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Carrier Tonnage By Model Number: Decoding and Lookup Guide

Have you been bothered by how to identify the Carrier tonnage by model number? If so, you are in the right place. This article will review three steps to help you identify your AC tonnage from your Carrier number and outline how to use this number.

With that, let’s get straight into it!

Where Is the Carrier Model Number Located?

Worry no further if you recently acquired a Carrier air conditioner and seek the model number. The numerals should be outlined in your owner’s manual. This, however, may be slightly misleading because the guide is produced for multiple AC models.

Where Is the Carrier Model Number Located?
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If you miss the model number on the owner’s manual, you will find it indicated on your Carrier HVAC system. You can find the number on the rating plate in three different places:

  • Close to the compressor: Once you access the rating plate, you’ll find a sticker with the serial number and extra information about your air conditioning unit.
  • Front of pump: If the heat pump you use is geothermal, these details will be on the front of the appliance.
  • Inside furnace: For the Carrier furnace model, you can access this data on the rating plate in the furnace’s interior part. Once you unhinge the front door, you’ll observe it on the upper left side.

How to Decode a Carrier Tonnage by Model Number?

In an air conditioner, tonnage refers to its cooling power. This metric is used to assess its cooling potential. A one-ton AC doesn’t refer to its weight but rather its efficiency in cooling a particular area. When interpreting model numbers, you’ll encounter multiple variations. For instance, model number:

How to Decode a Carrier Tonnage by Model Number?
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  • 24ABC648A003
  • 58STA040-12

Decoding them, however, is pretty straightforward. In most instances, the prefix or suffix number denotes the tonnage of the AC.

So, if you observe the 58STA040-12, for instance:

  • “58” highlights the cooled condensing unit
  • “STA” indicates specific features or variations of the model.
  • “040” is the nominal size, indicating a 4-ton AC.
  • “-12” represents the manufacturing codes.
Important! However, remember to confirm what model the system is first.

Typically, to fathom the tonnage of residential ACs, you need to understand that the range between 18,000 to 60,000 BTUor 1.5 to 5 tonnes. You can always substitute the values of your HVAC system to compute varying tonnage.

How to Identify the Age of Your Carrier Air Conditioner?

Identifying the age of your Carrier air conditioner is quite simple.

Carrier Tonnage by Model Number. How to Identify the Age of Your Carrier Air Conditioner?
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  • Locate the first four digits of the model number.
  • The first two digits highlight the month, while the latter outlines the year.
If you observe model number 3204, your Carrier unit was made on the thirty-second week of 2004.

Steps in Identifying the AC Tonnage From a Carrier Model Number

Through your Carrier model number, you can determine your AC tonnage. You can do so in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Seek the Carrier model number. As discussed, you can find this information on several parts of our AC, depending on the type.
  • Step 2: Search online for sites that contain related information. Multiple air conditioning websites offer information on specific subjects like unit tonnage and serial number, among others.
  • Step 3: Key in your Carrier model number and search. Most websites will offer numerous details with the gadget tonnage rating indicated under the specifications.
Steps in Identifying the AC Tonnage From a Carrier Model Number
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Alternatively, you can calculate the tonnage of your HVAC system through a simple procedure.

  • Search the Carrier website for the specific model number. Doing so helps prevent any confusion during computation.
  • After identifying it, look for the 7th and 8th numerals. Depending on the model, it may be the 8th and 9th. You’ll notice it’s a number either divisible by 6 or 12. These values represent the BTU.
  • Divide the numerals by 12 or 6. So if, for instance, the numerical value is 48, then 48/12 = 4. This indicates your AC tonnage is approximately 4 tonnes.

Identifying the Seer Rating From Model Number Carrier?

Determining your SEER rating is quite easy, provided you understand what the numericals in your Carrier model number mean. With model number 24ABC648A003:

  • The first two values (24) represent the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit, which in this case is 24,000 BTUs.
  • The following two letters indicate the machine’s efficiency. AB, therefore, highlights that your Carrer HVAC system is considered to have a 12.0 SEER efficiency level.

If your system runs on anything lower than a rating, it indicates that the appliance has a SEER rating below 11. To cut energy costs and promote sustainability, you should consider acquiring a Carrier air conditioner rated AB or higher.

Note: More information pertaining to power consumption is often indicated in your manufacturer’s product information.

Several Functions for Your Carrier HVAC Model Number

Carrier model numbers serve multiple purposes. They are particularly useful in getting to know your air conditioner better. Furthermore, they can help you troubleshoot your appliance when there is an issue. Here are some other functions this number can serve.

1. Identifying the Specific Equipment

In the presence of multiple variations, the model number plays a significant role in distinguishing them. It enhances the uniqueness of the system and prevents confusion during dispatch and installation.

Identifying the Specific Equipment
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2. Finding Replacement Parts

When your Carrier HVAC unit experiences trouble, the model number is used to seek spare parts for the system. The last thing you want is to have a Carrier Furnace fixed with parts from the heat pump. Using the product number ensures you use compatible parts.

3. Warranty Verification

The warranty details of your Carrier HVAC system are tracked through the model number. When you need to confirm the warranty status of your air conditioning system, you’ll need to present your product number.

Warranty Verification
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4. Determining Age

Unlike the serial number, the model numbers of Carrier air conditioners can be used to determine the age of the appliance. As explained earlier, you can use these values to decode the manufacture date of your unit.


How Do I Know What Tonnage My Carrier Package Unit Is?

You can know what tonnage your Carrier package unit is by dividing 12,000 by tour SEER value.

How Many Square Feet Does a 3-Ton AC Unit Cool?

A 3-ton can cool up to 1,800 square feet. Its cooling capacity is based on the BTU rule of thumb.

What Is AC Tonnage Capacity?

The AC tonnage capacity refers to the cooling power of an air conditioning system. A higher tonnage capacity refers to increased cooling potential.

How Do I Tell How Many BTUs My Model Number Is?

You can tell how many BTUs your model number is by reviewing the numbers indicated as a prefix or suffixes in the product number.


Regarding how to identify your carrier tonnage using your model number, that’s what we rounded up. The model number in your Carrier air conditioner system plays several functions, and understanding it is important.

Depending on the type of your air conditioner, you will locate this value in different areas, like on the rating plate or the back of your AC unit. Some of the functions the product number is used for include determining the age of your appliance, warranty verification, and accessing spare parts.

You’ll first need to confirm the model type to decode this value. Typically, if you have a model number like “24ABC648A003,” the “24” represents its tonnage, in this case, a 2-ton unit.

If you have any extra information with the Carrier model number, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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