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Top 12 Best RV Dishwashers [Buying Guide]

In this guide, I’ll be showing you some of the best RV dishwashers you can get for your trailer.

We’ll be going over their efficiency, features and some frequently asked questions. All the answers will be given from customer reviews and my review and research.

The best RV dishwasher you choose should be small enough to not take up space in your RV, while at the same time properly washing those annoying dishes that come with every meal. Well, let’s get to talking about them!

Product NameImageProsPrice
Farberware Portable DishwasherComes with quality controls.
Perfect compact design.
Highly portable and stores well.
Cleans all items within 40 minutes.
Easy to use controls.
Comes with detergents.
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SPT Energy Star Built-In DishwasherIt features quiet operation.
Takes minimal space.
Comes with stunning six wash programs.
Features a heating function in the drying cycle, which results in drying.
Features automatic dispensers.
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Black+Decker DishwasherComes with seven washing programs.
Compact Dishwasher.
Comes with a child lock.
Features a stunning display with touch controls.
Easy loading of utensils.
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Best RV Dishwashers Reviewed

Farberware Portable Dishwasher

The utterly portable countertop dishwasher by Farberware comes with a built-in water tank with 5 liters capacity. It features five programs, offers baby care, and has a fruit washer in black and white colors.

Farberware portable dishwasher is the no.1 bestseller countertop dishwasher available in black and white colors. It is made from plastic and comes with a full panel control type. The operating frequency of this dishwasher measures 60 hertz with 120 volts.

What makes it unique is the brand’s quality check, which ensures proper operation. It is normal to find some amount of water within the unit. You’ll fall in love with the compact design of the convenient dishwasher, which fits well for all dishes measuring 12 inches in diameter.

If you reside in an apartment, small-sized house, boats, campers, or dorms, this dishwasher is ideal. You don’t need any assemblages as it comes with a built-in tank. Plus, it has a water hose, which allows direct water assembly with the kitchen faucet.

Enjoy washing dishes in this compact dishwasher featuring five programs that allow easy cleaning. It includes regular, rapid, fruit wash, glass, and baby care programs. Indulge in deep, seamless cleaning of dishes with upper and lower spray arms.

This dishwasher also generates steam when you press baby care cleaning to sanitize glassware and baby bottles to spark clean glassware.

Besides that, this dishwasher comes with a rapid wash cycle that cleans dishes in 40 minutes, and they dry out the dishes through the automatic circulation of air. You can also opt for a fruit wash for cleaning vegetables and fruits as it comes with a fruit basket.

Improve the drying function in this dishwasher as it comes with an air exchange function to remove any smells.

All these features come at a hefty price, but as an RV owner, it’s ultimately up to you to choose the best RV dishwasher that will suit you.

  • Comes with quality controls.
  • Perfect compact design.
  • Highly portable and stores well.
  • Cleans all items within 40 minutes.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Comes with detergents.
  • Comes with a small capacity.

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SPT Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher

This stainless steel, energy star built-in dishwasher comes with a full panel control type. It is a built-in dishwasher that comes with a noise of 52DB.

You can buy this dishwasher in grey color, and it weighs around 54 pounds. It takes around 12 volts to work correctly. This built-in, top mount dishwasher is a smart wash type that comes with six washing programs, including normal, heavy, energy, quick, glass, and rinse.

Add this dishwasher to your home to enhance the dishes’ cleaning efficiency and give your kitchen a perfect touch. This compact, minimal dishwasher takes only 18 inches of space in your kitchen, so it serves as an ideal replacement for your old dishwasher.

What makes it impeccable is the dual push-out racks and the time delay feature. The best part! It comes with the latest heating function within the drying cycle, which makes it quite useful. The time delay feature allows you to switch on the cycle during the 24 hours.

Moreover, it features an error alarm that displays the incorrect codes. The rinse aid warning indicator features the refill reminder over the rinse aid.

This dishwasher’s capacity is around eight standard place settings. For complete coverage of the dishes, it comes with dual spray arms, which allows easy cleaning. The silver basket in this dishwasher easily holds the utensils and silverware, performing easy cleaning.

That’s not all! It comes with automatic dispensers that release the detergent and the rinsing agent. What makes it energy star certified is that it meets and exceeds the federal guidelines for being money-saving and energy-saving at the same time.

