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4 Most Used RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram for Better Experience

A lot of people are confused when installing their Cable TV in an RV. Fortunately, for help comes the RV Cable TV wiring diagram. Read on to learn how to connect Cable TV to your RV, how to check if its TV antenna is wired, and 4 of the most used Wiring Diagrams.

Without further delay, let’s get started!

Working of an RV Cable TV Explained!

Cable service in an RV works very similarly to the normal TV you watch at home.

  • Origin of signal: Satellites send a signal to the satellite dish of your local cable company. The signal is then carried by a coaxial cable to your home.
  • Difference: The only difference is that cable TVs in an RV are commonly connected to and powered by the battery of an RV without an inverter, as the RV TV requires 12V of current.

How do You Connect Your Cable TV to an RV: 5 Steps to Follow

Check if your campsite offers a cable connection. You will require a coaxial cable to connect to your TV. Some campsites will offer it to you but it is recommended that you buy one for yourself. It is recommended to buy a cable of a length of 20 to 50 feet.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the connection:

Step 1: Connect to the External Connection Box

Many campsites offer cable TV. Making a connection is easily accomplished through the park, RV, or trailer’s external connection box. The cable from the nearby power pole is brought and connected to the connection box.

Step 2: Connect the TV Set to the Internal Connection Box

You should then check that the TV is linked to the set-top box via the internal connection box. Once you’ve confirmed that it is, you may set it up to receive the cable signal from the RV site.

Step 3: Configure your Rooftop Devices

You may have a device on your roof such as a satellite dish which is accompanied by a booster. The booster helps give a stronger signal to your TV. You will need to have a pre-wired connection if you want to hook it up to your RV TV.

Step 4: Pre-Wired Connectors

After you have selected which device to use, you can simply plug in the pre-wired connectors to your rooftop device. Finally, bring your set inside and hook it up to the cable box there. There’s a chance you’ll need to connect a short cable to the booster switch, too.

Step 5: All Satellite/Cable Ready

It is dependent on the wiring scheme already installed in your camper, RV, or trailer. After everything is hooked up, turn on the TV and the booster and adjust the settings and enjoy your TV.

This video will be able to provide you with further help:

TV Coaxial Wiring Diagram

If you want to get both the main TV and the rear TV in your RV working, you need to make sure they are satellite ready. If they are not working, you may need to rework your wiring from the wall plate.

RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram. TV Coaxial Wiring Diagram

Please view the attached thumbnails of the RV cable TV wiring diagram for reference. A step-by-step guide is provided:

  • Remove the plate: Remove the wall plate and you will see that there will be a lot of space to work on the wiring.
Remove the plate
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/
  • Reroute the cable: The goal is to route the cable from the outside trailer jack to the plate directly. The orange wire you will see is for power and the white one is the ground wire.
Reroute the cable
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/
  • Add additional jacks: You will need to add 2 additional feedthrough jacks. A cable loop will also be added to allow a connection to the existing cable input on the splitters.
Add additional jacks
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/
  • Add a jumper: Once the 2 jacks are added, add a small jumper to allow the use of a cable at a campsite.
Add a jumper
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/
  • Make the connection: The new wall plate is ready. To run the satellite now, connect the top right jack to it. And if you want to watch TV elsewhere, maybe on your bedroom TV, then connect the second TV out from the satellite to the top left jack and make sure the power switch is off on the wallplate.
Make the connection
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/

How Can You Know If Your RV’s TV Antenna is Wired?

If you are experiencing poor or loss of TV signals, it may be that your TV antenna is the cause of the problem. It may not be wired properly or there might be some other issue. Thankfully, fixing it is relatively easier. By following our instructions you will be able to do it without any professional help.

Read on to learn about 2 Troubleshooting guides with step-by-step instructions. If the first guide does not fix the problem, then more than likely the second one will.

Troubleshooting #1
  1. General signal problem: First, check with other campers in your area if they are experiencing a similar issue as you are. It could be that there is a general signal problem in your area rather than your TV antenna.
  2. Check the connectors: You should check the connectors leading to the antenna first if others nearby have a signal. Weak joints, broken wires, and tangles all fall within this category.
  3. Fix damaged cables: You should fix the issue if it is present in the cables. Fix any problems you find, such as a damaged cable, a faulty connection, or any other issue.
  4. Check the amplifier: If troubleshooting the cable fails, try the amplifier. This is typically marked on the plate fixed on the wall through which the wires enter. There has to be a toggle on the speaker. See if it’s turned off and if so, switch it on and test the connection.
  5. If this method fails: If the antenna is still not connected and has no signal, you can try our second guide.
Troubleshooting #2
  1. Check the amplifier switch: Make sure the amplifier switch is in the on position. Disconnect the antenna’s coax cable at the top. Take care while climbing up to the RV’s roof. It is recommended you don’t try this unless you have at least one other person there who can call for aid if you get into trouble.
  2. Coax cable health: Find out if there is any rust in the coax cable’s connections. If so, you’ll need to switch out the cable and maybe even the antenna connection.
  3. Check voltage: If the cable doesn’t show any signs of corrosion, use a DC voltmeter to check its voltage. The DC voltage level should be around 12 volts. If the reading is 12 V, the wall plate is active but the amplifier in the antenna head is probably not. The problem lies with the wall plate if the voltage is not achieved.
  4. Repair: With the problem discovered, it is simply a matter of repair now.

