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Can You Tow A Camper Trailer With A Jeep Cherokee?

Campers are perfect for traveling through the American wilderness. They provide you with a stable and comfortable place to sleep and cook while giving you the freedom to explore. 

In this article, we will discuss if you can tow your camper with a Jeep Cherokee and also show you some small campers that can be easily towed by a Jeep.

Can The Jeep Cherokee Tow A Camper Trailer? 

In short, yes, it can.

A Jeep Cherokee can tow anything between 2000 to 5000 pounds. This can be your small travel trailer or another car.

The process of towing your camper trailer with a Jeep Cherokee is fairly easy.

First, unhook the back end of the trailer from its hitch. Then slide out one of your rearview mirrors so that you can see around each side when traveling behind another vehicle or on normal roads.

Most people have come loaded down with household cargo in their trailer that they would rather not have to carry while driving.

Remove the hitch pin (located on the frame of your Jeep Cherokee, attached to a threaded shaft).

When happy cruising around town behind another vehicle, remove the one-quarter turn-lock lever located next to your transmission’s shifter and engage the tow hook so that another vehicle can easily connect with you.

Doing this doesn’t actually secure you to a trailer…it just stops most of your movement while traveling at highway speeds while driving behind a larger boxy vehicle like an SUV or pickup truck.

What Is The Towing Capacity Of The Jeep Cherokee Base Trim Level? 

The towing capacity of all other trim levels is considerably less but the base trim level of a Cherokee comes with a tow rating of 4,800 pounds.

6 Camper Trailers You Can Tow With A Jeep Cherokee

A motor home (or motor caravan, RV) is a vehicle intended for recreational use which can be drawn by a tow truck or retrofitted to car-tow capacity.

They are equipped with hotel-like amenities while on the road including stall showers, refrigerators, and microwaves.

These types of vehicles range in size from small and efficient to large and lavish diesel pushers that provide living spaces en masse while they travel.

Here are some small camper trailers that you can pull with your Jeep.

Lance TT 1685 Travel Trailer

The Lance lightweight travel trailer has been available for shoppers looking to tow behind a vehicle like a Cherokee and features a rooftop A/C, full kitchen, and large storage area.

The price of the Lance bundle packages starts at $22,950 as compared to using standard SUVs.

This isn’t only great for couples and families with children but also for anyone looking to go with moderate weight capacity and a low commanding price tag.

The Lance comes in both the Forward Control layout as well as the standard wheelbase layout meaning buyers can either pick from two different models of a travel trailer or opt for something very close to their desired model of SUV-mounted travel trailer due to this particular stock being so high on demand.

Jayco Jay FeatherX23B Travel Trailer 


A hitch is not needed for a small passenger car or many large SUVs. In the case of the Jaycar your question may be incorrect because their product does not list the word “tow” and more than likely, it is designed for something else such as light-duty utility vehicles or maybe even a truck.

We cannot speak to the attachments unless you request them with your purchase and they offer instructions directly on their website as well as in their shopping cart.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 1950BH Travel Trailer 

The Dutchmen Aspen Trail 1950BH holds up to 16 sleepers so that you can take your whole family with you when going camping.

The sleeping area incorporates both a queen size main bedroom and a second room with bunk beds, giving each person six inches more sleeping space than the previous version. 

The stove is inside the unit and sits below the counter cooking area for extra convenience so you don’t have to needlessly carry fuel outside to refuel.

At the rear of the trailer under large windows is a welcoming in-floor laundry area with extra cabinets and room for leaving storage, while small shelves create storage areas all around where new items can be easily stored during travel.

Forest River R-PodRP-171 Travel Trailer

R-Pod by Forest River

The Forest River R-Pod is a full-size RV that can be towed with any Jeep Cherokee, Patriot, or Compass and is available in two sizes. This product started production in 2017 at the cost of $45,000.

A full-size RV (over 21ft) made by Forest River that can be towed similar to an automobile or motor home using a Jeep Cherokee, Patriot, or Compass recognized by the vehicle manufacturers has been marketed. 

Somerset Utah Popup Expandable Trailer 

The Somerset Utah Pop-Up by Diamond has recently been featured on a popular television show. This trailer is durable and can support up to 2000 pounds.

One of the best features about this trailer is that it has a side shadow on both sides and no-go obstacles are fully eliminated because the wheels lock into place when lowering the roof for loading or landing gear for unloading. 

In doing so, there is no need for an open bow or open ramp, which is why there are no costs associated with this trailer.

The available colors include yellow, black, and electric blue. Diamond RV has been around since 1972 designing great units that consumers want to buy resulting in industry awards each year proving their product quality over the years!

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB Travel Trailer 


It features room for sleeping four with a slide-out, plus two fold-down couches and an extension ladder.

The Flagstaff E-Pro 15 foot travel trailer offers you everything you need to live comfortably – plenty of room to store your toys, entertainment options galore, and a kitchen with convenient appliances.

You can tow this model RV to your next destination with a Cherokee that fits the frame of this travel trailer, and more.

The Flagstaff E-Pro is furnished with an inviting interior that features stylish wood surfaces gracing every nook in this RV which overlooks your incredible camping experience as it draws you into its open floor plan – perfect for entertaining friends while they rock around on one of the many durable lounge couches or kick back on a kitchen island loaded with a microwave, mini-fridge and other appliances everyone needs in their RV.

The E15TB travel trailer is powered by a 3/2 horsepower AC motor that operates totally on propane cylinders to deliver power when you need it most which means there’s no noise or fumes emitting into the space inside this unit – just an escape from daily life while enjoying moments with family members that can sit together under the roof of this home away.

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