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12 Crossroads RV Problems and Their Easy Fixes

While enjoying the thrill and convenience of road trips, you will likely deal with the common Crossroads RV problems along the way.I can attest to the Crossroads RV brand’s contemporary and opulent interior and exterior designs, after owning a Crossroads 331BH Sunset Trail Super Lite for 5 years. Using this RV, I have enjoyed thrilling road adventures and created amazing memories with my family and friends.

While on road trips, I discovered the Crossroads RV has common problems instigated by blown fuses, faulty wiring, inadequate lubrication, low-quality fiberglass, and improper furnace vent installations

Luckily, you can get around these issues with expert-proven fixes. In this article, I provide expert tips for handling typical Crossroads RV issues to ensure a great road trip. So let’s dive into details right now.

Crossroads RV Problems and Fixes

An Overview of Crossroads RV

Crossroads is a notable brand in the RV industry, founded in 1996. It’s widely known for handmaking fifth-wheel campers and travel trailers. Here is an overview of the Crossroads RV.

Crossroads RV Cost

This company offers a variety of RV models with different prices. The prices for its lines range between $24,000 and $150,000. The most costly and affordable options include:

  • Redwood RV line: This luxury model costs under $150,000;
  • Zinger Line: This minimalistic model costs below $24,000.

Crossroads RV Models

Crossroads only produces 2 categories of RVs: Fifth wheels and travel trailers, consisting of the following 12 series with a broad range of options and multiple floor plans:

  • Cameo Series
  • Cruiser Aire Series
  • Cruiser Series
  • Volante HP Series
  • Volante Series
  • Hampton Series
  • Longhorn Series
  • Sunset Trail Series
  • Sunset Trail Super Lite Series
  • Texan Series
  • Zinger Lite Series
  • Zinger Series

Each model also comes with distinct options like, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests and bunkbeds for additional sleeping capacity.

Crossroads RV Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality for Crossroads RV, there isn't a consensus among owners and users. Many RV owners on the RVInsider rated this company's quality at 3.1 out of 5.0 stars across 162 reviews. This rating is way better compared to other RV manufacturers.

Crossroads RV Warranty

Crossroads RV provides generous two to three-year warranties for its campers. These lengthier warranties assist in addressing fears revolving around the quality issues associated with this brand. I have also listed the warranty term lengths the company offers for every distinct model:


3-year Limited Structural Warranty

2-year Limited Base Warranty













Sunset Trail









I strongly advise you to thoroughly read the warranty's fine print before signing at an authorized dealer. Since the Crossroads RV is plagued with build quality issues, you will likely use the warranty several times than you expected. So, go for a warranty offering adequate protection.

A Table for Crossroads RV Problems and Fixes

Here is a table depicting common Crossroads RV problems and Solutions:



Cracks on low-quality fiberglass exterior:

Clean the glass, repair the dents and cracks

Window and roof problems:

Detect leaks on the roof and windows and seal them

Inaccurate axle rating:

Avoid overloading your RV

CO detection issue:

Check if the sensor is powered, swap batteries or replace the sensor

Improper furnace vent ventilation:

Hire a qualified expert for proper furnace vent installation

RV slide-out issues:

Deal with power supply and wiring issues and replace seals and other parts

Water lines and pump issues:

Clean the water filter, remove the kinks, and power the pump

Tire Issues:

Ensure the tire is in good condition and correctly inflated

Electrical problems:

Look out for loose connections and faulty wiring

Foul smell:

Clean the lint filter and ensure the AC is working properly

Toilet malfunction:

Unclog the toilet using a plunger or auger

RV's lightweight design:

Strictly adhere to the RV's weight limit and follow the manufacturer's guidelines

12 Crossroads RV Problems and Fixes

Once you know the cause of RV problems, it becomes easier to deal with them. Here, I will extensively discuss the issues of Crossroads RVs and provide expert-proven solutions and troubleshooting processes. You can employ these fixes to make your road trip enjoyable and smooth.

1. Low-Quality Fiberglass Exterior

The Crossroads RV fiberglass exterior is loved by many due to its timeless and premium appearance. However, with time and continuous usage, it tends to deteriorate at an unprecedented rate. You will need a timely solution when cracks become visible on the poor-quality fiberglass exterior.

 Low-Quality Fiberglass Exterior
Credit: www.youtube.com @Southern RV

To deal with this issue:

  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning the fiberglass.
  2. Repair the patches and cracks using a dedicated fiberglass repair kit.
  3. After the repairs, restore the original cluster of the fiberglass and eradicate its dullness using marine-grade wax.

