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How Much Does an RV Cost?

You can travel around the world and experience firsthand independence by residing in an RV full-time, but it is not inexpensive. But is it less expensive than renting a traditional house? These full-time RVs give insight into how much does an RV cost.

The average price to purchase an RV is between $35,000 and $300,000. This cost may vary based on the type of RV, features offered, and other expenses.

However, used RVs can save you hundreds of dollars compared to new ones. Used towable trailers cost $9,500 to $22,600 on average, depending on size.

Continue reading to learn more regarding RV cost, variables that affect RV prices, and other important things to think about when purchasing an RV!

Initial Buying Cost of an RV (New Vs Used)

It is typically better to buy an RV if you have long-term RV aspirations. Despite acquiring needs increased care and maybe extra storage space expenses, it definitely saves you from paying expensive daily rates or renting.

Refer to the table below for a representation of average RV prices of new and used RV’s:

Class TypeCost (10 Years Ago)Cost (Newer)
Class A Motorhomes$40,000-$80,000$60,000-$160,000+
Class B Motorhomes$10,000-$25,000$35,000-$140,000+
Class C Motorhome$20,000-$45,000$45,000-$105,000
Travel Trailer$20,000-$45,000$23,000-$37,000
Fifth Whee$15,000-$28,000$55,000-$145,000+
Pop-Up/Hybrid Campers$8,000-$12,000$10,000-$16,000
Tent Trailer$6,000-$9,000$8,000-$12,000

Renting Cost of an RV (New Vs Used)

The base cost of renting an RV is a daily price; additional fees may apply for distance, batteries, or all the amenities. The prospective costs of purchasing king sized bed or other necessities for RV travel should also be taken into account.

Class TypeCost (10 Years Ago)Cost (Newer)
Class A Motorhomes$170-$270/Night$345-$445/Night
Class B Motorhomes$90-$210/Night$190-$360/Night
Class C Motorhome$140-$210/Night$220-$420/Night
Travel Trailer$40-$120/Night$120-$210/Night
Fifth Whee$50-$155/Night$140-$320/Night
Pop-Up/Hybrid Campers$20-$35/Night$45-$60/Night
Tent Trailer$15-$25/Night$30-$50/Night

RV Prices Depending on Features and RV Types

RV type greatly affects your query about how much does an RV cost. RV manufacturers split rigs into rideable and towable RVs.

The prices of each RV class depend on how many features it has. A few of the main features that affect the prices greatly are beds, bathrooms, storage spaces, slide-outs, freshwater tanks, and air conditioners.

There are a few additional features too, on which the prices of an RV depend. Such as retractable awnings, automatic levelling systems, and window coverings.

You’ll find your dream RV among the different designs and models each with different features. Let’s have a look at the different types of RV’s that are in high demand currently.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhome is the most significant type of RV. It’s typically furnished with almost everything you can imagine. The standard size of the Class A motorhome can vary from 21 feet to up to 45 feet.

And as such, the price also varies, from $50,000 to $500,000. The longer the RV, the more it will cost. Other factors such as the brand reputation, floorplan, and the type of fuel it uses will decide the baseline cost.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are smaller than Class A motorhomes, normally in 16 to 22 feet. They’re cheaper than Class A motorhomes, costing about $60,000 to $150,000.

These are great choices for couples or small families. They come with many useful amenities such as showers and kitchens.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are the smallest motorhomes. They have a size range of 21 to 35 feet. The price fluctuates from $43,000 to $200,000, depending on other factors as well.

The main difference between a Class C and a Class B is that Class C motorhomes are built on top of an existing van or truck chassis. This reduces their manufacturing cost by a significant portion.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is similar to a motorhome, except that travel trailers must be towed. They do not have an engine of their own, though they may have suspension and other automotive features.

The price differs depending on the size and if it’s used or new. New travel trailers can cost anywhere from $11,000 up to $35,000. For instance, a 24-foot travel trailer will cost about $23,000.

Since travel trailers cannot move on their own, you’ll need a towing vehicle. It’s better if you already have one. If not, you can rent a tow truck for as little as $100-$200/day. If you have to buy a tow truck for permanent use, it would cost more than just buying a motorhome.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels refer to travel trailers that can be towed using a fifth-wheel hitch. They’re not too different from regular travel trailers. But many people find them to be easier to maneuver and safer to tow. They can range in size from 25 to 45 feet. But this only means they require a more powerful vehicle to tow. Fifth wheels will cost you more, with the price fluctuating from $25,000 to $100,000. Remember to factor in the cost of the rental tow truck.

Pop-Up and Hybrid Campers

Pop-Up and Hybrid Campers

Pop-up campers, as the name suggests, can be folded and unfolded for convenient storage. As such, their initial cost is meager, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 new. They can sleep 2-8 people, depending on the size. Most range in size from 8 to 16 feet when folded down and expand to 32 feet.