The normal water consumption in this dishwasher measures 2.54.9 gallons with a net weight of 54 lbs.

I took a look at some RV dishwasher reviews, and they complained about the hose falling after the power hose was removed. They also highlighted that the racks remove too easily. Other than that it’s great slightly over budget.

  • It features quiet operation.
  • Takes minimal space.
  • Comes with stunning six wash programs.
  • Features a heating function in the drying cycle, which results in drying.
  • Features automatic dispensers.
  • Door leaks.

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Black+Decker Dishwasher

Get this metal-made black + decker dishwasher in white color, which comes with a fully integrated control type. It comes with a noise of around 60 DB.

The weight is around 46.2 pounds and takes a voltage of around 120 volts. The capacity of this dishwasher is around 4.25 cubic feet. This dishwasher comes with a six-place setting capacity that accommodates around 10” dinner plates.

It comes with a delayed start option, which works for up to 24 hrs. Moreover, it comes with a LED display that features electronic touch controls. If you have children, it’s the best thing to invest in as this best RV dishwashers feature the child lock and comes with high-efficiency ratings, plus its energy star certified.

This impeccable dishwasher comes with seven wash programs, including intensive, normal, eco, 90 minutes, glass, rapid, and soak. You might wonder whether your kitchen can add a compact dishwasher, but having a hands-on black+ decker dishwasher is the ideal choice.

This compact countertop dishwasher comes with stunning features and easily sits well over the standard countertop. The drain connections and water hookup in this dishwasher are fast and simple without taking any additional time. Welcome, this new addition to your kitchen now.

With that being said, its efficiency is known to decline after 3 months, and you might have to do a lot of pre-washing before putting the dishes in the RV dishwasher. It also takes a long time for customer care to fulfill warranty services.

  • Comes with seven washing programs.
  • Compact Dishwasher.
  • Comes with a child lock.
  • Features a stunning display with touch controls.
  • Easy loading of utensils.
  • Wash quality not too great.

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Edge Star Dishwasher

This stainless-steel dishwasher comes in a built-in form. The noise level of this dishwasher is around 52.3 DB, and the operating frequency is 60 hertz.

It needs a voltage of 120 volts. This dishwasher features a capacity of 6 place settings. It includes a cup shelf, a dish rack, plus a cutlery basket. The best part about it is that it holds around 10.5” diameter of plates and comes with seven wash cycles.

It comes with a quick connecting adapter, which fits well with the standard kitchen faucet sizes. You’ll fall in love with the mesmerizing digital display.

Nothing can beat this dishwasher as it fits nicely under most cabinets. The water consumption is also low, which is only around 2.85 gallons. This dishwasher stands over 17 inches tall, making it a compact, countertop dishwasher with a low profile to sit comfortably underneath all cabinetry.

This dishwasher only takes around 200 kilowatt-hours each year with approximately 61% lesser energy than standard countertop dishwashers. Not only does this dishwasher save a life, but it also consumes less water, which makes it a perfect choice.

It, however, features a lower spray, and no dry function which some if not most RV dishwashers and regular dishwashers have. The cutlery basket has also been reported to get brittle over time, though there are replacing components for that.

  • Easy to install.
  • User-friendly.
  • Consumes less water.
  • Consumes less energy.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Features a lower spray arm.

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SPT Compact Countertop Dishwasher

This compact countertop dishwasher comes with a delayed start. What’s more unique about it is that it comes with an energy star certification. This stainless-steel portable dishwasher comes with a six-place settings rack for silverware.

This dishwasher is made from iron and comes with a full panel control type. Blend this dishwasher well with your kitchen as it comes in white color. It is a stand-alone dishwasher that comes with a 55db noise. The capacity of this dishwasher is 1 quart with a voltage of 120 volts.

It comes with six wash cycles, including heavy, normal, glass, speed, ECO, and rinse. Choose this dishwasher as it comes with a delayed start to indulge in convenient cleaning with 2,4,6 and 8 options.

This dishwasher with quick connect and a universal faucet adapter allow easy connection with most kitchen faucets.

The SPT dishwasher also features a LED display with electronic controls, which allows you to view the current running or remaining time. It also comes with a rinse aid warning indicator and the water supply warning indicator.