Cable/Sat Wiring Discovery

If you are unable to see a picture, you may be using the wrong connections. The wiring is routed through the amplifier. Because of this, you can’t use the cable with the amp on. There must be a separate path taken for the satellite cables:

  1. They can’t pass through anything, or otherwise, the quality of the signal will be compromised and you won’t be able to see anything.
  2. The cable must go straight from the satellite dish to the set-top box. No RV cable circuit will allow it to function. A satellite prep connector on the outside of the TV antenna must be used instead of the cable in the connector because it is on a different circuit.
  3. In the absence of a dedicated satellite in the circuit, it is necessary to run coax directly from the dish to the receiver, without using the RV coax in between.

Most Commonly Used TV Wiring Diagrams for an RV

Each RV manufacturer builds their unique versions of RVs and trailers with unique floor plans, furniture, appliances, and so on. This implies that the advice we give here might work for some, but not all RVs or trailers.

We will provide you with 4 of the most highly used Diagrams to date to help give you a better understanding of how the wiring system in your RV works.

Forest River RV Cable Wiring Diagram

This originally posted diagram by Forest River for their RV is very complicated and will be nearly impossible to be understood by anyone other than a professional.

Forest River RV Cable Wiring Diagram
Source: https://www.forestriverforums.com/

Keystone RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram

It would appear that Keystone publishes wiring pictures for each of its trailers. A generic diagram is easy to locate, but it could not fit your RV or trailer. Have a look at the diagram. It is easy to understand and follow.

Keystone RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram
Source: https://www.keystoneforums.com/

Jayco RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram

There appear to be more informational web pages about Jaycos products and the wiring system. Searching for something as basic as an RV TV diagram returns numerous results. This is only one of many resources available to you.

This is an extremely easy-to-understand diagram. Again, it is recommended that you contact local Jayco dealers or the manufacturer directly to learn more about the specifics of purchasing a manual for your model.

Jayco RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram

Fifth Wheel RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram

Fifth Wheel trailers are difficult since they are produced by many different RV companies, each with its unique quality standards. A consistent wiring setup is not guaranteed across all models. But, many of the floor plans we’ve seen place the TVs near the hitch posts.

This was the case for the front-living room Fifth Wheel trailers, and it might be the case for other designs as well.

Fifth Wheel RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram
Source: https://www.keystoneforums.com/

Locating the Booster Antenna Switch

Here’s how to locate the antenna switch:

  • Look behind or next to the primary TV in your RV or trailer to find the booster jack. That’s roughly where you’ll find the switch.
  • When looking for it in your RV, if you can’t find it near the main TV, try looking near the additional TVs.

Checking the Campground’s Cable Signal

If your RV park offers cable services, you must check to see if the cable signal is strong enough. If not, an amplifier or booster may be needed. Here is how to check the signal:

  • Bring the campsite cable inside your RV if it’s long enough to do so.
  • If the door or window is located on the side of the building closest to the entrance, this can be done through either.
  • After you’ve plugged in the cable, you can start scanning for channels on your TV.


How do I connect my cable to my RV TV?

You can connect a coaxial cable to your RV TV by connecting it from the external connection box to your bedroom TV unit and cable box. Next, connect your satellite antenna and booster to both your TV and box.

How to install an RV antenna booster?

It is very simple to connect the antenna booster in your RV. Simply purchase a booster of your choice, then take the TV’s down wire out and plug it into the input on the booster. Do not disconnect the other end from the wall antenna. Join the antenna amplifier’s output to a second cable, and run the other end to the TV. The final step is to just plug the antenna booster into a socket.

Is there a difference between RV TV and regular TV?

No, the only difference is that RV TV is commonly powered by the battery of an RV without an inverter, as it requires 12 V of current.

What are the three cables for the TV?

The 3 wires for the TV are color-coded, with yellow for video output, red for the right audio channel, and white for the left channel.

Which cord is for color on TV?

The yellow cord is for displaying video and color.


We have learned about the RV cable tv wiring diagram, how cable TV operates in an RV, and figured out how to connect it properly. You have to make sure the wiring is connected properly, as even one flaw in the system can cause the TV to not work.

You can also connect 2 TVs at once by modifying the wall plate as the 4 most used RV cable diagrams are here to help you. A diagram TV coaxial wiring diagram is also shown to help you identify the correct position to connect the wires.

Have you ever faced an issue while connecting the wire and was our article helpful? Let us know in the comments section.

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