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Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand? Uncover Real Cruiser RV Reviews and Complaints

Are you looking for a quality RV and confused Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand? You are in the right place! For an extended period, I traveled with my friend, a proud owner of this trailer, and got to experience firsthand its pros and shortcomings firsthand.

In this piece, I will array all the mixed feelings users have shared about this big-boy RV manufacturer before letting you make a choice. Furthermore, I’ll also walk you through Cruiser RV characteristics, briefing you on the pros and cons of this truck.

Without further ado, join me as I walk you through this RV brand!

Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand?

Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand – Quick Overview

Cruiser RV is a renowned RV manufacturing company producing quality lightweight RVs.

Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand - Quick Overview
Credit: www.youtube.com @Cruiser RV
  • The company, under the parent firm Thor Industries, is based in Howe, Indiana.
  • Cruiser RVs are designed from scratch and are made to serve for an extended period.
  • While they operate under a larger RV manufacturing firm, this RV firm still has independent control over their truck designs.
  • According to the Thor website, these trucks are built by skilled craftsmen who dedicate their time to their craft.

While touring several camping sites with my friend who owned a Cruiser RV, I got to experience how the truck functions. Though it is pretty decent and properly designed to offer durability, it has shortcomings. Anyway, I will address the intricate details later on.

Are They Still in Business?

Cruiser trailers have been in the RV manufacturing scene since 1988. They are still very active, giving competitors a run for their money. The company is family-run, with its members in leadership positions despite being under Thor Industries.

So far, this firm has 6 RV types. Here is a tabulated representation of these models






25' 11"









30' 8"

Shadow Cruiser:





27' 6"

Does Heartland Possess This RV Firm?

Regarding ownership, Cruiser will have your mind in a mental cluster. If you review the company website, you’ll be led to believe that the business is family-owned, which isn’t entirely bogus.

  • In early 2015, it was purchased by a large truck company, Heartland.
  • Heartland was acquired by Thor Industries in 2010.

This acquisition put Cruiser RV under Thor RV ownership, mixing up the ownership structure. Thor, a trucking firm, is a large publicly traded company. Based on this, the shareholders have complete control over selecting the CEO and other leaders.

However, despite this, shareholders from the trucking company at the top of the hierarchy allow Cruiser RV to manufacture and operate independently. Interference, after all, could lead to an issue with quality control.

Note: Despite the wiggle room given to this firm, you can still feel the influence of Thor RV manufacturers through customer reviews. However, the reporting structure traces back to Heartland president Ryan Juday

Cruiser RV Manufacturers

Similar to its leadership structure, whoever designs Cruiser trailers may puzzle you. Ideally, you can argue that Thor and Heartland have a hand in the production process. However, at the baseline, Cruiser RV employees and true craftsmen work conjointly to design these quality RVs.

The craftsmen work to make their trucks:

  • Lightweight;
  • Affordable;
  • Durable.

However, based on some reviews I will share, you’ll notice that not all users feel the same. Some may wonder how Thor industries influence motorhome production. It would be safe to say that though they are the company’s owners, they offer little personal attention to its operational process.

On the other hand, Heartland is actively involved. You can see it through the trailer designs. Cruiser RV has, however, borrowed substantial benefits from its association with its parent company, including:

  • Unlimited networks;
  • Resources;
  • Marketing teams.
Cruiser RV Manufacturers
Credit: www.youtube.com @Cruiser RV

With a 100% genuine seal policy, Cruiser RV ensures that clients get value for their money and that the trailers are constructed using quality materials.

Cruiser RVs Production Location

When contemplating whether a trailer manufacturing firm is competent, its operational base and quality of facility play essential roles. The firm generally operates from Howe, Indiana. However, with the information presented to you on the ownership structure of the RV company, you can tell that other production activities take place in varying locations.

  • Various indicators suggest that this company functions from ten different operational production sites.
  • One of these spots exists purely for ensuring quality adherence and unit auditing.

Note: This has to be the reason behind the company releasing premium-quality trailers.

To smoothen the production process, they dish out most of their manufacturing activities to other trailer manufacturing firms and then assemble the RV. On the company’s official website page, you’ll access:

Cruiser RVs Production Location
Credit: www.youtube.com @Cars BOOM
  • The address to their production sites if you ever wish to visit.
  • Phone numbers are placed to help you deal with any issues.

Are These RVs Good Quality?

Regarding quality, different users will have varying sentiments. Some RV owners mention this motorhome as the best trailer they have ever acquired. Let’s review what makes this company highly revered among its users.

Are These RVs Good Quality?
Credit: www.youtube.com @J and A Review
  • Robust Foundation: This trailer is designed with crossed members to ensure the floorboard is robust. They also feature heavy-duty aluminum tires that provide stability for touring various surfaces.
  • Lightweight Build: You’ll appreciate having a lightweight trailer when touring long distances. The most obvious is in the fuel economy sector. They make great trailers able to endure long voyages with adequate fuel consumption.
  • Premium Design: This company uses premium materials in making their trailers. One particular feature that caught my attention was the high-density block foam insulation. This material kept the trailer interior warm and prevented the HVAC system from being used. This feature makes it a great couples’ trailer.

Contradicting Sentiments

While these trailers have countless positive reviews, some customers feel this company sold them knockoffs. One salesman who dealt with this firm highlighted that the manufacturing quality began going down the drain around 2010.

  • This period marked the Thor acquisition and brought customer service issues.
  • The company focused more on the designs, neglecting what the customers needed.
  • This shift from quality control bore resentment among other owners of the trailers.