Getting this dishwasher makes it an ideal choice for small kitchens, office kitchens, or apartments. The height of this compact design measures around 17.24”, which fits nicely between the cabinetry and the countertops. It comes with a rinse-aid dispenser and an automatic detergent.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much space between the roof of the countertop RV dishwasher and the dishes when placed in the dishwasher drawer or dish rack.

Besides that, if you remove the faucet adapter and unplug the water supply it displays an error message. The cycles have to begin again and it takes 2 hours to complete a cycle.

  • Offers enough capacity.
  • It comes with electronic controls and an LED display.
  • Comes with six wash cycles.
  • Comes with a delayed start.
  • Features an automatic detergent plus rinse agent dispenser.
  • It seems slightly heavy.
  • It needs two hours to complete the wash cycle.

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Furrion RV Dishwasher

This built-in dishwasher comes with a double rack and is in stainless steel color. The noise level of this dishwasher is 55DB.

This perfect dishwasher saves space and energy over the RV with a compact design. It is an energy-star certified dishwasher. Moreover, it comes with a rinse and detergent dispenser, which uses less water and detergent.

It also features a double-loading rack with a top and bottom portion. Plus comes with a utensil basket with a folding cup shelf. The folding shelves are best for offering additional space to accommodate the small cups. It comes with 3-in-1 tablet container clips over the loading rack.

The dishwasher also comes with a 3-part filter, which prevents the food from getting in the water pump. It comes with the primary filter, which collects and then crushes the debris plus washes it down through the drain.

It also comes with a second coarse filter, which catches all the large debris. The last filter is fine, which keeps the debris from re-depositing over the dishes.

The durable dishwasher can efficiently work well for the RV. It withstands all vibrations occurring over the road. Moreover, this mounts well over the prepared cabinet. The Furrion built-in dishwasher comes with top-notch quality material with a 12-month warranty.

With that said, It doesn’t have a heated dry option but rather makes use of the rinse aid to dry dishes. Some buyers also complained about it being too costly for them to purchase.

  • Resists vibrations.
  • Works well for extreme weather.
  • Features a compact design.
  • Consumes 16l water.
  • Durable and comes with a long-lasting finish.
  • Comes with electronic touch controls.
  • Uses slightly more water.
  • You need to invest in installation parts.

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Magic Chef Dishwasher

The magic chef dishwasher is dedicated to producing simple to use products. It’s a compact dishwasher that serves as a perfect alternative for people who don’t have enough kitchen space. It is an ideal full-size, compact design dishwasher with easy operation.

The width of this dishwasher measures 22 inches with a height of 17 inches. The cavity inside comes at 21 inches, plus it can come with sturdy dishes in the washup place with six place settings.

Moreover, it comes with a cup shelf that folds easily for loading arrangements and comes with a silverware basket. It also features a rinse aid dispenser and automatic detergent, including easy cleaning and sanitization of dishes.

This dishwasher comes with a hygienic residual drying system plus an anti-flood device. This drawing system is a technology that uses air to dry and then sanitize the dishes. Plus, the anti-flood device allows the detection of high-water levels, preventing leaking from the unit.

The front panel in this dishwasher comes with easy-to-use electronic controls with six wash cycles. It also comes with the delayed start features, which allows you to conveniently set the time within a 24-hr period for washing the dishes.

It comes with a digital display, which will enable you to wash the cycles. Lastly, it also features the wash cycle’s audible end with signals before it automatically shuts off.

The only problems are that it can sometimes display error codes and the pump does not have enough pressure to clean dishes properly, but this problem can be easily solved by pre-rinsing.

  • Cleans dishes well.
  • Works well for one to two persons.
  • Easy to use electronic controls and comes with a digital display.
  • It features six wash cycles.
  • Offers easy installation.
  • Feels noisy.
  • Controls might stick after limited usage.

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Frigidaire Dishwasher

This frigidaire dishwasher is a built-in type made from stainless steel. It features a full panel control type. The noise of this dishwasher is around 52DB and weighs around 54 pounds. The voltage output of this dishwasher is around 8.5 with the capacity of 8 place settings.

What makes it unique is the dual spray arm system present in the top and bottom layer, which gives a perfect cleaning action every time you use it. Moreover, it comes with the sanitize cycle, which is certified and removes around 99.9% of household bacteria.

