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Westlake Tires Problems: Complete Troubleshooting Guide

It’s not uncommon for users to encounter, Westlake tires problems. Though these tires are popular, they are prone to certain failures. You should be forewarned and know to face them.

In this article, we will go over often issues when using Westlake tires, possible solutions to these problems, and how to prevent some of these occurrences. Let’s get started!

Westlake Tires Review

Westlake Tires is a reputable tire manufacturing brand that makes and distributes tires for various types of vehicles. They provide a wide range of tires for:

  • Commercial vehicles,
  • Passenger cars,
  • SUVs,
  • Light trucks.
Westlake Tires Review

The company makes premium tires and is famous for its affordable price range, guaranteeing your driving safety.

What Are Some Advantages of Westlake Tires?

Some of the Westlake tires pros include:

  • They are affordable and do not compromise on quality, giving the best value.
  • This manufacturer provides a variety of wheels for different types of vehicles.
  • They are all-season performance, thus a good winter tire and for dry seasons.
  • Westlake tires are famous for providing excellent traction for wet surfaces and dry roads. Moreover, they provide excellent snow traction for winter.
  • The tires are designed using ZC rubber produced by Zhongce Rubber Company, a Chinese company that manufactures quality rubber. These quality materials results in resilient tires.
What Are Some Advantages of Westlake Tires?

Disadvantages of Westlake Tires

Let’s look at some of the Westlake tires’ cons.

  • They provide limited performance in some weather conditions. As much as you can use them all year long, it is not advisable in extreme cases.
  • Users occasionally cite how Westlake tire treads wear out faster, leading to ineffectiveness.
  • Has limited performance for high-execution vehicles.
  • Some sizes and models are only available in some locations. For instance, you might not find a light truck tire in some countries.
Disadvantages of Westlake Tires

How to Fix Westlake Tire Problems?

You can follow a few steps if you encounter specific problems while operating under wheels manufactured by Westlake. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Low Tire Pressure

This is a common problem faced by most drivers cutting across all tire brands. Driving your vehicle with low-pressure tires will damage your rims and ruin your driving experience.

Low Tire Pressure

How to Identify Issue?

A simple way to check is by pressing your tire. If it moves slightly, it’s not firm and needs more pressure.

Additionally, modern vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system. It is usually located on your dashboard and will indicate your tire pressure.


You can fix this problem through different methods. For example:

  • Visit tire store: Provided your tire is losing pressure due to leaks, you can visit any store, and they’ll patch it up. It doesn’t cost that much to repair as well.
  • Add more pressure: If your tire is constantly deflating due to the cold weather, you can always add additional pressure over the limit to provide some allowance.
  • Purchase a new tire valve: Sometimes, your tire valve may be loose or damaged, letting out air. Reputable dealers can get you a quality valve at a low cost.
  • Acquiring a replacement tire: When your tire experiences heavy damage, consider replacing them because this can lead to accidents.

2. Low Westlake Tire Tread

Sufficient tire treads ensure your vehicle has a good grip on the road. Car owners striving for good performance should ensure that their vehicle has deep treads. Additionally, that provides enhanced vehicle control reducing the possibility of accidents.

Low Westlake Tire Tread

How to Identify Issue?

You can spot a tire tread problem by:

  • Using a tread depth gauge: This consists of a small pin that you run along the tire tread groove. The tool measures the depth of your treads.
  • Inspect for tread wear signs: The most common sign that your treads are worn out is raised bars in the tire’s grooves. Similarly, your tire having exposed cords could affect normal driving.
  • Use the penny test: Get a penny, then insert it into the tire groove with Lincoln’s head facing down. If the top of the head is visible, it indicates that the depth is low, and you may need a spare tire.

Foregoing your previous tires is the only remedy to this problem. Most Westlake tires should be replaced after three years. If you are a regular driver, however, your tires are constantly pushed hard and will require changing more frequently.

3. Westlake Tires Worn Out

All car owners accustomed to daily driving get worn-out tires at some point, especially when subjected to frequent off-road driving.

Westlake Tires Worn Out

How to Identify Issue?

Here are some ways you can identify if you have worn-out wheels.

  • Look out for worn-down tread blocks. If the tread blocks have significantly eroded, and the tread depth appears shallow, it may indicate tire wear.
  • Uneven wear patterns. Check if the tread wear is consistent across the entire tire or if there are irregular patterns. Uneven wear can suggest alignment or suspension issues.
  • Exposed cords or fabric. If you notice any cords or material protruding from the tread, it indicates severe tire damage and immediate replacement is necessary.

Here are some remedies to this problem.

  • Constantly review the depth of your tire treads: Consider replacing them if you notice they are worn out or lack decent traction. This will give you a better driving experience in wet conditions.
  • Properly inflate your tires: When aiming for good traction, ensure your tire is inflated to the proper requirements. Underinflation or overinflation will affect your traction. Try to be in the manufacturer’s provided range.
  • Use winter-condition tires: If you are experiencing wet weather conditions, you can opt to use customized winter-condition tires. These tires are durable, reducing the possibility of accidents when driving on wet roads, unlike other winter tires.
  • Drive at normal speeds: The thrill of driving fast is intense. However, fast and constant highway driving will wear out your wheels faster. Additionally, driving at a controlled pace promotes fuel efficiency and increases gas mileage.

4. When Do You Need New Tires Due to Damage While Driving?

Have you experienced occurrences such as flat tires or damages when driving? This is prone to a number of tires because such events are inevitable. That could be a result of numerous factors like poor ice traction, tire design, and tire tread patterns.

