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Keystone Cougar Problems: 9 Issues Discussed With Detailed Solutions

You may have experienced Keystone Cougar problems and found them challenging to resolve. This can be because it is relatively new to the market and not enough info about it.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most frequently encountered issues with the Keystone RVs you can come across and give concrete advice for dealing with them. Read on to find out more!

Keystone Cougar – Overview

Keystone RV, founded in 1996, is the biggest manufacturer of camper vans and travel trailers in North America. The Keystone Cougar fifth wheel is a large trailer that gives families a first-rate tent while providing the latest technology at an affordable price.

Keystone RVs have a reputation for being big, economical on gas, and user-friendly, so they may be the best choice if you’re in the market for a camper. Incredible trailer control is achieved through the combination of:

  1. Maxturn
  2. Hitchvision


To ensure that you can take the day off without worrying about the weather, each unit features the following: 

  • A five-sided aluminum frame
  • Glass-fibre painted outside with creative and connecting lighting and fastening
  • An upgraded road grip equalizer and plugs
  • Climate protection package 

Many models and layouts are available such as Arctic Fox, each providing unique, enjoyable opportunities.


The Keystone Campers fifth wheel comes with several benefits, which include:

  • It is dependable plus the company offers products and services that cater to consumers
  • Keystone Campers fifth wheel is the winner of the Most Awards from the Dealer Satisfaction Index
  • Manufacturing of the keystone campers is focused on quality and efficiency
  • It’s a proven frontrunner in the fields of innovation and technology

However, consumers have been experiencing several challenges while using Keystone campers, including unexpected power outages, sliding common problems, and others we will look at.

What Are the Major Keystone Cougar Problems and Their Solutions?

When you’re on the road, your Cougar may feel like home, but remember that it wasn’t constructed like a regular house. As a result, it’s only natural that you’ll face some problems when living here. The table below dissects possible muddles and solutions.



Power outage

Avoid connecting too many gadgets to a single power

No cranks

Check for loose connections or replace the battery

Water damage because of leaks

Repair or replace the water lines entirely

The trouble with the slides

Keep the slides' sensors clean regularly

Electrical appliances not turning on

Restart the tripped breaker and turn down the volume on your other appliances

Issues with the floor plan

Replace the boards in their proper places and conceal the broken pipes

Let’s take a closer look at each issue and how to fix them.

What Are the Major Problems Associated With Keystone RV and Their Solutions

1. Power Outages 

Keystone Cougar has several electronic devices, such as fans, TVs, and ceiling lights, which can cause power outages when overloaded. A defective fuse or power beaker can also result in electrical problems. So, what can you do when there are electrical issues?

A defective fuse or power beaker can also result in electrical problems

There are several things you can do to avoid electrical problems or to fix the situation, including:

  • Shut off all electronic appliances from the power supply and reset the energy breaker.
  • Open the plug socket and examine if the fuse is damaged.
  • When a fuse burns out, breaks, or becomes black, substitute it with a new one with the same amperage rating as Keystone originally fitted.

After switching the circuit breaker and replacing the fuse, don’t connect too many electronic devices; doing so can increase the load on the system and cause issues.

2. No Cranking 

The battery terminals are likely the problem. Therefore, look for corroded ends and weak connections unless the RV turns on but not cranking. Check disconnected negative and positive terminals on the battery and do the following:


If the ground wires are loose, you need to tighten the connection. You should also: 

  • Connect the battery to the engine block and straighten the wires.
  • If the problem is still there, check to see if there is a connection damage
  • If there is corrosion, clean it off using a deoxidizer or contact cleanser.
  • Turn on the RV again, and If none of these solutions works, you may need to replace the battery.

3. Water Leak 

Keystone RV causes vibrations while moving for a long time. This may cause the fittings and water pipes to become loose and result in leaks. The ceiling could be damaged as the rain starts entering your new RV.

Water leaks are because of loose connections and broken pipes
solution on how to fix water leakage

Water leaks are because of loose connections and broken pipes. Therefore, you need to take care of the lines as soon as possible by:

  • Consistently maintaining the pipes
  • Tightening the fittings is another option for stopping the water leakage.

If the water leak is severe, it is best to replace the entire line to avoid any other disaster.