This dishwasher fits up to the eight place settings within each cycle. The heating element featured in this dishwasher allows you to dry out the dishes immediately.

It offers multiple cleaning cycle options that are easy to use and includes energy saver certification. Maximize energy and save dollars with this energy-saving appliance.

What you’ll love about this dishwasher is that it allows quiet operation with 52 DB. Enjoy using this dishwasher that comes with a compact design and allows beneficial cleaning.

Not only this, it comes with a delay start option. The cycle indicator lights allow you to view the options correctly. Know all about your dishes, whether you can wash them, dry them, or clean them while watching the status indicators.

It also features a self-cleaning filter that eliminates the food particles while keeping the dishes neat and clean. Moreover, you get a one-year limited warranty with this dishwasher.

You only get a one-year limited warranty. It’s not bad but buyers complained that after their dishwashers had been damaged they weren’t attended to because they had exceeded the one-year warranty timeframe.

  • Comes with a heat drying system.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a compact design.
  • It saves energy and water.
  • Dual spray system.
  • Consumes more water within each cleaning cycle.

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Fisher Paykel Dishwasher

This stainless-steel dishwasher comes with a full console control type in 24”/ it is an energy-star certified dishwasher that can be easily placed well in the kitchen. This drawer dishwasher comes with seven place settings.

Plus, it features a cutlery basket. What makes it unique is the smart drive technology and the dishwasher’s quiet operation, which allows you to use this dishwasher without much noise in the kitchen.

Clean and dry out the dishes in this dishwasher as it comes with an assisted drying option. It also features foldable cup racks and fold-down tines.

You’ll love washing the dishes in this quiet and highly efficient double-drawer dishwasher. You get with this dishwasher because you can use one or two drawers simultaneously with perfect flexibility options, allowing you to save water.

The drawers of this dishwasher work independently, which allows you to set the wash cycles differently. Lastly, the Dishwasher drawers come with adjustable racks to customize your load in the dishwasher accordingly. Other than the sleek-looking style, it features a delay start option for the users too.

What you might have problems with would be the installation process. It’s a very long process and some buyers complained about how they weren’t able to use the dishwasher they had gotten until some days after the installation was complete.

  • Comes with nine cycles.
  • The drawers operate independently.
  • You can use a single drawer if you want.
  • Comes with convenient wash cycles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quite pricey.

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Ensue Countertop Dishwasher

This stainless-steel countertop dishwasher comes in white color. The voltage needed for this dishwasher is around 120 volts. What makes this dishwasher unique is the easy-to-use feature?

You can load the dishes conveniently in this dishwasher and set the easy controls on it. The rinse aid and detergent dispensers in this dishwasher are easy to fill. Plus, it’s energy star certified. This small, convenient dishwasher is easy for cleaning the dishes once you are done cooking and eating.

You just need to simply load all the dishes within the dish basket plus the cutlery rack allowing you to get rid of the dirty job. You can feasibly put this dishwasher over the countertop, which means it needs a small space.

Enjoy using this dishwasher as it comes with user-friendly controls with the control panel with light indicators. The features include a power button, start, end the program, and a program selector that includes heavy, normal, mini party, light, rinse, or speed.

Investing in this dishwasher won’t make you regret your decision as it’s easy to install and quickly connects with the kitchen faucet allowing direct drainage in the kitchen sink.

The only issue is that its faucet adapter’s size is small and it may leak after long-term use. Otherwise, this RV dishwasher is one of the best to invest in cause it’s compact and fits well in small kitchens.

  • Compact size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with user-friendly controls.
  • Needs less space.
  • Features light indicators.
  • The size of the faucet adapter is small.

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WESTLAND Vesta Built-in RV Dishwasher

This built-in stainless steel dishwasher operates at a frequency of 60 hertz. The voltage of this dishwasher measures 120 volts. It comes with a convection drying method and weighs around 61 lbs.

This space-saving dishwasher is a specialized type for RVs and small kitchens that helps clean dishware and glasses without any wastage of space or water.

What makes it unique is the maximum performance offered by this vesta dishwasher and water’s minimum consumption. This vesta dishwasher does not use more than 2.4 to 4.2 gallons for cleaning and drying the dishes. Conserve water using the dishwasher, which offers outstanding results.

