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Mr. Heater Buddy Problems: 11 Essential Points and Troubleshooting

Are you having Mr. Heater Buddy problems? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find that this heater is becoming increasingly complicated. This complexity is due to its too many buttons, settings, and features for most users to figure out.

In this blog post, I will discuss the most common issues that can arise with Mr. Heater Buddy, their potential solutions, and how easy the Buddy is to use. With this knowledge, you should have no problem staying warm and cozy with your Buddy this winter! Let’s get started!

An In-Depth Introduction Of Mr. Heater Buddy

The Mr. Heater brand is well known for its range of heat-related products. From garage and tent heaters to patio torches and fire pits, they offer a wide variety of items. And these things can help keep you warm, no matter where you are.

Their most popular product is Mr. Heater Buddy, a portable propane heater that can be used indoors or outdoors:

  • A 1-pound propane tank powers this model, which heats up to 225 square feet.
  • A hose allows it to be connected to a larger tank.
An In-Depth Introduction Of Mr. Heater Buddy

I have also mentioned a helpful video for you to understand this heater more easily.


Where Can You Use It?

It’s great for camping, fishing, hunting trips, and winter power outages when there is no other way to keep warm. I also tested this model in various conditions, from camping in the woods to sitting around a backyard fire pit.

It performed well in all settings, producing plenty of heat and providing comfort in even the chilliest environments. I was especially impressed by the low level of noise it produced.

If you need a portable, powerful source of electricit – look at this.


What I Like

  1. Mr. Buddy heater is a great choice for portable heaters. It has a simple setup and can be used in various settings.
  2. It provides adequate heat on either high or low settings and comes with excellent safety features such as auto shutoff, fuel supply, oxygen depletion system, flame sensor, and tip-over protection.

What I Don’t Like

One main downside to Mr. Heater Buddy is that it goes through propane quickly. You may have to buy additional propane or refill the tank more often than other portable heaters.

Mr. Heater Buddy Problems What I Like and Don't Like

The 11 Most Common Mr. Heater Buddy Problems And Their Solutions

Let’s dive into the 11 different problems and their solutions for your Mr heater.

1. Keep Turning Off Your Heater

It can be very frustrating when your Mr. Heater Buddy keeps shutting off. Unfortunately, this event is a common problem with Mr. Heater’s products. But thankfully it can usually be fixed with a few simple steps. Here are some of the possible reasons why your heater might keep shutting off:

  • Clogged pilot: Over time, the pilot light can become clogged due to dust, dirt, or other debris. This can lead to the heater not getting enough fuel to stay lit and will cause it to shut off.
  • Inadequate fresh air to burn: If your heater isn’t getting enough fresh air to burn, then it will not stay lit and will shut off.
  • Tripped tip-over safety switch: This is an important safety feature that automatically shuts off the heater if it tips over.
  • Faulty regulator: If the regulator is faulty, then it can cause the heater to shut off.
  • Internal contamination: This can be caused by dust or debris getting into the system and clogging it up.
Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Keep Turning Off Your Heater

If your Mr. Heater Buddy is shutting off, there are a few easy fixes.

  • First, cleanse the pilot assembly to remove debris or dirt clogging the system.
  • Next, move the heater to a more open space, providing at least 9 square inches of opening to ensure enough combustible air.
  • Then, relight the heater when the tip-over safety device has been activated. Ensure the heater is placed on a flat, sturdy surface to prevent further malfunctions. If the regulator is faulty, replace it.
  • Finally, replace the control valve and regulator if there is any internal contamination.

2. Spark Lacking

If you need help to get your big Buddy to ignite, a lack of sparks from the spark electrode could be the culprit. The electrode may have become damaged and would need to be replaced. Also, ensure that the igniter wire is not connected to it and that the ground wire is not connected to the frame. This could prevent glimmers from occurring.

Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Spark Lacking

Follow the below solution to solve this issue:

If your heater keeps shutting off, it may be due to an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) malfunction. To fix this issue:

  • You will need to replace the ODS. Additionally, the spark electrode should be checked and replaced if it is not working correctly.
  • Ensure that the igniter wire is connected securely to the spark electrode, and the ground wire should be connected to the frame.
  • Also, check the igniter wire for any signs of damage or cracking. If the igniter wire is damaged, it should be replaced.

3. Heater’s Pilot Enable To Light

If the Mr. Buddy pilot doesn’t light up, there could be a few reasons:

  • No gas available for the heater: Make sure the propane tank has fuel and is connected properly to the heater.
  • Location of “PILOT” is not properly aligned: On the main control knob, make sure the position of the “PILOT” is in the proper spot to light the pilot.
  • Foreign objects obstruct the pilot: Look around the pilot’s area to see if any foreign objects, such as dust or cobwebs, are obstructing it from being lit.
  • Malfunctioning pilot, assembly: If none of these is the problem, then it is possible that the pilot assembly needs to be replaced.
Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Heater's Pilot Enable To Light

Here are some simple things to solve this issue:

  • The first thing you should do is check the fuel tank to ensure it has enough propane and is being supplied to the heater. If the tank is empty or low, use more fuel and try again.
  • Next, inspect the fuel hose for any clogs. If you find one, clean the hose with a cloth or compressed air can and reconnect it to the gas control module.
  • If the fuel is properly supplied, turn the gas control knob to the ‘PILOT’ position and press in. This should activate the pilot light.

4. Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

If your Mr. Heater Buddy’s pilot light is not staying lit, there are a few possible reasons:

  • The pilot wasn’t properly lit: The pilot flame must surround the thermocouple to keep it ignited.
  • Faulty pilot assembly: If the pilot tube or the burner is blocked, this can prevent gas flow and cause the pilot to extinguish when the control knob is released.
  • Bad wiring: If the wiring connection on the tip switch is disconnected, this can also cause the pilot to extinguish.
Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

If the control knob is not fully depressed and kept in the “PILOT” position, it will not allow the gas to flow. To ensure that it is in the correct position:

  • Press and hold the knob in place.
  • The thermocouple should also be positioned correctly to sense the heat coming from the pilot light. If it is not, it will not allow the gas valve to open.
  • Cleansing the pilot assembly can also help with any problems related to lighting. Check the trip switch wire to verify that they are connected properly.

5. The Igniting Pilot Flame Sensor Doesn’t Work

If your Mr. Heater Buddy is having trouble igniting, there are a few common causes.

  • The Clogged burner: This happens when debris builds up, preventing the gas from reaching the flame.
  • Insufficient gas supply: Make sure you have enough fuel in your tank; if you do, try switching it off and on again to reset the gas flow.
  • A faulty thermocouple: This device sends an electrical current to the ignitor, so if it’s not working correctly, the burner won’t ignite.
Mr. Heater Buddy Problems The Igniting Pilot Flame Sensor Doesn't Work

If a big buddy is having trouble staying lit, there are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

  • First, check on the propane tank to ensure there is adequate fuel. If the tank runs low, fix it and try lighting the heater again.
  • If the fuel level is sufficient, move on to the next step.
  • Cleanse the burner orifice by removing the burner assembly from its housing,if there are dirt, dust, or spider webs, examine the inside of the burner for them.
  • Check the burner assembly, ensure that the main burner and the venturi tube are functioning properly, and if necessary, replace them.
  • Cleanse the propane heater exterior with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris that may have been collected on the exterior surface.
  • Finally, if all else fails, replace the thermocouple if the burner is still not light.

6. Delay In the Ignition Process

This issue occurs when the burner lights up later than it should. This can be dangerous as it can cause damage to the unit and potentially lead to an accident. The most common causes of delayed ignition include:

  • Low manifold pressure
  • A clogged burner orifice

Let’s take a look at the possible solution to this problem.

  • If your heater runs on natural gas, you should contact your local gas company for assistance.
  • If it runs on propane tanks, you should check the gas regulator to ensure it is in good working condition.
  • It would help if you also inspected the burner to ensure it is not clogged with debris.
  • If the orifice does need to be cleaned, use a brush or soft cloth and rub gently in a circular motion until all dirt and debris are removed.

7. Heater Backfiring

When using a Mr. Heater Buddy, backfiring can occur. Backfiring is an undesirable outcome often caused by a few different factors.

These include:

  • Clogged or damaged burner orifice: The burner orifice is the opening where fuel enters the combustion chamber. If this opening is blocked, the fuel cannot properly enter the combustion chamber and ignite, leading to backfiring.
  • Damaged burner: If the burner has been damaged somehow, it can cause backfiring due to insufficient fuel entering the combustion chamber.
  • Defective gas regulator: The gas regulator regulates fuel flow into the combustion chamber. If it is defective, it can lead to insufficient fuel entering the combustion chamber, which leads to backfiring.
Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Heater Backfiring

To solve the issue:

  • Clean up the burner orifice.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, it is important to inspect the burner for damage and replace it if necessary.
  • In some cases, the gas regulator or flame sensor may also need to be replaced.

8. Buddy Heater, Smells Like Gas

If you notice a strong smell of gas coming from your Mr. Heater Buddy, it could cause concern. There are several possible reasons for the odor, and it is important to identify and fix the issue quickly.

Possible factors for the smell include a gas leak, compressed air, debris between the control valve and burner, or a defective valve.

Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Buddy Heater, Smells Like Gas

Pressure testing the gas connections of a heater is necessary to rule out the possibility of a gas leak. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Confirm that the heater supply piping system is connected and that it has been leak-tested.
  • Turn on the equipment’s shutdown valve and the propane or LP supply valve.
  • Inspect all connections between the equipment shutoff and control valves. Cleanse gas joints with a mixture of liquid soap and water.
  • Repair all leaks at the same time.

9. Your Heater’s Control Knob Is Not Able To Turn

If your Mr. Heater knob seems stuck in one position or isn’t turning in both directions, it is a sign of a malfunctioning heater.


If you find that the control knob on your Mr. Heater Buddy cannot turn, you can take a few steps to solve the problem.

  • First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the control knob.
  • Once the knob is removed, apply some silicone lubricant or WD40 to the control knob stem.
  • Make sure to spread the lubricant as much as possible, then replace the knob.
  • Turn it in all directions to ensure it operates smoothly.
  • If the problem persists, you may need to replace the knob.

