are causing trouble. Now, I will share some further tips on what to check:

Tip #3: Checking Electronic Components
  • Fuse and Breaker Check: Make sure none of your fuses are broken or electrical breakers are switched off. If they are, just change the fuse or flip the breaker back into place.
  • Wiring Look-Over: Take a good look at the wires connecting the electrical panel to your RV’s leveling system. Sometimes, they get old and worn out, so check for any issues like disconnects or loose wires.
  • Short Circuit and Fire Check: Plus, watch out for any signs of a short circuit or fire damage. If it’s a simple electronic problem, you might be able to fix it yourself.

Tip #4: Emergency Override

In certain RVs, there’s a special switch designed specifically for emergencies related to leveling jacks. This switch is often located close to the RV’s battery.

Its primary function is to allow the manual retraction of the jacks. This is often handy in situations where HWH jacking system is not responding to the usual power signals or commands.

Tip #5: Seek Assistance

If you have tried every DIY method and still the issue is not resolved, then I would recommend you not to make unnecessary changes to your jack. The best course of action would be to contact an RV technician who’ll help you fix your issue.

What Is the Reset Procedure for My RV Leveling System?

RVs have different leveling systems, like automatic and hydraulic ones. Mine happened to be a hydraulic system. When it came to fixing it, I found out that resetting the system was the way to go and also to avoid any hydraulic leaks.

Now, resetting can be a bit different depending on what type of leveling system you have. So, to help you with the procedure, here is how I reset it:

  • First things first, I turned the whole system off just to give a little break to my RV leveling jacks.
  • Then, I followed the instructions in my owner’s manual.
  • For my RV, I had to press reset trigger in a specific order to make everything work right again.

Pro Tip: Consulting the manual is the best help. Trust you won’t have to look for another thing.


Why won’t my stabilizer jacks extend in my RV?

Stabilizer jacks may not extend in your RV due to electrical issues, mechanical faults, or low battery power. Check your RV’s power supply and battery, and if the problem persists, seek assistance from a professional.

What do you use to lubricate RV leveling jacks?

To lubricate RV leveling jacks, use a silicone-based lubricant or grease recommended by the manufacturer. Apply it to the moving parts to keep them working smoothly.

How do you reset RV leveling jacks?

In order to reset RV leveling jacks, turn off the system, follow the specific sequence or combination of buttons outlined in your owner’s manual, and wait for the system to reset.


Summarizing this, if your RV leveling jacks won’t extend, there could be many potential reasons behind this. Some of these include power supply issues, connector malfunction, and unexpected mechanical frequent leveling errors. However, to counter these issues perform a reset on your leveling jack, check for damaged wires to replace them timely, depressurize HWH system, and restart it to restore power.

These fixes could be of great help to you as they might help you avoid additional reparing costs. Moving on, what type of model do you prefer when in need of an HWH jacking system? Share your answer with me in the comments below and also specify your reasons.

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