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Top 12 Best Electric Trailer Tongue Jacks [Buying Guide]

Have you been lifting or stabilizing the trailer manually for towing it to the vehicle? It’s a daunting and strenuous task to undergo such tasks, especially when you have no one to help connect the hitch.

We have come up with the top 12 best electric trailer tongue jacks, which are highly effective with top-notch quality.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Lippert 3500lb Power Tongue JackLippert Power Tongue Jack for A-Frame Travel, Cargo, and Utility Trailers or 5th Wheel RVs - 3,500 lb. Lift Capacity, 18' Vertical Range, 30 AMPS of PowerComes with four LED lights.
Easy to operate.
It can be used at both night and day time.
Improved operating efficacy with less noise.
Highly durable offers protection against cracks and chips.
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Husky 5000 Lb Electric Tongue JackHusky Towing 82022 Super Brute Trailer Tongue Jack Trailer JacksDurable finish.
Features enough lifting capacity.
It comes with the power alert warning system once you activate the remote.
Comes with LED directional lighting.
Comes with a storage bracket.
The product is weather-protected.
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Super Handy Electric A-Frame Tongue JackrSuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack Electric Manual A-Frame 3500LBS Capacity DC 12V Trailer, RV, Camper or Boat Mountable Includes LED Work Light, 48' Inch Wire HarnessEasy to install.
Comes with a sturdy design.
Excellent performance.
Highly convenient and portable.
Reliable design.
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An electric trailer tongue jack helps stabilize and lift the trailer by simply pushing the button. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in to find out all about the best electric trailer tongue jacks.


Best Electric Trailer Tongue Jacks Reviewed

Lippert 3500lb Power Tongue Jack

It is one of the best electric trailer tongue jacks, easy to install, and comes with all essential pins, hardware, and more for simple, fast installation. Automatically lower or raise the A-frame trailers using the rocker switch, which can be easily pushed and upgraded to save your time plus energy.

This powerfully designed power tongue jack comes with 3500 pounds lift capacity plus 30 AMPs power for performing heavy lifting. Moreover, it comes with four LED lights that shine directly over the coupler, allowing easy operation whether it’s nighttime or daytime.

This electric trailer tongue jack comes with a tough texture case that protects the power tongue jack against scratching or chipping, preventing debris or dirt accumulation. Just push the button and lower or raise the trailer using the power tongue jack. It is designed so that you don’t need to crank the traditional sidewinder jacks manually. Save your time and energy now using the Lippert components power tongue jack.

What’s more! It comes in black color, which blends well with the RV models. The increased diameter of the tube results in a 3500 pounds rating. That’s not all! This power tongue jack comes with helical cut gears, improving operating efficiency and reducing noise.


  • Comes with four LED lights.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It can be used at both night and day time.
  • Improved operating efficacy with less noise.
  • Highly durable offers protection against cracks and chips.


  • Slow operation.

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Husky 5000 Lb Electric Tongue Jack

This full 18” stroke electric tongue jack comes with remote control and features a lift capacity of 5000 lbs. What makes this product unique is the weather-resistant material, soft-trigger switch, plus the backlit panel that comes with the three-sided, high-output LED lighting system.

It is rated for load up and down with a 6″ cycle. It takes a travel time of 60 seconds and comes with a 6′ 10-gauge power supply line. The diameter of this jack is 2-¼”.

The advanced 20mm ball screw-designed jack offers superior lifting capacity with reduced friction, less motor wear, and an amperage draw. The ball nut with high capacity is rated for all heavy-duty purposes giving the jack a 20% increase within the rated capacity.

This electric tongue jack fits well with A-frame’s coupler. The ball screw design featured in this jack comes with less motor work, less amperage, less heat, less noise, and the jack and moor’s enhanced life.

It features LED directional lighting and an exclusive warning system once you activate the remote. Moreover, it comes with a protective storage cover and includes plug brackets with the highest capacity.

The sleep circuit of this tongue jack eliminates the remote power when you store it. The wireless remote control with this jack works well from more than 40 feet distance.

It features the smart stop technology, which electronically stops travel over the stroke ends plus prevents stalling with added longevity to the system.


