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Newmar RV Problems: 2023 Best Troubleshooting Guide

Are you tired of your Newmar RV problems opening up every other day? Don’t worry, this article has got your back. Here, I will mention some of the most accessible solutions to driving stability: inefficient headlights, faulty equipment, cheap carpeting, slide-out damage, and squeaking sound issues related to the Newmar RV.

Moreover, you can also read some great troubleshooting tips regarding the drainage of pipes, engine problems, window blinds, and lack of insulation associated with your trailer.

But before starting with this troubleshooting guide, let’s first dive into the pros and cons of having a Newmar motorhome. At the end of the article, I will share some common FAQs to help you better understand the usage and maintenance of your trailer.

An Introduction to Newmar RV

Newmar Motorhome is a famous trailer brand in the market and is well-known for its premium quality, modern technologies, and highly functional innovations. Some of the most popular vehicles launched by Newmar include:

  • The diesel Newmar motorhomes;
  • Gas models;
  • Class A;
  • Super C;
  • Luxury models.

A significant population out there prefers using these trailers, but there are some major issues that users would like to be more satisfied with. These problems are primarily associated with:

  • The tire functioning;
  • Pipe leakage;
  • Ride stability;
  • Headlight efficiency of the trailer.

On the other hand, the customer care offered by the brand professionals is up to the mark, and you can always talk to the expert team to get help with these issues.

General Pros and Cons of Newmar

There are both advantages and disadvantages to buying a Newmar camping vehicle. Here is a brief description of the most significant pros and cons of using this trailer:

The major benefits of using Newmar RV include:

  • High-quality material construction;
  • Comfortable drive;
  • Improved durability;
  • Customizable floor material choices.

Some of the main drawbacks of Newmar RV users are:

  • High cost;
  • Inefficient headlights;
  • Limited service centers;
  • Huge size.

A Quick Table for Newmar RV Problems and Solutions

Here is an easy table that you can refer to for finding the easiest and shortest solutions to all the significant issues in the Newmar RVs trailer:



Driving Stability:

Ensure equal weight distribution

Not So Bright Headlights:

Change the headlights

Faulty Equipment:

Provide sufficient power input

Cheap Carpeting:

Replace the carpet

Slide-Out Getting Stuck:

Repair the mechanical components

Squeaking Sound:

Provide sufficient lubrication

Draining of Pipes:

Flush the obstructions

Engine Problems:

Repair or replace broken engine parts

Window Blinds:

Clean the blinds regularly

Lack of Insulation:

Use sufficient insulation material

10 Major Newmar RV Problems and Fixes

Now that I have mentioned the problems briefly above, I will dive into the details of each issue. Also, read these easiest and working solutions to the most common Newmar RV problems to improve your experience with using this trailer:

Major Newmar RV Problems and Fixes

1. Driving Stability

Newmar motorhome is a combination of a vehicle and a home. You can drive it at 65 miles per hour even if it has complete furniture inside. However, driving stability is a primary issue for RV vehicles. The leading causes of this instability include:

  • Unequal weight distribution;
  • Improper alignment shifting.

Some great solutions to keep motorhome straight and overcome driving stability issues in Newmar RVs are:

  • Position the heavy furniture items in a way to ensure equal weight distribution.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient tire pressure maintained in all tires.
  • Take care of monthly tire alignment to ensure straight and stable rides to keep the motorhome straight on the road.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Newmar Official

2. Not So Bright Headlights

One main problem with the Newmar motorhome is that the bad headlights could be more brightly. The light output of these headlights is barely enough to help you drive on a dark road. The leading causes behind this issue are:

  • A low-output light source in the headlights;
  • Battery inefficiency of the vehicle.

To help improve the shine of your RV’s headlights, follow these tips:

  • Replace the original headlights with aftermarket lights according to the configuration of your RV vehicle.
  • Take care of optimum battery health to get the best light output.

3. Faulty Equipment

Different types of equipment and appliances are present in a Newmar motorhome to make the living more accessible. But there can be various issues with these equipment due to:

  • Wrong settings of the appliances.
  • Need for more power supply to the equipment.
  • Mechanical damage to the items.

To treat the issue of faulty equipment in your RV, consider these instructions:

  • Repair or replace your items of RV in case of mechanical damage.
  • Ensure proper lubrication and power supply to the appliances.
  • Check the wires and the settings to allow an appropriate working.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick

4. Cheap Carpeting

The issue with the Newmar motorhome’s carpet is that it wears out early and needs to be smoother to use. The main reasons behind this issue are:

  • Low-quality material usage in making the carpet.
  • Wrong placement or fitting of the carpet.

The best steps to avoid further carpeting problems include:

  • Changing or replacing the entire carpet of RV with a new one.
  • Fixing the placement of the old carpet and using it carefully.

