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Daikin Air Conditioner Not Turning On: 12 Reasons and Troubleshooting

Is your Daikin Air conditioner not turning on? Several factors can cause this to happen. The most common reason is that your AC might have faulty wiring, which affects the power supply. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Read on to find out more causes and the ultimate troubleshooting guide. Let’s dive into it!

Daikin Air Conditioner Unit: A Quick Overview

Daikin Air Conditioners are one of the best units in the market right now. Daikin company is a leader in air conditioning with over 90 years of experience. The Japanese company balances indoor and outdoor air by continuously pumping ventilated air into your room.

  • These air conditioners are known for their reliability and energy efficiency.
  • They also produce very little noise and run an ultra-quiet mode.
  • The units have different cooling and heating functions, which makes them versatile for different weather.

How to Turn on a Daikin Air Conditioning Unit?

How do you turn on your AC? It’s pretty simple, and the first thing that comes to mind is pressing the on/off button. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

Credit: www.youtube.com @DaikinEurope
  • First, ensure that your AC is connected to an outlet.
  • After plugging it in, go to the control panel and look for a power button.
  • Press it to turn the unit on.
  • After turning on the unit, please navigate through the settings and adjust them to your desired needs.

Note: An auto filter cleaning setting automatically removes excess moisture from the air filters to prevent mold growth.

Daikin Air Conditioner Not Turning On: 12 Possible Reasons

Your Daikin Air conditioner might fail to turn on. The following reasons can cause the issue:

  • Damaged Switch: The Daikin Air conditioner is like any other electrical appliance and might have a faulty switch. Most people overlook this problem, but sometimes it’s the reason behind the malfunction.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: the thermostat is responsible for controlling temperature. The AC unit may fail to turn on if the thermostat is faulty or sets the temperature at the wrong range.
  • Electrical systems failure: blown fuses and faulty circuit breakers can cut the power supply to the AC and prevent it from turning on.
  • Under voltage or over voltage: Daikin Air conditioner has a required running voltage. The Air Conditioning unit will not turn if the voltage is above the maximum or below the minimum threshold.
  • Damaged motor: the motor needs frequent lubrication to prevent wear and tear. If not well lubricated, it might stop spinning, and the AC will not turn on.
  • Faulty or damaged outlet: the power cord might wear down if the unit has been stored for a long time. Power failure and electrical shorts can also damage the power cord.
  • Clogged drain pan: your air conditioner also removes excess moisture from your home. Based on the humidity setting, the absorbed moisture accumulates in the drain pan before being released through the secondary drain hose. If the drain pan is full and clogged, it triggers an automatic switch that turns off the AC unit.
  • Dirty Condenser: the condenser plays an important role in releasing heat to the external environment. When dirt accumulates on the condenser, it makes it hard to dissipate heat and acts as an insulator. The condenser will need more current, which trips the circuit breaker.
  • Dormancy: an AC unit might become dormant if it stays too long without being turned on. If the AC unit is kept off during harsh climatic conditions, like the winter, the fans will have difficulties rotating, and the AC won’t turn on.
  • Dead AC capacitor: the capacitor is an important part of the HVAC system. It acts as a jumpstart to the AC motor and disconnects once it reaches the desired speed. The capacitor is sensitive to heat and tends to fail when overheated due to long running hours. Fluctuations in current can also damage the capacitor, causing problems when you try turning on the AC.
  • Low refrigerant level: the air conditioner will not turn on when the cooling agent levels are low. This issue is usually caused by leakages in the coils. You should carry out regular maintenance to deal with this problem.
  • Dirty air filter: air filters trap dust, debris, and hot and cold air through the unit. Accumulated debris on the air filters reduces the air quantity that passes through the unit, affects performance, and can lead to automatic shutdown.

Daikin Air Conditioner Won’t Start But the Operation Lamp Blinks

Your Daikin Air conditioner might not start, but the operating lamp still blinks. How do you deal with this situation? Follow these simple guidelines to fix the problem.

  • Cut the power supply and turn off the circuit breaker.
  • Keep it off for about a minute.
  • Restart the AC by turning the power back on.

