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Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems: 2023 Easy Solutions Guide

You have probably encountered Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems if you’re an outdoors person who would prefer RV camping over sleeping in a tent. This camping vehicle from Forest River has innovative features similar to Arctic Fox with a great interior.

Let’s look at the ultimate guide with problems and quick-fix measures that can save you from frequent repair shop visits.

Cherokee Grey Wolf – A Quick Overview of the Forest River Trailers

The Cherokee Grey Wolf is a product of Forest River that actively competes with the Arctic fox from Northwood manufacturers. The RV has a great interior with amenities that give you a comfortable travel experience. Some of them:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Exciting kitchen;
  • TV options.

Also, these RVs have enough space with beds that can comfortably hold up to 8 people for the 26DBH Bunkhouse Model.

cherokee grey wolf problems
Credit: www.youtube.com @Bullyan RV

Camping Trip Problems and Solutions Table at the Glance

Let’s look at the summary table of Cherokee Grey Wolf problems and solutions below.

Grey Wolf Problems


Slide-Out Problems:

Lubricate the slide mechanism with silicone spray

Metal Shavings:

Replace the RV floor and cabinets

Problematic Door:

Lubricate the latch plate and latching mechanism using silicone spray

Peeling Graphics:

Get a new paint job

Plumbing Issues:

Replace the RV pipes with better-quality ABS pipes


Regularly Inspect the tire treads

Clogged Toilets:

Use de-clogging chemicals like Max gel liquid

Faulty Air Conditioner:

Clean the coils

Dead Battery:

Use monitoring devices to identify power leaks

Faulty Sunshade:

Call a qualified professional to inspect and fix the power supply

Electrical System Malfunctions:

Consult an electrician

Delamination and Lose Exterior Seal:

Clean and reseal the seals using a reliable RV sealant

Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems and Fixes

Cherokee Grey Wolf trailers have had multiple issues over the years. From equipment failures to electrical failures, these problems have inconvenienced many campers. Let’s look at them and their solutions in detail.

1. Slide Out Problems

You might encounter a stuck slide in your RV before going on a camping trip. The following factors can cause this problem:

  • Insufficient battery charge: The slide-out mechanism is controlled by the battery. The low charge can lead to failures in opening the slides.
  • Faulty Wiring in the Slide: The cables connecting the slide-outs and the battery might be defective, leading to malfunctions.
  • Blocked or misaligned slide-out: The alignment of the slide affects how smoothly it operates. When there’s an obstruction or the slide is crooked, you will have difficulties moving it.
  • Damaged fuses in the fuse box: Blown fuses affect the slide power supply. You should check the fuse condition to see if they are blackened or burnt.
Slide Out Problems
Credit: www.youtube.com @RV with Tito DIY

You can take these measures to deal with slide problems:

  • Recharge your batteries and ensure they have enough power to operate the slide-outs.
  • Lubricate the slide-out mechanism with silicone spray to get a smooth operation.
  • Clean the slide and remove dirt and obstacles that might hinder the mechanism.
  • Hire a qualified professional to inspect the RV wiring and repair damages.

2. Metal Shavings

Most parts like floors and cabinets have metal shavings because of:

  • Insufficient cleaning during assembly of the RV.

Follow these guidelines to deal with metal shavings:

  • Thoroughly clean the RV with a smooth scrubber.
  • Or call a qualified professional to replace the RV floor and cabinets.

3. Problematic Door

You might have problems closing the main door of your RV due to the following reasons:

  • Weak latches: Weak Latches are usually a result of poor craftsmanship and insufficient final touches. They make the door loose.
  • Jammed door bolts: The rear door might sometimes open, but not entirely. The bolts get jammed halfway through the process, and you must reopen the door several times.
Problematic Door
Credit: www.youtube.com @Camping World

You can take the following measures to fix a problematic door:

  • Lubricate the latch plate and latching mechanism using silicone spray.
  • Replace your rear door latches with better quality, like the Lippert RV entry screen Door latch.

4. Peeling Graphics 

Your camper looks less appealing with peeled-off graphics. This happens because of the following reasons:

  • Extreme weather conditions: You risk paint peeling off when you park your RV in harsh weather like extreme cold during winter or the summer heat.
  • Poor adhesive of the paint: The paint might not be strong enough to stick to the surface of the RV, causing it to peel off.

