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Can I Use Rid-X in My RV: Things You Should Know Before Using Rid-x

A major concern for RVers is to keep the toilet clean and free of odors. There are a number of toilet chemicals to keep the toilet functioning. Rid-X septic tank treatment is one of them.

But can I use Rid-x in my RV without any bad consequences? Well, you can. Rid-x is designed to prevent expensive septic problems by natural means. It prolongs the life of the septic system with enzymes and bacteria.

But is it safe to use in RV? What are the benefits of this chemical? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Can You Use Rid-X in Your RV?

Can I Use Rid X in My RV

Rid-x is a popular toilet chemical that breaks down waste, increases beneficial bacteria, and restores a healthy balance of the septic system. It combats odors and removes possible blockage problems from toilets.

Rid-x now offers RV toilet treatment liquid suitable for all portable toilets, marine sanitation, and RVs. This liquid form takes bacterial action and eliminates odors.

So, yes. You can effectively use liquid Rid-x in your Recreational Vehicle.

How Does Rid-X Work?

Rid-x contains zillions of bacteria and enzyme bodies that break down waste. And it can even deal with solid waste like foodstuff and vegetable matter. Rid-x has strong enzymes like amylase, lipase, Protease, and cellulase.

The amylase in this liquid deals with starches, and lipase breaks grease, fats, and oils into pieces. Cellulose and protease break toilet paper, vegetables, and proteins within a few hours.

Using Rid-X For RV Toilet: RV Toilet Treatment

Using Rid-X For RV toilet

Though Rid-x is popular for preventing nuisances in all septic systems, it has manufactured special liquids to clean RV dumps and waste tanks. And this toilet treatment has some fascinating features.

  • Rid-x RV toilet treatment has millions of bacteria that neutralize any solid waste stuck in a septic tank.
  • Its scientifically proven chemicals prevent bad odors from invading your RV’s living space.
  • It is cheap and easily available in local stores.
  • There are no side effects or harmful ingredients in the chemical.
  • It works pretty fast, and within two days, it breaks down solids.

What’s more, you can use Rid-x tank deodorizer for RV holding tanks. It instantly stops foul smells from spreading.

Can You Use Rid-x For All Types of Toilets?

Yes, You can use Rid-x in all types of toilets. You can use the chemical in your RV, portable marine toilets, and regular toilets as well. It is even safe for cleaning other plumbing lines.

But you should not use it in non-septic systems. Toilets connected to local sewers don’t need septic cleaners. The local authority treats and maintains the cleaning issue here.

Can I Use RV Holding Tank Deodorizer?

Can You Use Rid-x For All Types of Toilets

What if you still get some bad smell in your RV living space? Well, Rid-x has brought a different solution here, too.

The rid-x holding tanks’ deodorizers prevent any bad smell from spreading. Apart from cleaning the holding tank, it guarantees a foul odor-free journey.

Is Rid-X Safe to Use in RV?

The answer is yes. Rid-x is safe to apply in portable toilets. Only a gallon of water and 100ml of Rid-x can clean typical septic tanks.

But if you use this liquid excessively, it might cause a septic tank failure. So, read the instructions before using them.

How Often Should You Use Rid x in RV?

The standard frequency is once a week. Don’t use too much of chemicals. Only when it is necessary, apply rid-x in your RV tank.

RV Toilet Chemicals: Homemade or Commercial

Many RVers often stick to the dilemma between getting homemade toilet solutions and commercial one. The main reason to go for a homemade solution is to save money.

But can you save money with homemade RV holding tank treatment? Let’s find out a way.

How Can You Save Money on Toilet Chemicals?

How Can You Save Money on Toilet Chemicals

RV toilet chemicals are not expensive. One-year waste liquefier for your RV would cost you around $30-60. For some fancy treatment, you may have to spend a few bucks more.

But how do you save money on Toilet chemicals? First, you need to choose the right product at a minimal cost. Next, try to buy chemicals in large quantities because these products don’t expire shortly.

Another way to save money is to use homemade solutions like vinegar and baking soda. But they entail some risk.

Toilet Chemicals for RV Holding Tank

For RV tanks and home septic systems, a chemical industry has developed over time known as toilet chemicals. They carry enzymes and bacteria that break down waste and solid materials.

These chemicals come in diverse groups. But you can categorize all into the following three groups.

  1. Homemade Chemicals
Homemade Chemicals

Homemade concoctions like Pine Sol are the brainchild of personal whims. Someone tries this and that, and the recipe becomes popular if they get valid results. Most of the time, homemade solutions are pretty personal, and you won’t find many in the store. You can try to make one at your own risk.

Moreover, there are major concerns regarding homemade concoctions. First, it is not a proven success. You might get positive results one or two times. But that doesn’t make the concoction a magic wand.

Next, using homemade products can prove harmful to your septic system. And last but not least, you cannot buy refills as easily as a commercial chemical. However, some concoctions like Pine-sol have widespread reach.

  1. Commercial Products for RV
Commercial Products for RV

Commercial chemicals are the most popular option RVers choose for their convenient nature. These solutions come in different forms like tab, liquid, and even crystal.

You will find a number of brands selling these products, and most of them work pretty well. You can collect them from any RV outlet in your locality.

  1. Home Septic System Products
Home Septic System Products

Another suitable solution for RV tanks is using home septic system chemicals. These are either liquids or crystals. A number of brands manufacture these products.

