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Palomino Puma Problems: 2023 Advanced Troubleshooting Guide 

Have you ever encountered Palomino Puma problems during a camping trip? Palomino travel trailers are one of the most affordable trailers you take. They come with adequate space and enough camping gear to last you during your trip.

However, there have been rising complaints about the Palomino RV. Let’s take a look at these common problems and their quick solutions!

Palomino Puma – A Quick Overview of Forest River Trailers

A Palomino RV is good for camping and has some of the best features. They include:

Palomino Puma - A Quick Overview of Forest River Trailers
  • USB charging ports.
  • Stainless steel sink.
  • Kitchen spice rack.
  • Large windows for ample lighting.
  • Bluetooth stereo.
  • Recliner.
  • Friction-hinged door handles.
  • Lubricated axles.
  • A fifth wheel in case of a puncture.
  • Outside heated shower.
  • Stainless steel microwave.

Palomino Puma Reviews: Pros & Cons

Customers have both positive and negative reviews on the Palomino camper. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Palomino Puma Problems. Palomino Puma Reviews: Pros & Cons

Owning a Palomino Puma trailer comes with some advantages. Let’s take a look;

  • Large Storage Space: It has multiple drawers to fit all your camping gear.
  • Spacious Sleeping Area: It comes with a queen-size mattress, big enough to fit 3 people.
  • Functional Kitchen: It has a spacious kitchen with amenities like a refrigerator, microwave, and a working cooker.
  • Natural Lighting: Multiple windows and ventilation to keep the air fresh and allow natural light.
  • Digital Controls: It comes with a remote-controlled electric roof.
  • Budget-Friendly: Palomino campers are affordable and easy to use.

Palomino trailers have some downsides. They are affordable and convenient but come at a cost. Let’s look at the drawbacks; 

  • Low build Quality: The manufacturers use cheap materials to reduce production costs. This usually results in poor craftsmanship.
  • Electrical Issues: Improper wiring can cause electrical problems.
  • Poor Plumbing: Palomino trailers are prone to water leaks which can damage the interior and camping gear.
  • Unreliable Customer Service: Customer care takes time to respond and barely helps you deal with common problems.

Common Problems and Solutions: Summary Table 

Here is a table of common Palomino Puma problems and their solutions:

Palomino Puma Problem

Quick Fix

Faulty Plumbing:

Use recommended RV sealants and tape to close water-tight connections

Faulty Wiring:

Call a professional to do a quick check-up

Low-Hanging Water Tank:

Install guards around the water tank

Fully Stretched Gas Pipe:

Replace the windows and door knobs

Stuck Doors:

Regularly inspect the slide-out mechanisms

Fragile Windows and Door Knobs:

Replace the windows and door knobs

Air Conditioner and Freezer Stop Working:

Check the fuse panels and replace any blown fuses

Unreliable Customer Service:

Have a direct line with the dealer

Loose Color Coatings:

Re-coat the van after a few trips

Broken Exterior Seals:

Check the window seals for any gaps or cracks

10 Palomino Puma Problems and In-detailed Fixes

Here, I look at the common problems you will likely encounter during a camping trip. I’ll also give you working solutions and fixes to the Palomino Puma Problems. Let’s dive in!

1. Faulty Plumbing 

Faulty plumbing is one of the causes of common issues like low pressure in bathrooms and sinks:

  • Leaks: Palomino Trailers have leaks in the bathroom and kitchen sink that can ruin your camping trip; it’s one of the common complaints.
  • Expensive Repairs: Repairing and setting up a new plumbing system in the trailer is expensive. The pipes and kitchen sinks are costly and replacing the drainage filters takes time.
  • Cheap Material Used: The leaks and breakages usually result from Forest River manufacturers trying to save costs by using cheap parts like pipes and filters. This results to poor finishing on the manufacturer’s end.
Faulty Plumbing 
Quick Fix

A simple fix is recommended for all trailer owners if they encounter such problems:

  • Tighten Bolts: Try tightening the nuts and bolts that connect pipes in the plumbing system Ensure they are well sealed to maintain high pressure.
  • Hire a Professional: Take the trailer to a professional to have a look and fix the problem.
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Guide: Use recommended RV sealants and tape to close water-tight connections. You can find it on their website by visiting https://www.palominorv.com/owners and checking the recommendations.