2. Window and Roof Issues

The Crossroads RVs also develop typical complex issues that involve windows and roofs. Your RV might have water leakages caused by:

  • Age-related defects;
  • Damaged caulking;
  • Worn-out seals.

If poorly maintained, the caulking can crack or become brittle, creating spaces for water infiltration. Wear and tear related to weather can also cause damage or visible cracks on windows, necessitating a replacement.


I believe roof and window issues can be curbed effectively before any damage. I managed to secure the integrity of my RV’s windows and roof by:

  1. Committing to professional regular maintenance to prevent leaks on the roof and cracks in windows.
  2. Routinely checking for signs of musty odors or discolored walls to detect water leaks.
  3. Frequently inspecting the caulking and roof sealant to protect their integrity.
  4. Quickly deal with any detected problem to mitigate potential damage.

3. Inaccurate Axle Rating

An inaccurate axle rating always creates a recurring issue for many crossroads RV owners and users. This problem is caused by continually overloading the RV, and poses a considerable road safety hazard.


To solve this, I recommend you do the following before loading:

  1. Check your RV’s weight and ensure your load doesn’t exceed the recommended carrying capacity. Overloading the vehicle will damage the vehicle and increase the risk of accidents.
  2. Verify your tire load ratings and axle labels to determine the weight they can carry effectively. Overloading will damage the tires and break or bend the axles.
Inaccurate Axle Rating

4. Carbon Monoxide Sensor Issue

Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is hazardous in enclosed spaces like the RV. So, your CO detector must operate optimally in your Crossroads RV to preserve your health and life. This problem requires a prompt fix as it affects the safety level of your RV.


If your CO detector isn’t working:

  1. Start by checking the batteries. I recommend using high-quality alkaline batteries as they function effectively in high temperatures.
  2. Check the status of the detector. If it is faulty, replace it immediately
  3. Clear the dust on the sensors using compressed air outdoors. Accumulation of dust on the sensors can impede their sensitivity.
  4. Make sure your CO detector has proper ventilation. Sufficient airflow is needed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and enhance gas detection accuracy.
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Issue
Credit: www.youtube.com @Southern RV

5. Improper Furnace Vent Installation

If the furnace vents are installed incorrectly, they will cause significant issues on the Crossroads RVs. This error will disrupt proper air circulation and cause the furnace to overheat.


To curb furnace vent issues, I suggest that you:

  • Frequently check your furnace for wear and tear and quickly repair any detected issues.

In case you require assistance with identifying problems or installation of furnace vents, seek the help of a qualified professional

6. RV Slide-Out Issues

Although they are a prominent feature of Crossroads RVs, the slide-outs can cause issues, such as faulty seals and non-starting motors. In this section, I have listed common slide-out problems your RV will likely have:

RV Slide-Out Issues
  • Seal Concerns: Ineffective seals covering the edges of your slide-outs can cause leaks.
  • Motor Malfunction: This issue can be caused by faulty wiring, power supply glitches, or worn-out components.
  • Component Wear: After being used for a while, the slide-out components will be susceptible to breakage and deterioration.

To solve or prevent these problems:

  1. Inspect the slide-outs, replace worn-out parts, and eliminate the power supply glitches and wiring issues with expert help to solve motor malfunctions.
  2. Replace damaged seals to prevent leaks.

7. Water Lines/Water Pump Issues

The water pumps and water lines ensure your RV has a steady water supply. However, with time, the Crossroads RV water system might develop blockages or breakdowns that will reduce water pressure and cause the faucet to produce unusual odors.

Water Lines/Water Pump Issues

If you want to solve water pump and line issues:

  1. Make sure the water filter is very clear. You can replace or clean it using a garden hose
  2. Check the hoses for kinks on the pump’s path since they can cause low pressure by hindering water flow.
  3.  If the water is not flowing, check if the pump is powered. In case it is not powered, replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

8. Tire Issues

Regular tire problems usually occur on Crossroads RVs. Replacing, properly inflating the tires, and carrying enough spares is daunting for most RV owners and users.


Here are my practical guidelines that will simplify tire maintenance for your Keystone RV and other Crossroads RV models:

  1. Frequently check the tread depth of the tire using a gauge to ensure it is in good condition
  2. Check if the tire walls have visible bulges or cracks, as they indicate wear and tear needing immediate attention
  3. Prevent excessive wear by maintaining proper tire pressure
  4. Ensure your spare tire has the correct tire pressure and is ready for use in case of an emergency
  5. Minimize the risk of blowouts while driving by using superior RV-specific tires
Tire Issues

9. Electrical Problems

Electrical issues will tamper with your RV’s basic functions. Therefore, RV owners will need a quick electrical fix to restore its functionality.