They weigh less, meaning you cut down on towing costs. But you sacrifice sleeping space and storage space.

Hybrid campers are tiny campers that cannot be folded or unfolded. They resemble a hybrid between a camper and a small caravan. These usually cost between $18,000 and $40,000, not factoring in the towing vehicle. Since they’re small and lightweight, you can get off using an SUV or passenger car.

Tent Trailers

Tent Trailers

Trailer tents aren’t as bulky or costly as compared to full-sized trailers, which require large vehicles. Typically tent trailers weigh just under 3,000 pounds, so they may be towed to a compact SUV.

Even though they are far less expensive than larger campers or travel trailers, they can still be fairly pricey at least when compared to the typical tents, which costs a few hundred dollars.

New tent trailers typically cost between $7,000 and $20,000 for larger, more opulently furnished models.

Embedded electronics and drainage, adaptable connectivity choices for water, fuel, and electrical adapters, and other amenities are frequently included on the list of standard features.

Average RV Prices Examples and their Features

RV purchase are investment opportunities that necessitate a great deal of effort and thought. We advise experiencing one before you buy it as one approach to do your research. Cool RVs can be discovered and rented via Motorhome Rebublic.

Additionally, it’s an excellent method to make sure you’re prepared to buy your own awesome adventurous RV! By clicking here, you may view the RVs available in your area.

Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome

Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome

Average Cost: $281,042+

In complement to a king sized bed area, this sizable Class A RV offers a set of twin beds, each with a 22-inch Smart Tvs so kids can watch their own programs.

There are plenty of home amenities in this RV. Depending on which state you live in, a specific permit endorsements can be necessary.

Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel Camper

Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel Camper

Average Cost: $48,534

A full-size truck with a specific flexible hitch mounted in the box is required to tow this fifth wheel trailer. It has a screen iN-Command Portable Control System that gives you accessibility to all of your necessary functionalities.

It has a specialized motor, an overhang, internal and outdoor lighting, tank capacities, slide-outs, and many more essential comfort amenities.

2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome

2019 Jayco Embark 37MB Class A Motorhome

Average Cost: $294,500+

This substantial Class A RV has a strong diesel engine. A king-sized bed, a 17′ retractable canopy with LED lighting, an Emblem Audio System, and a built-in infotainment system are some of the manufacturer’s hallmarks.

Up to five individuals can sleep in the layout of beds to perfectly utilize extra sleeping space.

Palomino PaloMini 177BH Travel Trailer

Palomino PaloMini 177BH Travel Trailer

Average Cost: $9,950+

To haul this tow alongside camper van safely, a light-duty minivan or higher is required. It has bunk beds in the back and a queen beds in the front.

There is a modest lavatory with a commode in it. A small media workstation and diner with a refrigeration system are also there.

Northwood Arctic Fox 28-5C Fifth-Wheel

Northwood Arctic Fox 28-5C Fifth-Wheel

Average Cost: $41,500+

To properly pull this capacious fifth wheel trailer, a full-size half-ton to one-ton truck is required. It has a king-size bed, numerous pull-out couches, a contemporary cuisine, a lavatory, and a shower.

The target market for this camper is couples traveling alone rather than families.

Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Camper Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Camper Trailer

Average Cost: $14,500

This collapsible camper is lightweight, simple to transport, and has a number of convenient features that rival larger RVs. They’re so confident in it that they offer a solid 5-year warranty.

Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome

Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M Class A Motorhome

Average Cost: $146,235

This big Class A RV has several different layouts to choose from, each of which comes with a number of convenient slide-outs.

One of the more well-liked variants has a king-size bed, an over-cab bed, two full bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and plenty of storage space.

It has a sofa that can be expanded to accommodate more visitors.

Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler

Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler

Average Cost: $48,999+

To accommodate families who place a high value on personal space, Forest River created the Bighorn camper. There’s a huge living area that’s right next to a separate dining space.

There’s a spacious dilapidated shack in the camper, complete with a ladder, and another living area that may be used as a personal office if necessary.

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45AT Class A Diesel Motorhome

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45AT Class A Diesel Motorhome

Average Cost: $430,200

Class A diesel motorhomes like the Tuscany were made for those who prefer to travel in style. If you’re like luxurious camping, this is the RV for you.

There are, naturally, a variety of formats and customization options to choose from.

The vast majority of them feature a separate bedroom designed for two, a stylish kitchen, a welcoming living area, a luxurious bathroom, and a plethora of other high-end conveniences.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter 17RD Travel Trailer

Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter 17RD Travel Trailer

Average Cost: $11,300+

The front of the Autumn Ridge has a complete bed, and there are overhead storage compartments all through the rest of the cabin. Bathroom amenities include a lavatory, a hall closet, and a tub/shower combination.