Palomino Puma models have a contact number and customer service email in case you encounter problems:

2. Faulty Wiring

Your trailer might need to have proper wiring and cause problems during your camping trip. You’re likely to encounter the following wiring-related problems:

  • Melting electrical wires: The electrical wires might overheat and melt causing lighting problems and failing AC in Palomino Puma 25RKQB. This might be because of cheap wiring cables and fuses used.
  • Disruptions: This problem is common in all Puma models and causes power outages due to leaks in the electrical boards.
Faulty Wiring

Problems like electrical fires and power outages can happen anytime without notice. The implications can be fatal if not fixed on time.

Quick Fix

There are several ways of dealing with improper wiring. Here are some solutions:

  • Hire a Specialist: Call a professional for a quick check-up before every trip.
  • Maintenance: Do routine maintenance and replace any faulty wires with a Copper copper-stranded wire rated 221 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Low-hanging Water Tank

Palomino RVs have freshwater tanks located at the bottom of the trailer. This can be problematic in the following ways:

  • Broken tank: You risk breaking open the tank when you hit rocks.
  • Limits Terrain Access: It limits your driving, and you can’t go through rough terrain.
Low-hanging water Tank
Important! Took extra caution when driving to limit damages, because lacking fresh water is among the worst things that can happen when camping.
Quick Fix

You can fix the problem in the following ways:

  • Fortify the Tank: Install a galvanized protective shield on the underwater tank to insulate and absorb shock from rough terrain. The galvanized material cannot be affected by corrosion.
  • Modifications: Modify the trailer and lift the tank to a higher position. It’s a good solution, but the heavy modifications are costly.
  • Check camping Terrain: Avoid driving through rough terrain when camping. It might limit your access, but you’ll have fresh water.
Note: You can hire qualified personnel to help you if you need help with the modifications yourself.

4. Extended Gas Hose

The Palomino Puma trailer comes equipped with a working kitchen stove. The stove is powered by a propane tank whose gas hose is usually fully extended. Let’s know some risks of this:

  • Might Detach: It can get detached when driving through rough terrain due to bumps and vibrations.
  • Fire Hazard: Possible gas leaks can be dangerous by causing fires.
  • Expensive Refills: A leaking gas hose means early refilling, which might be costly.
Extended Gas Hose
Quick Fix
Replace the gas hose made by the manufacturers to prevent propane gas-related accidents.

5. Fragile Windows and Door Knobs

There have been recent complaints by users on the quality of material used by Palomino manufacturers, especially on door handles and windows.

  • Fragile Door Knobs: The door knobs easily break when pressure is applied to them.
  • Weak Windows: The windows crack upon hitting bumps and rough roads. Windows are not strong enough to handle winds and heavy rainfall.
Fragile Windows and Door Knobs

These problems are associated with poor craftsmanship. 

Quick Fix
The best thing to do is to prevent the problems before they occur. There’s no telling when the windows and door knobs can break. You can do the following:

  • Buy New Windows & Door Knobs: You can Replace the windows and door knobs by getting new ones with better quality from Lippert or Amazon.

6. Stuck Doors

Palomino Puma RVs have doors that use a sliding mechanism. The doors might get stuck due to rust or debris lodged between the doors. This might cause difficulties when accessing rooms due to misalignments and corrosion. Let’s look at some quick solutions.

Stuck Doors
Quick Fix

Below are some methods you can use to deal with the issue:

  • Maintenance: Check the manufacturer’s recommendations and regularly lubricate the doors with T-9 or silicone spray to ensure the slide-out mechanisms work smoothly.
  • Inspections: Regularly inspect the slide-out mechanisms and check for broken seals or wear. Replace them when needed.
Important! Seek professional assistance by contacting customer service if the problems persist.

7. Air Conditioner and Freezer Stop Working

Some complaints about the freezer and air conditioner randomly breaking down. It might be caused by the following;

  • Poor Quality Equipment: Forest River usually installs poor-quality equipment to save on costs. This usually leads to failing equipment in Palomino Puma trailers.
  • Unreliable insulation systems: Palomino Puma uses cheap insulations which usually break wires and cause electrical problems on the trailer.
Air Conditioner and Freezer Stop Working
Quick Fix

You can deal with the issue by buying and installing a new freezer and Air conditioning system. However, this will cost you more money compared to these solutions:

  • Inspect AC System: Regularly check the air conditioning system for faults like broken insulation and loose wiring.
  • Clean the condenser coils: This will increase the overall cooling capacity of the freezer.