4. Problems With the Slides

It’s not uncommon for Keystone Cougar’s slide to stop opening and closing, and this can be caused by the following:

  • The sensors responsible for commanding instructions are not working
  • Engine burning out as motors power the slides

The available solution to fix this matter includes the following:

  • A simple preventative measure is to clean the sensors of the slides regularly rather than waiting for a problem to appear before taking action.
  • However, if the sensor is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  • If the motor is the source of the problem, you should fix it immediately.

5. Issues With the Floor

One of the most common complaints about a Keystone RV is the floor squeaking. This can be caused by:

Moisture causes Keystone RV floor to collapse and creak
  • The heating system which is fitted under your automobile
  • The boards of your RV’s flooring may also be soft

There could be several explanations for the water leaks in your vehicle, so it’s important to investigate thoroughly to find the cause.


You can fix the squeaking floor by:

  • Take out the planks that are above the heating apparatus and reinstall them
  • Reattach the nails and nuts
  • Put an extra plank to cracking
  • If your RV’s pipes break, you may fix them by replacing the surrounding fittings.

Note: Many companies now produce fixtures that must be glued into place. You should store some of these things in your car in case of such an emergency. 

6. AC Issues in the Cougar

The malfunctioning of the air conditioning system is a common issue with Keystone Cougars. It can cause dust to flow out of the vents and the air conditioner not to produce cold air. It is mainly due to:

  • Overheating of the compressor
  • Unclean AC filters

When you experience such a scenario, there are several remedies you can use.


If you do not want problems with your AC, you can fix it by:

  • Allowing the compressor to cool off by turning it off during hot weather
  • Cleaning the AC filter

Buy a new compressor if it is damaged, as it cannot be repaired. 

7. Problems With the Refrigerator

A refrigerator is an important component in the Keystone Cougar as it keeps your food fresh throughout your trip. Refrigerator problems can be caused by:

Refrigerator problems can be caused by a broken switch or circuit board and blown fuses
  • Malfunctioning cooler coil
  • Broken switch or circuit board and blown fuses

In case of such problems, you should be equipped with the troubleshooting tips.


You should investigate where the problem is coming from and then:

  • Change the cooling coil, which is located at the back of the refrigerator, if it is damaged
  • Look if the switchboard is functioning.
  • Change the circuit if broken.

You should, however, consider consulting an expert if you have no experience with circuit board matters. 

8. Problems With Toilet Flushing

Several people who have used the Keystone Cougars fifth wheel have complained of no water flow after flushing the toilet probably because of:

  • Blockage of the water line
  • Damaged valve

If this issue is not fixed, it can be problematic and ruin your entire journey.


To fix the toilet flush problem:

  • Unblock the water line
  • Change the valve

This issue should be resolved as soon as possible as nobody would be comfortable in an environment where the toilet flush is not working properly. 

9. Problems With the Furnace

While the AC is responsible for cooling your Keystone Cougar, a furnace ensures the RV is warm. With time it may develop issues as a result of:

Problems in the thermocouple or in the gas pipeline can leave you without heat
  • Problem with the gas line
  • Air blockade
  • Problem with the thermocouple
  • Malfunctioning of the igniter

Consult an expert in this field to remedy the problems.


There are various solutions to different problems. They include:

  • Only a part of the Cougar is warming up. There is an air blockade, so find it and remove it.
  • The entire cougar camper is not heating up- problem is with the ignition; thus, you should change the igniter
  • If there is still no heat, the issue is in the thermocouple or gas line

The above are the most common hitches associated with the Keystone Cougars fifth wheel RVs and their solutions. Let us now look at the pros and cons of Keystone Cougar Campers.

Overall Advantages and Disadvantages of Keystone Cougar Campers

There are plenty of advantages that are associated with the Keystone Cougar Camper as well as disadvantages. Let’s start with the pros.


The pros are numerous, but some of the most notable include:

  • Large and spacious rooms like bathroom and kitchen. 
  • It has luxury amenities like a microwave, dishwasher, and entertainment center
  • Towing a Keystone camper is a delight because they handle and maneuver easily.

Some of the cons that RV users have reported include:

  • Leaks are a major headache.
  • Poorly made furniture and fittings
  • It’s frustrating to deal with customer service.

These cons cause the users to have a bad experience while using Keystone Campers.