The kitchenette has plenty of counter space in addition to the two-burner stove, convection stove, refrigerator, and solitary basin.

Sales Tax, Maintenance & Other Long-Term Costs

Know your budget before buying an RV. Many forget that RV ownership costs more than the listed price. We urge you to buy a camper wisely.

That’s why we prepared this guide to RV ownership costs.

Sales Tax

Taxes and government fees are an additional expense when it comes to RV ownership. Sales tax, property tax, and a registration charge might all be on the table.


RV maintenance costs vary with use. Reports suggest that RV owners spend $500 to $1,000 annually on upkeep. Some campers spent $3,000 annually.

Campsite Rents

The typical cost of a campsite with an extended connections is about $45 per night, but several give monthly charges at a discount.

Utility Bills

Camper size might affect utility expenditures. A 32-foot travel trailer can cost $100 a month.

Factors That Influence the Cost of an RV

The costs mentioned above are only the baseline costs. These will vary depending on the following factors:

Manufacturers Reputation

If you’re looking to buy an RV, look for its manufacturers reputation. If he has a stellar reputation this will allow you to get an idea about the RV quality.

Manufacturer with good reputation responds quickly and assist you hassle-free.

Age of RV

The year of release of the RV model will decide how expensive it is. A brand new 2020 or 2021 model will cost a lot more than, say, a 2016 or 2015 model. You can settle for models that are at least 5 years old. But there may be certain new features that you want to have.


RVs and travel trailers are available in several different floorplans. Some floorplans will offer more features than others. Be sure to choose a floorplan that is functional and creative.

Customizations and Extra Features

Aside from the pre-built floorplans, some manufacturers leave some space for customization. You can add speaker decks, air conditioners, water recycling, purification systems, toilets, and outdoor kitchens.

Availability and Price Fluctuations

Not all RV models will be available at the moment. They’re quite big and hard to make. So, it’s understandable when stock runs short. If that’s the case, the model you’re buying may be the last, and hence, the price may increase since it’s in hot demand.

Demand can make prices fluctuate in exciting ways. If a certain model is being used more frequently, the price will go up. Other complicated economic factors can change the prices by a small margin.

Shipping Costs

If you’re having the RV shipped or driven to you, shipping costs will also factor in. If your RV is only manufactured and available in a different country, shipping the product overseas will be a tough job. This can cost you a fortune, and many times it’s impossible to ship a motorhome this way.

New Vs. Used

And last but not least, the condition of the RV dictates the final price. New RVs will cost significantly more than used RVs. In general, used RVs can cost up to 20% less than new ones. And the trade-off is spectacular. Used RVs aren’t all too bad. They may have some maintenance problems. But in most instances, you can get a used RV in pitch-perfect condition.

Running Ownership Costs

Registration and Taxes

For any new or used vehicle purchased, you must get it registered and pay regular taxes. The exact price of such legalities varies from state to state. In many jurisdictions, RVs and motorhomes might not even be legally accepted forms of transport. Consult with a lawyer and look into local RV laws.

Registration fees are usually dictated by the vehicle’s age, weight, length, and current market value. If the RV is in an unusable condition, you may not get the rights to use it at all. You may also need a certain driver’s license and training since operating a motorhome is different from driving a car.


RVs and travel trailers already cost a lot. So, you’ll want to have some level of insurance in case you suffer a financial loss. RV insurance is quite an interesting subject as it’s a cross between a car and home insurance.

Like cars and other vehicles, RVs must be insured against accidents and roadside assistance. But like homes, you can also avail pet injury insurances, vacation liability, damage insurance, and loss or theft insurance.

Full-time RV insurance can cost you about $1,500, but the price can fluctuate from $1,000 to $2,000. The insurance policy and insurance cost vary depending on many factors. For instance, a Class A RV’s insurance will cost you about $2,000, while that of a Class C RV will cost about $1,000.


Regardless of whether you have a motorhome or a towable trailer, you’ll need fuel. Motorhomes can be found in both diesel and gas variations. The price of the fuel is something that varies from place to place. Some places will have lower gas prices while others will have higher, depending on availability and how they are acquired.

If you’re using your travel trailer as a permanent home and won’t be moving it around much, then you’ll need fuel for a one-way trip.


Motorhomes and travel trailers are too big to fit into anyone’s garage. You can park them in special RV garages, though, which will cost you a certain amount. Unheated indoor storage will cost you about $50 to $125 per month. Heated indoor storage will cost anywhere from $100 to $450 for one month. Outdoor storage can cost as low as just $30 to $50 a month. The cost will increase as the size of the RV increases.

You can also build your garage or carport. Most DIY garages can cost up to $15 per square foot. The cost will fluctuate drastically based on material cost, size of the RV, insulation, and labor costs.

