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Rv Interior Wood Trim Molding Replacements: Ideas and Inspiring Gallery

Your RV does not look as luxurious and modern without RV interior wood trim molding. Installing new RV slide-out molding enhances the beauty of your RV, as well as increases its sale value if you do want to sell. But finding the right Rv molding trim replacements is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are a few secrets learned from working in the industry that just might save you some money and make it easier to complete your project from choosing your camper molding to finding supplier sources, replacements, and inspiration ideas for this project.

So grab your tools and keep reading on!

How to Choose Wood Trim

Wood trim is the finishing touch for the interior of your RV. With the right paint and a well-placed trim, it can transform this space into your own personal retreat, but it can be difficult.

How to Choose Wood Trim

Here are five recommendations on how to choose the best wooden trim:

  1. Consider the color of the camper molding itself. If you’re going for a neutral look, choose a color palette that is complimentary to your existing décor.
  2. Consider how much natural light there is in your RV’s interior and choose the color accordingly.
  3. If you’re looking to replace your current metal or plastic trim, consider using lightweight wood to attach to be replaced.
  4. Choose a stain color that complements your RV’s interior décor, but is not so bright that it clashes with light fixtures or other accents in your living space.
  5. Finally, remember to measure carefully before purchasing the size range of your long-lasting RV molding.

What Company Produces Wood Trim?

If you’re looking for wooden RV molding trim, here are some great places to look.

Places to buy wood trim. RV interior wood trim molding
  1. Online retailer companies such as Overstock.com, Camperparts World, Rv Parts Country, and Amazon offer a wide range of options and prices to purchase from.
  2. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry many various sizes of styles and colors if you are in luck, but they are more expensive than online options.
  3. Local home improvement stores may also sell long-lasting RV molding trim, depending on what they have sold out and the sizes range.

Interior Wood RV Molding Trim Replacement Parts

Interior Wood RV Molding Trim Replacement Parts

Real wood RV molding trim is a great way to add a touch of luxury and style to your RV. The right set of interior long-lasting RV molding will make your RV feel like a home away from home.

  1. The first step in finding the right set of interior RV molding trim is to measure the van’s interior.
  2. Next, you will need to find online suppliers who stock replacement RV parts and campers.
  3. Once you have found an online supplier that sells Rv Interior Trim Replacement RV Parts, then you should place your order!
  4. Replacement of RV parts is easy to find and is available at both large and small retailers.

Vintage Camper Wood Trim

Vintage Camper Wood Trim

If you’re looking for vintage RV molding trim, Vintage Campers and Vintage Trailer Supply have you covered.

Vintage Camper is a retailer that specializes in camping gear and accessories stock. They sell everything from hardware to various sizes of interior settings accessories but one of their best sellers is their collection of vintage camper RV molding trim.

If you’re looking for some things that carry more modern looks no further than Vintage Trailer Supply. They have a huge line selection of trailer accessories stock with many various sizes including trailer lights, trailer tow hitches, and even sealed exterior water-free leaks towing covers. They even offer free shipping on the stock over $75!

How To Replace Faux Wood With Real Wood Trim

We will show you how to replace faux trim with real timber.

How To Replace Faux Wood With Real Wood Trim

Here’s what you need:

  • A saw
  • A drill and bit of the same diameter as the existing trim
  • A hammer and nails
  • A screwdriver or drill

Step-by-Step Instruction:

  1. First, measure out where you want to place your new RV molding trim.
  2. Then use your saw to cut through the existing RV molding trim stock.
  3. Make sure that you cut at least 3 inches deep into your RV’s exterior trim.
  4. After cutting through the old piece of faux RV molding trim, change your RV’s exterior wall by pulling it off.
  5. Next, drill a hole in the exact same spot where your old faux trimmed was located, and then insert a screw through both pieces of new faux into this hole and hammer in some nails.
  6. Apply glue in several small spots before installing them in place to prevent leaks!

Faux Wood Trim Tips

Faux Wood Trim Tips

Here are five directions that will make ready your RV’s interior look like real wood:

  1. Always use the same type of molding stock on both sides of the wall.
  2. Use clamps to hold down any RV molding trim while you work on them so that they don’t move around.
  3. If possible, use matching stains on every piece of oak stock items so that they blend in together as if they were one piece of timber.
  4. Use sponge-based glue instead of spray glue to join the many sizes of contact so that it won’t leave behind any residue when dry.
  5. Apply tape over all exposed pieces to prevent leaks before applying glue so that any imperfections get sealed and don’t show through afterward and turned into water-free leaks!

Wood Trim Interior Molding Inspiration Ideas

Wood trim is a great way to add personality and style to your space, whether you’re using it as an accent with various sizes or as the centerpiece.

Here are 10 examples of wooden trim that we think you’ll love:

These RVs carry a simple, huge line with a beautiful dark brown stain on their wooden trim. They look like they could have been built at a ski lodge in the mountains.

This RV has rustic-looking brown oak trims that match and adds character to their country home. It looks like it has been there for years, but it’s actually new!

This RV looks like something out of an old western country movie, but these white colors are actually modern and stylish!

This next idea is just as easy as the last two ideas, but it doesn’t require any special stock equipment! All you need is some string, timber of many sizes, and wire cutters to get ready.

This RV Wooden Trim colors are one that looks so simple from afar but on closer inspection reveals an intricate white design here that adds depth without overwhelming the eye. A light green color complements the brown shade of wooden trim beautifully, as seen here with this RV’s cabinets!

This RV Trimming has an effortless staples design, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful! The shape of this piece on the white wall is like adding a cherry on top of a beautifully built RV.

This RV has lots of trimming that carries just enough character without being too overwhelming.

If you prefer something more neutral to match your beige home layout, then this RV might be the one for you!

These beige color schemes carry an especially eye-catching appeal because they match well with whatever else you choose to decorate for your weekend getaways!

This RV holds a simple color plan, but an elegant design with its black walls and sealed beige dark lumber. We love the way it’s painted black and white to match a more modern feel.

There are some great details in this piece like the little flecks of brown colors peeling off the edge of the board, and how they create a nice contrast with the deep browns and tans of the rest of the seal.

This RV Wooden caper molding is so simple, but it looks so elegant. The beige color palette is rich and warm, and the wood trim is just perfect for your next trip.

How do you fix the trim on a camper?

If you want to repair your molding, use a wood filler and sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges before applying new glue to sealed timber. This will make sure that your trim stays in place for years to come!

What kind of wood is the RV wall?

RV camper molding is usually made from plywood, but you will see some manufacturers use other materials such as MDF or particle boards.

What is the best material for RV skirting?

The best material stock for RV skirting is wood. Skirting can be made from wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass.


We hope you liked our suggestions for replacing wooden interior molding! We’ve provided several recommendations and tricks so that you can get started replacing your moldings without breaking the bank or having to take time off work.

What other suggestions or tricks do you have for interior wood molding to make your RVs look new for your next trip? Comment down below to let us know.

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