  • Durable finish.
  • Features enough lifting capacity.
  • It comes with the power alert warning system once you activate the remote.
  • Comes with LED directional lighting.
  • Comes with a storage bracket.
  • The product is weather-protected.


  • High-priced RV jacks.
  • Fits well to A-frame trailers only.

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Husky Brute Power Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

This powered trailer jack comes with a 12-volts operation, 4500 pounds rating, soldered connections, plus hardened steel gears. This electric power trailer comes with a 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg and 18 inches full stoker that reduces the time for setting jack and motor wear.

Not only this, it features 3-sided LED lights that illuminate the hitch and spring area. The ball screw design featured in this power electric trailer tongue jack reduces friction. Moreover, its weather-resistant storage bracket and durable gray finish make it an ideal choice.

This Brute power jack comes with 4500 lbs. Power and is loaded with stunning features. It has a fast-traveling speed of around 10 inches within 38 seconds.

The best part!

It features hardened steel gears, a water-resistant enclosure, and weather-protected switches making this jack long-lasting and super durable.

Moreover, this Husky Brute power jack is perfect for all A-frame couplers. The low 25A draw with rated load and the economical price make it ideal to invest in. It comes with the built-in connector storage bracket, in-line fuse holder, and the 30A fuse.

The HB4500 power jack is known as Brute due to the incredible strength for lifting the trailer effortlessly. The ball screw design of this Brute jack offers enough lifting efficiency with less amperage, less heat, less noise, less motor work as an enhanced jack and motor life.

The Smart stop technology in this jack limits the range and results in the motor shut down without any hard mechanical stop.


  • Comes with a 3-sided LED light system.
  • Comes with weather-protected switches.
  • Allows easy rolling friction because of the ball screw design.
  • Allows immediate lifting.
  • Comes with smart stop technology.


  • Comes with a limited warranty.
  • Mounting hardware needs to be purchased.

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Super Handy Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack

This is also amongst the best electric trailer tongue jacks powered through a DC 12V steel gear motor plus a 25A circuit breaker. The single-piece plastic housing and the motor are water-resistant.

The Super handy electric trailer tongue jack supports 3500 lbs. max trailer weight and comes with an outer diameter of the tube is around 2-¼”. The vertical travel capacity in this trailer is 18” with a retracted height measuring approximately 29 ⅕”. Moreover, it comes with a power cord length measuring 48” with #12-gauge wire plus a 7-pin connecter plug fitted with the vehicle trailer.

What makes this electric tongue jack efficient is its design and portable feature. It is made from heavy-duty, hardened steel gears that are durable and long-lasting. It features an easy-to-use operating switch that allows easy lowering and raising the trailer through simple touch buttons.

Furthermore, it comes with an emergency detachable crank handle, enabling you to handle all situations even if the power is lost. The best thing about this efficient electric tongue jack is that it resists rust due to the powder coating finish.

This ideal tongue jack is equipped with LED work lights that allow you to use it at night. It features an oversized, 6” universal fit footed, which offers enough stability for an A-frame trailer, camper, RV, or boat.

You need to wear safety gear to get the best from this A-frame jack. Those who have been seeking versatile best electric trailer tongue jacks should get their hands on this Super Handy electric trailer tongue jack.


  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with a sturdy design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Highly convenient and portable.
  • Reliable design.


  • The power cord length is only 4 feet.

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Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

This trailer jack is available in two sizes which include 3500 and 5000lbs. It features a lift range of 9” to 31.5” with a 4.5” drop leg. The maximum towing capacity of this trailer jack is around 5000 lbs.

It features an easy-to-use switch with efficient lowering and raising of the trailer. The single-piece plastic housing with a water-resistant motor makes it highly efficient. Moreover, it comes with an oversized, adjustable footpad that offers excellent stability.

Enjoy lowering and raising the trailer using this ball and screw-designed jack, enhancing the lift efficiency and reducing friction. It features a quick, plug-in seven-way connector which features a plastic holder that keeps the connector in position when you don’t use them.