But the most common one is Rid-x. Though it is optimal for a home septic tank, it has also expanded its service to RV. Rid-x RV toilet treatment is so compact and concentrated that 10 oz can clean a 1500-gallon tank.

Is Rid-X Safe for Your RV’s Black and Grey Tank?

Is Rid-X Safe for Your RV’s Black and Grey Tank

Using Rid-x in your RV’s black and grey tank is no problem. Rid-x can break any solids from both tanks and deters odor from invading your living space.

It is better to use liquids instead of crystal stuff in the grey tank or black. However, make sure to add a large quantity of water after every Rid-x usage. Rid-x will start working within 3-4 hours, and it might take some days to complete the dissolving process.

This chemical will neither harm RV holding tanks nor your skin. It is all right to use this chemical in your RV. We suggest you use one capful Rid-x for the grey tank and twice the amount for the black tank. And always fill the tank with the necessary water.

Benefits Of Using Rid- X In Your RV

Rid-x toilet chemicals are either liquids or pellets. They can efficiently resolve problems of portable toilet holding tanks. Using Rid-x can give you some extra edge. Let’s find out the advantages of Rid-x chemicals.

  • Rid-x can break down any solids and keep your toilet clog-free.
  • This chemical is available in most local RV stores. You can directly order them from the RId-x website.
  • It prevents any bad smell from coming out of the toilet. It even prevents forming odor with bacteria and enzymes.
  • It works pretty much faster than other chemicals. If you pour some before bed, it will be clean before morning.
  • This holding tank treatment is available in liquids and pellets.
  • The most important benefit is that it is cheap. Fifty dollars would be enough for a whole-year solution.

Other Ways of Keeping RV Holding Tank Clean

Other Ways of Keeping RV Holding Tank Clean

Well, Rid-x is not the only magical solution to RV waste management. You can always take some simple steps to keep the black tank clean.

  • Don’t dump too complex and solid objects in your black tank.
  • Never keep your waste for a long time. Always empty the tank whenever you get time.
  • And it is a must to clean the tank before commencing a trip. Otherwise, you may face odor and overflow issues before reaching the target.

3 Simple Steps for RV Cleaning Process

Now let us tell you three simple steps you must always follow.

  • First, never use less water in your black tank. The more you use water, the tank bottom will safer.
  • Second, don’t hesitate to dump the waste. It is better to empty the tank whenever it is near-full.
  • And the third one is crucial: clean out buildup and trash in the black tank. Otherwise, they will block the tank.

Clean Your RV Tank Naturally

Natural RV holding tank treatment is the best option if you don’t want to use chemicals.

What you can do is use a lot of clean water. Water pressure can dismantle any possible clogs and congestion. You should pour enough water to rinse away obstructions whenever you clean your tank.

Another natural method is Geo Method for RV. Masterminded by Charles Bruni in the 1980s, the Geo method is a natural method of cleaning and controlling odor.

Here you have to make a combo out of detergent, bleach, water, and fabric softener. These ingredients will clean the tank and prevent a foul smell.

How Long Does It Take for Rid-X to Start Working?

How Long Does It Take for Rid-X to Start Working

We have already mentioned that Rid-x produces enzymes and bacteria in billions. As soon as you pour Rid-x and water contacts with it, it will start working on the tank. The breaking down process of solids starts after two to three hours as the bacteria germinate the whole tank.

Within 2-4 days, all solid matters will break. However, the temperature of the area might affect the speed.

What Are the Ingredients in Rid-X?

Rid-x uses some highly reactive enzymes. It has amylase to disintegrate starchy objects. Next, there is lipase for fatty substances and oils.

Another enzyme is cellulose. You probably know cellulose keeps disintegrating solid matter, tissue papers, and vegetables. The last one is Protease which helps break down protein stuff.

All these ingredients have similar tasks of dissolving the wastage.

Can I Use Rid-X in My RV – FAQ

How Can You Dissolve Solids in RV Black Tanks?

You need to pour RV toilet chemicals for black tank treatment. Make sure the chemicals contain enzymes to dissolve any solids. After using the liquid, leave the toilet as it is for a few hours.

What Do You Put in RV Black Water Tank?

You can put only three things in RV black water tank. They are toilet paper, any necessary odor treatment, and excrement. Avoid dumping anything other than these three.

Can I Use Rid-x in an RV Black Tank?

Well, you can leave ten days before you dump the black water. But the cleaning schedule mainly depends on water and paper usage. Try to go to the dump station when the tank is 3/4 full.

How Long Can You Leave Black Water in Your RV Tank?

Well, you can leave ten days before you dump the black water. But the cleaning schedule mainly depends on water and paper usage. Try to go to the dump station when the tank is 3/4 full.

Should You Leave Water in Your RV Black Tank?

No, you shouldn’t. The leftover water and waste will clog and produce nasty smells. So we recommend you dump your RV waste whenever you get the chance.

Can You Put Vinegar as RV Toilet Treatment Liquid?

Yes, it is safe to use vinegar in RV tanks. But the best practice is to use vinegar with baking soda. Vinegar and baking soda have the opposite PH scale and work pretty well in toilet cleaning.


Rid-x is a wonderful solution for one of the crucial problems of RVers. It wards off odor and keeps the black tank clog-free. You don’t have to worry about any toilet issues if you have this chemical.

What is your experience with Rid-x? Do you use any alternative solution? Let us know in the comment section.

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