Major Problems Caused by the Keystone RV Dealer Affecting RVers Daily

Some common issues are caused by the RV dealers and they negatively affect the user of the Keystone Cougars camper, and they include: 

Major Problems Caused by the Keystone RV Dealer Affecting RVers Daily

1. Low-Quality Material and Finishings

Spending thousands of dollars on a camper raises expectations that the purchaser would have access to some level of comfort while on the road.

Keystone camper owners frequently lament the use of materials of poor quality in the finishing process

Even though many people are happy with their Keystone camper, there have been numerous complaints from dissatisfied customers who feel that their camper is of poor quality and short of what they had hoped for in terms of:

Poorly finished products

Keystone camper owners frequently lament the use of materials of poor quality in the finishing process. Numerous customers point out:

  • Peeling veneer on doors, windows, and closet drawers.
  • Loose fixtures.
  • Missing trim strips.
  • The screws coming loose.
  • Mysterious holes in the walls and flooring.

2. Leaks and Raking

A leaking air conditioner is a major headache whether or not it’s raining outside. Condensation on the AC drain is not a universal feature of Keystone garages. 

Because of this, moisture may accumulate on the surrounding wood, eventually dripping down the dividers and onto the floor. Slide-outs in campers are convenient for adding space to your living quarters, but they also tend to leak.

3. Tanks for Used and Waste Water

Keystone customers have reported numerous issues, including leaking gray and sewage tanks, broken drainage lines, and faulty seals. In such a situation, it’s important to urge that people not use the restroom or break room until the issue is fixed.

Keystone customers have reported numerous issues, including leaking gray and sewage tanks, broken drainage lines, and faulty seals

4. Lean Caste

The low quality of Keystone’s cupboards and drawers has also come as a shock to some buyers. In addition to the trouble melting veneers presents, weak locks and hinges can cause cabinet doors to tumble. 

Hanger rails are prone to bending following repairs, which might cause garage cabinet failure.

5. Low-Priced Items

Keystone Campers has many convenient amenities, including electrical equipment like central heating and air conditioning, a fireplace, and a dishwasher. Fifth-wheel appliances have a bad reputation for being cheap and having poor-quality finishing.

It’s not uncommon for electrical equipment like air conditioners to break down. Electric fireplaces have been known for being easily broken.

6. After-Sales Service

Keystone’s website is extremely complex and time-consuming to work through when trying to lodge a complaint. The telephone support is poor, and agents are frequently rude and don’t attend to customer concerns.

What Are the Reviews Saying?

Despite Keystone’s meteoric rise to the top of the RV industry, there are positive and negative reviews from customers. Let us look at what some reviews are saying.


“Even though the brand is already well-known after less than a decade in business, it must give more attention to quality control. Before Keystone thoroughly fixes its vehicles’ flaws, it is far from ideal as one of the travel trailers to avoid.”


“Keystone’s standing in the industry and its sustained commercial success with the Montana brand have set the bar extremely high. The Montana 3931FB is an excellent option for anyone shopping for a modern luxury fifth wheel with a genuine master suite.”


“With the lengthy slide-out, the kitchen area is fairly spacious. The bathroom is also very spacious, with a full shower and lots of space around the toilet, for example. This trailer tows effortlessly.”


Which Is Better, Keystone or Forest River?

Between Keystone and Forest River, Kingstone is renowned for offering recreational vehicles at significantly lower prices than its rivals. Also, regarding customer ratings, Keystone is ranked higher than Forest River.

Is a Keystone Cougar a Four-Season Camper?

A Keystone Cougar is a Four Season Camper.

Who Manufactures Keystone Cougar?

Thor Industries manufacture Keystone Cougar

Is Cougar Made by Keystone?

Keystone makes Cougar RVs. 

Does a Keystone Cougar Have an Inverter?

A Kingstone Cougar has an inverter. Each model comes with inverter and solar panel wiring, as well as outlets on the roof and side that are ready for usage with solar power.


If you encounter any Keystone cougar common problems, this article will be useful. For example, if you have a problem with a Power outage, avoid connecting too many gadgets to a single power. If you experience water damage because of leaks, repair or replace the water lines entirely.

And if it is issued with the floor plan, replace the boards in their proper places and conceal the broken pipes. Most issues are easily manageable, and in case you have no idea of what you are supposed to do, it is recommended that you consult an expert or contact customer service.

Which common problems have you ever encountered with your Keystone Cougar camper? Kindly tell us how you handled the situation. 

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