I recommend addressing all possible scenarios before acquiring any motorhome, not just Cruiser trailers. One sector to be particularly keen on is the warranty. These RVs come with:

Contradicting Sentiments
Credit: www.youtube.com @Sun Camper Rv walk-throughs
  • A 1-year manufacturer warranty;
  • A 3-year structural warranty.

Understanding the terms of an extended warranty period is crucial before acquiring a trailer.

Cruiser RVs Production Process: Quality Control

Well, in terms of the manufacturing process, there is no secret recipe this company employs. Like all other trailer manufacturers, they follow the same suit. Where they may differ, however, is in their employee selection process.

On their official page, you’ll see that they highlight their employees as true craftsmen and women who are specifically chosen for the task at hand.

  • Quality materials: With an initial emphasis on quality, they use premium materials to design their trailers to make them lightweight. They use extensive processes, including using Adzel to lighten the load and integrating twice the insulation value.
  • Quality control: Additionally, the claim is to conduct extensive pre-delivery testing to ensure that all components are in working order. This quality control measure may sucker you in and make you assume conducting your due diligence.

Despite this extensive information on their website, some reviews may not entirely support this idea. Some dealers even reported having issues with the trails made and had to inspect the arrivals of new models based on intuition.

Important! With users citing that a trailer meant to be durable was collapsing even before its first year of usage, there are a lot of gaps in this manufacturer’s trailer design.

Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand? Real Cruiser RV Reviews from Customers!

As highlighted throughout the article, these trailers draw contrasting reviews depending on who you ask. Let me walk through some feedback from owners on a brand basis.

Cruiser RV Stryker Customer Reviews

User, Andrew, who had the Stryker toy hauler, had the following to say:

When comparing to other toy haulers of this size, there really is no comparison with quality and the amount of fresh water it holds. 98 gal tank 10 gal water heater. 108 gallons of fresh water! And this is a wide body design with a large payload capacity.Andrew - used Stryker toy hauler

Cruiser RV Hitch Customer Reviews

Martin felt this way about his RV:

This init is so poorly put together it’s a wonder they have the nerve to sell it to the public. If you buy o e.of these units you will be very disappointed.Martin - an 2021 Cruiser RV Hitch 16RD owner

Cruiser RV MPG Customer Reviews

Ramzi from Florida commented:

We love this camper. Very durable and light weight ( we have 5 kids). High quality finish on the exterior and very well though design. When I bought it I did not know that the power stabilizer jacks are standard!! I am 6.8 tall and We love the sliding king size bed and the extra head room.Ramzi - uses the 2016 Cruiser RV MPG 2800QB

Shadow RV Customer Reviews

Chris Shiakas had the following comment on the trailer:

We bought a 2021 Shadow RV in January of 2021 and got it in April 2021 ,Only had one problem the wiring around the furnace shorted the dealer finally after words from your customer service it was repaired, Oh yea we did replace the king mattress with a queen size other then that it has been some great camping our Ram 1500 pulls it easy.Chris And Jan - owner of the Shadow Cruiser 225RB

Manzanares, a user of this Shadow RV brand, also had the following feedback:

I would not suggest that anyone buy this model RV we bought brand new 11-21-2022 three months into it winter came it leaked front to back there was frost on the walls inside all the mattress were wet all the cushions were wet then the mold came then the regulator on the stove propane, this model is a nightmare!!!!Manzanares - User of this Shadow RV brand

Radiance Customer Reviews

Greg, who purchased the Radiance edition, had the following comment

Where to begin? 1st 10feet the cabin lights stopped working, bent stabilizer arm. 2500 miles in the electrical panel began falling off the wall. During this time my dealer directed to the MFG who in the end took notes but never reimbursed me for all of the repair expenses.Greg O - Radiance edition owner

Embrace RV Customer Reviews

Juan Garcia, an Embrace RV owner, cited:

Just bought one year ago being new. Taken for minor issues to warranty within the 12 months period believing the “bumper to bumper” warranty. The slide out had a leak from a seal. They have a limit on that special issue and backs their quality for only 90 days! Its a great trailer but just found the downside. They argue that it is part of the maintenance that should be done after the 90 days.Juan Garcia - an Embrace RV owner


Are Сruiser MPG Trailers Good?

The cruise MPG trailer is great, depending on your desired qualities. It will serve if you are going for a valuable trailer with excellent fuel efficiency.

Who Is Cruiser RV Made by?

Cruiser RV for now made by THOR Industries.

Who Makes Vista Cruiser RV?

Vista Cruiser RVs are made by Gulfstream Coach. They try to make their RVs as lightweight as possible.

Who Builds Shadow Cruiser RV?

The Shadow Cruiser RV is built by Cruiser RV. However, the firm’s activities are overseen by the parent company Heartland.

How Long Has Cruiser RV Been Around?

Cruiser RV has been around since 1988. It started as a family business before Heartland, a subsidiary of Thor Rv Industries, bought it.


After this extensive research, I believe you have all the other facts on whether Cruiser RV is a good brand. This dealer focuses on making lightweight, affordable trailers. While there are contrasting opinions on whether they are decent or manufactured lemons, I’m here to inform you that that will depend on the day.

Sometimes, a few of their models escape the quality assurance process. However, the ones that do go through the required measures live up to the reputation.

That’s all regarding Cruiser RVs. If you intend to acquire a new one and have some questions or have gone through it with your previous model, let us know in the comments below.

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