If the problems persist, consult a Palomino electrician to help you with the repairs.

8. Unhelpful Customer Service 

Palomino Camper needs better customer and after-sales services. You will have difficulties contacting them when you need to service your trailer, and they won’t give you permanent solutions. Some branches go to the extent of not responding to customers.

Unhelpful Customer Service
Quick Fix
The best thing you can do is to have a direct line with the dealer. Alternatively, you can check the Palomino Puma owner’s forum for quick troubleshooting guides.

9. Loose Color Coatings 

The trailer has loose color coats in different parts. The coat easily detaches from the trailer due to vibrations. This might cause the following problems.

  • Reduces protection level: The color coatings protect some delicate parts of the RV from rust. The RV will only maintain an appealing bright look for a short time.
Loose Color Coatings 
Quick Fix

Let’s look at the possible solutions for this problem:

  • Paint Job: Re-coat the van after a few trips. It’s expensive but effective.

10. Broken Exterior Seals

The exterior seals might deteriorate after some time. This can lead to water leaking from the roof into the trailer, damaging the floor interior and LED lights. Below are measures you can take to avoid this.

Broken Exterior Seals
Quick Fix

Let’s look at some quick solutions to this problem:

  • Exterior Checks: Regularly inspect the RV’s exterior and look for bubbling or separation.
  • Cleaning: Clean the seals and replace them when necessary.

If you need help fixing this issue, contact an authorized service center for more guidance.

Palomino Puma Camping Trip Trailers: Customer’s Thoughts 

Palomino Puma RVs are a good example of poor craftsmanship, and most share one common problem, unreliability. Palomino Puma Trailers Customer’s had the following feedback. Below are first-person accounts from customers:

Craig Thomas from RV Insider

Craig Thomas from RV Insider had this to say, “I am a first-time buyer. I bought my Puma brand new in 2022. I used it maybe 5 times last year. It has been in the shop more than I have used it. Window leak issues that they tried to fix. That took 3 try’s finally a new window was ordered. It seems everything in this camper had to be fixed. This was a brand-new camper.”

Dustman STX from Forest River forums

Dustman STX from Forest River forums gave the following account: “I’ve had 3 Pumas and had very good luck with them all. They weren’t perfect, but only minor issues, and much better built than many other stick and tin units I’ve been in. I suggest you contact RV Wholesalers in Lakeview, OH, and get a quote.”

Saimonton Medeiros from RV Insider

Saimonton Medeiros had the following thoughts on RV Insider: “My wife and I bought it because of my job. The livability is good and we are happy with it BUT, the quality of the material of some parts is terrible; the mattress is awful, (two layers of foam). The first day I used the awning it broke down, I took it to be fixed and the dealer said it wasn’t covered by the warranty (even the extended warranty).

The shelves of the cabinet under the sink are falling apart. I had to nail the side of my bed because it came off. The lock of the main door is broken already. I bought this travel trailer on June 7, 2023 (less than two months now), it doesn’t make any sense it has so many problems for the amount of money we have paid for it.”

Is a Puma camper good?

No, Puma is not a good camper. They are known for breaking down due to low build quality and cheap electricals and have negative customer reviews in online forums.

What is the warranty on a Palomino trailer?

Palomino Puma trailers have a one-year general warranty. The appliances and components in the trailer have different warranty periods limited by the manufacturers.


If you have encountered any Palomino Puma Problems, there are quick solutions. The spacious, budget-friendly trailer offers users an affordable camping experience. The main problems you will likely meet are faulty wiring, stuck doors, and faulty plumbing.

You can fix the plumbing and wiring issues by hiring a qualified professional to deal with the problems. Lubricate the door slides using silicone spray to prevent it from getting stuck. If these solutions don’t work, contact customer service at (574) 642-3474 for further assistance.

So, as a Palomino RV owner, have you encountered any problems? Leave a comment and let us know your experience.

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