Make your towing job more comfortable and quicker while using this electric trailer jack, which comes with the LED lights that allow you to use it at night and daytime. Plus, it features automatic thermal protection, which prevents any damage even if the motor heats up.

Enhance your lift efficiency with less friction and low noise using this jack in the ball and screw design. The life of your trailer jack is enhanced because the housing is water-resistant.

Lastly, it features an emergency manual crank which saves your trailer plus the jack at times of power failure. It comes with the simple plug-and-go system, which allows you to simply unplug the trailer connector, plug your jack in the vehicle’s 7-way connector and press the easy-to-use switch button.


  • Comes with LED lights.
  • Features emergency manual crank handle.
  • Offers enough stability.
  • Allows easy installation.
  • Improved lift efficiency.


  • The power of this jack is not good enough.

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Bulldog A-Frame Jack With Powered Drive

This A-frame jack is available in both black and white colors with 3500 lbs. capacity. It features 22” of the total travel with 14” of screw travel plus 8” of the drop leg travel. Enhance the height capacity using maximum drop leg capacity.

It includes an emergency override crank, integrated gearbox, plus motor. The brand made sure to offer this A-frame jack with LED lights that illuminated the coupler.

You can easily use this jack at night because of these LED lights, and you won’t regret investing in this A-frame jack with the powered drive, as it works well even if the power is lost because of the emergency manual override feature.

Moreover, you can easily access this feature from the top portion. Bulldog is an industry-leading brand that can last for several years. It features an exceptional performance with unmatched strength.

This jack comes with incredible durability and side load capacity. Retain the new aesthetically appealing look of this jack which comes with a corrosion-resistant surface which means you can last longer.

In this package, you also get a color-coordinating black cover with a 5-year warranty which means you invest in the right product. This jack also comes with a single axis level and is designed to distribute enough weight all over the body while enhancing the weight lifting capacity.


  • Comes with incredible strength.
  • This jack is highly durable.
  • Allows easy usage at night time and day time both because of the LED lights.
  • The material is corrosion-resistant.


  • Some people faced issues with the motor.

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Libra Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack

This A-frame electric tongue jack comes in black and white colors. It features a slim, aesthetically appealing design that is space-saving in nature. The stroke is 20% faster with this jack. Plus, this electric power LIBRA jack is quiet and extra robust.

This A-frame tongue jack comes with an 8”, 5-step adjustable drop leg featuring an oversized 5.5” diameter footplate, which comes with the rain drainage holes. Moreover, it comes with bright LED lights, which allow easy access at nighttime. The package also comes with the emergency detachable handle crank.

This jack comes with a one-piece motor covering with stainless steel screws that never rust. There is zinc plating on the inner tube with powder coating on the outer tube for rust resistance on the tongue jack.

For added stability of this jack, there is a 5.5” oversized footplate. Not only this, the Libra electric power jack comes with a 55” long length power cord. The stroke travel lifting measures around 14” and fits well to 2 ¼” of standard A-frame trailer coupler mounted holes.

Overall, it’s a sleek-looking, compact design A-frame trailer jack that utilizes a 12 V power source and features quiet operation. You won’t regret buying this electrical tongue trailer jack as it’s rust-resistant.


  • Comes with a slim design.
  • It’s quite powerful and less noisy.
  • Features LED lights for better operation.
  • Comes with a lengthy power cord.
  • It is quite durable and highly stable.


  • Comes with non-water-proof switches.

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Quick Products Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

This JQ-3500 electric tongue jack comes with a maximum lifting capacity of around 3650 lbs. The post diameter of this electric trailer tongue jack is about 2.25”, which allows easy installation over the existing mounting holes.

This post diameter fits well for all A-frame trailers measuring 2.25″ with 18″ of travel that allows easy attachments over the equalizing board.

This jack’s electrical components are water-resistant and come with heavy duty-steel gears that sit well underneath sleek, clean plastic housing. Moreover, it comes with a manual crank override.

The LED lighting featured in this jack allows you to work efficiently at night. It also comes with a heavy-duty, weatherproof vinyl covering and bubble-style leveling cap. This leveling cap allows easy positioning of the trailer.