To deal with electrical issues:

  1. Troubleshoot the circuit breaker. If it tripped, you can reset it as shown here in this video
  2. Check for worn wiring and loose connections
  3. Check exterior and interior fuses and replace faulty or corroded ones.

You can also inspect the RV with the help of a professional RV repair technician to eradicate complex electrical problems.

10. Foul Smell

A foul smell from the vents is a major concern for Crossroads RV owners. This issue originates from a clogged ventilation system.

Foul Smell

You can eradicate this foul smell by employing these fixes:

  1. Properly clean the lint filter.
  2. Inspect the fan blades and remove any detected obstructions.
  3. Check if the VR’s air conditioning system is functioning properly.

If these fixes don't eradicate the unpleasant smell, seek the services of a qualified RV repair technician. The expert will thoroughly inspect and clean the ventilation system to eliminate the smell.

11. Toilet Malfunction

Toilet malfunctioning is a dreaded concern as it can lead to health risks and unpleasant odors. You must prioritize to diagnose and solve this issue as it affects your comfort on the crossroads RV.


To address toilet issues:

  1. Begin by looking for toilet clogs. If your toilet is clogged, dislodge it with an auger or plunger to allow an effective flow of waste. Also, verify the water level and flushing mechanism for proper operation.
  2. If the clog persists, replace toilet parts like gaskets, seals, or valves. You can try replacing these parts with DIY or professional help.
  3. Finally, check the toilet seals to stop sewer and water leaks. Replacing damaged seals will also thwart water damage and odors.
Toilet Malfunction

12. The Downside of Lightweight Design

Although the Crossroads RVs are agile, their lightweight design is also a concern. The RV's lighter body materials and frame are more susceptible to damage and warping than their heavier counterparts. This will likely reduce the durability of the RV.


To mitigate this problem:

  1. Adhere to the RV’s weight limits and follow the manufacturer’s care guidelines
  2. Don’t add stress to the RV’s frame by adding a bigger AC or larger refrigerator. Stick to appliances recommended for the RV’s weight limits.
  3. Service your RV regularly to address vulnerabilities likely to compromise its structural integrity. During maintenance, replace worn-out parts and conduct necessary repairs to elongate your RV’s durability.

User Experience with Crossroads RV

Many user experiences offer insight into the positive and negative aspects of using the Crossroads RV. Based on the many shared opinions, you can tell if investing in this recreational vehicle is a good idea. Here, I have listed some of the user experiences and reviews from RVInsider:

<strong>Jean-Benoit Pomerleau</strong>

Jean and his family love every moment spent in their Crossroads Cruiser Aire 28RD, but he believes its quality is below par. He recounts issues like hot water system failure, collapsing cabinets while driving, rigid shelves, crooked bathroom sinks, and many other loose components. Despite these issues, he loves the RV’s layout.


Roxanne purchased the 2022 Crossroads Volante 32FB, and she claims it is the cheapest of the RVs they have ever owned. Although this RV has good water pressure and flooring, she says it’s not a worthy investment due to its many issues.


Michelle had an unpleasant experience with the 2022 Crossroads 331BH Sunset Trail Super Lite as its walls started pulling away from the frame. After camping, she took the RV to the manufacturers for repairs that lasted for 3 months. Every time the RV goes out, Michelle spends between $300 to $1000 on repairs, which is costly.


How can I prevent common problems with Crossroads RV?

The best way to curb problems in your Crossroads RV is by subscribing to regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will enable you to identify issues and worn-out components before time, enabling you to carry out prompt repairs and part replacements.

Is Crossroads RV still in business?

Yes, Crossroads RV is a renowned manufacturer of recreational vehicles based in Indiana. This company has consistently produced high-quality and durable RVs consistently since 1996.

When did Thor Buy Crossroads RV?

Thor purchased Indiana-based Crossroads RV in 2004 for $27 million.


Dealing with the usual Crossroads RV problems is a daunting and tricky task, especially for first-timers. However, your RV can still run optimally if you employ the fixes and preventive measures.

Some of them are troubleshooting the circuit breaker to curb electrical problems, using high-quality alkaline batteries to enhance the CO detector's efficiency, and using a fiberglass repair kit to eradicate cracks on your RV's screen.

I hope this article has provided effective solutions to common problems with crossroads RV problems. I would like to know your experience as you navigate your way out of these issues. Please share your feedback in the comment section below.I will be happy to learn from your experience.

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