Let’s look at how to deal with peeling Graphics on your RV:

  • Sand down the paint and get a new paint job. It’s expensive but effective.

5. Plumbing Issues

It is hard to detect water leaks in Cherokee Grey Wolf RVs. The following reasons can cause you to experience water leaks, especially after showering:

Plumbing Issues
Credit: www.youtube.com @The RV Pastime
  • Faulty water pump: The water pump might be broken, making it unable to regulate the water pressure inside the RV’s bathroom. This might cause leaking.
  • Drooping insulation: The RV insulation might droop when water pipes burst and there’s an overflow. The leak usually comes from the freshwater tank.

Below are some quick solutions for your RV plumbing issues.

  • Use a screwdriver to adjust and tighten the rubber molding on the glass shower to prevent leaking.
  • Replace the RV pipes with better quality ABS water pipes for better delivery into your shower and kitchen.

6. Punctures

Cherokee Grey Wolf RVs are prone to getting flat tires, especially when driving long routes. These pictures are caused by:

  • Overloading: Excess weight on the RV stresses the tires. The overload might be because of too much camping gear or too many people in the RV, which the tire pressure can’t handle.
  • Worn-out tires: Worn-out tires are not strong enough to handle rough ground and debris on the road. They can easily be punctured and are also a safety hazard when driving. 
  • High tire pressure: High Tire pressure, above the required limit of 50 psi, increases your chances of getting a flat tire.

Let’s look at how you can fix the flat tire below:

  • Watch the maximum load of the RV. Do not exceed the capacity by carrying excess gear or campers. The cargo capacity is usually set at 2163 pounds.
  • Check the tire pressure and ensure it’s within the set limit of 50 psi on each wheel.
  • Regularly Inspect the tire treads and remove any debris stuck on the tires to prevent punctures.

Note: The stabilizing motor vehicle jacks cannot handle the weight of the RV when you pull over for a tire change. Use a durable jack like the Lippert Jack with a 7000-pound capacity. It would be best if you placed it right below the axles.

7. Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can be quite an inconvenience on a camping trip. It is usually caused by:

Clogged Toilet
Credit: www.youtube.com @petesrv
  • Wrong toilet paper: Some toilet papers don’t disintegrate when flashed, which can cause blockages. RV users are advised to use septic-safe toilet paper, which quickly dissolves.
  • Using less water when flushing: You need to flush the toilet with enough water for the waste and tissue to dissolve. One might fail to flash due to plumbing issues or insufficient water supply, which might cause clogging.
  • Open tank valve: Leaving the tank valve open prevents water from being filled into the tank. This makes it difficult to flash and might cause an accumulation of waste, leading to clogging.

Follow these simple guidelines to deal with toilet clogs:

  • Use de-clogging chemicals like Max gel liquid to clear the clogging.
  • Pour hot water into the toilet tank. Please leave it to settle overnight.
  • Install a flexible hose in your tank.
  • Ensure you use septic-safe toilet paper.
  • Maintain a steady water flow after flushing by keeping the tank valve open.

8. Broken AC

The Air conditioning unit is responsible for maintaining cool temperatures in the RV. The AC might malfunction because of the following reasons;

  • Accumulated dust on AC coils: The air conditioner coils must be clean. Dust creates a barrier between the coils and air, making it difficult to absorb heat.
  • Broken thermostat: The thermostat controls the temperature in the RV. It regulates the air conditioner and heat pumps. A faulty thermostat won’t be able to control the AC and regulate temperature.
  • Faulty compressor: Cherokee camping RVs require a minimum of 2750W to power their compressor. The fans might work but won’t produce enough heat if the compressor isn’t powered.

You can use the following remedies to deal with insufficient cooling;

  • Inspect the thermostat and test for continuity using a voltmeter. You can call a qualified professional to do the inspection.
  • Clean the AC coils and wipe off accumulated dust.
  • Install soft start Air Conditioning devices with low power consumption.