If you want a jack that makes it faster and easier for you to level the trailer once you detach the tow vehicle, then this electric tongue jack is a perfect choice. The electrical components of this jack are water-resistant, which means it offers enough safety.

Lastly, it is a light product that weighs only around 23 pounds. Plus, it features six-foot power connections, allowing you to safely connect the jack with the unique trailer/ vehicle combination.


  • Unmatched strength.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Comes with a long-lasting finish.
  • Features a sleek, appealing design.
  • It features LED lights.
  • This product comes with a waterproof covering.


  • This electric trailer tongue jack comes with a small footpad.

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Bulldog Powered Drive Tongue Jack

The A-frame-powered driven tongue jack comes with a spring-loaded pull pin with a capacity of around 4000 lbs. The material of this black tongue jack is stainless steel. It comes with 22” of the total travel with 14” travel and 8” drop leg, making it easily accessible with even distribution of weight all over the system.

What makes the deployment easy with this jack is the single-axis level. Undergo easy operation using the emergency manual override in case the battery drains. This Bulldog power jack also comes with three LED lights which makes hook-up and disconnect easier at night time to have enough illumination over the coupler area.

The extended length features in this jack are around 24” and 34.50” clearance. This leading brand’s performance is stunning, and it is a long-lasting jack that is highly durable, features unmatched strength, and comes with side loading capacity.

Retain the new long-lasting appearance and finish of this jack as it features the corrosion-resistant surface with a color-coordinating white casing cover or the black cover. Moreover, lastly, this Bulldog jack comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

If you have been seeking the best electric trailer tongue jacks that feature heavyweight capacity and come with super quick deployment time, you should try it out. This jack’s design is such that it distributes enough weight all over for safety and allows maximum weight capacity.

Moreover, it features a single-axis level that features the trailer’s easy leveling as soon you detach the jack from the towed vehicle.


  • Highly reliable.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty design.
  • Ideal for towing needs.
  • Safe and easy to use.


  • There are some packaging issues.

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Curt Manual Rv Jack

This A-frame trailer jack comes with a 2000 lbs. capacity and has 15 inches of vertical travel. This trailer jack supports around 2000 pounds of trailer tongue weight. When you fully retract this jack, it can retract for a total of 9-¼ inches of retracted height with 24 ¼ inches of extended height.

The best part!

This A-frame manual RV jack is ideal for easy operation because of the side-wind handle, which features the integrated grip. Comfortably handle the jack when you plan on lowering or raising the trailer.

What makes it unique is the long-lasting finish of this trailer jack. It features corrosion-resistant material, which prevents the buildup of dirt, water, salts, and much more from the roads. What makes it protected is the durable, black-colored powder coating plus the zinc-plated finishing.

Lastly, this A-frame manual RV jack offers easy and secure installation with the bolts in place or proper welding. The CURT trailer jacks offer practical, dependable support to your entire adventure or job coming up.

This electric trailer tongue jack is unique because it provides different trailer jacks ranging from A-frame trailer jacks, boat trailer jacks, heavy-duty trailer jacks, or swivel trailer jacks.

Having the perfect trailer jack makes a massive difference to your work.  The reason behind its longevity is the corrosion-resistant finish with enhanced mobility. Overall, it’s one of the best electric trailer tongue jacks which will fulfill all your lifting and lowering needs.


  • Comes with maximum strength.
  • Offers enough vertical range.
  • Comes with a corrosion-resistant finishing.
  • Allows easy operation with a comfortable grip.
  • Safe towing.


  • Comes with a low lifting capacity.
  • Fits well for A-frame trailers.

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Husky Brute 3000lbs

Husky trailer jacks are designed with complete care and quality to ensure they can offer the users a long life and functioning trailer. These jacks are designed in such a way that they support your adventure and offer you stunning efficiency with a stable jack trailer.

These are the best electric trailer tongue jacks designed to thrive in all situations like water conditions allowing you to enjoy raising or lowering the trailer. The Husky Brute jack comes in a ball and screw design with reduced friction and reduced noise.

