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12 Must-See RV Bathroom Remodel

When you have to go, you might as well do it in an inviting environment.

It can feel as though you don’t have enough wiggle room in your RV’s bathroom, both metaphorically and literally.

It is likely the smallest space in an already relatively-small camper.

Whether you are planning a full-on RV bathroom re-design or simply looking for some smaller, but significant, updates like getting a new set of matching towels or replacing your RV’s shower head, we gathered some of the best-looking camper bathroom designs and upgrades.

RV Bathroom Remodels

These are some full-on RV bathroom renovations that will leave you saying, “WOW!

Helen Mills Gets Modern and Chic

Helen Mills is a British transplant who lives in British Columbia and is an incredible renovator! You can just look at that before and after the shot.

Although it took a lot of work, nothing about the RV bathroom redo was expensive or extensive.

The main visual differences are due to several coats of paint, the removal of the cabinet doors, and the installation of the backsplashes. There is a new RV toilet that she bought.

Bearfoot Theory’s Big (Little) Renovation

The founder of Bearfoot Theory is a person who is a camper, hiker, adventurer, and outdoorsy person.

She lives in a tiny 44 Mercedes Sprinter, which she completely renovated back in 2015. Is there one of the most impressive parts of the upgrade?

There is a cramped spot in the bathroom in camper vans like hers.

She made her wet/dry compartment look inviting and relaxing by using a minimalist design with beautiful wood floors and a tile backsplash.

She put wall hooks in the space so she could use it as a storage closet when not in use. I think it’s clever, right?

The Litts Keep it Lit

As they go, the Litts are making big changes in their camper with their dog and husband. Their RV bathroom is gorgeous and has been freshly redesigned.

Adding simple accessories, like a built-in shelf and a new toilet paper holder, and installing wood panel walls open up the space and make the camper window look more like an RV bathroom. Great job all around, you are a great person.

An Incredible Camper Bathroom

Brittany Lauren is the person behind Brittany Lauren creates, where she writes about all of her creative adventures.

She spent two years as a full-time RVer and completely renovated her rig, also known as #montethecamper.

The renovation cost just $2,500 and took two and a half months to complete.

She kept the price tag low because she did a lot of the heavy lifting herself, including this incredible RV bathroom remodel.

There are little details that make a big difference. The RV bathroom sink is the same, but the countertop has been refinished and she took some paint to the RV bathroom cabinets.

She made an adorable accessory holder by attaching a towel bar to the back of the house. Brilliant!

Fiddy States’ Full-on Fix-It

The minds behind the Fiddy States are Megan and Drikus, and they documented their six-month journey through all fifty states.

They flew to Hawaii to finish the adventure after buying a fifth wheel and truck to take on Alaska. They did a great job with restoring their trailer.

They redecorated the kitchen, installed new floors, and painted the walls as part of the “grand RV renovation.

They completely redecorated their tiny pocket camper bathroom, opening up the small space with the addition of a bigger bathroom mirror and a few simple wall decorations.

Megan and Drikus, you did a wonderful job!

Why Remodel Your RV’s Bathroom?

Depending on the size of your rig, you may have three or four rooms that you can work on for a remodel, most of which you probably spend more time in than your bathroom.

Why did you go to your bathroom? In the RV, the bathroom is the smallest space. It should take less work, that’s what it means.

It would take more effort to mess with plumbing which could be problematic. It is easier to make a big impact on a small room with a few smaller changes.

Things to Consider When Remodeling Your RV’s Bathroom

An RV is a different animal, whether you are a pro or just new to it. The majority of things are the same, but you will only be working in cramped spaces.

If you are worried about claustrophobia, it might not be for you. Adding tile or replacing a sink in your bathroom can add weight to your rig, another consideration.

That will affect your gas mileage in a small way, as you will be hauling more with you.

Put in a Tile Backsplash or Wall

A bright tile backsplash makes your bathroom look more residential, and it also acts as a statement piece.

It takes a little practice to get used to tile, but you can put it up in a matter of minutes.

It is easy to find one that fits the look and style you are going for with your redesign because tile comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Replace Your Cabinets

Storage is everything in an RV, and bathroom storage can be a little more precious. There may be only one or two cabinets you are dealing with.

Depending on your rig, they may not be a particularly good set of cabinets, which makes it relatively easy to upgrade them.

It’s a good idea to find a style that you like, then install it away.

Hang a New Mirror

This one is not that complicated at all. There are RV mirrors that are not always stylish. Medicine cabinets from a 90s home improvement store are often what they look like.

The bathroom today has many sleek mirrors, be they round or angular. A new mirror can give you a better look at yourself, and change a space completely.

Paint or Wallpaper Your Walls

Not a particularly difficult project, painting or wallpapering your walls can transform a space, as you probably know from having painted your house or apartment.

It is the same principle that applies in your RV. Adding color, style, and texture to the space with wallpaper is another great way to do it.

Add Shelving

The majority of RVs have some kind of furniture. It is possible to make a cramped bathroom feel more spacious with open shelves.

They are easy to install, with a couple of brackets and good boards.

While you are in transit, you may need to find alternate storage options, but a couple of small, collapsible boxes will do the trick.

Replace the Sink

This one is serious, pretty serious. Changing the faucet is not the only thing that needs to be done. Changing the sink is not the only thing that can be done.

Dealing with plumbing is one of the things that means that. You might be able to have a residential-style sink if you have a big tow-behind, fifth-wheel, or coach.

That opens an entirely new world of sinks that you can put in your rig, from bowls to under mounts and many more.

Install a New Shower Head or Faucet

You won’t have many options for an upgrade if you are in a small RV.

You may be able to install a residential-style faucet if you are in a pull-behind, fifth-wheel, or Class A, B, or C.

A little trial and error can get you a sleek new faucet and a much more comfortable shower head.

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