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Top 7 Best Chargers for RV Battery [Buying Guide]

Your RV deserve an excellent battery charger that maintains and charges the battery well. Wondering which charger will suitably enhance your RV’s battery life? You can get your hands on the most suitable one with our detailed reviews.

Product NameImageProsPrice
MEEARO 5 Amp 12v Automotive Smart Battery ChargerCompatible with any 12V batteries.
Charges within three levels.
Switches from one level to another automatically.
Built-in protection function.
LED display to let you know your battery and charging status.
Lightweight and portable.
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Atian Smart Battery ChargerAuto volt detection.
Versatile charger.
Repairs loss batteries.
Carries out the whole process automatically.
Manual operating is also a choice.
It comes with a carry handle.
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Powermax Battery ChargerThree-stage charging process.
Compatible with various battery types.
Protects battery against reverse polarity and other issues.
It comes with cooling fans.
Adjustable power modes.
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Dive in to look out for the best charger for the RV battery.


Best RV Battery Chargers Reviewed

MEEARO 5 Amp 12v Automotive Smart Battery Charger

MEEARO automotive battery charger is a quality option, no matter what type of battery you own. The charger will do the work amazingly, whether it is a gel, flooded, AGM, SLA, or calcium type deep cycle battery.

This charger will automatically switch to another level without bothering you. In addition, your battery will be safe with this product because of its protective nature. The charger can prevent short circuits, open circuits, overcharging, overheating, sparks, reverse polarity, and overcurrent. So, you don’t face mishaps when you own a MEEARO automatic battery charger.

If you haven’t used your RV for long, it’s time to use this battery charger because of its pulse repair function. It will extend the battery life and provide you with a repaired battery if there are no serious issues.


  • Compatible with any 12V batteries.
  • Charges within three levels.
  • Switches from one level to another automatically.
  • Built-in protection function.
  • LED display to let you know your battery and charging status.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Overcharge batteries.

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Atian Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

You don’t need to buy different chargers because ATian smart battery charger goes well with various batteries. If your battery is below 8V, you can quickly repair it with this charger. It will detect sulfating and acid stratification automatically to rebuild your battery and improves life.

You can manually select the current rate, but the battery charger can automatically detect the battery volt. Isn’t it amazing? After detecting the battery volt, it will begin charging your batteries. Once the battery is completely charged, the charger will stop to prevent overcharging issues. The entire process is automatic, which is why it is a favorite product of many RV owners.

To help you monitor what happens with the battery, the charger features a clear LCD. ATian battery charger protects your battery against various issues, including overcharging, overheating, short circuits, and much more.


  • Auto volt detection.
  • Versatile charger.
  • Repairs loss batteries.
  • Carries out the whole process automatically.
  • Manual operating is also a choice.
  • It comes with a carry handle.


  • Clamps are not up to the mark.

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Powermax DC Power Supply Converter Charger

This versatile charger knows how to handle any equipment of 12V. It might be a reason why people choose it over other battery chargers. It is capable of charging or powering any 12V battery.

The manufacturer has made this incredible thing keeping all the environmental changes and usage problems in mind. Therefore, you won’t face any difficulty using this charger. Moreover, it works with a three-stage charging process. The purpose is to charge the battery correctly.

The charger will provide you with clean DC power while charging and maintaining your batteries. Not only it charges your batteries, but it also keeps the charger cool.


  • Three-stage charging process.
  • Compatible with various battery types.
  • Protects battery against reverse polarity and other issues.
  • It comes with cooling fans.
  • Adjustable power modes.


  • Requires you to understand the unit properly before you begin using it.

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LST Automatic Battery Charger And Maintainer

The LST 12V battery charger can work great with any battery type, including gel, flooded, lead-acid batteries, and more. Also, you can use it for boats, cars, RVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc.

Not only is the charger excellent for your batteries, but it is also weather resistant. No weather changes will disturb your charging process. So, even if you forget it outside, you don’t have to worry.

It effectively charges your RV battery with a seven-stage automatic process while maintaining and conditioning your battery. It even switches to the floating level once the battery is charged. In addition, you don’t need to worry regarding the status of your battery and diagnostics information because of the LED.


  • Ideal for charging your RV battery.
  • 7 stage efficient charging process.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Increased stability.


  • It takes a bit longer to charge.

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Battery Tender 12V Battery Charger Plus Maintainer

Battery tender plus is an excellent option for charging your RV battery. This can make your charging straightforward. In addition, this charger will never disappoint you because it charges the battery completely before the float mode conversion.