Maintenance Costs

You can’t just buy an RV and expect it to clean itself. Every vehicle requires regular maintenance. The type of maintenance you must carry out varies. You’ll need to dust and clean the interior as well as wash the exterior every few months. But each device and appliance you have in your motorhome will require individual maintenance. The air conditioner, for example, will need separate maintenance.

Essentially, maintaining an RV means keeping both a car and a home. The cost can run pretty high. Some RVers testify that they ended up spending anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each year on maintenance costs.

Camping and Accommodation Fees

If you’re using your motorhome or trailer as a permanent residence, you’ll have to pay parking fees. RV campgrounds can cost anywhere from $25 to $80 per night. The price will vary depending on the RV’s size, the connections offered, and the location. You can opt for a partial hookup, which supplies water and electricity. Or you can opt for a full-hookup, which provides sewer lines and telephone services.

The location is also an important consideration. RV parks with scenic views will cost more than ones with dull urban views.

You should also keep in mind that most RV parks are recreational. If you want a permanent space where you can live for extended periods, consider a trailer park. Trailer parks will have entire communities and may require you to pay accommodation taxes. They may also offer trash removal services, street parking services, and pet accommodation.

In most cases, you’ll have to buy pre-existing homes in the trailer park instead of being allowed to move your trailer in.

Other RV Costs to Consider

Don’t forget that in addition to the RV itself, you’ll also need to buy all the accessories and equipment necessary to use it. You’ll probably need to pick up a few of these things in addition to your new recreational vehicle:

  • Sewer pipes, couplings, and tank solutions.
  • Hydraulic pressure controller.
  • Power filtering device.
  • Blocks for adjusting the height of an object..
  • Blocks for adjusting the height of an object.
  • Device that constantly monitors the pressure in a tire.
  • Equipment for the kitchen.
  • Sheets and towels.
  • Tools for use in the great outdoors, such as folding chairs and a grill.

Where to buy used RVs that Suit Your RV Lifestyle

When purchasing a pre-own RV, there are numerous factors to think about. The unknown makes it hard to plan ahead. It’s possible that you’re being pulled in different directions by the expensive RV price you are getting.

Here are few effective ways to get the best information about the used RVs:

RV Dealership

Most dealers will only sell used recreational vehicles in excellent condition and in good RV prices in order to maintain their good name. They won’t sell an RV with serious faults like leaking or weakened structures.

Online Marketplaces

There are advantages to purchasing a used RV through an online marketplace. It allows you a wider selection of RVs and the chance to talk to others who share your passion for the RV lifestyle.

However, you could possibly find more attractive RV prices online rather than going to dealer.

Local Listings

Local citations expand the number of places that can help you in buying a used RV. Local listings also incorporate reviews about the dealers which diversely help you to look out for the best deal.

Rent before you buy and Rent out your RV after you buy

Renting an RV is safer than buying one.  If you’re not sure, a significant purchase can be intimidating. RV rentals help you learn how they work. You can test-drive it and learn how to use its features before buying.

After buying an RV, renting it can assist offset purchasing, upkeep, and upgrade expenditures. Some RV owners can cover their costs by renting out their vehicles.

How does RV financing work?

Similar to buying a vehicle or home loan, financing an RV is rather straightforward.  Through an RV dealer, you can obtain a loan through a credit union, bank, or internet lender. Once that happens, they possess your claims.

How much is a normal RV?

The average RV prices are between $35,000 and $300,000. This cost may vary based on the type of RV, optional options, and other expenses.

Is it cheaper to live in an RV than a home?

In many locations, the price of an RV is less than that of most houses. But a lower initial investment does not usually translate to a reduced cost of living throughout.

Is it cost-effective to own an RV?

When compared to the costs of a traditional vacation that includes flights, rental vehicles, lodging, and dining out, owning an RV can result in significant savings.

What are the monthly expenses of an RV?

People who live full-time in their RVs have reported that they spend as little as $1,600 a month and as much as $5,000 a month.

What are the most trusted TV mount brands?

The best and most trusted TV mounts in the market are:
1. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount
2. VideoSecu ML531BE RV TV Wall Mount
3. Mounting Dream MD2209 Lockable RV TV Mount
4. PAW ‎832155001041 International RV TV Bracket
5. Mount-It! MI-2829 Small Camper TV Wall Mount
6. Suptek Aluminium Alloy Lockable RV TV Wall Mount


Finding out how much it actually costs to own an RV and take trips in one is a significant step in the right direction towards having the greatest possible experience when it comes to RV ownership.

When you buy an RV after reading our article, you may save money without having to compromise on the quality of the vehicle.

You are the next person to live the RV lifestyle! Let us know in the comments which RV interests you the most. We would love to know about your choice.

Good Luck!





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