The space-saving, sleek, and modern-looking dishwasher fits well in the high-end kitchen designs. Investing in this dishwasher is a dream come true as it’s adaptable. Sanitize the dishes now using this space-saving dishwasher that comes with a small footprint featuring five wash cycles.

Not only this, it comes with a rinse aid dispenser, which enhances the entire drying process. What you’ll love more about this dishwasher is the modern handle plus its built-in appearance.

This dishwasher with 120v is the easiest to use with easy controls and the LED display, which allows you to view the current programs activated and end of cycle indicator.

It’s a wonderful dishwasher but you have to purchase the door separately or risk having a dishwasher without a stainless steel door.

  • Consumes less water.
  • Features an aesthetically appealing look.
  • It fits dishes of all sizes.
  • Comes with a LED display.
  • Features assembly kits for easy installation.
  • Unable to accommodate huge pans.
  • It might have moisture within the dishes after washing.

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Home Labs Compact Dishwasher

The capacity of this dishwasher is around six place settings plus six option cycles. What makes it unique is the energy star certified machine, which cleans the dishes easily within minutes.

You need to load your dishes within the dish basket or the cutlery rack and allow the efficient dishwasher to perform your hectic job.

This stainless steel, freestanding dishwasher comes with 60 hertz operating frequency. It takes around 120 volts and is a high-efficiency type dishwasher.

It comes with a simple control panel with light indicators. The six-wash cycle includes heavy, ECO, normal, speed, glass, or rinse to meet all your dishwashing needs. It comes with a delay button, which allows you to postpone the washing cycle.

The quick-connect assembly featured in this dishwasher comes with accessories like a drain hose and inlet, plus the faucet adapter to connect with compatible water lines. It also features a rinse aid dispenser, which allows you to dry plates, glass, mugs quickly, too, with no marks and streaks.

Prevent any damage to the dishwasher by using the rinse aids. The indicator light in this dishwasher lets you know about refilling the dispenser.

In the RV dishwasher reviews, buyers complained about some food particles being left on the dishes after washing and their inability to use the kitchen sink because the dishwasher had to be constantly plugged into a water source while washing.

  • High-quality material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compact design.
  • It saves time, energy, and water.
  • The hose is relatively short.
  • An adapter might feel smaller.

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How to Choose the Best Dishwashers for RV?

With several best RV dishwashers in the market, choosing the most suitable one that meets all your needs is a daunting task. Because of this reason, we have listed down a simple buying guide for you so that you can choose the best dishwashers for RV.

Different Types of Dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers – This is a great dishwasher for RV users or travel trailer users. They are famous between them because they fit under and between cabinets.

This reduces their sound and makes them very quiet, so if you would like to do your chores late at night or in the early morning while everyone is asleep, you can with ease.

Countertop dishwashers – This is a great choice for people who use motorhomes, RVs or travel trailers. They can also be called compact dishwashers or Portable RV dishwashers cause they are great in small spaces and can fit on most standard countertops.

They usually have four place settings, so they can fit most dishes used after regular meals. They are also very cost friendly too.

Portable dishwashers – these dishwashers are perfect for people who travel a lot. You don’t need to permanently attach these dishwashers to the plumbing unit, similar to the built-in models. Plus, if you don’t have enough space in RV, you should opt for this dishwasher. What you’ll love about these dishwashers is that they are effortless to move and don’t occupy enough space.

Freestanding dishwashers – these are similar to your washing machines as you can place them anywhere but a place that features a drainage system plus water connection. No need to build the unit as it features a top cover and sides. Place it anywhere, and it fits well. Once you install it, the front panel can be easily accessed for operation.

Drawer style dishwashers – A drawer dishwasher is better than a standard dishwasher that needs to be pulled down. Instead, you can just pull out the door and make use of the first drawer or any drawer of your choice.

It saves space and is especially great for people with knee or back problems. Double drawer dishwashers can also work independently of each other, so that’s a plus too.

Cycles or Settings

Dishwashers offer different washing cycles. Have a look at different washing cycles:

Normal – it is a perfect washing cycle for cleaning the average load of dishes. Using this setting works well till the time your dishes have baked or hardened food debris. The normal setting works well using less heat and water, leading to fewer bills.