The product will never overcharge your battery because of the multi-phase process. Therefore, it requires no maintenance and makes transportation easier for you. Moreover, the two light LED indicators make sure to let you know about the battery status.

Your battery health will be maintained without bothering you. Charge your RV battery without any hassles, anywhere anytime.


  • Multi-level charging.
  • Automatic procedure to make you feel relaxed.
  • Led indicators for the essential information you need.


  • The performance is not up to the mark

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Schumacher Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger

When it comes to RV batteries, Schumacher is a great battery charger option. You can confidently rely on it because of its quality and performance. In addition, it can charge various types of batteries which makes it a versatile choice.

You won’t face any difficulty while starting your RV or another vehicle. It has two modes: 30 amp for a quick boost and 100 amp for a jumpstart. You can utilize the modes according to your needs for starting RVs or large batteries. In addition, the charger is controlled by a microprocessor and can automatically adjust amperage.

The charger can detect electrical issues and voltage as well. If the battery is not performing well, it will be easily determined. Moreover, it charges through stages to make sure the charging process goes smoothly. It will never operate if you have placed the clamps incorrectly. Therefore, no chances of short circuits or other mishaps.


  • Protective against reverse polarity.
  • Two different modes.
  • Automatically detects the correct voltage.
  • Diagnoses electrical problems.
  • Capable of charging various battery types.


  • Not suitable for winters.

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Ampeak 12v Smart Battery Charger

Unlike other chargers, its charging process is fast enough. There are two ways to set the current rate, do it manually or leave it on the charger. Charge any of your 12V lead-acid or other batteries quickly.

You might worry about charging your batteries in winter, well Ampeak knows how to do it every season. It will keep charging and maintaining your RV batteries even if you are chilling in cold weather. It is simple and easy to understand. LED displays make you satisfied. Also, the charger prevents all possible mishaps, such as short circuits.

Its step charging process ensures the battery gets charged and gets conditions for extended battery life. It can charge even bad batteries which are damaged by short circuits, etc. Its solid construction is also a reason why people prefer it over other battery chargers.


  • A microprocessor controls the charger.
  • A carrying handle is present to make transportation easier for you.
  • Consist of a cooling fan to avoid overheating issues.
  • Convenient cord storage.


  • Not suitable for completely drained batteries.

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How To Choose the Best Charger for An RV Battery?

Built Quality

The built quality of the RV battery should be stunning. Make sure to choose the RV battery, which is manufactured using top-notch quality material.

Battery Type

Different types of batteries are available, including wet cells flooded, AGM, which absorbs glass mat and gel cell batteries, or the valve-regulated lead-acid or VRLA. Therefore, you need to choose the charger wisely.

Battery Size

The size of the battery indicates how many amp-hours the battery can store. For instance, a full-size battery of around 50-amp hours would need a 10-amp charger and takes about 6hrs for recharging. However, a marine deep cycle battery with 100-amp hours needs a 10-amp charger and 11 hours for recharging.


The durability of the best charger for an RV battery is also a factor you need to consider as it’s a single-time investment.


What Are Some Best Heavy-Duty RV Battery Chargers?

Several brands in the market are offering heavy-duty RV battery chargers for users. The best brands include Schumacher, Ampeak, NOCO Genius, and more!

What Size Battery Charger Do I Need for My RV?

For most of the RVs, you need a 12V charger.

Deep Cycle Vs. Regular Battery Charger: What Is the Difference?

The main difference between a regular battery charger and a deep cycle charger is the charging speed. The deep cycle battery charger charges the battery too efficiently. At the same time, the standard battery charger is slower.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Deep Cycle Battery?

The time for charging a deep cycle battery depends on the number of amps your RV charger offers. For instance, high amp chargers use around 30 amps, delivering complete charging within hours. However, low-amp chargers having 2 to 3 amps take longer to charge the deep cycle batteries.

Should You Leave Your RV Connected to The Charger All The Time?

Yes, you can leave the RV connected with the battery charger at all times. However, if you plan to do this, you have to monitor the battery and ensure the electrolytes are not depleted. For instance, if you own a trickle charger, there is no more hassle worrying about it as these chargers can be used with RV batteries for consistent and long charging.


An RV battery charger is a must if you own an RV. You need to invest in the best RV battery charger. Ensure it enhances the longevity of your battery without causing any damage to the battery. With this guide, you’ll end up buying the battery charger from the best brands.

All the factors we have listed should be considered like battery size, battery capacity, charger capacity, charging time, durability, and others.

Shop for the most suitable charger for an RV battery and enjoy extended charging!


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