9. Dead Battery

The battery powers most components of the RV. It might die because of the following reasons:

  • Age: When batteries age, they lose their power retention properties. The copper plates get eaten up by the acid over time, rendering them ineffective.
  • Improper charging: A battery might not fully charge due to corrosion of the cables and terminals. This limits the power it recharges, leading to breakdowns.
  • Excess power consumption: Drawing excess power from the batteries can damage them. Using appliances with high voltage, like electric cookers, affects the performance.
  • Power leaks: There might be leaking power within your RV that slowly drains and damages your battery.

The following remedies can help you prevent having a dead battery:

  • Use monitoring devices to identify power leaks.
  • Place your batteries in a cool and dry place to optimize the charging process.
  • Don’t let the lead-acid accumulator charge go below 50%.
  • Connect your RV to an external power source when not in use.
Dead Battery
Credit: www.youtube.com @petesrv

10. Broken Sunshade 

Awnings are attached to the sides of the RV and act as a sunshade roof. The Cherokee Grey Wolf uses a power-controlled sunshade that might stop working due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty power supply: If the power supply doesn’t reach the awning due to an incomplete circuit or incorrect installation, the awning won’t work.
  • Improper loading: The awning might jam when it’s not loaded correctly. The motor might start turning, but the sunshade won’t deploy.

Dealing with a faulty awning is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Roll it out manually if the power control doesn’t work.
  • Call a qualified professional to inspect and do power supply repairs.

11. Electrical System Malfunctions

Some Cherokee Grey Wolf owners have complained of electrical system failures. This might be caused by:

  • Blown fuses: A melted fuse usually interrupts the current flow, affects your lights, and can prevent appliances like microwaves from working.
  • Corroded battery terminals: When corroded, the battery terminals don’t supply enough power to the appliances and systems. Corrosion might happen because of extreme weather conditions.
  • Circuit breakers: RV circuit breakers prevent electrical-related accidents by cutting the power supply on faulty appliances. These circuit breakers can cause system malfunctions when they cut off the power supply.
Electrical System Malfunctions
Credit: www.youtube.com @The RV Pastime

The following measures can help you prevent electrical malfunctions:

  • Carry out regular inspections of the RV connections and insulations.
  • Replace damaged fuses.
  • Consult an electrician or contact the Forest River Service Center at (574) 537-8016.

12. Delamination and Lose Exterior Seal

The exterior seals deteriorate over time, leading to water leaks into the Cherokee Grey Wolf. These leaks can damage the interior and walls of the RV.


The following are control measures for delamination and loss of exterior seals:

  • Inspect the RV walls and check for bubbling.
  • Check the exterior seals on windows and doors. Check for cracks or deterioration signs.
  • Clean and reseal the seals using a reliable RV sealant like Geocel ProFlex RV Sealant.

Cherokee Grey Wolf: Customer Thoughts

The Grey Wolf RVs have mixed reviews.

Astrid Hanser

Astrid Hanser at RV Insider claimed, “It is a great trailer, pulls nice, and although light and seems small, it’s pretty big once inside..”

Chris James

Chris Jameshad different thoughts about the Grey Wolf on RV Insider. He said, “I got this 26 dbh Grey Wolf new from my local dealer for use as my wife liked the layout, and we needed it for a place to live. Towing it was a nightmare; bolts for the axle springs kept loosening and working out and had to be retightened every few miles.”


Is Grey Wolf a good travel trailer?

No, Grey Wolf is not a good travel trailer. This camping vehicle has occasional breakdowns and is affected by problems like broken AC and malfunctioning electrical systems, which can negatively affect your camping experience.

What are the Disadvantages of GREY Wolf?

The Grey Wolf has multiple disadvantages like faulty Plumbing, slide-out problems, stuck Doors, peeling Graphics, Battery issues, and electrical system malfunctions. It would be best to go camping with an idea of how to fix these problems. 


Cherokee Grey Wolf Problems can ruin your camping experience, especially if they catch you off guard. However, I have given you simple tips and quick solutions that will help you reduce the effects.

For example, if you have a clogged toilet issue, then use a de-clogging chemical like Max gel liquid. If your AC stops working, then clean the coils and remove the accumulated dust.

So, what Grey wolf Problems have you encountered? Leave a comment and let us know your experience.

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