10. Loud Noise From the Heater

It’s common for this heater to make noise, whether a whistling or a buzzing sound. Suppose you are experiencing a whistling noise when the burner is lit. In that case, it may be caused by the control knob being in the position when the burner is cold, air passageways on the heater, or the pilot tube being blocked.

Mr. Heater Buddy Problems Loud Noise
  • Turn the control knob to the LO position and let the burner warm up before turning it to the HI position.
  • If air is in the gas line, keep the burners running until all the air is released.
  • The heater should be placed in the coldest section of the room, with proper ventilation, and where it can be easily accessed for operation, inspection, and service.
  • Cleanse or replace the burner orifice if the issue persists.

11. Heater Not Getting Enough Fuel Through Control Valve

If your Mr. Heater’s Buddy is not getting enough fuel supply, it could be due to a loose hose attachment or screw-on valve.


The solution to these common Mr. Heater Buddy problems is to examine the hose connection to the gas cylinder.

  • You should ensure that it is firmly tightened against the release mechanism of the propane tank, as some tanks contain safety mechanisms that prevent gas from escaping unless the hose connection is sufficiently tight.
  • In addition, the screw-on valve should also be tightened if it has become loose.

A Step By Step Method To Set Up Mr. Heater Buddy With Propane Tank

Setting up Mr. Heater Buddy is easy and requires no additional tools or expertise. All you need to do is:

  • Attach the portable propane tank to the heater.
  • If you’re using a 20-pound tank, ensure the propane hose is securely connected and there are no leaks.
  • Press the piezo igniter to turn on the heater, and the flame should ignite.
A Step By Step Method To Set Up Mr. Heater Buddy With Propane Tank

All in all, this was one of the easier heaters I tested to set up and use, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend time fiddling with complicated settings.

Mr. Heater, Buddy – Two Qualities That Make It Easy To Use

I consider this heater easy to use for below two qualities:

1. Size and Weight

Mr. Heater Buddy is a compact, lightweight heating solution for campers and other outdoor activities.

  • It features a convenient handle with finger grips for easy carrying.
  • The heater’s handle folds down on the back for storage, increasing its small footprint.
  • In terms of size, the heater measures 14.23 by 9 by 15 inches. This small size makes it easy to store in a small space and transport.
  • Additionally, the heater only weighs about 11 pounds, which is light enough to be carried with one hand.
Mr. Heater Size and Weight

2. Running Time

Mr. Heater Buddy can heat up to 225 square feet and is effective outdoors in a 5-6 feet range.

  • Depending on the setting, it can run for different amounts of time.
  • When set to high, the heater will last up to 3 hours; when set to low, it can last up to 6 hours.

This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor activities while being kept warm and cozy.

Mr. Heater, Buddy – Is it Comfortable and Quiet?

Mr. Heater Buddy is surprisingly powerful and puts out a great deal of heat, ideal for taking on space up to the designated square footage.

Until it runs out of propane, its noise level is relatively low, but when it does, it starts flickering and making a loud noise that can be heard from a distance.

Our Verdict – Is Mr. Heater Buddy the Right Choice for You?

Mr. Heater Buddy is a great choice for anyone looking for an emergency heat source or for those who go on camping or hunting trips.

  • It takes up very little storage and floor space and is easy to use, and can provide enough warmth for a 225-square-foot area.
  • However, there might be better choices if you want to warm up a larger space or have an outdoor party.
  • But the Hiland Quartz Glass Tube Heater may be a better option if you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing.
Our Verdict Hiland Quartz Glass Tube Heater


Why is my Mr. Heater keeps shutting off?

If your Mr. Heater keeps shutting off, it could be due to a low oxygen level in the area, a blocked carbon monoxide sensor, or an issue with the thermocouple.

How do I reset my Mr. Buddy heater?

To reset your Mr. Heater Buddy, turn off the gas and power switch, wait a few minutes, then turn on the power switch followed by the gas switch. Ensure the unit is properly ventilated before turning it back on.

Why won’t my Mr. Heater Buddy stay lit?

The most likely cause of your Mr. Heater Buddy not staying lit is due to a clogged air filter, a blocked burner orifice, or a malfunctioning thermocouple. If the problem persists after cleaning the air filter and checking the burner orifice, replace the thermocouple for best performance.

How long does Mr. Heater Buddy last?

Mr. Heater Buddy can last up to 3 hours at its lowest and 6 hours at its highest.

Is Heater Buddy safe indoors?

Yes, Mr. Heater Buddy is safe to use indoors per the manufacturer’s instructions as long as adequate ventilation is provided.


Mr. Heater Buddy is a great heating device, but it needs to be simpler for most people in 2023. Various issues can occur with this device, but many of these problems can be easily fixed with the right solutions.

Even though Mr. Heater Buddy may be difficult to use, you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides with the proper knowledge and understanding. If you need any help with your Mr. Heater Buddy, consult the manual or contact customer service for assistance.

Have you ever had to troubleshoot any issues with your Buddy Heater? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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