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DIY Truck Tent – How Could You Did It?

When you’re out in the wild, there’s nothing like a good tent to help you sleep soundly. But sometimes it can be hard to find the right size for your camping needs or to find something that’s well-made and durable. In this post, we’ll show you how to make your DIY tent for under $100!

We’ll guide you on how to make a truck tent that will last through all seasons and makes your camping trips more enjoyable.

Let’s get started!

Awesome DIY Truck Tents Bed Camper Designs You Have To See

If you’re looking for a new way to get around and camp out in style, then you’ll want to check out these DIY Truck Tents Bed Camper Designs.

Whether you’re looking for a tent to keep you dry while camping or just a fun place to sleep when you’re driving around, these designs are sure to make your next experience more enjoyable than ever.

1. Truck Tent DIY RV

You’ve got a teardrop trailer and you want to lodge a truck tent DIY.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Build the frame of your camper using 2×2 and 2×4 wood slats. Wrap it up with the hardwood plywood. Finally, just tuck the camper with old curtains and bedsheets
  2. Then paint for a stunning pull.
  3. Install bedding and other amenities inside.

2. How to build a bed camper within $400

All you have to do is empty the back and make a cost-effective strategy for the homemade truck bed tent. Then, use 1/2″ plywood and make the structure with two built-in drawers that will provide storage space for all kinds of items. Then finish it off with foam bedding and pool noodle so you can be comfortable throughout your adventures!

3. Truck Bed with Additional Hold

The last thing you want is to be cold in the fall months when you wake up from a nice restful night’s sleep, especially when it’s cold outside during the fall and bugs are crawling all over you!

All you need is 2’ thick and 4’ wide plywood to make a handy built-in drawer that supplies ample space.

4. Handcrafted Truck Bed Trailer

Creating bedding with added storage for the rear of the camper is a great way to cut the need to lodge a tent. Simply utilize 2x4s to create the frame of the bed, then make its veneers padded. Don’t forget to finalize this homemade truck bed tent with a nifty restful bed. It provides sufficient holding space underneath to hold your essential items.

5. Budget-friendly Truck Bed Camper DIY

Transforming your camping tents into a camping motorcar by building a beautiful bed. Create a box-like frame with dual-integrated drawers for storing your camping luxuries. The wood camper supplies 3ft drawers on the edge and also has 3ft holding enclosures toward the cab. A camper truck with elegant bedding and a spacious area.

6. Constructing a Luxurious Bed Trailer with Rear Storage

The luxury camping experience is all about comfort. You don’t need to bring tents or sleeping bags because you have a bed in your truck bed camper. This DIY project includes a rear storage compartment with gliding dressers built underneath. The bed will function as a sitting too.

7. DIY Mini-House Cabin Trailer

Build a mini house in the back of your camper truck with one of these ideas. The entire luxurious place will make you feel at home, using wood slats instead of plywood. Lodge insulation and cap it with cloth for an extra layer of protection. Finalize it with vinyl casing for a sleek look and feel.

8. Fiberglass Finished Bed Camping Experience

This entire sturdy camper bed can be built using 2x2s and 2x4s, then sheathed with plywood, installed with windows and entrances, and finished with fiberglass for a beautiful finish. You can smear paint this entire truck bed for a stunning look and appeal.

9. DIY Homemade Wedge Trailer Setup

 You can make this camper utilizing aluminum and stitch the camp at the house. The camper tent works best with its specific tools. Once you have everything built up, just load it on and go camping!

10. Tent Bed Trailer Cover

The built-in sitting space of this bed camper body is the best. Use lumber of your preference like plywood and then install custom-built-in repository alternatives. You can make the stools padded and install reflecting padding that will maintain the camper’s temperature. And don’t fail to attach a covering to the windows!

11. Cheap Project for Truck bed tents

You’ll require 2x3s and 2x4s pine wood slats to start building the project. Pine plywood can be found at your local hardware store, and it’s much cheaper than buying pre-made plywood panels. You also need a piano hinge kit to make it easier to open up the truck beds.

12. Homemade Sliding Cabinets Truck Bed Camper

Introducing the all-in-one truck camper; Now you don’t have to drag a bunch of tools and furniture to your camping site anymore. There are two considerable wardrobes with sliding-out dressers built right into the ground and the bed features a faux grass carpet so you can embrace nature and still have a good night’s slumber. What’s more, there is a bed too!

13. Building a Cheap Truck Setting

Get ready for a weekend away in your very own DIY truck tent. This truck camper bed is built out of 2x4s and 1x4s, so it’s easy to assemble. Start by sheathing the panels with plywood, then finish it off with bedding on the ground. You could also use the two-by-four frame as a table, or even build a nice little kitchen inside.

14. Building the Ultimate Comfy Seating

Camping has never been so comfortable!

Assemble the frames of your homemade truck bed tent using plywood and for added comfort pad them accordingly. These hubs come with a mystical twist—they can be added to the main board to act as a lovely bed too!