If the above troubleshooting method doesn’t work, check to see if the outdoor and indoor unit is blocked and clean the air filters.

Daikin Air Conditioner Not Turning On: How Do I Fix It?

Are you having trouble turning on your Daikin Air conditioner? I am going to show you how to fix this problem. Let’s take a look at the possible solutions.

1. If the On/Off Button Is Off

The AC might not work if the on/off button is off. Here’s how you can troubleshoot it.

  • Inspect the fuse and ensure it isn’t blown.
  • Ensure there is a power supply.
  • Check the power cord connection to the outlet.
  • Check or replace the batteries in the remote control.
  • Counter-check the timer settings.

2. If the Operation Lamp is Flashing by Green Flashing Light

Try these methods if your Daikin Air conditioner stops working but flashes green. 

  • Cut the power supply and disconnect the circuit breaker.
  • Turn the power back on after about a minute.
  • The operation lamp should stop blinking. Seek professional HVAC technician advice if the problem persists.

3. Try Resetting Electrical Power to Your Unit Both Out and Inside

A power outage or voltage problem in your home or office might affect your Daikin Air conditioner. Let’s look at some troubleshooting methods.

  • Rapidly switch off the breaker and then turn it on.
  • Occasionally reset the power to prevent this problem.

4. Check the Internal Fuses

Most Daikin indoor units come with a fuse at the PCB’s center. The fuse blown could easily be causing these problems.

Credit: www.youtube.com @Ilmalampopumput
  • Check the PCB and inspect the fuses inside.
  • Replace any burned cables inside the PCB.

It would be best to be careful when doing this to prevent ruining the main board.

5. Replace the PCB

Replacing the TCB is usually the last resort when all the troubleshooting measures don’t work on your Daikin Air conditioner. Ensure you check the model and buy the right replacement part.

Daikin AC Reset Button: Location and Reset Steps

The quickest and easiest fix when your Daikin AC isn’t working is resetting it. How do you reset it? Let’s look and find out.

  • Locate the reset button in your Daikin inverter AC. It’s usually at the back of the unit near the bottom.
  • Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds and wait for the unit to restart.
  • Repeat the process if the unit doesn’t reset.

If the above method fails to work, seek further assistance from a Daikin dealer or service center.

Daikin AC Not Working With Remote Controller

Sometimes, your Daikin AC might not respond to the remote control. You can carry out the following checks before giving it another go.

  • Check if the remote controller has new batteries. Replace the batteries in case they are polarized.
  • Reset your AC at the thermostat by turning it on and off if the problem persists after replacing the batteries in your remote controller.
  • Cut the power to your AC unit for a few minutes, then plug it back in and try using the remote controller.

If these fixes don’t work on your AC, there’s probably another underlying issue with your AC unit. Alternatively, you can check out the video to learn more.

Why is my Daikin Aircon Blinking Green Light?

You might have noticed a green light blinking on your Daikin Air conditioner. Don’t be alarmed, as this is normal.

  • The green lights indicate that the air conditioner is in standby mode.
  • The light blinks when the AC unit is turned off. It will stop blinking once you turn on the unit.
  • If the light blinks and the Air conditioner is not turning on, you might have a problem. Either the power has been interrupted, or the circuit breaker has been tripped.
Credit: www.youtube.com @DaikinSG

Why Is the Daikin Inverter AC Outdoor Unit Not Working?

The ventilation fan in your air conditioner might stop working. Several factors might cause this issue.

Credit: www.youtube.com @Amresh11 Tech
  • Blocked fan motor: check for obstructions in the fan motor. Remove anything blocking the motors, and the unit will start working again.
  • Faulty fan motor: the fan motor might be broken or defective because of wear and tear. Contact a qualified HVAC technician to assist you with replacement.
  • Damaged AC inverter board: If you suspect your inverter board is damaged, contact Daikin customer service at (866) 588-6454 for further assistance.

What to Do When the Air Conditioner Produces Abnormal Sounds

The Daikin Air conditioner might produce some sounds when it starts running. Some of them are just normal operation sounds and shouldn’t cause an alarm, while in some cases, it might be because of system malfunctions. Let’s look at some of these sounds and their meanings.