5. Slide-outs Getting Stuck

The purpose of slide-outs is to create extra space for people living in the RV. Sometimes, it gets stuck because of the following:

  • Mechanical fault and reduced friction in the slide-outs components.
  • Obstruction by an object.
  • Disruptive power supply.
  • Motor malfunctioning.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick

To resolve slide-related common problems, try to:

  • Fix mechanical issues in the slide components.
  • Clear out any obstruction causing hindrance.
  • Ensure proper power supply of RV.
  • Take care of regular repair and maintenance of the motor.

6. Squeaking Sound

Squeaking sounds are very irritating and caused by the following:

  • Damage or instability in the vehicle components.
  • Lack of lubrication in the mechanical system.
  • Carelessness in the maintenance of the vehicle.

The best solutions to squeaking sounds are:

  • Fixing all vehicle components to ensure smooth running.
  • Providing sufficient lubrication to avoid further damage.
  • Take care of regular repair and maintenance of the vehicles.

7. Draining Of Pipes of Newmar RVs

Pipe drainage is another one of the major Newmar RV problems. It is because:

  • Blockage in the lines caused by debris or mineral deposits.
  • Insufficient water and air pressure.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Endless RVing 

To fix the pipe drainage issue, follow these steps:

  • Clean the pipelines to remove debris or mineral deposits using a cleaning solution.
  • Check the drain valves and replace them if necessary.

8. Engine Problems

Most of the Newmar motorhome users have to face engine problems because of:

  • Poor acceleration or low power output.
  • Clogged fuel filter or broken motor.
  • Improper settings of the thermostat, fan, hose, or radiator.

To avoid these problems, follow these steps:

  • Provide sufficient power source to run the engine of the large vehicles.
  • Clean the filters and repair the motor to improve hydraulic fluid movement.
  • Adjust the engine components to the proper settings.

9. Window Blinds

Sometimes, there is an issue with closing and opening the window blinds of the Newmar RVs trailer. It is because:

  • Dust or debris buildup on the blinds.
  • Loose clips or parts.

The best solutions to resolve stuck window blinds are:

  • Clean the blinds properly and avoid dust buildup.
  • Tighten the clips or replace them if necessary.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick

10. Lack of Insulation

Last but not least, lack of insulation is also a significant issue that Newmar motorhome users encounter. The leading causes behind this are:

  • Extreme temperature changes in the environment.
  • Use of insufficient insulation material.

To deal with the poor insulation, try these solutions:

  • Adjust the temperature settings according to the surrounding environment.
  • Use sufficient insulation material that meets your demands.

What Majority of the Newmar Owners Feel About?

In the case of Newmar motorhome, the common problems are the same as those in any other large vehicle, like the headlight inefficiency, ride instability, suspension issues, faulty components of RV, high price, and a lot more.

But one good thing about this trailer is that it provides the users with fancy and luxurious features like multiple flooring material choices, window types, etc. Some popular reviews about Newmar motorhome are:

Kathy Fritsinger

Kathy Fritsinger says that Newmar motorhome is the best in terms of storage, quality, comfort, and drive.

Edward P Jfl

Edward P Jfl complained about the customer service of Newmar; saying that they did not take responsibility for the engineering problem that he had been facing with his Newmar trailer. Later he updated his review saying that the trailer was replaced free of cost by the company.


What are the recalls on Newmar motorhomes?

Some of the most popular recalls on Newmar motorhomes are the 2022 Dutch Star, Mountain Aire, Ventana, 2022-2023 Bay Star Sport, Kountry Star, and 2021-2023 Canyon Star and Bay Star. There is a risk of propane leakage due to the false connection of these service valves on tanks sourced by LPG.

What are the disadvantages of a Class A motorhome?

The most significant disadvantages of Class A motorhomes are the high cost and large size. Moreover, the usage expenditure of this motorhome is also significantly higher than other options available in the market, considering the storage, gas mileage, insurance, and maintenance factors.

How does Newmar Comfort Drive work?

The Newmar motorhome Comfort drive replaces the manual steering with an electronic steering wheel. The main objective is to provide ease while driving and reduce driver fatigue. This wheel efficiently absorbs road shocks and vibrations to ensure smooth and stable rides. Moreover, it also comes with additional safety features like blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.


The Newmar RV is a popular trailer famous for its high quality, ride stability, various flooring options, comfortable drive, and much more. But some common issues arise while using this trailer related to the engine, window blinds, power cable, stability, suspension system, sound, headlights, and more.

If there is driving instability, position the weight correctly. If the headlights are not working properly, replace them. If the appliances are not working properly, change the settings and if the carpeting is cheap, replace it.

Do you have any other trailer in mind that is more budget-friendly to purchase and free of these disadvantages? If yes, drop down your suggestions in the comment section below to help others buy the best trailer.

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