15. Simple Camper Bed Tent DIY Truck

Building a camper truck bed is a relatively simple project. All you need is some wood and a saw, and you will have the perfect camper truck bed for your RV!

First, you need to cut down the wood into boards. You can use 1x4s for the frame of your bed and 2x4s for the slats. Then, insert the underside of the long slim drawer into the frame. Next, just cushion it up with some foam and enjoy!

How to Make a Truck Tent?

Tenting is a great way to protect your camper from the elements and keep it clean. A truck tent DIY can also be used for camping in summer and other outdoor activities.

Items to build your DIY truck bed tent:

You will need:

  1.  1 piece of PVC pipe (1 foot long)
  2.  2 metal stakes (about 1 inch in diameter)
  3.  1 rope about 3 feet long, or as needed for the length of PVC pipe
  4.  4 corner straps/ clamps, or as needed for the length of pipes
  5.  4 corner loops, or as needed for the length of pipes, to hold corners together
  6. 2 eye hooks (one at each end)

Here’s a Step-by-Step guide on how to make your truck tent:

  • tent camper diy

Step 1: Put the parking brake and make sure your camper trailer has enough room and any other tools you want to take along.

Step 2: Decide what kind of material you want to use. You can use nylon or polyester, but it’s best if it’s lightweight and breathable.

Step 3: Place the material over the top of the bed and attach it with PVC pipes using straps or clamps. Note that the straps should be long enough so that they won’t get caught by anything underneath them when driving down the road.

Step 4: Fold back one side of the material to create a doorway for entering and exiting.

Step 5: You can also add extra ventilation by folding back another side of the material on this side as well.

Step 6: Put up some stakes or ropes around five feet from each corner of the pipes so that they’re not getting snagged in bad weather or anything else when driving down the road or getting out at night time.

Tip 1: Put those holes in the back of your truck to use

If you have been wondering why truck manufacturers have included 4 holes in the side of their truck’s back, now is a good time to discover one of the reasons behind that. For this, you will need 4 PVC pipes that will fit into the holes and be the feet upon which your roof will stand.

Tip 2: Make your plan A look like an A

The most suitable form for your tent would be the form of an “A”, like the letter A. You have to make the first layer with the four feet, and then match them with horizontal pipes. For this, you will need two extra pipes matching the length of the side of your truck’s back, four 45 degrees elbows, and 4 T connectors. Connect each 45 degrees elbow to a foot and then plug the T connector in that elbow. Next, match every two elbows with the long support pipe. This way, your tent will be more stable and it will stand against the wind and the rain. Plus, you will never walk alone. Tada! Now you can see the lower half of your A.Moving onto the upper half of your actual roof. First, it needs to be triangular for us to have the actual complete form of an A. For this, we will need 4 extra pipes plus 2 90-degree connectors to be the top of our roof. Now you only need to connect each pipe to a T connector and hold them together using that 90-degree connector. Voilà! You have your perfect A-form skeleton for your perfect back truck tent for a perfect journey!

Tip 3: Adding more strength will do no harm on some occasions

It can get so windy and rainy outside to the point that your skeleton won’t hold. But, remember, there is no turning back from this – you have planned this for a long time with your girlfriend and maybe you won’t get another chance like this. So, let’s get back to work. To make your skeleton steadier all you need to do is to cut your 4 top pipes into half to get 8 shorter pipes. Then, get yourself 2 extra-long support pipes and 2 extra T connectors. Now, connect each two short roof pipes with the T connectors. Before reconnecting your top with the 90-degree connectors. Get those two extra support pipes and plug them in between the new 2 connectors. This way, you will have an extra support line. The last thing to do is to connect each upper short roof pipe with a 90-degree connector. There! Your skeleton is steadier now, your tarp won’t cave in and most importantly, your plan is going perfectly. You may even consider making it this way when it’s clear outside; it just looks better now.

Tip 4: Cover yourself

Now, your skeleton looks great. Everything’s in place except for one thing, the thing that will make your tent look like a tent – the tarp, the large sheet of string, flexible, waterproof, and water-resistant material. Make sure your tarp would fit perfectly, not too large or too short. Most importantly, make sure it does its job which is protecting you from both the rain and the wind. Lastly, for your tarp to hold firm and not fly off, clamp it down with 4 clamps in the front and 4 in the back.

Tip 5: Get rid of the noise

You and your girlfriend are now in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night inside your tent enjoying the calm and isolation. Yet, the wind goes stronger and the tent starts to move and vibrate making a very bad and disturbing noise. To prevent this from happening, we do need an extra piece of unpredictable material, a pool noodle. This pool noodle will serve as an extra layer covering the four feet of your tent to prevent them from coming to contact with the sides of the 4 holes and to fill that gap between the foot and the side of the feet. Now, cut it down to 4 short pieces and cover every foot. If you make the noise test and start moving your tent, you won’t notice any noise. That’s exactly what we need for our perfect trip.