1. Noise From the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit usually produces little noise. Disconnect the power and Contact your dealer or Daikin customer service when you hear noises from your indoor unit.

2. Clicking Sound

This is a normal occurrence and should not raise any alarms. The clicking sound is produced during the operation of the refrigerant valve and other electrical components.

  • The sound may persist if there is an electrical problem.
  • A dying thermostat can cause a clicking noise, acting as an indicator for replacement.

3. Buzzing Sound 

This sound is produced when the flaps start moving. You will eventually stop hearing the sound once the unit gains momentum.

  • The buzzing noises might persist if the AC has a faulty condenser fan. 
  • The noise can also be caused by debris inside the unit or electrical issues affecting the fan motor.
  • The noises might be because the relay switch doesn’t deliver enough current to the compressor.
  • Loose isolation feet, which happen over time, can cause an issue with the compressor.
Credit: www.youtube.com @Air Conditioner Enthusiast TV

4. Bubbling Sound 

This sound is produced when outdoor air enters the drain. This usually happens when the ventilation fan operates, and strong winds blow outside. It occurs in a well-sealed house.

  • The sound can be produced when there’s improper sealing of the refrigerant lines and usually indicates a refrigerant problem.

5. Soft Rumbling Sound 

The unit produces a rumbling sound when it’s operating in ventilation mode. You might need help with the fans or coils if the noise gets loud and rhythmic.

6. Hissing Sound 

The streamer discharge produces a crackling or hissing sound. This is usually not a problem that raises concerns, but other factors lead to the production of this sound.

  • Leaking refrigerant: damage in the refrigerant line might produce hissing noise as the lines deteriorate over time.
  • Leak in the compressor valve: valves control the pressure in the refrigerant, and a leak in the valves can produce hissing noise.
  • High pressure in the compressor: High-pressure buildup in the outdoor unit can produce a hissing noise, which later turns into a shrieking sound.

Daikin AC Issues That Don’t Need Troubleshooting

Not all issues in a Daikin AC need troubleshooting. Some of them are part of the normal operation of the unit. Let’s look at some of these issues:

  • Louvers stay put after turning the unit on: the louvers will eventually start moving as the unit adjusts its proper position.
  • Unit suddenly stops heating: this happens when the unit is carrying out a defrost operation which usually lasts for up to 12 minutes.
  • A loud outdoor unit results from frost buildup in the heat exchanger, which should raise no alarms.
  • Rotating outdoor fans when the AC is off: It is normal, as the fan maintains perpetual motion for 60 seconds after the unit is turned off.
  • Indoor unit emitting mist: this is a normal occurrence during the cooling mode, where the cold airflow cools air in the room.
  • Steam from the outdoor unit: moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the outdoor unit during the dry cooling operation.
  • Noise from the indoor unit: this issue should raise no alarms because several factors can cause it, like flowing refrigerant or contractions due to temperature changes.


How do I manually turn on my Daikin air conditioner?

You can manually turn on your Daikin AC by pressing the emergency run button using a metallic pen or pencil. The button is located underneath the unit cover.

What causes the air conditioner to not start?

An AC might not start due to several factors and the common of all is faulty wiring, broken outlet, low refrigerant level, improper fan operation or accumulated dirt in the condenser. This might affect the performance of the unit.

Why is my Daikin cool not working?

Your Daikin cool might not be working because of a sensor problem that may fail to detect people or accumulated dirt in the air filters. Recharge the unit if the filters are clean and the AC is still not working.

Why is my Daikin AC not turning on, but the green light is flashing?

The light might be flashing because of electrical problems. The Daikin AC will not turn on if there are power fluctuations to prevent the risk of damaging the circuit board.


If your Daikin Air conditioner is not turning on, the circuit breaker is tripped, or the remote control doesn’t have functioning batteries. I have given you the ultimate troubleshooting guide for common problems you’re likely to encounter.

If the remote controller isn’t working, try replacing the batteries. If the unit is not running smoothly, clean or replace the filters for maximum effectiveness. Try manually resetting the unit or contact a professional at (866) 588-6454 or visit their website, if fixes don’t work.

Which problems have you encountered in your Daikin AC? Leave a comment and let me know your feedback.

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