Plus, it features a 3-sided LED system that illuminates the entire area. The sidelights are angled in such a way that they illuminate the hook-up area. The outer diameter is around 2.25 inches and fits well to all A-frame couplers measuring 2.25 inches.

Moreover, it features18 inch full stroke with an adjustable drop-down leg of 6-inches, which reduces the timing of setting the jack and reduces motor wear. This weather-resistant trailer jack comes with a connector storage bracket and a durable hammer gray finish. It operates at 12 volts and comes with hardened steel gears.

This stunning jack trailer comes with 3000 lbs. capacity and has a fast-traveling speed of around 10 inches within 43 seconds. Overall, it’s a versatile jack that is highly effective for meeting all your lifting and lowering trailer needs.


  • Comes with weather-protected switches.
  • Features 3-sided LED lights.
  • Comes with manual crank handles.
  • Features a subtle design.
  • The design is water-resistant.
  • Features less heat and uses less amperage.


  • Lacks any remote.
  • Comes with a low lifting capacity.

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Weize Power Tongue Jack

This electric trailer tongue jack has a capacity of 3500 lbs. with a heavy-duty design. This low-maintenance jack comes with a 12V DC electric gear motor with an adjustable drop leg that allows easy operation.

The drop leg in this trailer jack allows easy operation without shaking the handle for achieving minimum height. It comes with dual switches, one for lowering and one for raising the height.

Moreover, it comes with LED lights which offer enough safety and allows you to use the trailer jack at night and day time. This power tongue jack comes with an 18” lift and retracted 9 inches. The extended 27” with drop leg of extra 5-⅝” lift. The tube’s outer diameter featured in this jack measures 2-¼,” and the inner tube diameter is around 2”.

You can now raise or lower any kind of A-frame trailers using just a push-button easily. What makes this electric trailer tongue jack unique is that it fits well for 5th wheels, RVs, trailers, and much more. Save your energy and time now instead of manually operating the jack.

Lastly, this product also comes with a one-year warranty. The manual handle featured in this trailer jack allows you to control the jack when there is no power. The black powder coats the inner and outer tube is giving it a perfect finish.

It’s a telescopic flip jack trailer foot that comes with three-length settings. Lastly, it comes with necessary hardware like washers to achieve grounding, making it an ideal choice.


  • Easy to use.
  • Allows proper illumination at night.
  • It comes with dual easy to operate switches.
  • Highly versatile.


  • Lifts the trailer slowly.
  • Comes with limited instructions.

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How to Choose the Best Electric Jack for Trailers?

The best electric trailer tongue jacks are time-saving, enhanced safety, and feature superior lift. So, when you plan to buy the electric tongue jacks, you need to consider the following features when purchasing the electric trailer tongue jacks.

Lift Capacity

To identify the trailer jacks’ lift capacity, you need to determine the trailer tongue’s weight. It typically measures around 10-15% of the total trailer weight.

For instance, if the trailer weighs approximately 8000 pounds, then the jacks weighing capacity will be about 600-900 pounds. Choose the jack which comes with a considerable weighing capacity to ensure a long life.


To make your jack last longer, pay keen attention to the construction method and materials utilized in its manufacturing. Find a jack that is sealed or welded. This protects the trailer tongue jack’s electrical components from any water damage.

Choose the trailer tongue jacks which are weather-resistant and are weatherproof. Moreover, also choose the jacks which are corrosion protected.


There are two types of jacks in terms of installation, including welded and bolted-on. For a permanent solution of installation for your trailer jack, choose the one which is welded.

The bolt-on method, however, comes with U-bolts and allows easy removal. Choose the jack, which serves as an ideal solution for meeting all your needs.

Jack Foot

The jack foot comes in two shapes which include A-frame and straight. Determine the shape of the front frame of the trailer and then choose the electric trailer tongue jack. Match the trailer well with the jack. For instance, if the trailer’s front is A-shaped, then buy the A-frame jack.

Crank Style

You need to consider another feature while buying the electric trailer tongue jacks. It all depends on whether you want a top crank, side crank, or both. There is no right or wrong in the crank-style; it’s all based on personal preference.

Manual Crank Override- Certain electric trailer tongue jacks feature manual override crank. You might feel like it’s a useless feature, but once the power is lost, you might find its importance.