A quick or rapid wash – It uses more water and heat to clean the dishes in less than 60 minutes. This convenient option works well when in a rush or forgets to wash the dirty dishes at night.

Light/ glass/ delicate washing cycle serves well for getting rid of food and debris from delicate glassware or plates. This cycle uses less water, pressure, and heat and prevents the dishes from any cracks.

For this cycle, along with the rapid wash cycle, you need to pre-rinse the dishes before placing them within the dishwasher.

Heavy wash – this cycle works well for deeply soiled or hardened dishes. It makes use of high pressure and hot water for a long duration. Once you place the dishes for this cycle, you need to ensure that the pots and dishes can withstand the extra pressure of cleaning and drying.

Sanitize or baby care – cleaning baby accessories; you need to use this cycle for bottles or plastics. It makes use of heated water at 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rinse cycle – choose this cycle for removing the leftovers from the dishes. For this cycle, you don’t need to use the detergent.

Size and Loading Capacity

Getting the best RV dishwashers works well if you choose the dishwasher with perfect capacity.

Full-size dishwashers are a popular choice. They are the small versions of the ones that offer 9-12 place settings. On the other hand, the significant models accommodate around 16 place settings, which fits well for 160 items.

Slim-sized dishwashers serve well for the narrow kitchens. They come with 18-inches width and are six inches thinner in comparison to full-sized models. Such dishwashers offer 9-10 place settings.

For the RV kitchen spaces, choose a compact dishwasher that suits your needs. They are larger than the microwaves and sit well over the kitchen counter. They come with four or six-place settings.


It is another factor that you need to consider while buying the best RV dishwashers. Choose a stainless-steel dishwasher that is durable and lasts for a longer time if maintained properly.

Temperature and Sanitization

Choose the dishwashers that come with 120–160-degree Fahrenheit temperature, which allows you to wash and clean the dishes perfectly. Choose the dishwashers with NSF certification, which means that the dishwasher will perfectly sanitize the dishes and kill all germs.


The RV is usually uncomfortable, small, and comes with less space for adding any appliances. So, pick wisely from the list of best RV dishwashers. Go for the dishwasher, which is less than 25 inches in height.


Choose the dishwasher that comes with easy-to-use controls. Choose the dishwasher, which features around three pushbuttons with a rotary selector too for levels and cycles.

Moreover, choose the LED screen to know the timings and check what you are doing through the pushbuttons. Choose the one which comes with a safety lock for children so that it’s handy.

Energy and Water Consumption

Choose the dishwashers that are easy to use and come with energy star certification to consume less energy.

Other than that, choose the energy-certified dishwashers and choose the dishwashers that use more than the four water gallons.

Flexible Racks

If you use huge pots or pans to fit them within the dishwasher, you need flexible racks that feel handy.

Low Noise Level

If you, your partner, or the entire family bother with extreme noise, it’s essential to choose the dishwasher with low noise to avoid any discomfort. Choose the models with a noise range of 40-55 DB.


Can You Use Any Portable Dishwasher in an RV?

It is very possible to use a portable Dishwasher in an RV or a motorhome because they don’t take up a lot of space and can be moved/used on and off the kitchen countertops.

This means that if it’s not in use it can be removed to create more space in the kitchen.

The best portable dishwasher that you could get for your home is the Faberware portable countertop dishwasher which has already been reviewed in our guide.

What RV Types Come With Dishwashers?

Not all RV types have dishwashers or an included space available for an RV dishwasher. These spaces mostly appear in the Class A or fifth wheel models.

These models have an included space that can allow you to install a dishwasher of your choice. It’s great but it comes with a higher price tag, which is why a compact dishwasher is one of the best choices to make.

Who Makes The Best RV Dishwasher?

Faberware and Danby and Furrion are some of the best brands for dishwashers. From being built into being compact and portable, these brands offer great designs, place settings and cycles, are cost-effective with great warranties and some even have certifications for energy stars.

How Much Water Does An RV Dishwasher Use?

An average RV dishwasher uses about 4-6 gallons of water. This amount can rapidly fill up your Grey tank after midterm usage. Also, if you add the amount of water used pre-rinsing, more water is being used up.