Tip 6: Be precise

Although it seems complicated, creating your tent won’t be hard if you pay attention to details. Meaning that you need to be very careful when buying your construction material. Remember! Everything needs to fit perfectly and it will. We don’t want to have some bad scenarios with the construction or the trip. That is why make sure the pieces will fit perfectly like a Lego game when you purchase them before starting the construction. Voilà, everything is in place. No water, no wind, no noise. Now, you’re ready to roll with your DIY truck tent! I’ll leave you the list of the components you need plus the amazon links for some of them so you won’t start looking for them yourself. Remember, the idea is to use the 1-inch pipes yet it still depends on the holes of your truck – so I’ll leave you the choice!

Ready-Made Truck Bed Tents: The Ultimate Gear for Adventure

There are a lot of different kinds of truck bed tents, and it can be difficult to know what kind is best for you. If you’re just starting camping, we recommend a ready-made truck bed tent vehicle.

If you’re looking for a truck bed that’s built with durability and functionality in mind, there are plenty of options. These are ready-made, so all you have to do is pop them into your trucks and go!

Kodiak Hydra-Shield Bed Tent

Kodiak Hydra-Shield Bed Tent

If you’re looking for something that can stand up to the elements and keep you dry in the rain, the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is a great choice for campers. It’s made with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck tarp, which makes it more durable in any weather and water-resistant than a regular tent so you don’t get wet.

The regular size is 5.5 – 6.8”, so it’s perfect to pack all your equipment in one trip, or if you want something bigger than your camper truck.

The optional long bed size is 8 to 8.5”, so for those who want to carry even more stuff than usual, this tent can hold up for your family!

It’s also sturdy steel, so there’s no worry about it falling apart easily with strong wind or if you drop it on the ground.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Convenient entry
  • Amazing ventilation with five window screens
  • Breathable and water-resistant tarp
  • Has its case carrier
  • Can’t stand up in it
  • Have to de-assemble it to move it somewhere
  • A bit heavy due to the sturdy steel frame
  • Only two individuals can fit in


Are truck tents worth it?

Truck bed tents provide a portable and practical solution for anybody who enjoys camping or the outdoors.

The fact that they are easy to set up, and store when not in use, and lightweight yet strong enough can withstand weathering on your outdoor adventures makes them an excellent investment!

What is the cost of a pickup truck tent?

The price of the pickup truck tent varies from $100 to $550 depending on the features and other things you want.

Can I use a truck tent on the ground?

Truck tents are a great way to haul things around on the back of your truck and they come with tent pegs that you can use to keep it up.
However, if there isn’t enough room for those or any other stakes nearby when parking then doesn’t worry because many people just set their shrooms down flat instead!

How do you make a truck bed tent?

The best way to make a truck bed tent is by using a canvas tarp and some rope. You will need a tarp for the bed of your pickup truck. Once you have the tarp, you can use it to shield by tying it around both sides of your SUV truck at least twice, so that there is about a foot of space between each side of the tarp.

Then, tie one end of a rope to each side of the tarp and secure it tightly on top of your bed, so that there is no slack in any direction. That way, when you put on your mattress and cover it with another piece of cloth (like an old sheet), there will be no movement or shifting if a strong wind comes!

How do you frame a PVC tent?

The frame of your PVC tent is the most important part. Without a sturdy frame, your tent will collapse when you sleep in it and will be pretty hard to set up. The frame should be made out of 2x4s or 2x6s and screwed together with wood screws. You can also use PVC pipes as the frame if you want to spend less.

How do you put a tent in the back of a truck?

The first step is to put the tent in the back of the truck. The next step is to unzip it and unfold it so that it can lay flat. Then tuck the poles inside, then you’re all set for your trip!

Can you put a tent in a truck bed?

Yes, you can. But there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind:
If it has poles, it’s best to get them off before you put them in the truck. Otherwise, they might break.

It’s more convenient to have room for your sleeping bag and extra clothes than it is to have extra room for your tent.
Make sure it is clean and dry before you put anything in it.

What size air mattress fits in the bed of a truck?

Most trucks can hold one or two twin XL air mattresses with no problems. If you want to go big, load up a queen-size air mattress, which will be just enough room for you, your family, or your guest (even your dog!) under one roof.

How do you camp in a pickup truck bed?

1. Make sure your bedding is clean, and that it’s not so full that you can’t get in there to nap.

2. Bring some bit of camping gear, like clothes and a sleeping bag or tent. If you don’t have any accessories, just bring a sleeping bag and some extra blankets!

3. Find somewhere secure for sleeping — may be on the back seat of your truck? or alongside a campfire or a camping park car.


So there you have it! We have listed the best ready-made truck tents for your campers and even showed you how to make one on your own. If you’re looking for the best truck bed tent for your next adventure, this list will get you started on your way. Now go out there and get yourself a new truck bed tent (or even make your own!) and enjoy some of the great adventures life has in store!

Feel free to share any other ideas that you might have in mind—we’re always open to new ways of thinking and making.

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