Electric crank- The electric crank, on the other hand, works with the power.

Different Types of Electric Tongue Jack

A-frame: You need to weld or bolt the jack over the trailer. It sits nicely behind the coupler. The A-frame best electric trailer tongue jacks have a lifting capacity of around 2000-5000 pounds. These electric jacks are available on campers, travel trailers, and utility trailers. These trailers also come with drop legs having wheels or solid feet.

Heavy-duty: If the A-frame electric trailer tongue jacks do not seem powerful, you can get hands-on the heavy-duty best electric trailer tongue jacks. They have high weight capacity and can easily lift loads weighing 6000-12000 pounds. For mounting the heavy-duty jacks, you need brackets for enhanced stability and support.

Side-mounts: These trailer jacks also bolt or weld with the trailer. They come with a pivoting design which allows it to swing on the way when you tow or swing back the trailer in the palace for jacking. The side mount jacks are available in three styles: pull pin swivel, pipe mounted, and drop-leg. The pipe-mounted jacks handle a weight of around 2000-7000 pounds. The drop-leg jacks come with a weighing capacity of 8000-12000 pounds.


What Size Electric Jack Do I Need For My Travel Trailer?

For choosing the right size of electric tongue jacks, you need to identify the weight of the trailer tongue. The tongue weight is usually between 10-15% of the total weight of the trailer. For instance, the trailer’s weight is around 5000 pounds; you will need around 500-700 pounds of the tongue weight. You need a trailer tongue jack with a maximum lifting capacity of around 2000 pounds for such trailers.

This allows enough buffer, which avoids any overloading of the jack. When you talk about the rule of thumb, you need to find the trailer jack rated to have a lifting capacity of around 3-4 times higher than the trailer’s tongue weight.

Do These Jacks Need To Be Lubricated Regularly?

Whether you need to lubricate the jacks or not, it all depends on the models. Some high-end models need regular lubrication to ensure they work smoothly and efficiently.

However, every manufacturer has specific recommendations to lubricate the trailer tongue jacks.

Make sure to read out the owner’s manual to get hands-on the proper instructions regarding lubrication and adequate care.

What Size Electric Tongue Jack Do I Need?

All jacks are not manufactured equally. They come with a specific lifting capacity. The rig you have comes with a specific weight having a jack capable of lifting the front trailer’s weight.

The rule of thumb regarding the tongue jacks is that the tongue weight should never be higher than 15% of your trailer’s total weight. When taking the total trailer weight, you need to know the battery’s weight and the tank.

Suppose you are using an electric jack with a weight distribution system. In that case, you don’t need to know the tongue weight because you are most likely lifting the trailer’s back and then connecting or disconnecting the weight distribution hitch.

For this, you need to know the back end of the truck too. You are not lifting the trailer off the ground, but the trailer jack will handle the truck end weight plus tongue weight.

Once you know the total weight of both things, then you can decide which one to pick and of which size too. It’s better to have a jack with a considerable size rather than having a smaller one, which might end up breaking.

How Can You Manually Lower an Electric Trailer Tongue Jack?

To manually lower the electric tongue jack, you need to find the manual crank handle and then slide it over the nut’s top. Once you attach the manual handle, turn it in a clockwise direction and extend the height. However, to retract it, you need to turn it counterclockwise.

But before you manually use the jack, disconnect it from the battery. Failure to manually using the electric tongue jack might damage the jack’s motor.


The best electric trailer tongue jacks are the best equipment for lifting or lowering the trailers. They are perfect for people who usually raise or lower the trailer making it challenging and hectic. To make the work easier, there are the best electric trailer tongue jacks in the market, making your work easier and saves from the hassle.

We have listed down the entire list of top 12 electric trailer tongue jacks which can offer stunning weight lifting capacity and come with eye-pleasing features.

After reading the best trailer tongue jacks reviews, you can get your hands on the best one that meets all your needs. The durability and highly efficient work mode of the trailer tongue jacks will make your day.

Don’t delay investing in the right product as it serves as a long-term investment that helps accomplish strenuous tasks.


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