When Do You Need New Tires Due to Damage While Driving?

How to Identify Issue?

There are two main ways through which you can identify the level of extent of damage you are working under.

  • Loss of Air Pressure. This occurs when your tires lose pressure while driving. This could be a result of tire spoilage affecting your normal driving conditions. Continuous driving could result in a total blowout and decreased handling.
  • Visible Tire Damage. In some cases, you don’t even need to conduct regular checks. This is because you can visibly see that your wheels are worn out through cuts that signal spoilage.

There are three remedies that will deal with the problem and ensure you save money while at it.

  • Proper pulling or drifting: If your car tends to lean on one side more, getting highly-rated tires is a good choice. Additionally, you can get your suspension reviewed by an expert.
  • Deal with the noises: The unnatural sounds coming from your vehicle should be investigated and dealt with before costing you more money. You can do this by safely pulling to a convenient location and visually inspecting them.
  • Keep a spare tire: It is advisable to keep a spare tire in the event that accidents happen. This provides a way to quickly reach a service center in the event of a breakdown.

How Many Miles Can Westlake Tires Cover?

Westlake Tires contain two types of warranties:

  • The first is a standard warranty that covers approximately six years and caters only to defects.
  • The second is the limited mileage warranty. This provides an average of fifty thousand miles and varies based on the tire type and customized function.
Westlake Tires Problems. How Many Miles Can Westlake Tires Cover?

However, according to a popular Westlake tires review, they have a life span of around 50,000. Despite being a cheap tire, that coverage is impressive, making it great.

Additionally, most original tires never attain their full usefulness before they are resold or stored. This element is determined by additional factors such as:

  • Winter conditions,
  • Wet surfaces,
  • The ability to drive and utilize price wheels.
Tyre life

What Are The Various Speeds of Westlake Tires?

Most tire manufacturer industries indicate the tire speed on the tire sidewall. A letter code usually denotes it and usually shows two factors.

  • The maximum speed at which they can endure.
  • The maximum load the tire can effectively carry.
What Are The Various Speeds of Westlake Tires?

Westlake produces tires with a speed rating of 75 mph. This ensures ultra-high performanceHowever, the Westlake 215/75R17.5 Radial Trailer Tire – Load Range H is the exception, with a speed rating of 62 mph.

Signs That Your All-Season Touring Tire Requires Attention

There are various tire symptoms that are related to Westlake tires that shouldn’t be ignored. Most of them occur as a result of damage or wear. They include:

Signs That Your All-Season Touring Tire Requires Attention
  • Vibrations. Most of these vibrations are felt through the steering wheel or the vehicle’s body and show potential imbalances, misalignment, or tire/wheel issues when exploring dry surfaces.
  • Uneven Wear. A good tire consists of evenly balanced treads. However, if you aim for lower price tires, they will experience uneven wear patterns like excessive wear on one side or the center. That can also highlight alignment problems.
  • Loss of Traction. Quality wheels should accommodate wet traction that improves your driving and provide room for braking distances even when driving at higher speeds. Also, dry traction is a crucial element to consider when touring dry surfaces.
  • Tire Pressure LossLow-cost tire manufacturers make tires susceptible to punctures or leaks. That could arise from various factors, such as damaged valve systems or leaks.
  • Bulges or Blisters. If you notice these features on your tires’ sidewall or tread zone, that could highlight significant damage. They occur due to issues such as internal pressure build-up or spoilage of your steel belt. The proper way to deal with this is to replace them immediately because they can lead to tire failure.
  • Increased Road Noise. Whenever you hear a lot of unnecessary noise during driving, such as roaring or thumping sounds, this can pinpoint unevenly inflated tires or be a sign of wearing out. It’s crucial to get your wheels checked because ignoring the problem could result in fatalities during driving due to tire problems.
  • Persistent Leaks. That could signal a puncture if you constantly have to fill up your wheels due to deflation. Sometimes it may be due to valve stem issues or bead seal problems. It would help to have your tires inspected and repaired by a professional.


Is Westlake tire durable?

Yes, Westlake tires are generally durable and are an all-season touring tire. This element makes Westlake a better option than other cheap tires.

How Long Do Westlake Tires Last?

Westlake tires last about 50,000 miles. According to most Westlake tires review, you should change your wheels after about a three years.

Are Westlake Tires Good in Rain?

Westlake tires are generally decent in rainy conditions making it a great tire. They provide good traction for highway stability; however, this is subjective to the tire model and design.

Which Tire Brand Is Most Durable?

There are several tire brands that will provide you with durability. Some popular brands include:
– Michelin
– Bridgestone
– Pirelli
– Continental
– Goodyear
– Yokohama

Are Westlake Tires Good in Snow?

Westlake Tires are considered all-season and can be used in winter. However, some users have been unhappy with the traction of the tires on snowy roads. Therefore, it is worth being cautious.


Westlake Tires are a good tire brand if you are aiming for durability at an affordable cost. You can see this by reading any Westlake tires review. However, their tires are prone to challenges, such as limited performance during extreme conditions and tread wear.

You can, however, deal with these measures through specific ways like buying new tires if their treads are entirely worn out, purchasing a new valve if the wheels keep losing pressure, and regularly checking on your pressure as you inflate to prevent overinflating or underinflating.

What other tips or tricks have you found helpful for dealing with Westlake tire problems? Comment below and let us know.

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