You could opt for models with green energy certifications, countertop RV dishwashers that use only 2-3 gallons or do some regular handwashing after small meals which will save water and electricity too in the long run.

What Hookups Are Needed For An RV Dishwasher?

The necessary hookups needed for dishwashers are water hoses or faucet adapters for washing the dishes, a hookup for drainage, and another electricity or source of power.

Most built in RV dishwashers have an internal tank that can help to store water. With these models, you won’t have to worry about constantly hooking it up to a water source.
Other models can be easily hooked to a faucet over the kitchen sink so they are readily easy to use too.

You can also make great choices for an RV dishwasher you would prefer from our guide.

Is it cheaper to use a dishwasher or wash it by hand?

Dishwashers use a lot of water and electricity after each cycle. Some RV users have to make more use of handwashing to reduce its consumption.
Handwashing makes use of less water and electricity, so you’ll be reducing the cost of them.
You could still opt for a dishwasher with an energy star certification that will save on water and electricity by making your research or choice from our guide.

What is the warranty?

Warranty for RV dishwashers are more often than not included when purchased and the time frame is decided on by the company and may be from 1 to 5 years.

The average work span of a dishwasher is 7 to 12 years. Warranties given by the company may not be enough to cover any damage in the long run.

This is why you should get a home warranty option for a wider time frame. This will cover almost all types of damage repair from long-term use of home appliances.

Can I Use An RV Dishwasher When Boondocking?

RV dishwashers use a lot of water and energy to perform and function. This means you won’t be able to use it when boon docking unless you make use of a power source like a generator.
This also means you’ll need a large supply of fuel to use the dishwasher as you would prefer.

Do RV Dishwashers Need Special Detergent?

Some detergents are environmentally friendly and specifically made for dishwashing and dishwashers as a collective. They protect the dishes, the dishwasher and you from certain chemicals that could be harmful.

Dish liquids might not work as well too because they might lather too much and escape to the floor. You can also make use of pods that dissolve in hot water or mild soap and water, which is very effective but at the same time cost-friendly.

Will I Need To Upgrade My RV’s Hot Water Heater For A Dishwasher?

All dishwashers need to be connected to a constant supply of hot water to wash dishes properly. Your RV dishwasher using the RV’s supply of hot water might not be a problem if you do more handwashing.

If you feel you will use the dishwasher more often, you can decide to purchase a tankless water heater because they heat water when needed as opposed to regular water heaters that store up water after heating. You can also purchase models that have internal water heaters or a heating element in them.

Are There Any Care and Maintenance And Care Tips?

Regular cleaning is essential for the best RV dishwashers to get rid of all excess buildups. Empty the dishwashers once you run them through the full cycle. Gain access to the entire dishwasher and perform the maintenance.

A complete check of spinning arms, remove all debris piled up within the holes, clean parts like the exterior, edges, or detergent dispenser.
Within the base, there is a drain that accumulates all debris, buildup, and food residue. Remove all debris that can clog the drains. Disassemble the small pieces and remove all built up using white vinegar, lemonade mix of lemon juice.

Are There Any Dishwasher Detergents I Should Use or Avoid?

Choose dishwasher detergents that are fragrance-free as they can cause allergies, endocrine disruption, or asthma. Choose detergents with no polyacrylates, methylisothiazolinone, benzothiazolinone, sodium hypochlorite, and dyes.

What Items Should I Not Place in My Dishwasher?

Avoid putting on wooden accessories or cookware. Don’t put cast iron cookware, copper and precious metals, non-stick cookware, certain plastic materials, knives, china/ crystal/ fine painted plates.

What Temperature Is Right for Cleaning with A Dishwasher?

For the exceptional cleaning performance of the dishwasher, choose 120 degrees Fahrenheit for all dishes. Other than that, make sure to connect hot water lines to the dishwasher rather than cold.


If you’re an RV owner you should try purchasing portable countertop RV dishwashers that work well in small spaces. Though there are several choices you could make, I would recommend the Farberware dishwasher, the Furrion dishwasher or the Home labs compact dishwasher for your RV or trailer.

Also, remember that you need to carry out frequents checks, care and maintenances to ensure that they don’t break down with time and that you use your money’s worth. Tips about dishwasher care and maintenance can be found in the FAQ section.

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